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Season 21 of Roz contains 22 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Casablancas & Delafield" 1 475

Several months later, Denise has permanently left Seattle. After returning to his old job as a freelance writer for the Seattle Times, Gil is forced to scale back his role at the station, forcing Roz to hire an additional critic, Jack Casablancas, a charming and equally opinionated foodie. At the same time, Roz and Bulldog head to the airport to pick Stuart up from military school and are introduced to his new girlfriend, Julie, whom he met in Arizona. Roz gets a surprise when Stuart tells Julie that she can stay with him for a few weeks, but Bulldog is happy that his son has a girl in his life and couldn’t be more supportive. At the station, Kenny is interviewing for a new secretary but finds himself judging the candidates based completely on how similar they are to Denise. Kenny turns to Jack for an unbiased opinion, and they strike up a friendship. Roz and Bulldog soon learn how overbearing Julie can be after a few days, often using all the hot water and leaving the house a mess. They eventually decide to tell Stuart that Julie can’t stay anymore, initially putting it off because they fear an adverse reaction. To their surprise, Stuart winds up complying with their request, and Julie has left by the end of the day. While Bulldog loves Stuart’s new, respectful manner, Roz worries that the military school has alienated her son’s independent thought, so she schedules a conference with his commander. At the station, Jack tells Kenny that he has found a secretary, and to Kenny’s horror it turns out to be the perennially chatty rich girl, Poppy Delafield. When Poppy turns out to do the job well, Kenny has no choice but to let her stay on. Acting on their newly-formed friendship, Jack asks Kenny for a favour in return. After a long flight to Arizona, Roz meets with Stuart’s former commander, who turns out to be a loud, rule-enforcing drill sergeant. Realising that the Stuart she loved is gone, Roz phones Bulldog and orders him to take Stuart out on a day of rule-bending fun. In Seattle, Gil helps Jack deal with a frightful restaurant owner who is demanding that Jack retracts his opinions. Poppy manages to salvage the situation by chatting the man away, and the three of them realise they have developed an intimidating business relationship that nobody can withstand. Their first order of business is to improve the falling ratings, but eventually, the group falls apart from numerous accusations when Gil believes Jack’s monotone voice is to blame for the decrease in listeners, and Jack claims that the data is unreliable because of Gil's poisonous influence. Roz stumbles in on the argument and is at first horrified to see Poppy; however, she manages to calm everyone down by revealing the truth about the waning interest in KACL's programming: radio is tired.

  • Jack Casablancas and Poppy Delafield become main characters.
"A Day Not Unlike Any Other Similar Day" 2 476

Implementing a tip from the “perfect workplace” handbook, Roz encourages everyone to write down something they’d like to accomplish by the end of the day. Bulldog wants to get his parking space back even though he doesn’t work at the station anymore. Poppy is struggling to keep her mouth shut as she adopts a unique "one-hundred fewer words a day" technique. Jack tries to prove he has what it takes to fill Gil's shoes; who conversely is determined to show that no one can beat him. Finally, Roz just wants the exercise to succeed, seeing it as her own accomplishment.

"Jack's Women" 3 477

Jack’s womanising ways are revealed when a crazed ex-girlfriend storms into the station and makes a scene. Roz and Poppy team up to change Jack’s ways, and somehow Poppy has gotten a date with him by the end of the day. Roz hopes that Jack is finally ready for commitment, but things become awkward at the station when Jack sleeps with Poppy and doesn’t call her back. When Poppy reverts to her old chatty self to hide her pain, Roz confronts Jack and learns the not-so-surprising truth about his date with Poppy. In a sub-plot, Bulldog is working at KACL again; this time in the sparse filing department and Gil tries to learn by Jack's example to impress a manager at the Seattle Times, whom he has heard is something of a man-eater.

"When Hearts Attack!" 4 478

Poppy discovers that her brother has had a minor heart attack, and invites him to recover at her house for a couple of weeks. His visit soon turns into a permanent fixture and Poppy is driven to the station a lot more as a result. Roz, suffering the most under Poppy’s reign, strives to resolve her differences with her brother and get him back out into the world. Meanwhile, Jack is tired of being referred to as “the new guy” all the time, so he tries to get the focus off him by needlessly hiring a team of personal assistants. Among the unnecessary assistants is Bulldog, who continues to bounce from one profession to another at the station.

"Mission: Impulsive" 5 479

After Kenny suddenly hands in his notice in a spontaneous ploy to reunite with Denise, a search for a replacement assistant manager gets underway; at the same time, the employees are wondering if impulsive decisions always have the best outcomes. Roz and Bulldog reflect on the choices they’ve made on impulse in the past, and are vexed to realise that the reason they are together can be attributed to an impulsive act. Poppy realises she has never made an impulsive decision and is determined to change that, so she asks to interview for the management position. However, first, she must find a secretary for Roz, which turns out to be a harder task than anticipated. Later, Roz reluctantly hires Poppy as the new manager, and Gil is chagrined to learn Poppy has hired his unhinged stalker Betty Jones as the new secretary. Meanwhile, Bulldog continues to worry that he and Roz are only together because of a decision she made in the heat of the moment.

"Scared Straight" 6 480

Roz experiments with a series of theme weeks at the station, starting with "Gay and Lesbian Awareness" week. Roz worries about the controversy it will cause when she is expected to ask the radio personalities to mention it in their shows. On top of things, Roz inadvertently outs a male employee during her request. As this is going on, Poppy begins to wonder why people are acting so strange around her, and after talking to Jack, she realises it’s because they think she is a lesbian. Poppy becomes determined to set everyone straight with some help from the strangely invested Gil. Meanwhile, Bulldog takes it upon himself to battle any instances of prejudice around the station but soon finds the only times such cases occur are when new secretary Betty is around.

"Meet the Casablancas" 7 481

Jack prepares to attend a family reunion in Chicago, his hometown. Worried that he can’t survive it alone, Jack invites Poppy to tag along, and she happily agrees. When Poppy is mistaken for his girlfriend, Jack is forced to play along, but the lies and improvisation spin wildly out of control when Jack fails to inform Poppy of the situation. Things soon escalate when Jack and Poppy go head to head in the Casablancas family's annual ping-pong tournament. Back in Seattle, Bulldog is startled to learn that Betty still has an active love life when he catches her making out with someone in the broom closet, but a quick comment from Betty results in Bulldog panicking about losing his sex drive when he reaches her age.

"Doing it for the Kids" 8 482

When Alice comes to Seattle with her daughter Willa, Roz decides it is time Stuart learnt some responsibility and asks him to babysit Willa sometimes. The relationship between Roz and Alice is threatened when they stumble upon Stuart making out with his girlfriend on the couch; Willa being in the next room. Bulldog juggles between his feelings of pride now that Stuart has got a girlfriend and feelings of anger for his son’s lack of responsibility. Meanwhile, Poppy, Jack and Gil bet on the outcomes of a series of pranks they have orchestrated at the station.

"Shalloween" 9 483

As Halloween approaches, Poppy becomes despondent because her high-class family never let her celebrate the tradition. Roz decides to throw a Halloween party at the station, hoping to cheer Poppy up. When Roz is informed that not every employee will buy a costume, she orders a crate of ready-made outfits. The night is a disaster when a box of ballet costumes is delivered by accident; additionally the guest of honour, Poppy, is nowhere to be seen. Roz is relieved to find that the employees don’t care about costumes and would rather get hammered, but now her big concern is keeping their clothes on. Meanwhile, Poppy is in jail after a police officer mistook her for a prostitute in her fairy outfit. Jack and Gil are sent to her rescue, but they inadvertently get the wrong person released due to a costume miscommunication.

"Ed Games" 10 484

Aspiring entrepreneur Ed Piper has been hired by Roz as part of KACL's new apprenticeship program. Ed is determined to prove himself but is dismayed to find that everyone expects less of him than he thought. Throughout the day, he is forced to get Bulldog’s coffees, help produce some of Gil's show, write down everyone’s lunch orders, and even do people's work for them. Ed finally decides he’s had enough, seizing control of Gil's microphone and making a long speech about his experience at KACL. Ed is pleased when Roz sees his potential and promotes him to a higher role. The job is effectively the same as an apprenticeship, only with a better title, and a more decent communal office.

  • Ed Piper becomes a main character.
"Anger Mismanagement" 11 485

After decking Ed in frustration, Betty is ordered to attend anger management and is surprised to meet Poppy in class. Figuring that chatting non-stop is Poppy’s way of hiding her anger, Betty tries to adopt a similar method but finds that nothing works. Eventually, Betty discovers that sexual banter is the key, and encourages everyone at the station to make jokes that would usually be considered harassment. Betty’s issues are resolved, but Roz begins to wonder if the station is really better for it. Meanwhile, Ed enlists Jack and Bulldog to help him reclaim his masculinity after the embarrassing Betty incident, and Gil tries to prove he is more manly than all three of them put together after getting offended that Ed didn't solicit his advice.

"Syndicated" 12 486

Jack is delighted to learn that his show is being syndicated in some states, but soon realises the big error when he is unable to recommend restaurants because he doesn’t know the other areas. When Jack is forced to hang up on a particularly difficult caller, he has two choices: memorise the various eateries in six other cities, or give up the syndication. Gil eagerly supports the latter option, infuriated that Jack's show was selected over his. Meanwhile, Roz and Poppy rank the male employees’ sexiness, and Roz is shocked when Bulldog ranks dead last.

"A Walk to Remember" 13 487

It is “Green Week” at KACL, and the employees are encouraged to walk to work rather than drive. Ed isn’t too fussed about it because he always walks to work anyway. When he learns that Roz is on his route, he invites her to walk with him for the following week. Roz enjoys the exercise and considers making it a permanent arrangement. She also finds that it helps vent her frustration over Bulldog, who has refused to participate in the week at all. Bulldog begins to think that an affair may be unfolding between Roz and Ed, forcing Gil to help him "stalk" them to find out. Meanwhile, Poppy is mad at Jack for tarnishing her “on-time” record when they start walking together.

"Phone Alone" 14 488

Roz is surprised to learn that Betty has been recruited by a phone-sex service and is working on the station’s time. Roz asks Betty to quit but winds up getting involved in the scheme herself after discovering the benefits. When Bulldog overhears Roz saying dirty things down the phone, the situation spins rapidly out of control. Deciding to have a little fun with Roz before he tells her he knows, Bulldog pretends to be a client and makes her say several crazy things over the intercom – much to the employees’ amusement. Meanwhile, Gil tries to adopt a more sensual radio voice after learning that Jack's is the reason many people tune in.

"The Fast and the Spurious" 15 489

Bulldog discovers that a condom company has gone bust because of an ineffective product. His surprise intensifies when he realises that he used the company’s condoms quite a lot back in high-school. Afraid that he may have several illegitimate kids out there, Bulldog decides to track down his former conquests. First on his list is a controversial attorney, whom he is relieved to find is childless, and they catch up on old times. When Bulldog reveals the truth behind his visit, she encourages him to sue the condom company, agreeing to represent him. Bulldog is reluctant to bring down the company that, despite their flaws, gave him so many good times in the past. Meanwhile, Gil is conflicted when he is asked to review a restaurant owned by a relative of the Seattle Times editor.

"Roz's Lot" 16 490

When a parking space becomes vacant for the first time in months, Jack, Poppy and Ed are among the many employees fighting for it. Roz is unable to make the decision herself, so she calls in a businessman who specialises in this kind of unbiased decision. Lincoln Miller refuses to play favourites and is willing to dig up plenty of dirt to select the best candidate. As Lincoln narrows down the various weaknesses of each key player, exploits them, and pits them against each other, Roz wonders if the charade over a simple parking space is entirely necessary. Meanwhile, Gil refuses to give up on his own space, despite it technically being for full-time employees.

"Snap, Crack, Poppy" 17 491

It is time for the yearly staff evaluation, which Roz hates doing. However, now that she has a new manager who doesn’t know any better, Roz is able to give the duty to Poppy, who happily accepts the task. It soon becomes clear that Poppy didn’t know what she agreed to, and she develops a grudge against Roz for making her do it. When Poppy calls in sick the next day, half of the evaluations are left incomplete. Roz is forced to take on the task again, and the first file on her list is Poppy’s. Inside, Roz makes a startling revelation – Poppy once spent time in an insane asylum. Roz worries that giving Poppy anything less than an excellent evaluation will result in a mental breakdown, so she fabricates the document. As the employees grow fearful of getting Poppy upset, it seems only she knows the real story.

"A Very Special Bosom" 18 492

Roz wins a free boob job in the mail and refuses to use it, much to Bulldog’s dismay. Later, when Roz catches Bulldog eyeing the large-breasted girl, she reconsiders the offer. Unable to go through with it, Roz “experiments” first, by wearing pillows underneath her clothes. Roz is surprised by the reaction her new appearance brings, while Poppy is disappointed in her friend for caving into peer pressure. However, Roz is faced with telling the truth when Poppy puts together a remarkable women’s demonstration.

"Diamonds Are a Guy's Best Chance" 19 493

Jack, Ed and Bulldog become involved in a counterfeit diamond ring being run in the basement. When Roz catches on to their suspicion activities, Bulldog tries to distract her by offering her some of the fake diamonds. Roz is fooled, but unfortunately Betty, a former jeweller, isn’t. The girls decide to have some fun with the guys, by subtly suggesting they know the truth about the diamonds. This drives Jack, Ed and Bulldog crazy, as they try to determine if the girls actually know what they are doing.

"Revenge is a Dish Best Served Mould" 20 494

Mould in the station’s kitchen results in a massive bill for Roz, and she is not happy. Bulldog contacts his old flame Samantha for help, who winds up dragging Roz – and several employees – into a legal battle with the kitchen installers. Roz worries about what Samantha has gotten them into, but Bulldog is confident that she can clean up any mess. Meanwhile, Poppy comes to believe that the mould is actually blackcurrant jam on the wall, and must get the news to Roz and Bulldog before the lawsuit reaches its close. Gil realises that the jam is simply covering up something else: actual mould. Now, he must follow Poppy’s trail to warn her before Roz hears the mistake.

"Everyone's Fool" 21 495

Ed is sick of being everyone’s fool on a particularly chaotic April Fool’s Day. Roz, who has never much cared for the tradition due to an incident in her past, teams up with Ed to play the ultimate prank on Jack and Bulldog, the main perpetrators of the day’s insanity. Ed tries to uncover Roz’s hatred for April Fool’s Day, threatening their partnership in the meantime. Meanwhile, Poppy finds herself the target of Betty’s twisted schemes.

"Termites and Conditions" 22 496

When the station gets tented for termites, Bulldog and Gil find themselves forced to live inside for a week after being exposed to the chemicals briefly. The pair enjoys having free reign of the station, but after reading up on chemical exposure on the internet, they begin to fear for their lives. Roz is forced to calm Bulldog down over the phone, and after discussing it with the exterminators, she is allowed to visit them for a few hours, wearing a protective suit. The combination of dangerous chemicals and paranoia results in Bulldog suffering strange hallucinations where he sees the station as a spaceship, with Roz as the brain-eating space monster. Ed, Jack and Poppy soon follow Roz’s example and enter the station to comfort their friends. Poppy must deal with her crippling fear of bugs (which she neglected to mention), while Ed has promised Jack that he can do something wild when he questions his fear factor. When the group finally come together, the day becomes something out of a cheesy horror movie.

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