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Season 26 of Roz contains 22 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"It Ain't Over 'til the Fat Critic Sings" 1 585

Six months later, Roz is struggling to get KACL back on track after a series of controversies involving the station’s patriotic stance. Forced to sell the station at risk of bankruptcy, Roz adjusts to no longer being her own boss and a sense of a dystopian work environment. Following from his mistakes, Jack has resigned from the station and left for a job at an Iowa radio station; while Gil has gone on an extended business trip for the Seattle Times, travelling the world to write a global guide. Fearing more resignations and the consequent blame from her superiors, Roz decides to hire a morale officer to improve office enthusiasm. To her surprise, the officer turns out to be June Archer, the insufferable Christian activist who brought chaos to the station on two separate occasions. June suggests that Roz makes contact with Gil, who will be stopping in Seattle shortly. Gil agrees to come back to KAC as he has grown weary with travel, and quits the Seattle Times. Things soon improve at the station when Gil’s cheery disposition brings a smile to many people’s faces, but after he discovers his planned reality show will not be going ahead due to his breach of contract, he starts to depress everyone. Meanwhile, after hosting the 4th of July parade, Ed and Poppy delight in their fifteen minutes of fame. When the offers stop coming, Ed refuses to admit that the fat lady has sung.

"Seniors of the Revolution" 2 586

With the station under new management, the old radio personalities fear they will be booted out due to a sudden increase in teenage appeal. Gil is roped into running the old folk’s revolution but is upset that the others no longer think of him as a young guy. Ed tries to convince Roz to give him his own commentary show on Friday night dead-time, hoping to get back into the showbiz arena. Ed’s first night is a disaster when the revolution seizes control of his spot to broadcast their views. Facing reprimands from her bosses, Roz must calm down the older personalities and winds up promising them that they aren’t going anywhere. Roz is left to face the music when this statement turns out to be false, and two of the most loved personalities at the station unexpectedly get the axe. Ed is peeved that his second foray into show business was a failure, and teams up with Gil to wreak vengeance on the station that has made them both so miserable.

"The W.A." 3 587

With Stuart living back in the house, life at home becomes a nightmare for Roz, who is having a hard enough time balancing her duties at the station and constant demands from her new superiors. Roz snaps one morning and demands that Stuart starts doing things around the house to save her time. Roz gets far more than she bargained for when she comes home that evening to find the house is a wreck from all the DIY Stuart has attempted to do. Stuart claims that housework is for women and Roz shouldn’t have made him do it. Initially shocked by this attitude from her son, Roz instead decides to send him and Bulldog to a sexism seminar to set them straight. Bulldog becomes convinced that the seminar is actually a brainwashing centre designed to make men obedient lackeys to their female companions. Meanwhile, Poppy is missing Jack, so Gil takes her speed-dating. Poppy soon learns that Gil’s idea of a fun night out is very different to hers. Ed finishes the apprenticeship program and leaves for business school.

"Business School" 4 588

With Ed at business school, a new spot opens in the apprenticeship program. Roz asks Bulldog to do the interviews because he “doesn’t really do anything else." Roz faces reprimands from her superiors when they find out that Bulldog is still on the payroll despite not having an actual job. Faced with dismissal herself, Roz has no choice to tell Bulldog that he is fired. Unfortunately, company regulations mean that he is also banned from the station premises. Roz visits Ed’s business school to seek advice but winds up being mistaken for Bill Gates’ representative. Ed is embarrassed by this turn of events and agrees to help Roz deal with Bulldog, in exchange for being spared further embarrassment from his former colleagues. Meanwhile, Gil takes on the reviews in Bulldog’s absence, but it seems no human can possibly live up to his fussy standards.

"The Dog Who Cried Wolf" 5 589

Stuck at the house, Bulldog learns about irony and the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf, when after a series of prank calls to the station, Roz refuses to take him seriously. Bulldog finds himself locked in the basement while a group of thugs steal everything he and Roz own. Roz is overcome with guilt after learning the truth about what happened. Gil and the others encourage her not to feel guilty because it was Bulldog’s own stupidity that made her have doubt. While Roz deals with the insurance company, Bulldog makes the momentous decision to never lie again. However, his friends dislike Bulldog’s new personality. Poppy gets upset when Bulldog calls her new outfit “hideous” when all she really needed was some comfort after receiving a breakup e-mail from Jack. Gil deals with Bulldog’s revelation that he has been a little “rusty” since returning to the airwaves, and obsessively listens to his old tapes to find out where he is going wrong. Roz soon realises what she has done and must decide whether or not to lift Bulldog’s feeling of guilt, despite her being impressed with this rare display of feelings. Meanwhile, Ed tries to get out of his “hazing” ritual at business school.

"All's Wells That Ends Wells" 6 590

Gil, Poppy and a few others plan to put on a live radio drama based on H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds, but clearance problems force Roz to make last-minute changes to the script to make it similar, but not identical. As the drama gets underway, Roz receives a phone-call from her superiors, who say that the clearance has finally been granted. At this point, the drama is already a quarter way done, so Roz enlists the help of a visiting Ed to work out a way of subtlety “seeding” the original story back into their adaptation, without disrupting the flow of the performance. Meanwhile, Bulldog becomes obsessed with winning a radio contest being held in-between commercial breaks.

"Restaurant Wars" 7 591

Roz discovers that Gil has made an extensive list of enemies since returning to the station full time, and encourages him to lay off of a few of the more powerful restaurant chains. Gil questions whether he can abandon his integrity, and seeks advice from his old mentor, Elias Marlin. Elias convinces Gil to speak from his heart, so he decides not to accept Roz’s request. Roz faces reprimands from her superiors when they are threatened with legal action from one of the bigger food corporations. She soon realises Gil’s change of mind came from Elias and learns that he is being paid off by a restaurant chain to badmouth the competition in any way possible. Gil is distraught over this total abandonment of his self-imposed “critic’s oath” and tries to steer his former mentor away from the dark side. Meanwhile, Ed sets Poppy up with one of his business school friends.

"Poppy's Dominion" 8 592

Poppy hits it off with one of Ed’s roommates at business school, Arthur, but after a few weeks of dating, she begins to worry they have gotten into a bit of a rut. Poppy decides to spice their relationship up and asks Ed to find out what sort of thing Arthur likes in the bedroom. Ed consequently deals with rumours of homosexuality at business school, and he tries to set things straight. When Poppy gets a little too pushy for Ed’s liking, he retaliates by making up all sorts of crazy sexual games that Arthur supposedly likes, among them being domination. She takes the necessary “items” to the station, with the intent of making a decision about Arthur before the end of the day. However, chaos ensues when Bulldog discovers the bag in the locker room, and everything gets spread across the office. Poppy blames Ed, and a series of embarrassing one-upmanship contests gets underway. Meanwhile, Gil deals with a rapid decline in ratings for his show and is told by Roz that it is likely Jack’s old fans have switched off. When Gil realises that a large percentage of Jack’s listeners were women who liked his voice, he decides to adopt a sexy voice of his own, which successfully brings in the ratings – but not from the people he really wanted.

"A Gil of No Confidence" 9 593

Bulldog and Ed take Gil on a confidence-building course when they are forced to jump to his rescue from a nasty restaurant owner. Gil is reluctant to take the course but mysteriously changes his mind after meeting the handsome instructor. Bulldog and Ed enjoy acting out the situations and having a laugh, but Gil is annoyed with them for not taking it seriously. When the time comes for Gil to confront someone from his past, Roz questions how good the course actually is if it means putting its takers in dangerous situations. At the same time, she isn’t really fond of Gil’s confident new persona. Meanwhile, Poppy helps Ed when he gets in trouble with the police for burning CDs for his business school friends.

"Nervosa System Disorders" 10 594

Roz is excited over the grand re-opening of Café Nervosa, which has been closed for just under a year for renovations. To her surprise, it has been completely re-designed as a dark, trendy wine bar. Roz decides to register her disgust in the suggestion box. Ed and his business school friends take to hanging out at the bar. At the end of the night, Ed sees the suggestion box being thrown out, without so much of a glance. He tells Roz this, and she is so annoyed she decides to confront the manager himself the next morning. Roz is surprised when the manager agrees to listen to her suggestions until she discovers he is only using her to increase his public profile. Roz asks the radio personalities to get the word out about Café Nervosa’s change and is utterly embarrassed when only three people show up to fight her cause. Meanwhile, Poppy is confident that the wine she drank at the bar was from a rare bottle that went missing from her mother’s collection.

"Dog of War" 11 595

Roz receives an angry letter from the local library, and discovers the book Bulldog was supposed to return 5 years ago has resulted in a $3,000 fine. Unable to provide the money, Roz orders Bulldog to pay off his debt by working at the library, since he “doesn’t really have a job anyway." Bulldog is determined to prove to his friends that he has a work ethic when they accuse him of being lazy. Bulldog soon learns how the library works and is happy to be a major cog in the well-oiled machine. However, when Bulldog discovers he won’t even be making minimum wage, he finds himself leading a strike with the other nervous library workers. Using the library’s resources to his advantage, Bulldog starts to read up on war, and things soon spiral out of control when Bulldog’s tactics have everyone throwing books at each other. Roz realises it’s up to her to settle the dispute before anyone else can sustain an injury from the unexpectedly heavy bibles. Meanwhile, Gil suffers through a visit from an annoyingly perky critic he met on his world food tour, and feuds with Poppy when he dumps the man on her – believing their personalities to bounce well off each other.

"Procrastination" 12 596

Ed asks Bulldog and Gil to help him study for a business school exam and quickly learns that the two like to procrastinate. Ed is determined not to fall in for their silly distractions but winds up going on a hell-raising tour across campus. When Ed finds himself suspended, he blames Bulldog and Gil for allowing him to procrastinate and refuses to talk to them. Roz agrees to let him work at the station until his suspension is over; meanwhile, Bulldog begins to wonder if he has ADD, thinking back to a long history of bad influence and distraction. Poppy reveals her sister is taking tablets for the disorder, and Bulldog convinces her to get him some to see if they make any difference. Unfortunately, the change in Bulldog’s demeanour results in an employee accusing him of being a junkie, and Roz being forced to hold a company workshop on drugs. Meanwhile, Gil agrees to help Ed get back into the dean’s good books.

"Misery" 13 597

Gil wonders if he is being stalked after receiving several strange letters and gifts. His suspicion first falls on Betty, his former assistant, until Roz informs him that she has been indicted for stalking someone else. Gil’s paranoia escalates to the point where he walks out the station during the middle of his show. In the parking garage, he meets a friendly woman Ally Wicks, who is quite obviously the stalker. Ally comforts Gil and says that his friends are inconsiderate for not believing him. The two strike up a friendship and Gil starts spending a lot of time with Ally. However, Gil is forced to re-evaluate the friendship when Ally locks him in her house and refuses to let him leave until he’s tried some of her meals. Ally is thinking of becoming a cook, and Gil has to endure torture from her disgusting experiments. Gil wonders just how sane a woman who cooks this poorly can possibly be, and learns the true meaning of misery. Meanwhile, Bulldog fills in for Gil when he doesn’t show up for work, and the fans quickly take a shine to his fast food restaurant reviews.

"The Bride Wore Dead" 14 598

Poppy is invited to her sister Patty’s wedding and is pleased that she seems to be settling down and has learnt to deal with her ADD and OCD. Poppy winds up getting involved in a frivolous lawsuit when the ceremony is overrun with flamboyant expressionists protesting against the fur on Patty’s over-the-top wedding dress. Poppy worries that the overwhelming events will have a bad effect on her sister’s progress, and enlists Ed to find her the most cutthroat lawyer in town. Ed finds Jake Hoskins, the manipulate attorney Roz once slept with. Bulldog isn’t happy with this development, and to make things worse, he has just received jury duty. Meanwhile, Gil comments on the trial on his show, running afoul of Roz, who has been told by her superiors that Gil is not allowed to use station time as a forum for his personal opinions.

"Wrestling with the Enemy" 15 599

Ed is dismayed to learn that the pen-pal he’s been communicating with for the past few months isn’t a beautiful Swedish girl, but Betty Jones, Gil’s imprisoned, former assistant. Ed decides to pay her a visit in prison and discovers that she has a hearing coming up and needs help in making nice with the parole board. Ed agrees to do some digging and find out how to butter them up and runs afoul of Gil, who doesn’t want his ex-stalker out of jail anytime soon. Ed is torn between doing what’s best for Gil or helping out an old friend and seeks advice from a radio agony aunt. However, inevitable chaos ensues when Ed makes a slip-of-the-tongue remark which sends the police into a frenzy over a possible breakout attempt. Meanwhile, Poppy discovers that Bulldog has been leading a double life as a famous masked wrestler while on his hunt for employment.

"Anniversaries and Adversaries" 16 600

Gil’s landmark show has the employees thinking about anniversaries and what they mean to them. Roz and Bulldog argue over the length of time they have been together; Roz wants to count their three-year separation, and Bulldog accuses her of tarnishing their success. Bulldog is further surprised to learn that Roz got their first wedding stricken from the record since it only lasted an hour. Roz responds by saying that it was Bulldog’s idea to call off the wedding, and the two end up getting into a big argument over who was responsible for the problems early in their relationship. The others encourage them to let go of the past, but that’s easier said than done. Roz gives Frasier a call for advice and is not pleased with what she hears. Meanwhile, Poppy wonders if she will ever reach such a significant anniversary with a man, and Ed wrongly thinks she is suicidal after she unloads her woes on him. Everything is tied together by a big soiree to celebrate Gil’s milestone, where he is peeved that nobody seems to be interested in the man of the hour.

"'Til Deaf Do Us Part" 17 601

Roz runs into her almost entirely deaf ex-boyfriend Clint and is surprised to find that his hearing has been dramatically improved thanks to cochlear implants. Roz, afraid of what Bulldog might think once he finds out she has been seeing an ex, pretends that Clint is still part-deaf to give Bulldog a selfish feeling of superiority. Roz struggles to keep the lie together when she and Bulldog are invited to a dinner party Clint is holding to celebrate his new life. Bulldog mistakenly thinks that Clint’s wife is deaf also and accidentally lets slip in front of her that her husband has been seeing Roz. She is outraged, and Roz fears that her lie has cost Clint his marriage. Attempting to fix the problem between the bickering couple, Roz accidentally insults deaf people everywhere and finds herself being hated across Seattle. Meanwhile, Ed becomes the subject of humiliation at business school when a portfolio of his modelling days in New York gets out. Poppy agrees to help him restore his reputation but suddenly becomes very interested in a saucy photo his ex-photographer slash girlfriend took.

"The Briscoes Meet the Flintstones" 18 602

An unemployed Bulldog is dismayed to learn that the Flintstones repeats are being taken off the air. Upset that his favourite hour of the day is gone, Bulldog decides to confront the network, a local affiliate in Seattle. Bulldog is surprised when he is asked to participate in a study to determine what sort of programming the “common man” likes. Roz worries about being associated with Bulldog after learning that the network is also part of the KACL owners’ business empire. Meanwhile, Gil is excited when, for the first time ever, someone checks out the book he wrote several years ago in the local library, and he becomes obsessed with learning who it was.

"Roz and the Real Gil" 19 603

A photographer comes to the station to shoot new promos for the personalities, and Gil is upset when he discovers his promo has been heavily altered to tone down his “distinguished” features and make him look younger. Gil becomes determined to prove to Seattle that it’s the beauty on the inside that counts, but is unable to admit that he is unhappy with the way he looks. As part of the new employee outreach program, Roz must help Gil deal with his insecurities, so she organises a second series of promos (at the company’s expense of course), except this time the personalities can only appear as themselves. This is an unwelcome development for Poppy, who has never seen herself in a photograph without make-up; as well as for Bulldog and Ed, who spent the entire afternoon looking for her emergency cosmetics kit. The shoot does have some success when Gil feels better about himself after seeing the “real” employees, but Roz quickly realises that she can’t have these average looking people going by on the side of a public bus. On top of things, she faces reprimands from her superiors for such a costly decision.

"Satellite Party" 20 604

Roz is put in charge of throwing a satellite party for the company to celebrate a year of financial success. She is initially disinterested in the assignment until she realises that the company’s junior president is in Seattle and looking to attend the parties being held on the night. Soon, Gil, Bulldog and Poppy find themselves forced to help in Roz’s cause and throw the best damn party ever. However, after receiving a list of impossibly high standards the president expects them to uphold, changes must be made, fast. Bulldog manages to get on Roz’s bad side when she catches him messing around in front of the webcam. Poppy and Ed share a kiss in the heat of the calamity, but their romantic moment is ruined when it turns out to have been seen by every other satellite party. Finally, a disgruntled ice sculptor decides it is the day he had a mid-life crisis, which Roz must settle for most important part of the party: the junior president’s ice replica.

"Biggest Night of the Year" 21 605

Roz is delighted when she is asked to host this year’s SeaBea Awards until she discovers that company interventions have resulted in an entirely different type of ceremony. The night is now a glamorous, Hollywood-style event with excessive publicity, but not much in the way of guests. Roz finds the whole shebang laughable. In front of an unexpectedly harsh (but at the same time, tiny) audience, Roz kills time by telling stories of her experiences in the radio business. Meanwhile, Ed and Poppy deal with the aftermath of their impromptu kiss and agree to act professionally about it, until they are caught having a quickie in the coatroom.

"Roz's Day in the Sun" 22 606

Roz is shocked to learn that she is no longer allowed to book her own time off and has been given the following two weeks as her holiday for the rest of the year. Determined not to spend her only time off at home, Roz buys a last-minute vacation in Alaska. Roz, Bulldog and Stuart soon learn why the trip was so cheap when the town turns out to be in a place that’s perpetually light for six months of the year. Roz is soon having trouble adjusting to the change, while Bulldog feels he can’t enjoy his vacation drinking because it doesn’t feel right during the daytime. A few days later, the rain season begins, and Gil and Poppy show up at the hotel to utilise their two-week entitlement. Gil enjoys trying out Alaskan foods and is asked to appear on a local radio show to give his opinion on the town’s delicacies. Gil, and consequently his entire party, find themselves hated by everyone when he foolishly criticises everything he ate. Poppy hits it off with a handsome ski instructor but doesn’t realise she is paying him for lessons. With rainstorms brewing and familiar company, Roz begins to feel like she never left Seattle, and the lack of darkness pushes her further over the edge.

  • Ed Piper's last appearance as a main character.

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