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Season 23 of Roz contains 22 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Celibate Good Times" (Part 1) 1 519

What starts as a typical day at work ends in tragedy when Bulldog suffers chest pains and is admitted to the hospital with a minor cardiac event. Roz makes a promise to God that she will remain celibate if Bulldog gets through this, meanwhile Bulldog is experiencing a spiritual journey with a particularly chatty angel (Poppy), who shows him what life would be like if he was never born. In an alternate reality, Roz is living in a luxury mansion with a handsome swimsuit model, having sold the station for some fun. As a housewarming party gets underway, several guests including Jack, Ed and Gil arrive, all boasting markedly improved lives. Bulldog is stunned at how much better his friends’ lives would be without him, and is determined to find one tiny flaw in this reality. He soon concludes that Roz is suffering problems in her “perfect” marriage, and must find a way of setting everything right in order to return home.

"Celibate Good Times" (Part 2) 2 520

Bulldog is no longer comatose and can return home in a few days. Roz is delighted that Bulldog has recovered, but worries about keeping up her promise of celibacy. When the doctor informs her that Bulldog must refrain from any “exciting” activities for a few weeks, she is relieved, until he starts to crave a little excitement. Hoping to find a loophole to get out of her promise, Roz visits her father, a man of God, in Wisconsin. Meanwhile, Bulldog has a new outlook on life and is encouraging everyone to follow their dreams. He convinces Ed to take a voiceover job for a commercial and fixes Jack’s problematic new relationship with the coffee girl. Unfortunately, an unpredicted turn of events forces Bulldog to reconsider his advice, and his new attitude.

"One Man's Mother is Another Man's Hell" 3 521

Jack prepares for a visit from his mother Heather, whom he seems to have a lot of issues with. When Roz suggests that they try therapy, Jack reluctantly agrees and finds that it has helped after a few weeks. Roz begins to wonder if she should try it with her own mother, but Joanna doesn’t like the idea. When Jack realises just how many of his friends have issues with one of their parents, he encourages them to confront the offending person and let their feelings out. As he tries to help everyone through their problems, Heather is unloaded on Ed and Poppy, who find her just as annoying as Jack did. Meanwhile, Bulldog must lead a healthier lifestyle after his heart attack and starts off by searching for a more active job. When Bulldog realises that most employers see him as an old man, he is driven to help other people with heart problems by opening a gym.

"Buddy Language" 4 522

Roz worries about the financial situation after Bulldog tells her about his gym idea. Bulldog starts visiting various gyms across Seattle for inspiration; Jack and Ed later join him after being informed that they have "love handles". The three of them wind up being coaxed into joining the most expensive gym in town, where their friendship is tested as they try to lose weight. When Bulldog reveals that he wants to open a gym of his own, the three of them are inexplicably thrown out. Stranded in the middle of Seattle in sweaty clothes, the only thing they want to do is find a shower. Meanwhile, Gil is shocked to learn that Roz orchestrated the events to dissuade Bulldog from his costly idea, and the guilt is eating her up on the inside.

"A Series of Fortunate Events" 5 523

An employee’s frantic search for his lucky penny encourages the group to think about the luckiest day of their lives. Bulldog surprises everyone with his heartfelt choice; the day he found out he was going to be a father. Roz is disgruntled because it is similar to her choice, so she tries to think of something else. Unsuccessful, she plans on packing as much excitement and joy into the rest of the day as possible. Poppy asks Jack and Ed to help her retrace her every move on the day she became wealthy, hoping to have the same luck again, but the newly closed racetracks pose a problem.

"Nice Guys Don't Explode" 6 524

Poppy starts dating Ken, a perfectly nice guy who has a problem with anger management. Poppy is encouraged to dump him, but she is sure that she can control his anger because his other qualities are worth sticking around for. When Ken's anger results in the coffee girl crying, Poppy must make a decision about her future with the man. Eventually, Poppy decides to dump Ken, so she asks Jack and Bulldog to stand near her when she does it. To their surprise, Ken calmly accepts the news, but his reaction comes much later when Poppy discovers that he has climbed to the building’s roof and has threatened to jump unless she returns to him. Meanwhile, Ed re-discovers his love of comedy and enrols in a night school for wannabe comedians. Ed struggles to complete his first assignment – jokes about suicide – and utilises the Ken situation for his own gain. Poppy is furious with Ed until the truth about Ken's alleged suicide attempt comes out.

"Betty's Plan" 7 525

Roz is surprised to encounter a homeless Betty on the street and feels guilty for firing her. Not willing to let her back at the station, Roz hires Betty as the new housekeeper. Bulldog is less than pleased with this news until he realises just how clean Betty will keep the house. When Roz overhears Betty placing an odd phone call, she becomes convinced that she plans on stealing everything in the house with her young protégé. Bulldog refuses to see the issue, so Roz decides to confront the protégé to find out what Betty is planning. However, neither of them are prepared for what she really has in store. Meanwhile, Ed helps Jack negotiate a pay increase, which causes friction between Jack and Poppy.

"Thoroughly Modern Roz" 8 526

When the guys laugh about Roz and Poppy’s reliance on electronic products for their appearance, they are determined to prove them wrong by vacationing in a planned Amish community. Roz and Poppy discover the joys of a simple life, and Poppy develops a crush on an Amish consultant, who makes old-fashioned replicas. Poppy’s confidence is shaken when she discovers that he stays underground in a bunker with several electronic items, and decides to tell his employer. As a result, she inadvertently stirs up a protest among the guests. As things spiral out of control, the solution becomes clear: Poppy needs Roz. Meanwhile, Roz and an Amish worker are out horse-riding when they hear of the calamity, and are forced to put a stop to the angry vacationers wielding pitchforks. Back in Seattle, Bulldog, Jack, Ed and Gil have a guy’s night out, but find that they have nothing to talk about without the girls.

"Land of the Found" 9 527

Bulldog and Jack discover the long forgotten "lost and found" box in the basement and decide to keep a few of the nicer items to themselves. Roz refuses to let them and allows the employees 24 hours to claim any items they own. Roz quickly realises the length people are willing to go to for the best items, so she hides the box until they can act mature. Bulldog and Jack manage to locate the hiding place and arrange a raffle for the items. As they come into some money, Bulldog starts to feel guilty for betraying Roz and enlists a reluctant Jack to help him get back the items. Meanwhile, Ed argues with an accountant after she claims the watch he lost during his first week at the station, and Gil refuses to admit that some of the more dated items of clothing are his, in fear of losing his reputation as the most fashionable man at the station.

"Dog Training" 10 528

Bulldog, Jack and Ed are mortified to learn of a new exercise women are using to keep control over their boyfriends/husbands. Through a series of dialogue and flattering compliments, 8 in 10 women who use the exercise are able to make their other half do whatever they want. Bulldog is determined to combat the exercise when he realises Roz has started using it, but he soon gets the idea of using it against her. Before she knows it, Roz is cooking Bulldog’s favourite dinners and wearing the sluttiest clothes in her wardrobe. Roz eventually realises what has happened, so she teams up with Poppy and several other women who were affected by the role reversal. Things escalate to the point where a gender war breaks out at the station, and Gil must step in before things really get ugly. Meanwhile, Jack takes his own crack at the exercise; using it to pick up pretty women at a singles bar.

"Stuart's Song" 11 529

When Stuart gets sick of Roz’s intrusiveness, he decides to move out into a friend’s apartment. Roz spends her entire time worried about Stuart’s survival “out in the world”, while Bulldog is just proud that his son has moved on. The remainder of the episode is presented as a cheesy spin-off attempt, as Stuart struggles to fit in with the other tenants, impress the pretty girl and stay out of trouble with the cranky landlord, while the Roz cast makes occasional cameos.

":)" 12 530

Ed discovers that people feel awkward around him because he never smiles, so he makes a promise to do so as often as he can. Consequently, he is “discovered” by a talent agency while waiting for a train, who promises to make him a successful model. Excited at this new opportunity, Ed is forced to reconsider his future at the station. He schedules an appointment with the agency without telling anyone to find out more and to make his decision easier. Ed’s agent offers him a trial run of modelling for a dental service, and he happily accepts. Back at the station, Roz receives the week’s endorsements, among them being the dental service Ed is modelling for. Roz is surprised to see Ed’s name on the list of credits and to make sure he isn’t going anywhere, she decides to watch him in action. Ed’s confidence is shaken as a result, which causes problems for his big job. Meanwhile, Poppy reveals she once modelled lingerie, so Bulldog and Jack make it their goal to locate her portfolio.

"Roz Under the Microscope" 13 531

Roz receives the “woman of the year” honour in the SeaBea technical awards. With little time to prepare, she must write a sentimental, funny, speech, but thanking everyone and cracking jokes in the space of five minutes proves to be a difficult feat. Poppy is roped into helping out and encourages Roz to speak about herself rather than the people she loves. Roz is forced to put herself under the microscope and examine the events that lead her to this point in her life through a series of flashbacks. Meanwhile, Gil is assigned to write about this year's SeaBeas for the Seattle Times and later comes into conflict with his predecessor, who wrote several unflattering articles about his own victories at the awards.

"Business Partners in Crime" 14 532

Betty Jones returns in a fancy new suit, surprising everyone with her transformation from a homeless woman to a powerful businesswoman. Roz is advised by Bulldog to make amends with Betty before she initiates a possible takeover of the station. Fortunately, Betty isn’t interested in the station; she just wants to lease a newly available office floor upstairs. Roz is happy that she and Betty are able to put their differences aside; that is until Betty unveils her newest business partner: the former Mayflower menace, Paula Sparrow. When Paula starts to express interest in picking up where she left off at the station, Roz tries to change her mind by turning Paula and Betty against each other, with help from Gil. Meanwhile, Jack and Ed unknowingly ask a pair of escorts for a double date.

"Bulldog the Bounty Hunter" 15 533

When Jack is hunted down by a registered “bounty hunter” for an unpaid parking ticket, Bulldog decides to become one himself. To pass the initiation, Bulldog must track down a hardened criminal wanted for smuggling pot into Seattle. Roz worries about Bulldog’s safety, so she sends Jack along for the cross-country ride, as she views as more of a man. Bulldog is upset by this revelation and is determined to prove he can be manlier than Jack. However, Bulldog’s quest only sidetracks them, and they aren’t any closer to locating the drug smuggler. Meanwhile, Poppy hires another bounty hunter to find the person responsible for sawing her desk in half.

"TimEd" 16 534

In this special real time episode, Ed receives a phone call from his old agent, who offers him a once in a lifetime chance to get his modelling career off the ground. However, the offer expires in twenty minutes, and Ed must make a huge decision within that time. Ed seeks advice from his co-workers and realises how much he will miss them if he leaves. As the deadline closes in, Ed realises he has his future to think about and decides to take the offer, but not before saying goodbye to his friends in the little time he has left. Meanwhile, Bulldog and Jack pull pranks on Gil to pass the time while they wait for the "best microwavable meal ever made".

"Apprenticeship of Fools" (Part 1) 17 535

With Ed in New York, a spot in the station’s apprenticeship program becomes available. Roz asks Poppy to help her interview the candidates because she can see the good things in people easier. They are both surprised when Paula Sparrow shows up for an interview, after dropping Betty as her business partner for being too evil. Roz reluctantly gives Paula the job, and to her surprise, it turns out to be a good move. Thanks to Paula’s input, productivity at the station increases dramatically, and everything becomes a well-oiled machine (in Paula’s words.) On the other hand, Gil and Jack are getting concerned for their places at the station when they uncover a trail of missing employees in Paula’s wake. Along with several other staff members, they form a secret alliance to investigate the possibility of a takeover. Poppy later stumbles upon their hideout (a bar just down the street) and agrees to join after Paula asked her several suspicious questions about Roz’s management. The alliance struggles to remain a secret, especially when Jack inadvertently reads the wrong memo on his show, potentially exposing it to Paula. As Roz’s suspicion grows, she is stunned when Mrs. Duke, a loveable radio personality, accuses her of "sleeping with the enemy". Roz tries to get Gil to come clean about the alliance (to little avail), so she follows him one night after work and is surprised by the lack of creativity involved in selecting their meeting place. Roz is upset when she learns how her employees see her now and promises to listen to every one of their issues. After a very long night, Roz agrees to help them determine where Paula’s loyalties actually lie, and the alliance sets up an obvious trap. However, no one is prepared for what Paula really has in store.

"Soiree, Wrong Number" (Part 2) 18 536

Roz, Gil and the rest of the alliance are stunned, having found out that Paula was only throwing a surprise gala to thank everyone for their warm welcome. At the party, Jack desperately tries to mingle with the female guests, noticing that his social life has been lagging lately. Poppy is tired of scaring away guests (for some inexplicable reason), so she rushes home to collect her “party bag”, featuring a series of cards with typical party conversation. Roz and Bulldog reluctantly take charge of a game of truth or dare, but only agree to do it if they can distribute all the dares and questions themselves. As the employees come together for the game, Jack deals with the aftermath of his terrible pick-up lines; Poppy runs out of cards to use, and Gil tries to get on the right side of Paula.

"The Son's Also Roz's" 19 537

Bulldog is surprised to learn that Roz hasn’t visited Stuart since he moved out, and encourages her to accompany him next time he goes. When Roz doesn’t acknowledge him, Bulldog decides to take the three of them into family therapy. It is revealed that Roz harbours feelings of hatred towards Stuart for “abandoning” her, and after the therapist fails to resolve the issue, Bulldog must take it on himself. On top of things, Alice is in town with her daughter, who is becoming a teenager shortly, further intensifying Roz’s fear that she has become old.

"May the Farce Be with You" 20 538

After his disastrous attempt to pick up women at Paula’s welcoming party, Jack finds himself being sued for sexual harassment by a frustrated partygoer, Eleanor. After working up the courage to make an apology to Eleanor and managing to get it out in front of her judgemental friends, Jack finds that she still plans to sue. Jack turns to Poppy for help, hoping she can talk Eleanor out of it because she is a woman. Poppy discovers that Eleanor is, in fact, a lesbian, and is struggling to come to terms with her sexuality. When Eleanor mistakes Poppy to be gay, Poppy is forced to keep up the charade, so she won’t be added to the lawsuit. The situation seems to be going swimmingly until a few days later, Eleanor reveals that she has a crush on Poppy and that she’s just the person she needs to help come to terms with her sexuality.

"The Secret Lives of Radio Employees" 21 539

Roz feels awkward around her employees, having learnt many of their secrets in a drunken game of truth or dare on the night of Paula’s party. Forced to deal with dark sexual fantasies, hidden secrets of the past, and knowledge of illegitimate children, Roz is unable to take any more and barricades herself in her office. For the first time, Poppy must assume full management duties and starts to see herself as a potential station owner sometime down the line. Bulldog only makes her job harder when he accidentally sends a mass email containing everyone’s secrets, which he happened to note down at the party. Meanwhile, Jack is set up with one of Paula’s friends.

"NYC-e and Easy Does It" 22 540

Roz receives a phone call from Ed in the middle of the night, begging her to rescue him from an unsatisfying modelling career in New York City. Roz rallies Bulldog, Jack, Poppy and Gil to make the trip with her, and they use it as an excuse to see the NYC sights. On the airplane, Roz feels guilty for scheduling a coach flight, when Jack and Poppy manage to get stuck in the same seat. Bulldog, on the other hand, goes on a journey of seat-switching to sit next to a male model known for his generosity. Before they know it, the plane has landed in New York. Jack and Poppy, having freed themselves from the seat, now want nothing to do with each other for the rest of the vacation. Bulldog agrees to take them sight-seeing so he can prevent any arguments. However, Bulldog winds up getting them lost in the middle of New York City, and his refusal to ask for directions makes the situation worse. On top of things, the tension between Jack and Poppy is escalating, and after having a huge fight about where to stop for lunch, they wind up sharing a passionate kiss. In the meantime, Roz has arrived at Ed’s modelling agency, where she finds the only way to negotiate Ed’s release from his contract is to find someone to replace him. Roz reunites with Bulldog, who agrees to help her locate the male model he saw on the plane. Travelling through several New York locales for the answers, they discover he is doing a photo shoot in Central Park. Unfortunately, the area they must get to is closed off, forcing them to pose as celebrity hairstylists. Roz and Bulldog manage to convince the model to take up Ed’s post and drive him to the modelling agency. Ed’'s contract is not over yet; he has been forced to play a statue in a highly controversial play. Overcoming more obstacles, Roz and Bulldog manage to get Ed back. Their rescue is short-lived when the police arrive to arrest them for impersonating celebrity hairstylists. Bulldog yells "run", and the gang make a break for it, encountering Jack and Poppy making out on a bench, who join them in their escape.

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