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Title Season # Series #
"Dog Day Afternoon" 1 25

Roz and Bulldog decide to give their relationship a try, but when Roz gets tired of the judgmental staff, she asks Bulldog to stage a breakup with her at an employee's birthday party. Bulldog is offended by Roz’s embarrassment and makes the breakup a little more real than she intended. Realising that she’s ruined things and the breakup is sincere, Roz tries to show Bulldog that she doesn’t care what other people think. Meanwhile, Gil bakes some cookies for the station and is horrified to learn that everybody hates his cooking.

"Gil's Gills" 2 26

Gil purchases a goldfish for his niece and takes it into work for the day. Later he finds himself unable to review a seafood restaurant with the fish at his desk and asks Noel to take care of it. Noel misunderstands Gil’s request and instead sends it to the cafeteria. When Gil realises what Noel has done, they hurriedly try to get the fish back before it becomes someone’s meal. Meanwhile, Bulldog starts to talk in his sleep, which causes Roz to think he is seeing someone else.

"Union Station" 3 27

When Gil gets into an argument with the janitor, Roz encourages the staff to be more friendly to each other and decides to organise a team building workshop. When Bulldog repeatedly disrupts the classes with his crude comments, Roz worries that she is no longer able to keep him under control now that they’re dating. After asking him politely to be quiet, Bulldog is left questioning their boundaries, and the two are sent hurtling into an in-depth analysis of their relationship.

"Out and About" 4 28

Annette Walters, a woman Bulldog dated in high school, gets a job at the station and tells everyone Bulldog is gay. Roz is horrified with this claim and confronts Bulldog, who explains that he lied to Annette because he couldn’t bring himself to dump her for gaining weight. Bulldog asks everyone to play along, but the staff go a little too far with role-playing and the secret soon comes out. Meanwhile, Roz has concerns that Bulldog will dump her if she loses her figure.

"The Dog Who Came to Dinner" 5 29

Roz prepares to formally introduce Alice to Bulldog over dinner and is surprised when they hit it off. When Bulldog starts spending more time with Alice than with Roz, she becomes worried about his potentially corrupting influence. Meanwhile, Gil wins a free makeover in a station contest but is less than happy with his new look.

"Wheel of Misfortune" 6 30

A neurotic psychic shows up at the station to read everybody’s fortunes but refuses to tell Gil what she saw. Desperate for answers, Gil pursues the psychic around Seattle. After confronting her, the psychic reveals that he will die within the next week, and Gil becomes obsessed with putting his last affairs in order in case it actually happens. Meanwhile, Noel puts on his Sherlock Holmes hat, convinced the psychic has ulterior motives.

"Saving Roz" 7 31

Roz is visited by her sister Denise, who is convinced that she needs saving from her loser boyfriend Bulldog and a dead-end career. Roz becomes determined to prove that she is happy with her life, and realises that it is actually Denise who needs a change. Meanwhile, Gil tries to organise the annual staff photo and learns that he has a monumental task on his hands as the previous photographs have never turned out very well.

"The Most Wonderful Time of the Month" 8 32

Roz organises a trip to Vegas for some of the staff. Gil and Noel suck up to her in an attempt to get invites and seek revenge when they are rejected. They arrange a cheap flight to Vegas for themselves and direct Roz and the others to the wrong plane. As Gil and Noel enjoy a week gambling in Vegas, Roz is stuck in Alaska with several people she loathes, as well as Bulldog. When her badly timed PMS and stress of being stuck in Alaska collide, all hell breaks loose. In Vegas, Gil and Noel fight over whose quarter went into a machine first when it pays out with a big win.

"The Return of Chopper Dave" 9 33

Chopper Dave returns to give the hourly traffic report, and Roz is surprised to find he is not the loud man he once was. Although Roz enjoys a quieter Dave, Bulldog misses Dave’s old self and becomes determined to get it back. Bulldog regrets it when Dave yells through a megaphone at KACL and deafens Roz, and tries to hide the truth from her. Meanwhile, Gil and Noel return from Vegas after losing all the money they won to a Boston conman.

"Photo Finished" 10 34

Roz is horrified to learn that Alice has made an obscene gesture during her school photo and becomes determined to find out who taught it to her. When her investigation leads to Bulldog, Roz is so upset that she dumps him, but later starts to realise that Alice will learn these things eventually after talking to her staff. Now Roz must Bulldog back, but he won’t make things any easier for her.

"The Billboard" 11 35

Roz must come up with a design for a billboard advertising KACL and decides to leave it to Gil, but he winds up making the whole thing a mockery by using the kind of stuff he likes. When gay men keep calling the station’s shows mistaking them for something more lurid, Roz realises that the billboard must be taken down. However, the latest station owner forbids it, revealing that ratings have been better than ever. Gil is surprised at what he has caused and considers making significant adjustments to his persona.

"Cat and Bulldog" 12 36

Roz buys Alice a cat named Fluffy and is surprised to learn that Bulldog hates felines. With him spending most of the time at Roz’s house, they must come up with a compromise but after getting spooked by the cat, Bulldog locks himself in the closet. Roz must now coax Bulldog into stepping out by trying to get to the bottom of his fear, while Alice is forced to make a choice between Fluffy and her mother's happiness.

"Roz vs. Kryptonite" 13 37

Roz realises that the staff are using the janitor to get what they want from her because they know that she is a pushover when it comes to handsome guys. Roz tries to prove everyone wrong by maintaining her cool near the janitor, and Bulldog is left questioning his own handsomeness. Meanwhile, Gil declares war on a new radio personality who keeps leaving crumbs in his booth.

"Screams from a Marriage" 14 38

Roz runs into Martin Crane and his wife Ronee Lawrence at Café Nervosa. Martin is missing his sons now that they are leading different lives and his marriage to Ronee is on the rocks. Roz tries to help them by getting them a guest spot on KACL’s latest show, which features marital advice from a pair of married psychiatrists. Martin questions the psychiatrists’ credibility when he overhears them having a heated argument. Meanwhile, Noel takes care of Gil’s cat while he is away and accidentally lets it out of the house.

"Glazed and Confused" 15 39

Roz learns that the SeaBea Awards are approaching and is so determined for KACL to win some awards that she turns to Bebe Glazer for help in schmoozing the voting committee. Roz soon feels uncomfortable with the way Bebe operates and promptly fires her, but gets more than she bargained for when Bebe decides to represent the station's biggest rival. Meanwhile, Gil gets a cold and tries to find someone to fill in for him at the awards, resulting in an impromptu chain of auditions.

"Meeting Dad" 16 40

Roz prepares to meet Bulldog’s father Alec Briscoe at his stylish apartment. Roz is surprised to learn that Bulldog turned down lifelong security and a high-paying job in the family business, and begins to wonder if she is holding him back. Meanwhile, Gil tries to get over his fear of dogs when Noel buys one and keeps bringing it to the station.

"Noel's Brother" 17 41

Noel’s drastically different brother Dominic shows up for a visit. Dominic is handsome, a hit with the ladies, and hates Star Trek, and Noel has always been jealous of him. Later, a remark from Bulldog encourages Noel to find out if they are actually related, and he grows obsessed with unravelling his family tree. Noel eventually learns that Dominic is actually his half-brother and plans to unveil the news at a Star Trek convention he has forced everyone at the station to attend. Meanwhile, Gil inadvertently purchases a Star Wars costume and becomes the scourge of the convention.

"What's Love Got to Do with It?" 18 42

Roz’s sister Denise shows up to announce that she is getting married to a man twice her age. Roz grows concerned that Denise is only marrying him so she can inherit his fortune, and tries to teach her the true meaning of love. However, Denise is a difficult student, as Roz comes to learn. Meanwhile, Bulldog misinterprets Roz’s dilemma and mistakenly thinks that she wants them to get married, so he consults Gil and Noel for advice.

"Four Stories" 19 43

Roz doesn’t have the heart to tell a children’s book reader that she is fired when she keeps getting interrupted by her adoring fans. Bulldog discovers a personal ad Roz has in a newspaper desperately tries to find out when it was submitted. Tired of criticism about his dress sense, Noel rallies for a uniform to be enforced at KACL. Gil meets with a publisher to discuss the possibility of writing his own book about fine dining.

"Joy Noel" 20 44

Noel has a girlfriend named Natalie and can’t stop telling everybody about her. Bulldog and Gil grow sick of hearing his stories and decide to confront him. Noel angrily quits the station, claiming that he doesn’t need a job when he has love. When Natalie suddenly dumps him over dinner, Noel is faced with returning to KACL and asking for his job back. However, Bulldog doesn’t make things any easier for him. Meanwhile, Roz helps Alice sell girl scout cookies and has a chance encounter with her garbageman ex-boyfriend, Roger.

"Cocktail Party" 21 45

After dressing up to go to a cocktail party, Roz’s car breaks down in the middle of the journey and she is forced to walk the rest of the way. When one of her heels suddenly breaks, Roz stops at the corner of the road to hail a cab and winds up being approached by a police officer who accuses her of being a prostitute. Despite attempts to prove her innocence, Roz is arrested and taken to the police station, where she must set things straight. At the cocktail party, Bulldog makes up a series of increasingly convoluted scenarios to explain Roz's absence.

"American Psychiatrist" 22 46

Recalling the success of The Dr. Frasier Crane Show, Roz considers hiring another psychiatrist at the station but struggles to find a competent one. She eventually hires Steven Wood, an intelligent psychiatrist who boosts the ratings almost instantly. When Steven makes an off-hand remark suggesting that he hates America, Roz worries that he is unpatriotic, and what it might do to the station's reputation.

"Imitation of Wife" 23 47

Bulldog is surprised to learn that Roz married a friend during high school to help him avoid deportation problems. Roz reveals that they were married for two weeks and he is now gay, living in Vegas and running an all-male burlesque house. Bulldog decides to meet Roz’s ex-husband, Andy, at a diner on the state line. Bulldog pretends that he is gay and has always been a big fan, and agrees to show Alec around Seattle. When the pair meets up with Roz, complications arise.

"On the Road to Nowhere" 24 48

Roz and Bulldog decide to break up with each other when they realise that their relationship isn’t going anywhere. Bulldog quickly finds a new girlfriend in producer Janine, and Roz starts dating her neighbour Chad. However, things soon become more about one-upmanship than moving on, and Roz and Bulldog will do anything to outdo each other. Meanwhile, Gil is bummed about a bet he made with Noel a few months ago, involving $100 and the length of Roz and Bulldog’s relationship.

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