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Season 25 of Roz contains 22 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Get Out of My Dreams, Get Out of My Car" 1 563

Roz struggles to interpret a recurring dream in which she is confronted by a cloaked figure while driving in her car on a rainy night. Bulldog, Ed, Jack, Poppy and Gil offer their own input, none of which help the situation. Roz considers seeing a sleep therapist and annoys Bulldog with the sleeping methods she was told to practice. Bulldog suffers many sleepless nights, resulting in a session with the therapist himself. The therapist eventually has them adopting many strange techniques, and Roz soon realises they are being mocked. Outraged, she and Bulldog plan to give the therapist a nightmare he’ll never forget. At the same time, they continue to discuss Roz’s dream, hoping to unmask that elusive cloaked figure. Meanwhile, Jack and Poppy prepare to move in together.

"Addictionary: Vol. 3" 2 564

Eccentric radio doctor Brent Davis has finally released his book on addictions, and the KACL gang are invited to the big launch party. Roz is asked to read the first chapter and is surprised to see that she was the inspiration for one of its short stories. However, when Roz discovers an unflattering change to the character, she demands a re-write. Meanwhile, more of the gang's addictions are explored through flashbacks: Roz relapses into her envelope-sniffing, Ed goes on wild spend binges after his brief modelling career in New York, Poppy turns into a slob while living with Jack; despite being a neat freak prior to moving in with him and Gil gets addicted to trolling bad chefs online.

"Swimming in the Drain" 3 565

Bulldog is shocked to learn that Roz had her wedding ring replaced after she dropped the original down the shower drain. Roz apologises but is relieved to find that Bulldog isn’t upset. However, Roz soon realises that Bulldog is using the ring as leverage, continually bringing it up whenever she’s mad at him for doing something wrong. Desperate, Roz decides to frame Bulldog for something worse, hoping it will make them even. Unfortunately, her efforts just cause further mayhem as they go to extreme lengths trying to get leverage over each other. Meanwhile, Poppy has trouble selling her apartment after an influx of sudden home catastrophes, due in part to Gil's assertion that he is a capable handyman.

"The Bothers Grim" 4 566

Roz is advised to hire a grief counsellor after a beloved radio personality dies, and a friendly man shows up to fill the role. The man determines that several employees (including Roz) have a fear of death, and recent circumstances have simply brought it forward. Roz is soon one of many adopting techniques to prove she is strong and not afraid of her mortality. Meanwhile, Jack and Poppy’s argument over unpacked boxes threatens to call the move off, and Gil discovers a talent for resolving issues between couples.

"First Lady of Apartment 6A" 5 567

Poppy encourages Jack to run for condo board president after they are berated for a tiny amount of noise. Jack wins the elections, but the power soon goes to his head, and he is implementing all kinds of changes throughout the building. Poppy is annoyed because Jack has spoilt any chances of making a good first impression with the neighbours. Poppy’s mind is soon elsewhere when Jack reminds her of her “first lady” duties, and it’s up to Roz to come to the rescue. Meanwhile, Ed mourns the demise of his pick-up line, “I used to be a model in New York”, and enlists the help of Bulldog to come up with another goldmine.

"Bulldog's Buddies" 6 568

Gil and Jack are shocked to find that Bulldog has an entirely separate group of friends he hangs out with, and fear that they are no longer his buddies. Consequently, Gil and Jack begin to question the authenticity of their friendship with Bulldog over the years, unaware that Bulldog is actually trying to tear his new group of friends apart from the inside after they humiliated him at a radio conference. Meanwhile, Roz is sad that she never developed a close friendship with Poppy like the guys did and tries to rectify that by spending the day with her at a shopping mall. Gil has his own "clique" problems when he starts having lunch at the Seattle Times office.

"Antiques Roz Show" 7 569

Antiques Road Show comes to Seattle, and Roz is upset to learn that an antique family heirloom isn’t worth even a dollar. Roz begins to question the Doyle family history and heads to Wisconsin to find out more about their past. Roz seeks answers from her ageing mother Joanna and receives some startling information regarding the Doyle family’s actual ancestries.

"Everybody Flirts" 8 570

Poppy becomes jealous of Jack’s flirting with the pizza delivery girl, and asks him not to flirt with anyone else. Jack agrees to make the compromise but is outraged to find Poppy flirting with a handsome waiter the next day at Café Nervosa. The situation soon escalates to the point where Jack and Poppy are striving to outdo each other by flirting with people they don’t even like. It becomes apparent that one of them must step in to end the charade, but not before enduring further humiliation with their "flirtees". That is until one of the women intervenes and says how much Jack and Poppy must love each other to be that afraid of losing each other. This, in turn, makes Roz jealous of the passion in Poppy’s relationship; meanwhile, Jack and Poppy are faced with revealing their love – something which neither of them has ever done very well.

"The Cried Piper" 9 571

After going to Roz expressing his concerns that the apprenticeship program isn’t helping him reach his goals, Ed finds himself booked on a trip to San Diego for a radio conference. Ed delights in feeling important for once, but a series of freak occurrences results in his journey being delayed multiple times. Ed winds up travelling with an eccentric family in their mini-bus and gets sidetracked as he tries to help them get to a gathering on time. Meanwhile, Roz and Bulldog give Jack and Poppy helpful relationship advice and become annoying relationship mentors as a result.

"Three Degrees of Separation" 10 572

When Roz and Bulldog have a huge argument, Roz begins to question what her life would be like if they never met. This brings up the discussion of fate among the characters, as Roz experiences fantasies of three potential scenarios. Firstly, Roz is a hugely successful businesswoman, owning many radio stations across America. However, despite her power and social standing, Roz remains unsuccessful in love. Secondly, Roz is a “hippy” who works part-time at a radio station to bring in the beer money, unconcerned about her career and more interested in living the high life with her many boyfriends. Finally, we go back to Roz’s early days at KACL, where an alternate reality sees Roz failing to encounter Bulldog due to several freak coincidences. Back in reality, Bulldog is less than philosophical over their marriage, instead retreating to a bar with Gil and Jack as they struggle to think of the perfect apology gift.

"Groceries" 11 573

When Roz becomes tired of lugging heavy shopping bags around, she insists that Bulldog does the groceries at least once a week. Bulldog is enthused to do it, hoping to show Roz that it is easy. However, Bulldog soon realises the hardships as he struggles to get everything on the list Roz gave him, take control of a busted shopping cart, and muster up the courage to ask for a particular women’s item. Gil and Jack later join him, throwing their own brand of chaos into the mix.

"Performance Reviews" 12 574

Once again it’s time for the station performance reviews, and Roz decides that instead of sending out documents detailing the employees’ failing areas, she wants to speak to each individual in person. Bulldog, Jack, Ed, Poppy and Gil all fear for their futures at the station, but are relieved when Roz gives them good reviews. However, Ed over-analyses Roz’s words as it seems she was disinterested during their talk and becomes determined to find out if something is holding him back from success in the apprenticeship program. Meanwhile, Gil's stress is doubled when he discovers his performance review is also due at the Seattle Times.

"Roz on the Couch" 13 575

Roz reveals she has been visiting a therapist twice weekly to talk about her fear of age. Her latest treatment requires her to stay in a retirement home for a week to get an idea of what life may be like when she gets older. Roz winds up getting involved in a rebellion against the nurses, concocted by an eccentric 100-year-old man, Melvin. Since the residents were calm before she came long, Roz is accused of stirring trouble and is put in a high-security room for the remainder of her stay. Not being able to talk to anyone or go outside, Roz feels as if she is in a coffin, intensifying her fear of age and putting a halt on her treatment. Bulldog and Ed pose as old men to bust Roz out; meanwhile, Jack and Poppy confront the therapist and end up being treated for their relationship issues.

"Murder Most Poppy" 14 576

Poppy is forced to house her eccentric mother Patricia after she loses her fortune in the stock market. Patricia immediately becomes a huge burden on Poppy’s social life, butting in on her romantic time with Jack and even coming down to the station. Poppy eventually decides to send her mother to a spa for some relaxation but is overcome with guilt when she realises her parents have just gotten a divorce. Worried that Patricia will be alone and depressed, Poppy heads to the spa to make amends but must face the possibility of a long future with her overbearing mother. Meanwhile, Bulldog and Gil become convinced that Poppy has murdered her mother after they both disappear without telling anyone.

"Delays" (Part 1) 15 577

Roz takes some much-needed time off from the station and arranges a vacation to Hawaii. Relaxation cannot come soon enough when her flight is delayed for several hours overnight. Roz makes some strange acquaintances at the airport, among them being an elderly couple going abroad for euthanasia. Roz cannot comprehend why they would want to end their lives and realises that she still hasn’t gotten over her fear of ageing. Before she can talk to them, the couple disappears for their own flight, and she is left sitting in an empty airport alone. Soon after Roz’s mind takes over, as she tries to analyse where her fear comes from, with several faces from the past providing insight.

"Delays" (Part 2) 16 578

After cancelling her vacation, Roz must overcome her fear of ageing when she discovers her mother has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. The combination of grief and fear results in Roz creating a comfortable setting in her mind, in which she has an experience of the afterlife she’d like to have. However, the vision rapidly turns into a nightmare as Roz’s hair starts turning grey, and the definitive old people’s game, Bingo, sweeps the after-life. In her vision, Roz confronts the Devil himself (Bulldog), and meets more people she’s lost in the past, including Martin Crane.

"With Such Little Help from My Friends" 17 579

Ed realises he has become a doormat and decides to stop giving people business advice. The station soon falls apart without his insight, and people realise they need Ed. Gil, Jack and Poppy encourage the employees to show Ed how much he’s needed, and they plan a surprise party. Ed is delighted, it coincidentally being his birthday; however, nobody knows that. When Poppy overhears Ed mentioning it to a guest, she desperately tries to change the party’s focus, so he thinks it was thrown for his birthday. However, Ed soon cottons on to them and decides to have some fun by making up a series of escalating lies, which forces everyone to repeatedly change the party’s theme.

"The Brain That Wouldn't Wash" 18 580

Stuart is being evicted from his apartment for loud parties, and Roz is more than willing to house him. However, she is devastated when she learns that Stuart would rather be homeless than endure her intrusiveness again. Roz becomes determined to change her ways and attends a self-help seminar. There, she meets many people with interesting stories and becomes obsessed with the group. Back in Seattle, the guys are left thinking that Roz has been swindled by a brainwashing cult.

"The Seven Minute Itch" 19 581

In a real-time special, Bulldog is determined to prove to Jack and Ed that something interesting happens at the station every seven minutes. They go through the various offices, trying to find juicy gossip, overhear saucy secrets and witness exciting happenings. However, it’s Bulldog who gains the excitement when he is accused of being a peeping tom after getting caught snooping around the women’s bathroom. Now Bulldog has just fourteen minutes to prove that he isn’t a pervert before the sexual harassment folk arrive to put on one of their ungodly seminars. Meanwhile, Roz has just twenty minutes to complete the annual budgetary report, and Gil contends with a close deadline for the most hit and miss restaurant he has ever reviewed.

"Fish You Were Here" 20 582

Bulldog, Ed, Gil and Jack head to the forest for a weekend of fishing and roughing it outdoors. The four of them are inexplicably arrested on the first night, as it is revealed that Seattle has recently passed a state campfire ban. They must now prove their innocence and deal with a ruthless defence attorney who tries to turn them against each other. Ed and Jack are soon thinking that they can get out by claiming Bulldog is entering senility, while Bulldog is lead to believe that all he has to do is dish some incriminating dirt on his friends to secure his release. Meanwhile, Roz and Poppy head out for a fishing weekend themselves, utilising a surprisingly different approach to the sport.

"The Show Where Frasier Shows Up" 21 583

Roz is surprised when Frasier shows up at the house one night, and many times again across the following weekend. Roz quickly realises that Frasier is lonely, and is making up excuses just to see her. Worried that their relationship will enter the bedroom again, Roz makes it her goal to reunite Frasier with Charlotte. She goes to her matchmaking service in Chicago and pretends that she has divorced Bulldog and is looking for another man. Charlotte agrees to set Roz up with one of her clients, and Roz purposely ruins the date with surprising scare tactics. As Roz unwinds through several of Charlotte’s best clients, Charlotte decides to sit in on one of the dates to see what the problem is. Roz uses this opportunity to get Frasier and Charlotte back together, but her good intentions may not have been for the best. Meanwhile, Bulldog mistakenly thinks Roz has filed for divorce after discovering her matchmaker file.

"Patriotic Adventures" 22 584

The station is accused of being unpatriotic after Jack and Gil coincidentally criticise a number of American restaurants across several of their shows. Roz is forced to deal with the bad press and falling ratings and signs up every employee for the upcoming Fourth of July festival. Gil reluctantly volunteers to be this year’s guest speaker and is forced to wear the itchy Uncle Sam costume that comes with it. Meanwhile, Ed and Poppy are selected as parade hosts, but Ed must do all the work when it turns out that Poppy is surprisingly quiet when it comes to speaking in public. Bulldog is looking forward to the free beer provided at the festival, but he has a few too many and gets hammered. Jack struggles to calm his nerves in time for a televised apology. To make matters worse, Roz failed to mention the small microphone she placed on his jacket, causing Jack to make a few choice jokes under his breath before the shocked attendees. As the parade winds down, Gil takes to the stage for his speech, where the itches are driving him closer to the brink of insanity. A drunk Bulldog then climbs on stage and inadvertently steps on Gil's foot, causing him to fall backwards into the American flag, ripping it to pieces. KACL's reputation is in tatters as a result, leaving Roz to pick up the pieces as both Jack and Gil find themselves becoming the most hated men in Seattle.

  • Jack Casablancas's last appearance as a main character.

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