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Season 22 of Roz contains 22 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Another Year, Another Indictment" 1 497

Betty has been put back in prison for stalking another celebrity. As part of the plea bargain, Roz must comply with a list of rules provided to ensure that something like this doesn’t happen again. Roz fears that she will have to run background checks on every employee, and feels as if she would be invading their privacy. Bulldog is more than willing to take the task off her hands until he realises that there are some things about his past that he would like left unheard. Meanwhile, in his continuing efforts to climb to the top, Ed agrees to be the new secretary in Betty’s place, and Gil tries to achieve closure with his former stalker.

"The Son Will Come Out" 2 498

When Roz and Bulldog discover that Stuart has broken up with his girlfriend, they assume it’s because he’s found someone else. However, their curiosity soon turns to suspicion when they realise that Stuart has been spending all his time with his flamboyant new friend. Roz and Bulldog decide to investigate, conveniently ignoring a friend’s advice to just speak with Stuart, and things escalate when they come to believe that Stuart plans to lose his virginity on prom night. Meanwhile, Ed drives his first car to the station and learns the real horrors of the parking situation when he spends the entire morning looking for an available space.

"Family Misfortunes" 3 499

Roz decides to implement a rule to prevent employees hanging out with their friends/family on the station’s time. Unfortunately for Bulldog, this means he must find somewhere else to spend his time because he doesn’t technically work at the station anymore. Bulldog goes to various places to find a place he likes as much as KACL, but soon realises how much he misses his friends. Roz considers revoking the rule until she realises just how much better business is doing since she made it. Meanwhile, Poppy can’t stop talking about her secret admirer, to Jack’s dismay. When Ed picks up on Jack’s crush on Poppy, he persuades him to act on it, and the pair faces off to Poppy’s admirer himself.

"This Landmark is Your Landmark" 4 500

When Roz discovers that another radio station is being built across the street, she fears for KACL's business. After going to Ed for some business advice, Roz decides to have KACL declared a landmark to prevent the construction. Now, all Roz has to do is convince the officials that KACL is worthy to be placed on the landmark list. However, the bigger challenge is getting everyone to play along. Ed, Bulldog, Jack, Poppy and Gil wind up being roped into helping out. Bulldog claims that a stain in the break room is the saliva of a former mayor from the 1800s; Poppy and Jack re-decorate to make the station seem older, and Ed has trouble overcoming his compulsive truth-telling. As Roz questions whether she can rely on her friends, she begins to think that simply talking to the rival station owner would be a better solution.

"Zip It" 5 501

Bulldog and Ed are shocked to learn that Jack is a frequent flyer at a sexual compulsives’ group. They decide to surprise him one evening by sitting in at a meeting, and find that the course is completely different to what they had in mind. While Bulldog and Ed enjoy watching the “challenges” the sexual compulsives must learn to resist, Jack is mad at his friends for not taking it seriously. Meanwhile, Roz examines her past and begins to wonder if she had a sexual compulsion at one point.

"Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head" 6 502

Roz is sick of the rainy Seattle weather, so she buys a tanning bed to escape into a virtual paradise. Roz starts getting tanned, and Bulldog fears that she is becoming addicted to the bed when she moves it into her office. Later, a combination of too much coffee and over-exposure to the heat results in Roz suffering a hallucination where she thinks she’s in Hell. On top of things, it’s the annual staff Halloween party, and Jack’s decision to dress in a Satan costume may not have been the best. Meanwhile, Gil is peeved when nobody understands his costume, and Poppy tries to pull her first Halloween prank when Jack makes a remark about her being uptight.

"The Rise and Fall of Jack Casablancas" 7 503

Jack faces his toughest challenge yet when he must review the grand opening of his sister Ruth’s new restaurant. He invites Roz, Bulldog, Poppy and Ed along for the ride, and must make up excuses for his sister when they all leave in disgust over the food. Jack is okay with lying in person; however, devotion to his job threatens to tear him and Ruth apart. When the Casablancas family gather at their luxurious mansion for the big review, Jack has but hours to decide the fate of Ruth’s restaurant and his family relationships. Meanwhile, Gil worries about alienating Jack when he is assigned to write a review of Ruth's restaurant for the Seattle Times; and Bulldog praises Ed for going home with a waitress the night before, but must now teach him how to end the affair smoothly.

"Addictionary: Vol. 2" 8 504

A radio doctor’s retirement into book-writing results in the staff looking back at their addictions. Ed recalls his first week at the station when he became addicted to working hard in a desperate desire to impress everybody. Flashbacks reveal the origin of Poppy’s addiction to chat, and the various methods she tried to overcome it, each somehow involving Gil. Jack remembers how he hid his sex addiction from his peers, and several unexplained events become a lot more apparent. Roz looks back at a brief period when she couldn’t stop licking envelopes after sending her wedding invitations. Finally, memories of liaisons with a sex therapist resurface for Bulldog, whom he went to after being accused of sexual harassment.

"Poppy Lane" 9 505

Poppy inadvertently prevents a major car crash on a busy street and discovers that the city is renaming the street after her as thanks. When Poppy is asked to write a speech for the big re-naming ceremony, she struggles to find words for her heroic act because she only did it by accident. Bulldog becomes jealous over Poppy’s rise to stardom and is determined to get his own fifteen minutes of fame. Meanwhile, Jack is jealous when Ed continually shows him up with his knowledge.

"SeaBuis" 10 506

Ed is upset when Jack informs him that the SeaBeas are for radio personalities and not those in the business department. Determined to get his co-workers the recognition they deserve, Ed shanghais the gang into helping him put together the "SeaBuis", an award ceremony for those at the station who aren't on-air personalities. On top of worrying about the copyright ramifications, Roz is accused of favouring the personalities above the other staff when she agrees to give a speech at the SeaBeas, forcing her to reject Ed's request to host his ceremony. Meanwhile, Gil tries to convince his superiors at the Seattle Times that radio isn't a dying breed when he learns they are considering dropping their coverage of the SeaBeas.

"Roz Doyle's Day Off" 11 507

Ed becomes convinced that Poppy is a CIA spy after witnessing some questionable behaviour. He decides to tail her one evening, but gets caught after a few minutes and is accused of stalking. Ed finds himself shunned at the station as a result and tries to make everyone see his way of thinking. Bulldog and Jack reluctantly agree to help out, and the three of them set up a scene that will hopefully bring Poppy out from cover. However, their game spins rapidly out of control when KACL is mistaken for a terrorist organisation by the police, and one of them must damage their pride by asking Roz for help on her day off. Meanwhile, Gil's plan to have lunch out on his own day off is tempered by the realisation that he can no longer keep track of which restaurants he actually likes.

"Jack's Dilemma" 12 508

Jack is shocked to learn that Stuart has stolen some of his condoms and tries to get them back without Roz or Bulldog finding out. Jack heads to Stuart’s school, where he is mistaken for a substitute teacher and is forced to teach a subject he knows nothing about: ethics. Jack goes through Stuart’s peers in an attempt to find out where he might be, but a series of freak coincidences results in them missing each other throughout the day. When Stuart’s thievery is eventually discovered by Roz and Bulldog, he is grounded, but they still don’t know who provided them. Jack is conflicted, feeling guilty for letting Roz and Bulldog think they are bad parents, so he continues to pose as an ethics teacher to learn more. When Stuart returns with the intention of blackmailing him in exchange for condoms, Jack is faced with his biggest ethical challenge yet. Meanwhile, Ed, Poppy and Gil debate over their own unethical decisions.

"Save the Cheerleader" 13 509

Roz accidentally break’s a cheerleader’s arm after slipping on some ice in a convenience store. In a desperate attempt to make amends with the girl, Roz inadvertently promises to take her place cheerleading in an upcoming football game. When Roz realises she needs some brushing up on her “peppiness”, she enlists the help of Poppy, a former cheerleader. In the process, Roz learns about Poppy’s high-school shenanigans and the surprising nickname she had. Meanwhile, Bulldog and Gil crash the football game in typical “jock” outfits and do their best to fit in.

"The Scorn Identity" 14 510

Jack is the envy of every other man at the station when he is featured in the newly released “fifty sexiest people of Seattle” magazine. Ed and Bulldog try to adapt Jack’s style, and Jack feels as if he has lost his own identity as a result. Hoping to remain unique and well-known, Jack tries to find an alternate identity, going through several in one week. When each attempt fails, Jack sets out to get his name removed from the list, that is until he discovers the benefits of being in the public eye. After shacking up with a loathsome bimbo, and flaunting his success in everyone’s noses, Ed and Bulldog are determined to get rid of the “it boy” Jack has become. Meanwhile, Roz is featured on the “honourable mentions” list but is unhappy with the magazine’s choice of photo.

"It's a Dirty Job, But Ed's Got to Do It" 15 511

Fresh out of jail, Betty returns to KACL looking for a job, but Roz doesn’t want her working there anymore. Unable to turn an old woman away, Roz asks Ed to do the dirty deed, making it his first major task. Ed has always had trouble talking to Betty, and after witnessing several humorous attempts to fire her, Bulldog decides to help him out. However, Betty knows she is about to be fired after finding the document in Roz’s office and will do anything to make the experience more unpleasant for Ed. Unwilling to go down without a fight, Ed turns to Gil for assistance, who is more than willing to get his former stalker out of the picture for good. Meanwhile, Poppy is tapped out after donating to several charities and fears for her reputation if she refuses to donate further.

"Leave it to Bulldog" 16 512

Roz is annoyed with Bulldog for never keeping his promises, and demands that he makes one and sticks with it – or she’ll withhold sex for two weeks. When Bulldog vows to pick Stuart up from school for the entire week, he manages to break his promise when Stuart is nowhere to be found after going to a friend’s house instead. Roz puts her threat into play, but soon finds she is suffering the most when a particularly stressful day results in her wanting nothing more than a good “relax”. Meanwhile, Poppy asks Ed to help fire some more employees after Betty leaves KACL for the last time, but Ed isn’t willing to take on the friendship-ruining job again.

"Gil is God" 17 513

Gil lands the station in a major controversy after jokingly proclaiming himself to be "God" of food while on the air. To make peace with the FCC, Roz must replace a fraction of Gil's show with a Christian-based show to improve the station's religious outreach. Gil is outraged and decides to look for a job at another station. He interviews for KPXY and is accepted on a trial basis, and discovers the station’s different style of broadcasting when he is asked to provoke more arguments with his callers. The ratings go through the roof, and Gil is excited about the possibility of a bigger future. However, when Gil learns that his KPXY show is nothing more than a front for the anti-Christian owner to broadcast his views, he must make a difficult choice about his future – and his pride – after Roz asks him to come back to KACL. Meanwhile, Jack and Ed question Poppy’s sanity when she claims God spoke to her once.

"Last Do No Harm" 18 514

Roz throws a "last meal banquet" for the station’s anniversary, encouraging the employees to bring in dishes they would select for their very last meal. Poppy is determined to uncover her grandmother’s secret cookie recipe, Jack surprises everyone with a rather unusual choice from his toddler years, bad cooks Gil and Ed each proclaim a McDonald’s meal as their own creation, and Bulldog struggles to put his finger on a meal Roz cooked several years ago that he loved. Roz is delighted with the success of the banquet, but things get out of control when an employee chokes on his meal. As Roz accompanies him to the hospital, she worries that it really was his last meal, while those back at the station suspect foul play.

"KACL Fairy Tales" 19 515

Stuart must write a fairy tale for school, but he has never been very good in the literacy department. Roz and Bulldog decide to lend a hand and look over some classic fairytales for inspiration, represented by the characters substituting roles. In Booby and the Beast, a racy re-telling of the classic story, Bulldog is a beast-man who admires a woman with large knockers next door. The station comes under attack from three grizzly bears in Gil-dilocks and the Three Bears. Poppy in Wonderland sees the chatty girl stepping into a bizarre radio world, where the various oddities she encounters inexplicably commit suicide while she is speaking to them.

"Return of the Kin" 20 516

When the elderly janitor dies, Roz is surprised to learn that the station was left everything in his will. To claim the objects, however, she must find a living relative who may pick out what he wants first. To do so, Roz is forced to overcome her fear of retirement homes, where the janitor’s only living relative resides. Meanwhile, Ed and Bulldog become convinced that the janitor hid a vast fortune somewhere in the station, and enlist Gil and Jack to help them locate it before the knowledge goes public.

"My Small Thin Cheap Wedding" (Part 1) 21 517

Roz, Bulldog and Gil head to Miami for Kenny and Denise's wedding. Roz worries that Denise is going into things with Kenny too fast, and encourages her to slow down. Kenny is doing his best to cut costs, this being his fourth or fifth wedding. Meanwhile, Bulldog is arranging a bachelor party for Kenny but is unable to find an affordable stripper. Quickly dealing with this setback, Bulldog asks Denise’s sorority sister Rhonda to provide the entertainment. Surprise guest Noel later arrives on the scene, and the rumours escalate when gossipy Gil overhears Denise talking about Kenny and mistakenly believes she has cold feet. Noel has left Bonnie at home and refuses to say why; instead bringing along an escort who adds further problems to the wedding when she starts stealing. The group eventually comes together for the ceremony, and Roz is left wondering if it will go ahead as everything that has gone wrong collides.

"My Small Thin Cheap Wedding" (Part 2) 22 518

At the wedding reception, rumours of Denise’s cold feet spread, with the guests taking bets on how long her marriage will last. Jack, Poppy and Ed show up for the reception and mingle with the crowd. Jack and Gil’s opinions of the caterers differ, causing arguments; Poppy hits it off with an equally chatty best man, and Ed gets drunk after leaving the station in the hands of what he thought was a professional. Discovering Denise’s cold feet, Kenny decides to show her how much she means to him by performing a special wedding dance he has been practising for months. When Kenny hurts his ankle, Bulldog is forced by Roz to be Kenny’s second leg, after she finds out about the bets. On top of things, Roz must deal with the troublesome Daly family; another reception next door moaning about the noise; Kenny complaint's over the selections; and the disappearance of Noel’s thieving escort.

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