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Season 17 of Roz contains 24 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Inside the Chiropractor's Studio" 1 382

When a warehouse employee, Frank, injures his back in a minor incident, Denise volunteers to take him to a chiropractor because she has a crush on him. Denise quickly regrets this charitable act when Frank turns out to be an overly-sensitive, needy annoyance. Worried about causing emotional pain if she denies Frank’s advances, Denise is forced to keep up the charade. Unfortunately, the other employees aren’t so willing to accept this advice. Meanwhile, Kenny is on temporary suspension after the Mayflower debacle, so he and Bulldog (who phoned in sick) try to have some fun around the house.

"The White Episode" 2 383

The gang discuss racism after Gil is accused of giving preferential treatment to a white caller. Gil is determined to prove his innocence, while Kenny is given the job of fighting off any bad press the station receives. A few days later, Kenny thinks he has prevented any problems occurring until he realises just how far Gil is willing to go to get his point across. Meanwhile, Denise is surprised to learn she has a “black-ish” voice after dealing with several people calling in to give their support and worries that she has been wrongly identified as a compatriot representative as a result.

"Brit Happens" 3 384

Kenny reluctantly goes to a radio conference in London. Bulldog and Gil decide to tag along, hoping to abuse the free room service KACL is providing. When they discover a maximum limit, the three of them are without any more alcohol for the rest of the week. While Bulldog and Gil stock up on alcohol from various sources, Kenny meets and hits it off with a British woman who reminds him of his ex-wife. However, things become a lot more complicated when the woman is revealed to be an undercover cop investigating the disappearance of several mini-bars in the hotel. Meanwhile, Denise applies for a job at a kissogram agency in the hope of meeting eligible bachelors.

"Rock Around the Clock" 4 385

An employee gives Roz and Bulldog his caving tickets because he is unable to use them. Bulldog is excited about trying something new until Roz reveals that she has always been afraid of confined spaces. Bulldog encourages her to get over the fear by joining him, but a series of problems results in them becoming caved in. Bulldog tries to calm Roz down by keeping her mind focused on other things, and reveals the truth about her dad’s grandfather clock which mysteriously broke months ago. Roz is outraged, and Bulldog feels guilty after realising it had a significant sentimental value for Roz. To make matters worse, it becomes apparent that rescue may not come overnight.

"Safety in Numbskulls" 5 386

Kenny lectures the staff on safety after an employee injures their arm. Bulldog decides to illuminate the dangers of the workplace (no matter how minor), hoping to have some fun with the paranoid employees. Bulldog gets more than he bargained for when Kenny sees to everyone’s demands, including fitting an accountant’s office with padding all over the walls. Kenny reveals he was once a hypochondriac and Bulldog feels guilty for possibly unleashing it. Meanwhile, Gil and Denise join up to teach the Heimlich manoeuvre.

"Before They Were Infamous" 6 387

Gil is pleased to learn that Elias Marlin, the man who inspired him to become a food critic, is coming to the station for a week of shows. Gil is determined to get Elias on his show for an interview but is disappointed to find that he is a stuck-up jerk who always makes demands. Despondent, Gil goes off in search of a new hero and is encouraged to teach a course for wannabe restaurant critics at the YMCA. Gil delights in making stars out of his students, that is, until Elias butts in and steals his spotlight. Unable to take much more of Elias' intrusiveness, Gil challenges him to a contest to see who can shape the best student in just one weekend.

"Get Your Sister Act Together" 7 388

Didi Glazer resurfaces, trolling for clients at the station in an attempt to follow in her sister’s footsteps by becoming an agent. Bulldog reluctantly agrees to hire her but is convinced that she is trying too hard to live up to her sister’s example. After misinformation from Didi leads to Bulldog being humiliated at what he thought was an audition, he decides to confront her. However, even Bulldog doesn’t have the heart to tell Didi that her work stinks. Meanwhile, Kenny struggles to inform Denise of a newly implemented dress code, so he asks Gil to do the dirty work for him.

"Disgracing Liberty" 8 389

Stuart is in trouble for creating a replica of the Statue of Liberty in art class – with one highly inappropriate alteration. Roz questions herself as a mother when Stuart is suspended for three days. Bulldog encourages Roz to spend the three days teaching Stuart so she can find the problem. Roz enjoys spending more time with her son until she starts to notice certain parallels between herself and a loathsome high-school teacher she always hated. Meanwhile, Bulldog must deal with accusations that Stuart and his family are unpatriotic after his replica hits the local news.

"Like Moving Out and Moving In" 9 390

Roz and Bulldog decide it is time that Denise moved out of the house. Roz agrees to help Denise look for an apartment, and realises that she cannot make a sound judgement because she is ranking the potential candidates based on superficial things – such as the handsomeness of the landlords. Roz finally chooses an apartment for Denise without her consent, but a week later she struggles to admit that it was probably a poor choice. Roz is faced with letting Denise back into her home and refusing to take that leap just yet, she looks to the employees to help her out. Gil happily invites Denise to move into his luxurious penthouse, where she finds that his rules and attitude are more tyrannical than those of her sister. Denise finally learns what it is like to live with someone you can’t stand, and decides to make amends with Roz in the hopes of moving back in.

"The Passion of the Chris" 10 391

Denise becomes involved with a local minister, Chris. Bulldog, Gil and Kenny all like him instantly, but Denise fails to see that she won’t get him into her bed until they are married. When Gil breaks the news to Denise, she is stunned by how the others think of her and decides that she can wait. A day later, she changes her mind and announces that she plans on becoming a born-again virgin so she can marry Chris. Now, Gil must stop Denise marrying Chris for all the wrong reasons, and winds up facing off to Chris’ eccentric family in the process.

"Looking for a Smoke in All the Wrong Places" 11 392

Bulldog is startled to learn that Kenny has taken up smoking as a result of stress caused by his management duties. Bulldog enlists Gil and Denise to help Kenny overcome the addiction, and they wind up spending the entire weekend locked in the station with him. Soon, Kenny can’t stand the cravings, and he desperately tries to escape. After yelling out the window for help, a passer-by mistakes it to be a hostage situation, and soon the police have surrounded the building. The media later gets a hold of the story, and Bulldog must set everything straight without causing alarm. Unfortunately, things inevitably turn for the worse when Kenny accidentally creates a loud, panic-inducing noise in his desperate hunt for a cigarette.

"'Til Feminine Voices Wake Us" 12 393

The station is in crisis after a radio personality inadvertently swears on the air, and Denise must deal with several angry phone calls because the word in question occurred on a children’s show at 8 in the morning. Roz deals with the complaints by taking calls on the air but becomes sidetracked when a caller mistakenly believes her to be a man, making her question the femininity of her voice. Meanwhile, Gil, Bulldog and Kenny are all busy helping clean up the mess, which the employees are treating like a natural disaster.

"Everybody Hates Radio" 13 394

Kenny hires a prestigious agency to devise the latest KACL ad campaign and is continually let down by their suggestions. Kenny eventually decides to take on the task himself and asks around the station to find what kind of ads people listen to. In his quest, Kenny is dismayed to find that none of the employees listens to the radio in their free time and realises that it isn’t as popular as it used to be. Determined not to give up, Kenny gives the employees “homework”: to find a radio station they like and write an essay about it. Although they are initially unimpressed, Kenny promises them a week off if they do it for him. Gil and Bulldog are surprised to find just how poor KACL's programming is, so they focus their essay on how it can be improved. Unfortunately, Kenny is less than impressed, and the ad campaign is no way near completion.

"The Toastologists" 14 395

Bulldog becomes convinced that there is a resemblance to Jesus on a piece of toast he discovered during breakfast. Despondent when no one believes him, Bulldog discovers “toastologists”, a secret Seattle-based organisation who encounter toast resemblances frequently. Bulldog decides to join them, but he must find another resemblance to gain acceptance. Gil and Kenny are convinced that Bulldog is joining the group for all the wrong reasons. Meanwhile, Denise regrets eating a piece of toast which she believed to look like a handsome local weatherman.

"Is There a Doctor in the House?" 15 396

Roz and Bulldog reluctantly agree to let Stuart watch a marathon of sci-fi movies in an attempt to break a world record. The two of them are soon getting sick of cheap, crappy monster flicks, causing them to hallucinate at work. Bulldog is left believing that he and everyone else at the station have been enslaved by aliens on a distant planet and that the radio transmitter is being used to contact the mother ship. Roz, on the other hand, believes that she is an intergalactic adventurer, using her office (bigger on the inside than on the outside) to travel through time and space, and it’s up to Gil, Denise and Kenny to snap them out of it.

"Fusspot and Bothered" 16 397

Gil’s former mentor and current rival, Elias Marlin, returns to the station after Kenny gets him a guest spot on Gil’s program. Gil is reluctant to welcome him with open arms; nevertheless, he is able to keep a professional attitude throughout the show. A few days later, Bulldog and Denise notice that Gil isn’t reacting to the things that usually annoy him. After consulting an internet doctor, Bulldog is lead to believe that Gil’s silence during Elias' guest spot has resulted in him having a psychotic break, consequently losing his ability to identify the things that bother him. The situation spins rapidly out of control, all the while it is known that Gil is actually trying a self-help technique to stop being such a fusspot.

"Severe Retire Damage" 17 398

Roz is surprised to learn that Bulldog had her mother move into a retirement home while she was out of town a few months before. Roz decides to visit her mother, and is convinced that she is hating living there, while it is plainly obvious that she is enjoying every moment of it. Roz realises that her failure to accept her mother's happiness boils down to her fear of age, and decides to confront it for the first time. At the same time, Bulldog is determined to get Roz’s forgiveness, despite his acts having a good outcome. Meanwhile, Denise devises a list of “at-desk” dieting techniques and goes to great lengths to enforce them.

"Life on Bars" 18 399

Bulldog is looking forward to throwing a bachelor party for an accountant and delights in interviewing potential strippers. After failing to find someone, he and Kenny (reluctantly) explore the local strip clubs in the hopes of finding a better candidate. Bulldog believes he saw Denise in one of the bars and confronts her the next day at work, and she is outraged. Denise tells Roz of Bulldog’s mistake, but she is more concerned about why he is going to strip clubs.

"Lots" 19 400

Bulldog stirs up a protest after failing to find a parking space at the station for the fifth time that week. He chains himself to the building and refuses to let anyone in until the situation is sorted out. Kenny is forced to negotiate with Bulldog, threatening their friendship in the meantime. Meanwhile, Roz and Denise try to convince the local mayor to let KACL rent the nearby parking structure. Denise is forced to use some of her feminine “gifts” to convince the mayor (to the jealous Roz’s chagrin). Also, Gil is shunned by the other employees as it is revealed that he has been paying Kenny for access to a hidden parking space, right by the entrance. Gil receives his comeuppance after his car is bombarded with watermelons, and he wants nothing more than to bring the culprits to justice.

"Bulldog Grows a Pair" 20 401

After having an argument with Roz, Bulldog storms out and discovers the allotments behind their house. He meets and befriends a gardener, and they start hanging out there to drink. Roz becomes suspicious of Bulldog’s frequent trips out and decides to follow him one night. She is surprised to realise how unimportant her concerns were but has a lot of explaining to do when Bulldog catches her right after she crushes a pair of pumpkins he has been growing. Meanwhile, Denise enlists Gil to videotape her final tap-dancing lesson, but he is afraid to show her the product when she turns out to be awful.

"Taking a Break from All Your Idiots" 21 402

When Kenny becomes sick of the idiocy running rampant at KACL, he decides to skip work for a week and relax in Palm Springs. His trip becomes a nightmare when he runs into Rose vacationing with her new husband. Kenny winds up getting into a series of escalating challenges with the husband, culminating in a limbo contest where he injures his back. In Seattle, Gil, Bulldog and Denise realise they need Kenny to keep things in order and decide to pull out all the stops to bring him back home. They arrive at the hospital where he is recovering, and end up getting into a shouting match with Rose, who wants to take care of Kenny herself. Meanwhile, Denise’s clothes are unexpectedly stolen after she cools off in a pool, forcing her to make her way to the nearest clothing store, stealth-like.

"Brute Spring Teen" 22 403

Roz is dreading Stuart’s next birthday because he is close to becoming a teenager. Realising she hasn’t learnt how to cope with a boy hitting puberty, she consults her friends at the station for advice. After hearing several warped stories, Roz hasn’t learnt anything at all. Through flashbacks, Roz remembers the time Alice hit puberty and how she coped with it then. Bulldog fears that Roz will use the same technique with Stuart that she used with Alice, potentially emasculating him. Meanwhile, Denise begins a relationship with a single father and finds herself competing for attention with his smug daughter.

"Comfortably Dumb" 23 404

Bulldog takes Stuart and his friends out for pizza, and when he is unable to work out the tip in his head, he worries that his son views him as an idiot. After numerous attempts to prove he is smart, Bulldog ends up falling in with a secret society, the “dumb-and-proud” sect. When the leader unexpectedly resigns, Bulldog inadvertently volunteers to run for president and sets out to change their reclusive ways. His first order of business is to arrange a company outing, to Café Nervosa. Bulldog is sure that this act is his ticket to the presidency, but fears he has exposed the group for the worse after several of its members become embarrassed by his specially-made dunce hats. Meanwhile, Roz, Gil and Denise all take IQ tests, with Kenny tabulating the results. When Denise turns out to be smarter than Roz, Roz is convinced that the results were fixed and demands numerous recounts.

"The Half-a-Million Dollar Man" 24 405

Bulldog takes to selling various treasures from the attic at local auctions, and Roz is horrified when he carelessly sells a valuable watch that belonged to her grandfather. To her surprise, it turns out to have been worth half a million dollars, and Roz quickly forgets about its sentimental value. The two of them go out to celebrate, inviting Gil, Kenny and Denise to join the fun. As Bulldog starts making extravagant purchases, Roz is haunted by visions of her late grandfather, who berates her for letting the family’s legacy go. Roz starts to feel guilty and is determined to get the watch back. Bulldog fears it means they will have to give up their wealth, and the two of them are faced with one of the biggest decisions of their lives. Meanwhile, Gil and Kenny try to fall in with the local wealthy crowd by fashioning monocles and top hats.

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