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Season 18 of Roz contains 24 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Rozumentary" 1 406

Eccentric filmmaker Barry Woods arrives at the station to create a documentary based on media outlets in Seattle. He interviews the staff, including Roz, who is annoyed that the documentary was commissioned by Kenny without her permission. Bulldog tries to overcome his stage-fright in time for his interview and enlists the help of Denise to practise in front of a fake camera. When Bulldog’s nerves result in him knocking Barry over and destroying his equipment, Roz worries about the effect it will have on the station. Barry promises not to sue, under one condition: Roz lets him film people in secret for an entirely different kind of documentary: “Secrets of the Workplace”. Conflicts are raised between the employees as various secrets are revealed, so Gil, Bulldog and Denise team up to destroy the film before it destroys everything else.

"The Kook, the Dog, His Wife and Her Mother" 2 407

Gil picks a fight with a police officer after receiving a parking ticket for a rule he didn’t break. The argument turns into a public spectacle, and the officer mistakenly believes Gil to be a senile old man and has him committed to a retirement home. While there, Gil plans to bust out with the assistance of another resident – Roz’s mother, Joanna. Meanwhile, Bulldog and Kenny also get themselves committed after pleading Gil’s case at the home, and the two of them refuse to do the one thing that could get them out: call Roz. When Joanna is caught troublemaking, Roz is forced to come in after all, and the guys do whatever it takes to prevent her from finding out about their predicament.

"The Apprentice" 3 408

Roz decides to hold “auditions” for an apprentice to potentially take her place if anything should happen to her. Bulldog worries that Roz has entered a late mid-life crisis, but doesn’t pass up the chance to audition for the role himself. Unable to make her decision, Roz challenges the candidates to a series of tasks. Gil, Kenny and Denise enjoy watching from the sidelines as Bulldog struggles to keep his team in order. Kenny is dismayed that he is not Roz’s #1 choice for her replacement. Gil also lends Bulldog, a hand in “sucking up”, though Roz isn’t impressed with Bulldog’s laughable attempts to compliment her hair. In the meantime, Roz is concerned that he won’t be upset enough when her time comes and tries to induce tears from Bulldog to show his love.

"Cause for Alarm" 4 409

KACL gets a new security system, causing the fire alarm to go off every fifteen minutes. Forced to obey the fire safety rules, the employees must exit the building each time it happens. Kenny enlists Bulldog and Gil to help him fix the security system, but the three of them are forced to take a repair class after suffering minor electric shocks. Denise must deal with a group of firefighters, who are angry that they have been called out every time the fire alarm has rung. Meanwhile, Roz struggles to cater to Stuart’s newfound vegetarian lifestyle. To make matters worse, their lawn has become overrun with ants, and Roz worries that Stuart will shun her if she kills them. Roz tries to find a more humane way of getting rid of the ants.

"Grand Theft Otter" 5 410

Stuart brings home an otter after “rescuing” it from science experiments at school. Roz insists that he gives it back, but after hearing stories about its mistreatment, she decides to join Stuart and becomes an animal rights activist. The two of them wind up getting involved in a wild chase, involving the science teacher, a group of rival activists who believe the otter is in danger, and a team of money-hungry scientists who just want it for its rarity. Meanwhile, Denise and Gil stumble upon an employee smoking pot in the station basement.

"Bomb Shelter" 6 411

Roz and Bulldog discover a bomb shelter in their backyard. Roz wants to save it in case of war, while Bulldog is convinced that it would make the perfect hangout for him and his friends. Roz decides to bolt the door shut but is horrified to stumble upon Bulldog, Kenny and Gil all hanging out inside the next day, having broken in. Bulldog tells Roz to relax, but the following night he experiences a nightmare involving him, and Roz stuck in a post-apocalyptic Earth, all because he wouldn’t give up the bomb shelter. Meanwhile, Denise becomes a believer in end-of-the-world theories after hearing about the bomb shelter debacle and falls in with an eccentric society who insist she undertakes a bizarre initiation.

"Believe it or Not, Noel's Getting Married" 7 412

Roz is invited to Noel and Bonnie’s wedding in Nevada. Bulldog, Gil and Kenny decide to tag along, perplexed that Noel didn’t ask them. It is revealed that Noel has always viewed his friends as ‘walking accidents’, and that he doesn’t want anything going wrong before the ceremony. Offended, the three of them skip town and head to Vegas for some relaxation. Roz encourages them not to take Noel’s criticisms personally and just attend the wedding. Unfortunately, her advice comes at the wrong time when Bulldog lets slip that he gambled Noel’s wedding money – and lost. Gil and Bulldog’s efforts to win the money back prove to be less than successful. Kenny hopes to salvage the bad situation by convincing Noel to have a free Star Trek themed wedding after seeing it advertised in the hotel lobby. Noel happily agrees, but Bonnie isn’t pleased with this new development. Gil, Bulldog and Kenny are forced to turn to Roz, who, in her angry frame of mind, has vowed never to help anyone again.

"Sons and Daughters" 8 413

Alice shows up for an unexpected visit, revealing that she has lost her job in Paris and is moving back to Seattle. Roz is delighted with the news, but is upset to find just how grown up her daughter has become. Feeling she has missed out on much of Alice’s life, Roz decides to take her out on a day of “kid-like” activities but fails to see that Alice isn’t having a good time. Consequently, she ruins a job interview for Alice, and Roz’s idea of making it up to her daughter isn’t exactly the best. Meanwhile, after failing a questionnaire from a fatherhood magazine, Bulldog tries to find a hobby he and Stuart can share. Gil, Kenny and Denise all get caught up in Bulldog’s new bonding exercise: throwing rocks at old houses. They have some explaining to do after inadvertently wrecking an unfinished house for the homeless, and Bulldog isn’t much closer to Stuart either.

"The Flash" 9 414

Kenny uncovers an instant camera in the station basement and decides to start taking photos of the workplace for a “memories” board in the break room. Bulldog, Gil and Denise are soon getting sick of constantly being “flashed” by Kenny’s camera, and decide to hide it from him. When it is learnt that a scandalous celebrity secret may have been inadvertently exposed in one of Kenny’s photos, they will do anything to get the camera back. Unfortunately, Roz has just given it away to a charity, along with every other unused item from the basement.

"See You in Basketball Court" 10 415

Roz starts to notice that Stuart has been coming home from school with blood on his shirt every night. Unfortunately, Bulldog has neglected to mention that Stuart has joined the school basketball club, and Roz is lead to believe that he is being bullied. Roz takes her concerns to her first PTA meeting, where the other parents berate her for being disinterested in the school’s affairs. Determined to prove them wrong, she volunteers for “playground duty” to watch over the kids during their break times. Ironically, this lowers Stuart’s popularity level, and Roz fails to see that she is making things worse. On top of things, Stuart has been kicked off the basketball team, eliminating Bulldog’s chance to finally bond with him.

"Texas Boys" 11 416

Gil becomes obsessed with a new Texas-style restaurant, fashioning cowboy clothes at work and talking in lingo nobody understands. Kenny and Bulldog pull out all the stops to get the old Gil back but wind up falling in love with the restaurant themselves. Kenny delights in sampling new meat, while Bulldog spends most of the time ogling the skimpy waitresses. When Roz finds out about their little obsession, she is determined to put a stop to it, fearing that Gil will alienate his friends, Kenny will get fatter, and Bulldog will be excited for all the wrong reasons. To get through to them, Roz agrees to partake in a bull-riding contest and enlists the help of an eccentric Texan guru. Feeling that the Gil she knows would never eat this kind of food, Denise decides to investigate. Denise quickly uncovers sinister goings-on between Gil and a local merchant, who harbours an unfounded grudge against the opinionated critic.

"Itching for a Fixing" 12 417

Stuart wants a treehouse, and Bulldog inadvertently agrees to build one for him. Unable to get it done, he enlists the help of Gil, Kenny and Denise, and the four of them find that they have a knack for repairing things. Soon, they are wanted by everyone in Bulldog’s street, and he decides that he wants to make some money out of it. However things spiral out of control when Denise gets a pushy new boyfriend who threatens to tear their team apart, and Gil is caught hiding in the newly built treehouse, contemplating leaving the business. Meanwhile, Roz takes on the team’s management duties and must deal with the aftermath of a poorly constructed garden veranda.

"Married to the Moron" 13 418

Gil prepares for an interview with the Seattle Times, excited that he finally has the chance to up his profile. When Denise points out that most well-known restaurant critics are married, she agrees to pose as his wife during the interview. The charade is forced to continue when Gil starts being wooed by various television stations across Seattle, and Denise is getting sick of being his make-believe wife when he takes everything a bit too seriously. On top of things, Denise must deal with a rival newspaper’s efforts to destroy Gil, by claiming a history of infidelity and illegitimate children.

"Driving Ms. Doyle" (Part 1) 14 419

Bulldog becomes convinced that there is a resemblance to Jesus on a piece of toast he Tired of chauffeuring Denise around, Roz demands that she gets her driver’s license. Denise reluctantly abides, and Roz agrees to give her a few lessons to avoid the high costs of a qualified instructor. Roz realises that her teaching methods are not suitable for Denise, and adopts a tough, anger-making technique. Denise gets her license and decides to drive her friends to a fancy restaurant out of town to celebrate. Roz, Bulldog, Gil and Kenny are left fearing for their lives when it turns out that Denise is a little too aggressive behind the wheel. The next day, Roz is blaming herself for the way Denise drives and offers to give her some more lessons. Denise refuses, and in an attempt to prove that she can drive safely and calmly, she accidentally hits Bulldog with the car.

"Will the Real Bob Briscoe Please Stand Up?" (Part 2) 15 420

Bulldog is recovering from the car accident, but he will be confined to a wheelchair for an unspecified amount of time. Denise is overcome with guilt, and on top of things, her driver’s license has been revoked. In an effort to make amends, Denise volunteers to act as Bulldog’s “coach” so she can motivate him to stand up. Denise must once again adopt her aggressive personality to get through to Bulldog, while Roz is left blaming herself for the debacle. To everyone’s surprise, an entirely different and somewhat embarrassing technique makes Bulldog walk again: one which Roz doesn’t exactly wish to share.

"Dawn of the Read" 16 421

When Roz discovers the percentage of American children who are unable to read by age sixteen, she decides to make sure that Stuart is able to do it. She converts the den into a library and makes Stuarts write an essay on a book every week. When Roz discovers that Stuart has been getting a nerdy friend to do it for him, she decides to confront the boy’s parent. The argument culminates in a physical challenge, and Roz fears that she’ll set a bad example for Stuart if she goes through with it. On top of things, Roz is still not sure if her son can read. Meanwhile, Gil and Kenny find Bulldog’s old wheelchair and take turns using it.

"Reality Fights" 17 422

Bulldog, Gil and Kenny become addicted to a “life simulation” game, and Kenny is dismayed to find that his character is doing a lot better than he is. This causes Kenny to re-evaluate his plans for the future. Bulldog and Gil find themselves competing for the attention of a sexy female character, threatening their real friendship in the meantime. Discovering the power this game holds over her friends, Denise desperately tries to get rid of it before they are torn apart. The following night, a disturbing dream unfolds in which Bulldog, Gil, Kenny and Denise are stuck in a “Big Brother”-style environment, with an unseen power controlling their every move. Back in reality, Roz is on a hunt for a rare comic book for Stuart and winds up competing with her ex-boyfriend Clint.

"Call of the Child" 18 423

Noel and Bonnie are in town and announce they are trying to get pregnant. Noel confesses to Bulldog that they are struggling with their quest and asks for some tips to help spice things up in the bedroom. Bonnie goes to Roz asking the same thing, and the combination of Roz and Bulldog’s advice results in the lovebirds falling out of bed and suffering minor injuries. While Bulldog finds their antics hilarious, Roz grows convinced that Noel is subconsciously causing these accidents because deep down he doesn’t want another child. Meanwhile, Gil is mortified when his favourite eatery is turned into a cheesy family restaurant.

"Chesterton Pains" 19 424

Gil discovers that his brother Phil is getting a divorce, and travels to his family home with Bulldog and Kenny to give support. Kenny is depressed after seeing his ex-wife Rose having fun with another man, so Bulldog tries to cheer him up by getting him a date with one of Gil’s cousins. Bulldog is pleased with Kenny when it becomes apparent that he has hit it off with the hottest cousin available, but later he is stunned to find that Kenny has ended up with Phyllis, a strange woman who looks and acts like Gil in many ways. Meanwhile, Gil struggles to give Phil verbal support and ends up getting involved in a feud between his two brothers when he learns the truth about Phil’s failed marriage.

"Bulldog's Room" 20 425

Bulldog discovers a luxurious, secret bathroom in the station basement and decides to keep it to himself, sick of waiting like everyone else. Over the following week, Bulldog starts making the bathroom more personal and winds up making it his private office. When Denise witnesses Bulldog walking into the bathroom, she decides to expose it. Bulldog realises her silence will come with a price, and they agree to share the “office”. One by one, the other employees start to find out about it and arguments occur. Meanwhile, Roz fears the consequences when it is revealed she has known about the bathroom for years.

"The Office: An American Jerk Place" 21 426

Roz and Kenny must deal with the producers when they go on strike, demanding more money. Roz recalls her producing days and how she always felt she deserved more, making her feel conflicted. Roz decides to stay out of it, leaving Kenny to deal with the debacle. When Kenny yells at Roz for “abandoning” him, she retaliates by joining the producers in their protest, and she is forced to decide where her loyalties lie when Honey Bones, the sassy leader of the protest, plans to take things to the extreme by pelting Kenny’s car with rotten eggs. Meanwhile, Gil and Bulldog are mortified when their favourite lunch spot is turned into the unofficial new smoking area, and have a choice: either take up smoking themselves or fight for their right to breathe clean air.

"A Shot in the Dark" 22 427

Roz is forced to deal with the aftermath of a gun discharge, caused by a mentally unstable employee. This results in a debate over whether the employees should be allowed to bring guns in, but Roz is strongly against it. Hoping to make others feel the same way, Roz organises a trip to the local gun museum, namely the “gun safety” exhibit. It turns out to be completely different to what she had in mind, and soon several of the staff (including Bulldog) want a gun. Roz reluctantly accompanies Bulldog to the shooting range for practice and is overcome with guilt when his inexperience results in the instructor being shot in the arm. Meanwhile, Gil reluctantly takes up paint-balling with professional Denise.

"The Talented Mr. Daly" 23 428

Bulldog, Gil, Kenny and Denise sign up for the annual station talent contest, hoping to win the $10,000 prize. Roz worries that she won’t be able to afford the promised prize due to cutbacks, and tries to come up with an alternative prize everyone will enjoy. In her stress, Roz finds herself retreating to a nearby cocktail bar, where she encounters her former lover Jake Hoskins working as a barman. Roz agrees to help Jake get his career back on track in exchange for his luxury boat, hoping to use it as the prize. Meanwhile, as the others practice their talents, Bulldog and Kenny are dismayed to find they both plan on burping the alphabet.

"Invasion of the Body Snatchers" 24 429

Roz plans a fancy gala on the Space Needle for KACL's 75th anniversary. Gil must cater to Catherine Williams, an eccentric old woman and the only surviving original radio personality. Gil is at first annoyed because he wanted to mingle with the party guests and sample the appetisers but soon finds Ms. Williams to be a delightful, charming lady. Kenny is low after running into his ex-wife Rose earlier in the night, and Denise tries to cheer him up by inviting him to play pranks on the guests. One thing leads to another, and the two of them share a surprise kiss under the moonlight. Roz struggles to keep everything in order after promising to keep the party quiet and sensible, but the real situation unfolds when Catherine is found dead in the gift shop. Enlisting the help of her friends, Roz must deal with Catherine’s body in secret, while Kenny and Denise are attempting to interpret the meaning of their impromptu kiss. Meanwhile, Bulldog purposely gets himself stuck in a broom closet with a beautiful woman he had a crush on early in his radio career.

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