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Season 20 of Roz contains 21 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"How the Winnebago Was Won" 1 454

In Miami, Roz and Bulldog receive a Winnebago from Denise’s sorority sisters as a leaving present and impulsively decide to make their journey home a road trip. When they run out of gas, Roz, Bulldog, Gil and Kenny are forced to stop at a nearby town and find that it is deserted. Kenny is quickly overcome with ideas of a possible “ghost town”, while Bulldog delights in stocking up on booze. The next morning, Roz discovers that the Winnebago has been towed, and realises they have trespassed on “the wild west experience”. Roz, Bulldog, Gil and Kenny must now reclaim their ride home by substituting the roles of four daredevil cowboys whose goal is to take over the town.

"My Heart Belongs to Kenny" 2 455

Bulldog believes Kenny is harbouring feelings for Roz when he acts nervous around her, but he is simply missing Denise. Worried that he is in competition with Kenny, Bulldog desperately tries to show Roz that he is the better man, and ends up catering to her every desire. However, disaster inevitably ensues when Roz’s one-night stand with Kenny from years earlier is called into question. Meanwhile, Gil decides to hire a personal assistant.

"Shirt Happens" 3 456

Roz and Bulldog are horrified to discover that a series of t-shirts featuring Stuart giving the finger is being distributed around his school. Roz worries that Stuart is entering a phase of rebellion and tries to make it stop, against Bulldog’s advice to let it run its course. Roz’s horror increases when she learns that Bulldog has been helping Stuart sell the t-shirts, and is receiving 10% of the profit. Roz decides to give them both a scare, by pretending to look at brochures for military schools and a divorce guidebook. Bulldog and Stuart immediately suspect it to be a prank and try to return the scare by pretending Stuart has been expelled. The pranks escalate to the point where someone must step in and end things – but it’s not going to be easy for that person. Meanwhile, Kenny tries to get over Denise by writing a theoretical letter of closure, which is wrongly mailed.

"Look Who's Stalking" 4 457

Gil begins to suspect he is being stalked, and suspicion falls on his new assistant Betty. Gil refuses to believe it and tries to show everyone that she is a friendly woman. When Betty is unable to corroborate her whereabouts the last few nights, Gil thinks the suspicions may be right and enlists Bulldog’s help to expose the stalker’s identity. Meanwhile, Roz hires increased security for KACL and has metal detectors installed, but she gets the worst out of it when her cell phone sets off the detector every time she passes through it. When Roz forgets her ID, she finds herself the target of a new security guard who is convinced she poses a threat.

"The Spy Who Friended Me" (Part 1) 5 458

Roz is intrigued when Stuart sends her a friend request on Facebook and relishes the opportunity to get to know her son better. However, the two of them end up getting into a major online war when Stuart starts posting private information about Roz and KACL on his profile. Roz begins to think about military school again, deciding that Stuart’s rebellious streak has gone too far. Meanwhile, Kenny learns the truth about the lack of bonuses after looking at Stuart’s posts, and Gil reignites a long-standing feud between him and a listener after successfully getting his number back from the station records.

"Web of Lies" (Part 2) 6 459

Roz is looking at military schools with a reluctant Bulldog. Bulldog is convinced that some old-fashioned punishment will do the trick, and learns the extent of Roz and Stuart’s online feud after discovering some steamy photos of Roz were posted on Stuart’s Facebook account. Roz feels ashamed for allowing Stuart to see her in this light and wants to prove that she can be a good mother. Bulldog eventually agrees to send Stuart away, but finding an appropriate school proves to be a difficult feat due to the lies that now permeate his Facebook profile. Meanwhile, Gil is inspired to mould his own protégé after encountering a young man on Facebook who criticised Restaurant Beat.

"72" 7 460

Roz, Bulldog and Gil are usually together at some point during the day, but for once they have to remain apart for 24 hours while dealing with their own situations. In Boston, Bulldog must deal with a family-friendly sponsor after he inadvertently endorsed cigarettes on the air. Roz is visiting Stuart in military school and finds herself the butt of jokes amongst the other mothers over Stuart’s lack of progress. Finally, Gil gets stuck on the station’s freight elevator with a washed up, former restaurant owner who blames Gil for his continued failures.

"The War-Bank Redemption" 8 461

Bulldog and Kenny declare war on their bank when several hundred dollars are inexplicably removed from their joint account. They decide to confront the teller, Britney, a task made difficult by Kenny’s apparent crush on her. When Bulldog creates a scene and accidentally causes a gunshot-like noise, he and Kenny are mistaken for bank robbers, and the situation spins rapidly out of control. The two of them are forced to plead their case in court, with Britney as the defendant. Bulldog remembers that Britney was a girl he dated in high-school whom he dumped for getting fat, and believes her to be out for revenge. Now Bulldog must come up with a plan to gain Britney’s forgiveness, as she starts stringing together new evidence that suggests he and Kenny really are criminal masterminds.

"One Flew Out of the Empty Nest" 9 462

With Stuart away at military school, Roz begins to feel empty without a child around. Bulldog tries to cheer her up by inviting NoelBonnie and their kids. When Noel and Bonnie head out for some much-needed relaxation, Roz is left alone with Noel's kids, Kirk and Uhura. Bulldog’s good intentions soon turn into a nightmare when Roz receives a depressing call from Stuart’s commander, and on top of things, the kids won’t stop bawling. Trying to think of what Noel would do, Roz pretends to be a Star Trek character and unleashes the true beasts within. Meanwhile, Kenny starts managing people’s careers in an attempt to combat his boredom.

"Denise Returns" 10 463

A larger Denise returns to Seattle after deciding to keep her baby. Kenny finds himself getting involved in Denise’s pregnancy issues and finds it all too similar to his chaos with Rose. On top of things, Denise has picked up her annoying old traits from her sorority sisters, putting her friendships at risk and affecting her relationship with Roz. Meanwhile, Bulldog and Gil are vexed to find that the usual security guards have phoned in sick, so they take up the post themselves.

"All I Want for Christmas is My Job Back" 11 464

In this extended episode, Gil and Bulldog get into a spat as the holidays are approaching, leading to Gil dropping Bulldog as his producer. Roz is unable to find Bulldog another job, revealing that Gil was the only one who could put up with his overbearing attitude. After several unsuccessful interviews across Seattle, Bulldog is forced to become a department store Santa. Meeting kids and playing nice for the day soon takes its toll on Bulldog, so he unwinds with Kenny at a bar while in his costume. There, they run into a dissatisfied father who blames Bulldog for making his son stop believing in Santa, and a barroom brawl gets underway which Bulldog and Kenny narrowly avoid. Unfortunately, Bulldog is fired from the department store when news of Santa’s shenanigans hit the local papers, and on top of things, several of Roz and Bulldog’s neighbours blame them for ruining their kids’ holiday innocence. With Bulldog unemployed again and Stuart staying at military school for the holidays, Roz grows despondent and cancels Christmas altogether. Bulldog, hoping to cheer Roz up, organises a Christmas pageant for the local kids, figuring he can clean up his reputation at the same time. However, the pageant ends in chaos when a drunken driver crashes into the event in the middle of the manger scene. With Roz getting sadder every day and no end in sight for his feud with Gil, Bulldog is looking at potentially the worst Christmas ever.

"Party Like it's 780 AM" 12 465

Gil, Kenny and Denise are forced to work at the station on New Year’s Eve when Roz learns that doing shows on special occasions increases revenue. Roz feels guilty for making them stay and encourages them to have some fun by doing what they want. Gil snoops around personnel files, Kenny sets up a trivia challenge based on events at the station, and Denise tries to think of names for her baby. Their fun is marked when Gil discovers an unflattering complaint filed against him, nobody joins the game Kenny thought of, and Denise starts panicking about raising the baby alone. Roz is forced to resolve their problems while giving them the best damn New Year’s Eve she can.

"Assistance is Futile" 13 466

Gil surprises everyone when he decides to re-hire his paroled former assistant Betty. Having met with Betty during her time in prison, Gil is confident that she has changed and is determined to prove it. However, Gil is mortified one evening when Betty arrives at his house, revealing she has actually escaped prison and is a wanted fugitive. Gil finds himself forced to help Betty get out of the country when she threatens him with the knowledge she gained from her time as an assistant. Now, Gil must alert his friends to his situation; unfortunately, none of them are listening to him as they are mad at him for bringing Betty back into their lives.

"Buck Stops Here" 14 467

A legendary radio personality, Buck Rosalyn, is coming to KACL for his last ever show before he enters retirement. Gil, Kenny and Roz are all determined to impress him. Gil wants to be “the next Buck Rosalyn”, Kenny is the man’s biggest fan, and Roz wants the publicity gained from his visit. The three of them are disappointed to learn that Buck has lost his former ways, but Gil refuses to believe it. He tries to get the old Buck back, enlisting several figures from the man’s past. The station becomes overrun with elderly folk as a result, leaving Gil to clean up the mess – and admit that his mentor is gone. Roz and Kenny, on the other hand, believe that Buck has lost his mind and inadvertently get him committed, forcing them to hide the hapless gentleman when the white coats arrive. Meanwhile, Bulldog is tricked into playing the father of Denise’s baby when her gossipy old friends pay a visit.

"Modern Day Living" 15 468

Roz is excited over the installation of an improved, modern radio transmitter. This encourages her to think about what the station would be like 500 years into the future. In the 51st century; Gil protests against the use of “smell-radio” when listeners call in to complain about the odours, Denise deals with her approaching motherhood by adopting a fierce robotic child, Bulldog becomes a test subject for futuristic gadgets in his search for employment, Kenny fights the “perfect replacement”: the DJ-3000, and Roz deals with the first alien ever to get a gig on the radio.

"School of Hardly Any Locks" 16 469

Roz and Bulldog are vexed to learn that Stuart has escaped from military school. They hit the road in their Winnebago to search for him. Roz is annoyed when Bulldog seems more concerned about running up the bill than their son’s safety. Meanwhile, Denise is awoken in the middle of the night by her doorbell and is surprised to find Stuart standing there. She seeks the opportunity to be a proper aunt for the first time and finally, sees herself as a mother-to-be. Roz and Bulldog aren’t any closer to finding Stuart, getting sidetracked by various catastrophes, including a weird farmer who starts following them after they inadvertently drove over his crops. Denise eventually informs them of their whereabouts, having successfully convinced Stuart to go back to military school. Roz and Bulldog are initially impressed, but jealousy over Denise’s parenting skills get the best of them.

"Lord of the Ring Donuts" 17 470

Roz reluctantly bans junk food from the station to please one of its investors, Donald Sugar. On the day Donald chooses to visit, Roz is horrified to learn that Kenny and Gil have been selling jelly doughnuts in the basement. Now, the three of them must journey through the station to destroy the doughnuts in the one place it can be done, but find themselves encountering several obstacles along the way. Meanwhile, a war of epic proportions breaks out between Bulldog and a neighbour when his kids damage the car.

"Desperately Seeking Kenny" 18 471

When Kenny realises Denise isn’t interested in him romantically anymore, he decides to join a popular matchmaking service: Hearing Music. Kenny is surprised to learn that the service isn’t in a massive, deluxe building as advertised, but in a small room at a seedy motel. There, Kenny runs into his ex-wife Rose, who runs the service. Kenny reluctantly agrees to let her set him up with someone, and she introduces him to Deidre, a doppelgänger of Denise in many ways. However, Deidre represents everything Kenny doesn’t like about Denise, taking her flaws to the extreme. When Kenny plans to break up with Deidre, he comes to believe that Rose may still be harbouring feelings for him.

"Big Dog on Campus" 19 472

Bulldog must go back to college to acquire a permit allowing him to work in radio again. Bulldog takes it all a bit too seriously and starts acting like his young self to fit in with the students. When Roz can’t take any more of his shenanigans, she kicks him out of the house. Bulldog retaliates by getting a dorm room on campus, which he invites Kenny and Gil to move into for some fun. The three of them enjoy playing pranks on their neighbours, but quickly realise just how serious the college is when the Dean is immediately alerted of their misbehaviour. Roz is mortified when she receives a phone call from the dean, explaining her “son” Bulldog has been suspended. Hoping to teach him a lesson, Roz teams up with Bulldog’s neighbours, a pair of inexperienced pranksters, and a massive war gets underway.

"The Day the Birth Stood Still" 20 473

In this extended episode, Roz accompanies Denise to the doctor for her final ultrasound, where they receive some surprising news: Denise is having twins. Denise has trouble accepting the news, having only just accepted that she will be raising one baby, let alone two. Roz agrees to help Denise every step of the way but is shocked when her sister decides to skip town and think about her future in a more relaxed setting. Unable to board any flight in her third trimester, Denise winds up checking into a hotel. There, Denise encounters a semi-famous photographer who specialises in pregnant women and is surprised when he snaps her up for a photo shoot. Roz is stunned when she sees Denise’s picture in one of the magazines that are delivered to the station monthly, and worries she has forgotten about her babies completely. Roz decides to confront Denise at her next shoot, where she unexpectedly goes into labour. Denise’s newfound career is ruined as a result, and Roz must rush her to the nearest hospital. There, Kenny, Bulldog and Gil are waiting for her. Kenny is thinking about revealing his feelings to Denise but worries that her impending motherhood will forever alienate his chances. Bulldog recalls his experiences with Roz in the maternity ward and helps out a mother-to-be who reminds him of her in many ways. Gil is determined to overcome his fear of watching births take place, and meets an expectant couple who are surprisingly helpful in his quest. Finally, the three of them come back together to watch Denise’s birth, as she delivers two healthy boys. Watching the happy mother holding her sons, Kenny decides to keep his feelings quiet for the time being.

"The Wizard of Roz" 21 474

When Roz discovers that her mother is moving back to Wisconsin, she is bummed because it means she’ll have no more family left in Seattle. Roz becomes incredibly homesick as a result and takes a few days off work. Bedridden, she experiences a strange, Wizard of Oz-inspired vision, embarking on an incredible adventure across a psychedelic Seattle-like plain as she tries to get home. Along the way, she befriends a scarecrow (Bulldog), who wants a better brain in his hunt for employment, a tin-man (Kenny) who is on a mission to win a girl’s heart, and a cowardly lion (Gil) who is scared of reviewing a restaurant owned by a heavyset man. The scarecrow, tin man and lion decide to join Roz on her journey, hoping to obtain their desires. Meanwhile, the Wicked Witch of the West-Side (Denise) has her own sinister plans.

  • Kenny Daly and Denise Doyle's last appearance as main characters.

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