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Season 19 of Roz contains 24 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Fiends" 1 430

Roz is delighted when she realises the connections she has made over Seattle because of KACL, and after receiving tickets to a prestigious film festival, she finds her friends fighting for the extra seat. Annoyed when they can’t come to a mature decision, Roz opts to take a geeky accountant instead, who feels unappreciated by his colleagues. Roz soon regrets it when she discovers the accountant is harbouring feelings for her and feels guilty for letting down her friends now that she needs them the most. Meanwhile, Gil and Bulldog try to find entertainment without Roz, and Denise decides to tell Kenny that their kiss on the Space Needle was a mistake.

"Destiny Turns Off the Radio" 2 431

Gil is anticipating the SeaBea Awards but is dismayed to learn that none of the other employees are enthused by it anymore. Hoping to raise their spirits, Gil appeals to the head of the SeaBeas to make things a little more interesting this year. To Gil’s surprise, his suggestions are accepted, and when the big night finally comes, Bulldog, Kenny, Denise and Roz find themselves competing in several games. Bulldog’s competitive nature gets the best of him, while Denise and Roz bet their drinks on the outcomes. The awards are eventually given out, and Gil is upset when nobody pays attention to the speech he spent weeks working on.

"Nip/Schmuck" 3 432

Denise breaks her nose in a minor car accident and is forced to hire a plastic surgeon to repair it. The surgeon turns out to be a handsome man named Sean Troy who Denise takes an instant shine to. Kenny becomes jealous of their budding relationship, harbouring feelings for Denise after their recent kiss. His jealousy culminates in a physical challenge, and Kenny breaks the doctor’s nose as a result. To avoid a lawsuit, Kenny must find the second best plastic surgeon in Seattle (the first being Sean himself). After finding the perfect candidate, Kenny is forced to undertake several experimental procedures to persuade him. In the meantime, he is worried that he has forever alienated his chances of being with Denise. Meanwhile, Gil confesses that he was the one who caused the car accident.

"The Wrath of Con" 4 433

Bulldog, Kenny and Gil head to Nevada when Noel informs them that he has another child. Kenny is disgruntled when Bulldog reveals the true meaning of the trip: to help him get his mind off Denise. They meet Noel at a hotel, who turns out to have ulterior motives of his own after handing them the baby so he can spend the day alone with Bonnie. Not willing to let their plans be ruined, Bulldog is forced to carry the baby everywhere, finally settling down at a casino in Vegas. The relaxing day out soon turns into a nightmare after the baby escapes from their sight, forcing them to turn the hotel upside down to find him. Further problems ensue when the management mistakes them for a team of travelling con-artists.

"Everyone Old is New Again" 5 434

Denise is still dating plastic surgeon Sean, and after getting a facelift, Roz worries that Sean is conning her into buying his most expensive treatments. Roz decides to confront Sean and winds up walking away feeling strangely satisfied. Roz and Denise soon realise the power Sean exerts over women, and attempt to combat it by enrolling in a self-defense class. The class isn’t what they had in mind, however, although they do learn a few attack moves. When Roz and Denise stumble upon Sean arguing with a group of heavyset men, they manage to salvage the situation with the moves they have learnt and are pleased with themselves for emasculating the shocked surgeon. Meanwhile, Bulldog and Gil try to introduce a lonely Kenny to the least discerning women at the station.

"Dude, Where's My Ma?" 6 435

Roz is surprised to learn that Stuart doesn’t believe she is a “typical” mother and he is reluctant to invite his friends over because of it. So Roz starts taking more time off work and becomes something out of the ‘50s. Bulldog immediately loves Roz’s new persona when she bakes delicious treats all the time, but for the first time she realises what it is like to be second best and winds up joining a housewives’ liberation protest. Meanwhile, Gil and Denise take on both Roz and Kenny’s management duties in their absence.

"Insane in the Dog Brain" 7 436

While discussing former relationships with Kenny, Bulldog worries that his breakup with a high-school sweetheart, Brenda, may be the cause of her insanity today. Bulldog decides to visit Brenda at the mental hospital and is surprised to find that it is the day of her release. Bulldog winds up being roped into taking Brenda with him to a high-school reunion, and after hearing rumours about her life after their breakup, Bulldog fears for his own sanity. Misperceiving Bulldog’s decision to take someone else to his reunion, Roz decides to crash the party with Denise. Meanwhile, Kenny contacts a few ex-girlfriends, worried they may have gone crazy like Brenda.

"Bulldog Don't Be a Hero" 8 437

Bulldog and Gil walk in on a hostage situation in Nervosa and end up becoming hostages themselves after Gil inadvertently announces their presence. Later, Bulldog and Gil are relieved to find that the criminals are carrying water pistols, and Bulldog seeks the opportunity to be a hero. When Gil steps in and takes all the credit, a rift is formed between the friends. Determined to gain the popularity he craves, Bulldog decides to stage a “hostage situation” of his own, which inevitably spins out of control. Meanwhile, Roz hears about the situation on the news and thinks that Bulldog has finally lost his marbles.

"Something Borrowed, Something Blew" 9 438

Two accountants are getting married, and everyone but Gil is inviting to the wedding. Gil is determined to find out why and learns some surprising truths about his reputation when Roz reveals the employees are sick of him criticising the food at every social event. Gil promises to keep his mouth shut this time, but manages to wreck the wedding anyway after being taken to the hospital with “food poisoning”. When it turns out that Gil just can’t stomach mediocre food, he worries that he has become a dislikable snob and tries to change himself. The first task on his list is to make amends with the married couple, who make an unusual request. Meanwhile, Kenny and Denise avoid each other after an “encounter” during the wedding reception.

"Merry Poppy" (Part 1) 10 439

Panic strikes the station when the dreaded Poppy Delafield resurfaces looking for a job. Her mother has cut her off financially, and she has nowhere to go. Not able to turn her away, Roz offers Poppy a job as “assistant secretary”, to Denise’s chagrin. Gil, Bulldog, Kenny and Denise soon find themselves hiding in the basement for some peace and quiet, and Roz realises she’ll have to fire Poppy. Unfortunately, Roz can’t bring herself to do it when Poppy turns on the waterworks every time Roz tries to speak with her. Bulldog ends up blurting it out thoughtlessly, and to everyone’s surprise, Poppy agrees to leave quietly without fuss. However, her real intentions come out the next morning when Roz discovers she and the station are being sued by Poppy for unfair dismissal.

"Merry Poppy" (Part 2) 11 440

Roz and Kenny must go to court when Poppy decides to sue the station for unfair dismissal. Denise contacts a former lawyer boyfriend, who is apparently still harbouring feelings for her. When it becomes clear that his personal problems will make them lose the trial, Roz and Kenny come up with a plan to dissuade Poppy from suing them. Roz talks with Poppy’s mother, who turns out to be as talkative and annoying as her daughter. Roz invites Poppy and her mother to dinner, hoping to resolve their problems. Bulldog spends the entire night wearing earplugs, while Roz struggles to fix a rare silence between the mother and daughter. Meanwhile, at the station, Kenny and Gil delight in the peace and quiet without Poppy around.

"Hair of the Dog" 12 441

Denise reveals she is still dating plastic surgeon Sean Troy. Roz is shocked because of the way he demeans women, but Denise has started to think about settling down with a man for a secure future. Meanwhile, Bulldog has noticed that he has lost some more hair and becomes self-conscious about his image. Bulldog turns to Sean for advice, who offers to give him a trial with hair plugs. As the plugs slowly come into effect, Bulldog has a recurring nightmare in which he is invisible after losing his identity. Bulldog finally demands that the plugs be removed, which may be difficult when it becomes apparent that Sean and Denise have gotten into a major spat. In the meantime, Kenny tries to give up some of his habits which others view as “old man-like”, as the employees suffer similar age-related issues.

"Rainy Day in June" 13 442

Roz worries Stuart is being brainwashed into becoming religious by the school and decides to confront his teacher. She is surprised to find that it is June Archer, the insufferable Christian harridan who worked at KACL briefly five years before. Roz requests that Stuart is removed from her class, and winds up facing off to June and the PTA to fight off devil-worshipping accusations. Meanwhile, Bulldog takes Denise to a single’s bar after she dumps Sean. After hitting it off with Tom, a free-spirited gentleman, Denise inadvertently promises to participate in a threesome with him – with Bulldog as the third party.

"Gil the Builder" 14 443

When Gil realises the things he says on his show could land him in danger, he starts going to the gym and becomes a bodybuilder. Weeks later, Gil is seemingly picking fights, and the others decide enough is enough. Roz and Denise confront Gil, who reluctantly agrees to drop his new look by gorging himself on fatty foods. After an expensive trip to the supermarket with Roz, Gil manages to protect her from a potential mugging, and Roz feels conflicted about letting him go back to the way he was. Meanwhile, Kenny has the hiccups, and Bulldog delights in making crazy suggestions to help get rid of them.

"Stoned" 15 444

Kenny and Bulldog try to deal with a group of bratty teenagers who throw rocks at the station after school. When a rock hits Bulldog in the face, he takes surprising action by spanking one of the teenagers in frustration. Consequently, Roz is forced to deal with rumours that two of her staff are child abusers and that the station itself applauds their attitude. Meanwhile, Gil helps Denise out when she inadvertently schedules three dates on the same night.

"The Wood Son" 16 445

Roz and Bulldog worry that Stuart may be autistic when they discover him talking to a plank of wood. They both deal with the potential problem differently; Bulldog can’t bring himself to talk about it, while Roz tries to learn everything about it by enrolling in a class at the local YMCA. They are relieved when it turns out that Stuart was only practising for a play he was in, but Roz can’t help but think that Bulldog would stop loving their son if they found out he was mentally challenged. Roz decides to put it to the test and pretends that Stuart really is autistic. Stuart is more than willing to go along, seeking the opportunity to test his acting skills, but Roz is surprisingly taken aback by Bulldog’s response.

"Rub-a-Dub-Dub, Two Men in a Strip Club" 17 446

Roz is dismayed to learn that a strip club is being built across the street from KACL, and decides to lead a protest with Denise. The owner turns out to be a former flame of Denise’s, but to her surprise, she can no longer manipulate him like she did during their tryst. When their protest seems to be getting nowhere, Roz and Denise are once again approached by the owner, who promises to move the club under one condition: they give his customers one show only! Meanwhile, Bulldog and Kenny start having lunch at the club, and Kenny is surprised to learn that one of the strippers is a former girlfriend. Consequently, Kenny spoils Bulldog’s good time by obsessing over the fact that he may have sent his ex down this path, refusing to believe that she actually loves her work.

"I Second That Demotion" 18 447

When Kenny is unable to tell an employee they’re fired, Roz decides that he isn’t “tough” enough and consequently demotes him. Kenny enters a state of depression when he is unable to find something else he’s good at, and Roz finds herself facing the wrath of several employees who loved Kenny’s approach to management. Roz is forced to make a difficult decision and promises to promote Kenny back if he passes a series of tests to prove that he can make harsh choices. Along the way, Roz starts to fear she’s become the very sort of person she hated when she joined KACL all those years ago.

"Something Wicked This Waste Comes" 19 448

Roz is trying to get funding for the next business year and must do what it takes to impress a potential donator, Donald. When Roz learns that he only hands out money to environmentally friendly businesses, she enlists Bulldog’s help to make sure everyone plays along. In one last attempt to impress Donald, she takes him for a picnic in the forest along with Bulldog, Kenny, Denise and Gil. But her efforts are marked by a toxic waste spill which requires them to spend the rest of the day in quarantine. Roz worries that her chances of getting the money are ruined, so Bulldog, Kenny, Denise and Gil desperately try to salvage the situation by persuading Donald to reconsider. Sadly, greed soon overcomes their good intentions when the four of them start requesting the money for their own gain.

"President Evil" 20 449

Roz and Bulldog decide to help Stuart run for class president and wind up getting involved in a corrupt system where every parent has taken charge of their kid’s campaign. Roz tries to end the feuding but fears she has ruined her son’s chances as a result. Not willing to give up, Roz takes up Bulldog’s suggestion and starts broadcasting Stuart’s campaign on the radio. Bulldog, on the other hand, is busy digging up dirt on the other candidates but finds that playground shenanigans are not enough to ruin one’s political career. Meanwhile, Gil remembers when he ran for class president, and ends up confronting the winner after uncovering long-repressed memories.

"Suburban Legends" 21 450

This parody of Desperate Housewives sees Noel's ex-girlfriend Janet narrating events from beyond the grave. Bonnie Weems is in town after having a spat with Noel. She winds up getting involved in a mystery with Roz and Denise, who are lead to believe that a radio personality's recent death may not have been an accident when they find a note hidden in the basement. Meanwhile, Kenny enters into a scandalous romance with a woman half his age, Bulldog accidentally runs over a neighbour’s cat and tries to cover it up, while Gil’s feud with a rival critic gets wildly out of hand.

"Children of a Lesser Doyle" 22 451

In this extended episode, Roz and Denise are dreading a visit from their mother, Joanna. Their horror intensifies when they learn she is bringing her new husband. Roz decides that she will not pretend to like him this time, while Denise is determined to stand up for herself and not endure Joanna’s criticism. As the night unfolds, disaster follows, and Joanna mistakes Sean Troy for Denise’s fiancé when he stops by to return her belongings. Denise urges Sean to play along, seeking the opportunity to impress her mother for the first time in years. She soon realises it will cost her. In the meantime, Roz finds herself loving her mother's husband, a delightfully funny car manufacturer. Roz begins to suspect he may be gay after several subtle signs suggest it, and enlists Bulldog to get the truth out of him – by all means necessary. The next morning, Roz celebrates her survival in another visit as Joanna makes her leave, while Denise makes a life-changing discovery after waking up next to Sean: she is pregnant. Roz feels unsettled after her mother’s visit, feeling that she shouldn’t keep her concerns about her husband's orientation hidden. Bulldog refuses to get involved again, so Roz turns to Gil. Gil is more than willing to help, but their friendship comes into question when Roz makes a surprising assumption about his life. Denise is dealing with her pregnancy and feels guilty for telling Kenny first. This leads Kenny to believe that he is the father after their tryst at a wedding, and he winds up making a fool of himself by proposing to Denise. Denise lets him down gently, and reveals that Sean Troy is the father – conveniently he is standing right behind her as she makes this revelation, and they work things out. Sean promises he will be involved in the baby’s life as much as he can, but can’t let it interfere with his practice. Denise decides to call Roz and give her the news but inadvertently reveals it on speakerphone to Roz, Gil and a group of shocked guests at Joanna’s house.

"Alley McSteal" 23 452

Bulldog, Kenny and Gil take to hanging out in an alley behind the station but are upset when Roz and Denise decide to start using it as well. Bulldog is feeling attention-starved because Roz has been focusing on the pregnant Denise, and he just wants some “guy time” to blow off steam. Kenny is still feeling awkward around Denise after mistakenly proposing to her, but Gil is more than welcoming over their visits. Bulldog persuades them to help him confront Roz and Denise, and the five of them wind up getting into a huge argument. A passing police officer breaks it up, but for a different reason: they are to be arrested for public drinking & loitering. The group manage to patch up their differences overnight in a cell, and the next morning Denise reveals she is heading back to Miami until her second trimester. The episode ends with Roz, Bulldog, Kenny and Gil once again standing in the alley, seemingly forgetting the lesson they learnt in jail.

"Roz: Miami" 24 453

Roz, Bulldog, Gil and Kenny head to Miami, where Denise is staying with her old sorority sisters, Rhonda and Wilma, in a stylish penthouse. Roz is surprised to learn that Denise has promised the baby to Rhonda. Roz tries to change Denise’s mind and relates to her with a story of when she was expecting Stuart. Through flashbacks, the wacky night that led to Stuart’s conception is revealed, along with Bulldog’s reaction when he first heard the news. Meanwhile, Kenny and Gil pay a visit to Wilma’s restaurant and embarrass themselves by using phrases they picked up from Miami-based TV shows.

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