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Season 24 of Roz contains 22 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"12 Somewhat Irritated Women" 1 541

Roz is unsurprised to learn that a group of women have had enough of Bulldog’s sexual harassment and are debating whether to report him to a higher authority. Roz calls the group to the meeting room, along with Poppy for support. They are awaiting confirmation from their out-of-town leader for their next move, who will be phoning them in two hours. With Poppy’s help, Roz tries to convince the 10 women not to report Bulldog within the short time, but changing all their minds proves to be a difficult feat. Meanwhile, Bulldog begins to fear his career is in jeopardy, so he enlists Gil, a self-professed "friend of womankind", to find out just what is going on in the meeting room.

"There's No Business" 2 542

Ed prepares to audition for an available time slot but struggles to find something he’s good at. When Bulldog informs him that advice programs are the most popular, Ed realises the only thing he can give advice on is business. Now the big challenge is finding a way of making business fun for the average listener. Meanwhile, Poppy asks Jack to slow things down when she realises their entire relationship is based on spontaneity, but she is soon missing the excitement.

"Date Night" 3 543

Poppy feels like a slut when she realises that she and Jack have not had an official first date yet. Roz encourages Jack to take Poppy to a romantic restaurant; she and Bulldog help their respective friends get ready for the big night. As Roz and Bulldog eavesdrop from a few tables over, Jack and Poppy are having trouble finding things to talk about. Bulldog is curious as to why Roz is so determined to mould Jack and Poppy’s relationship. A conversation with someone in the bathroom makes Bulldog convinced that Roz isn’t happy with the way their own relationship is going. As the night comes to a close, Jack and Poppy mutually decide to remain friends, as Bulldog’s paranoia takes a turn for the worse.

"When You Wish Upon a Spa" 4 544

Roz receives a lifelong pass to a luxury spa after she asks the radio personalities to endorse the place. Jack, along with several others, are annoyed that they were not given passes and decide to crash the spa. Roz agrees to pay for their treatments all day if it makes them even. She struggles to keep them under control, and on top of things, the sleazy masseuse won’t stop tailing her. One thing leads to another, and the entire group is thrown out, including a towel-wearing Roz. With her clothes locked inside, Roz must find a way of getting home without being spotted. Jack tries to negotiate with the spa owner, who turns out to be the masseuse’s father. Meanwhile, Bulldog and Ed discover a whole other floor to the basement and spend the day enjoying the various items.

"A @#$%ed Up Episode" 5 545

Jack inadvertently utters a swear word on his show. Roz is forced to follow FCC regulations and suspend Jack for a week until the situation passes. Consequently, she finds herself shunned by her employees, more so after Jack’s mean-spirited temp replacement arrives. Meanwhile, Poppy is convinced that Jack is still harbouring feelings for her, causing him to act out in bizarre ways. Poppy tries to make peace with Jack and is surprised to learn the real cause of his actions. At the Seattle Times, Gil tests the limits of the bad language he can get away with using in his articles.

"The Hobby" 6 546

When Roz takes up tap-dancing lessons, Bulldog looks for his own hobby after Roz tells him that he cannot watch hers. Unwinding through several classes at the YMCA, Bulldog is vexed to find that there is nothing he enjoys. Bulldog turns to his friends at the station for help and ends up falling in with an accountant’s strange society. Bulldog is happy that he is accepted by the club members, and sees it as his first hobby when he plans to attend weekly meetings. However, he is faced with giving it up when he discovers just what the club’s initiation ceremony entails. Meanwhile, Poppy becomes involved with Roz’s dance teacher, Alec, who Roz always assumed was gay. Roz and Poppy’s friendship is threatened when it is discovered that Poppy asked Alec to give Roz a passing grade.

"Friend or Portfolio" 7 547

Ed is surprised to learn that he has a fan club from his modelling days in New York, and invites its few members to his apartment. Roz, Bulldog, Jack and Poppy are brought along for the ride when Ed discovers that the club was a ruse so its single member, Ron, could blackmail Ed over an inappropriate photograph his ex-girlfriend put into his portfolio. Ed enlists Jack and Bulldog to come up with a plan; meanwhile, Poppy urges Roz to help her see the photo because she has developed a crush on Ed. Jack is jealous when he finds out about this and abandons Ed and Bulldog just as they are caught snooping around Ron’s house.

"The Inflatable Shrinking Woman" 8 548

Since his breakup with Poppy, Jack has been having trouble in the romance department, so he goes to new lady’s man Ed for advice. After several unsuccessful trials with real women, Ed purchases Jack an inflatable doll to practice his lines on. Meanwhile, Roz has commissioned a photographic memory wall for KACL after realising that many happy events have gone unremembered. She encourages the employees to photograph other people having fun around the station, but the task gets out of hand when they start snapping embarrassing photos of people outside of work. Among the collection is an embarrassing photograph of Jack, standing in an unfortunate position in front of the inflatable doll.

"Ed-spect the Unexpected" 9 549

Ed subjects his friends to awful movie premieres, having gained several connections during his modelling career. Roz soon gets sick of it and decides to take a stand. Ed reveals he thought they liked it, and he is relieved that he doesn’t have to take them anymore. However, when Ed receives tickets to a massive new blockbuster, everyone quickly changes their mind. Ed is upset with his friends for using him and retaliates by inviting someone highly unexpected to the premiere to truly rub them the wrong way. Meanwhile, Gil tries to get one over Ed by rubbing shoulders with the media department at the Seattle Times but encounters an obstacle when he realises he barely knows anything about pop culture.

"License to Skillet" 10 550

Roz is upset when Bulldog doesn’t remember their anniversary and drops several subtle hints during breakfast, which he fails to pick up. Her final clue is a delicious home cooked breakfast, complete with heart-shaped arrangements. Bulldog doesn’t notice the arrangement, pushing Roz over the edge when she hits Bulldog with a skillet. Bulldog will be okay, but Roz’s situation is a different story when the police want to ask her a few questions. Roz repeatedly says it was an accident until the police bring up a history of sleazy boyfriends she has injured in the past. Roz is forced to undertake anger management and eventually apologise to the men she hurt. Meanwhile, Bulldog is haunted by nightmares of Roz continually injuring him and finally remembers that it was their anniversary. Bulldog tries to make amends and leaves the hospital without signing against medical advice. Roz is blamed for Bulldog's “disappearance”, and is arrested in Café Nervosa in the middle of an apology. At the station, Poppy must hold down the fort in Roz’s absence, and deal with the escalating rumours of her incarceration. When the police arrive to interview Roz’s friends about her behaviour, Poppy, Jack, Ed and Gil are more than willing to plead her case. They are each interviewed by Irwin, a brutish police officer who delights in playing with their minds. It soon becomes clear that Irwin has a grudge against Roz, which may be affecting his decisions. Poppy, Jack, Ed and Gil all confirm that Roz is a great friend who would never commit mindless violence, but Irwin manages to twist their words after they are asked to think of an instance when Roz got angry. As all this is going on, Bulldog is busy arranging a “half anniversary, half apology” soiree for Roz, to be held in the botanical gardens. Because he is relatively new to the upper-class world, Bulldog struggles to explain what he wants. That combined with his head bandage causes the owner to think he is an escaped mental patient. Bulldog is taken back to the hospital, fitted with a straight jacket and is observed carefully. At the jailhouse, Roz tries to convince her interrogators that she knows nothing of Bulldog’s disappearance when they receive a phone call regarding his whereabouts. Irwin is done interviewing Roz’s friends and leaves with a satisfied look on his face, making Ed worried that he has bungled the case. Bulldog is confirmed to be “not insane”, and is released from the hospital once again when he meets Roz and several police officers outside. Roz’s charges are dropped on a shocking technicality since Bulldog was considered “possibly insane” at the time. This infuriates Irwin, who arrives shortly after with an exhausted Ed in tow. Roz reveals Irwin to be one of the few ex-boyfriends she didn’t injure, causing him to feel unimportant ever since. Roz makes it up to Irwin by giving him a light punch (much to Ed’s amusement), and he forgives her. Bulldog then invites Roz, Irwin and Ed to a hastily thrown-together anniversary party he organised during the brief stay with his fellow mental patients. The episode draws to a close with Bulldog having another nightmare as he opens his anniversary present: a new skillet. The scene then switches to Roz and Bulldog in their kitchen, as Bulldog recalls a scary dream he had last night. It is still their anniversary, only this time Bulldog comes prepared with a gift: he's not about to let the insanity come true.

"Message in a Wine Bottle" 11 551

Poppy is invited to a flower show being held by her parents. She hasn’t quite forgiven them for cutting her off financially, so she decides to give them a scare by making Bulldog pose as her boyfriend. Determined to make sure that nothing happens between the two of them, Roz tags along in secret and winds up being mistaken for a cocktail waitress. Roz is able to watch Poppy and Bulldog while serving drinks to the snooty guests but must remain hidden at the same time. Bulldog learns about Poppy’s rocky relationship with her parents and consequently finds it difficult to keep up his promise of offensive behaviour. When Mrs. Delafield makes a toast over Poppy and Bulldog’s “relationship”, they are forced to share a kiss in front of everyone. Roz sees this, and inadvertently breaks a rare bottle of wine in her frustration. The secret of Poppy and Bulldog’s charade comes out, as a result, forcing a guilty Roz to rectify the situation and deal with the mourning wine enthusiasts.

"Jack and the Being Stalked" 12 552

Jack is overcome with guilt for sending one of his listeners to a particularly dreadful restaurant, unaware that it had recently changed hands. Hoping to make it up to the social elite Mildred, Jack promises to pay for a dinner at a restaurant of her choice. However, Jack gets more than he bargained for when Mildred starts stalking him because she thinks he is really nice. An experienced "stalkee", Gil provides Jack tips on how to handle the situation. Meanwhile, Roz and Poppy are caught in the middle of an environmental debate when they plan to remove the large tree in front of KACL.

"The Other Mrs. Briscoe" 13 553

An older woman, Gladys Smith, shows up at the station and claims to be Bulldog’s wife. She is dismissed by Ed, who believes her to be senile and confused. Bulldog runs into her outside and surprises everyone when he reveals they were once married. Bulldog worked for her as a sixteen-year-old, and they entered into a torrid sexual relationship. Not long after, Bulldog and Gladys got married and stayed that way until Bulldog noticed girls his own age. Gladys reveals she is still harbouring feelings for her former employee, and Bulldog is forced to tell her he is with someone else. Gladys gracefully backs off but returns the next day to reveal they are still married after she promised to “take care of it” years earlier. Bulldog is worried about Roz’s reaction more than anything else, as it becomes apparent that Gladys has a lot more in mind for their reunion.

"The Old Man and the Roz" 14 554

Roz is late for an important meeting that will determine whether or not she can secure the funds the station desperately needs. With Bulldog on a road trip with Ed and Jack, Roz has no transportation, and she is forced to make her way there through alternate methods. Roz manages to get a ride with a friendly old man, who says that her destination is on his route. After hearing stories of the man’s miserable life and his wife’s departure, Roz doesn’t have the heart to abandon him when he makes several boring stops along the way. Meanwhile, Bulldog has his own hitch-hiker, a beautiful woman who Ed and Jack fight over.

"SeaBeas Fan" 15 555

After coming down with the flu, Roz hires an apprentice, Marge, to take her place at the SeaBea awards. Roz is delighted when she wins a technical award but is furious when Marge makes off with the trophy. Still bed-ridden, Roz is forced to send Bulldog and Ed in her place, hoping they can convince Marge to hand it over. Bulldog and Ed are more than willing to help Roz out until they realise just what they’ll be taking away from the miserable woman. Meanwhile, Poppy must deal with complaints about a controversial speech read out at the awards and finds her feelings for Jack resurfacing when he successfully helps clear the air.

"Where the Baby Has No Name" 16 556

A baby is abandoned on KACL's doorstep, creating debates over what to do with her. Roz’s first thought is to call social services; however, Poppy is surprisingly opposed to the idea. Bulldog and Ed are determined to find out why and talk to the biggest gossips at the station. Through their investigation, it becomes clear that Poppy was adopted and has never known her real parents. Roz and Jack try to show Poppy she has their support, and are shocked to learn that she plans on adopting the baby herself. Roz worries that Poppy isn’t thinking rationally, and encourages her to mull it over for a while. A few days later, Poppy’s mind hasn’t changed, and she plans on setting things in motion very soon. To Poppy’s horror, it turns out that her name is on the blacklist, and she is forbidden to adopt children for another decade. Poppy tries to get her name removed from the blacklist, while Roz fears it is her fault after she told Bulldog about her concerns just a few nights earlier.

"How They Met" 17 557

Roz and Bulldog befriend another couple, Jan and Frank Redfern, and start doing "normal couple things" with them. Jack, Ed, Poppy and Gil feel neglected and become determined to prove that they can have fun as a threesome. However, people are soon misinterpreting just what they mean by "threesome". In the meantime, Roz and Bulldog are asked by the Redferns to tell the story of how they met, and they realise that their versions differ from each other. Bulldog believes their relationship started when they first slept together, while Roz is convinced that they officially met when Bulldog came to KACL years earlier. Flashbacks detail that fateful day; while in the present Roz and Bulldog’s friendship with the Redferns is gradually torn apart as their argument escalates.

"Pins and Space Needles" 18 558

With Roz out of town, Poppy must attend an important business meeting on the Space Needle. When Poppy realises who she’ll be talking to, she becomes nervous because of a brief fling she had with the man. Feeling that she’ll crumble underneath his charm, Poppy asks Jack to go with her. Jack is reluctant to see one of Poppy’s old lovers, but in his desire to keep their friendship going, he says yes anyway. When they arrive at the Space Needle, a city-wide blackout sweeps Seattle, leaving them stuck on an elevator. This forces Jack and Poppy to confront their feelings for each other while awaiting rescue, eventually deciding to become sex buddies. Meanwhile, Ed reveals a fear of the dark, which Gil promises to help him get over.

"Nothing to Fear But Bulldog Himself" 19 559

After an employee’s arachnophobia sends him into an early retirement over a spider’s web, Roz calls in what Bulldog refers to as "the seminar folk" for a workshop on phobias. While Roz just wants to strangle the annoyingly perky couple who run the venture, she soon realises that the employees find that talking about their fears is a good thing. That is until Bulldog and Ed are asked to share their experiences. Meanwhile, Poppy and Jack are struggling to hide their new relationship; at the same time, Jack is debating whether they should start doing "couple" things, worried that it will tarnish their decision to be sex buddies.

"Stuart of War" 20 560

Stuart gets involved in a protest to save his apartment building, which is slated to be knocked down to make way for a parking lot. Roz decides to join Stuart in his cause and becomes an embarrassing activist. Unable to endure the humiliation any longer, Stuart gives up and looks for another residence. Roz worries that she has alienated her son, and tries to repay him by carrying on with the protest. Roz finds that she has a skill for pep-talk, and soon has the residents spreading the word throughout Seattle. However, when the protestors are arrested for road disruption, Roz realises she is unable to see their cause through and is overcome with guilt after running away. This, in turn, makes her relationship with Stuart worse, who is being tormented by his friends for having a cowardly mother. Meanwhile, Gil wants the protest smoothed over as soon as possible, as its coverage has taken over the entire Seattle Times office.

"Make Room for Poppy" 21 561

Ed and Jack decide to move in together when they are unable to afford rent separately. They are soon enjoying living a “swinging bachelor life”, but Jack is struggling to keep his relationship with Poppy a secret. When Ed catches Jack making out with Poppy, he promises not to tell anyone. However, Jack and Poppy are soon taking advantage of the fact that they have somewhere new to hang out, leaving the apartment a mess. Ed is driven crazy and winds up blurting out the truth about Jack and Poppy in the station’s cafeteria. To Ed’s surprise, the secret was never well kept, and the realisation has Jack and Poppy thinking about moving in with each other for real. Meanwhile, Roz and Bulldog debate whether living with the opposite gender is better or worse, so they put it to the test with Roz behaving like a typical man and Bulldog acting womanly.

"The Arrangement" 22 562

Frasier is in town "looking at churches", and Roz reunites with him at Café Nervosa. Roz notices that Frasier seems to be a little on edge, but puts it down it to be pre-wedding jitters. When Frasier reveals that he may not be able to go through with it, Roz offers to make the arrangements for him because she has experience in the matter. Roz is forced to take care of the guest list after Frasier wells up every time she asks him for it and invites the people she thinks he’d choose. Poppy steps in as the flower girl when none of the invitees bring their daughters and gets ready with Jack (who was enlisted as Frasier’s best man). Before they can leave, Jack says how cute Poppy looks and delays are caused. Meanwhile, among the guests are Niles and Daphne, who seem a little sad about the event themselves. Roz tries to boost everyone's spirits by asking Gil and Bulldog to provide some entertainment, but they are faced with a tough crowd. On top of things, the bride (who Roz assumed was Charlotte) has not arrived yet. Roz realises that in all her haste, she forgot to arrange transportation for Charlotte and heads to her hotel to pick her up. To Roz’s surprise, Frasier and Charlotte aren’t even getting married; Charlotte is just in town for “support” and split up with him several months ago. Roz calls Bulldog and asks him to apologise for the misunderstanding and make the guests clear out. Roz heads back to the church and meets Frasier at the entrance. The guests then pile out, causing Frasier to ask why everyone is leaving his dad’s funeral. Roz quickly understands the extent of the misunderstanding and is overwhelmed with guilt, having botched what should have been a heartfelt send-off for Martin. Roz apologises profusely to Frasier and promises to help him through this tough time. Frasier chooses not to have a funeral for Martin after all, and he and Roz share their own send-off for the man by drinking Ballantine on his famous chair together. With a fresh perspective on life, Frasier tells Roz that he has not yet given up on Charlotte.

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