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Season 27 of Roz contains 22 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"In with the Old, Out with the New" 1 607

The KACL gang welcome new additions to the station: Fiona Floyd; the replacement business apprentice who struggles to deal with her nerves; and Carl Banks, a suave love doctor joining the airwaves in place of a low-rated show on war memorabilia. Carl soon annoys everyone with his “diva” attitude, expecting anything he wants due to his celebrity status. Gil advises Carl not to take his fifteen minutes of fame too seriously, and the two develop a serious rivalry. Their feud escalates to the point where they are prank-calling each other’s shows with sabotage in mind. While Carl slanders Gil’s reputed name by panning all the restaurants he recommends, Gil pretends to be a caller battling a serious depression due to poor romantic advice. Roz desperately wants to keep everything under control, fearing a repeat of the “great strike of ‘87”; a chaotic event that resulted in the walk-out of several key radio personalities during her early days at KACL. Meanwhile, Poppy is determined to maintain a long distance relationship with Ed after he leaves to work in China, even though it’s clear that he wants to move on. Poppy soon finds that her name has appeared on the “no-fly” list and she asks Fiona to investigate. Fiona uses the opportunity to prove her worth as a business associate but encounters many obstacles along the way – including Bulldog, who has taken to hanging around the station in secret.

  • Carl Banks and Fiona Floyd become main characters.
"A Man and His Dog" 2 608

Carl regrets taking Bulldog on as his new producer when he turns out to be as useless as he is annoying. Worried that Roz will hate him for firing her husband, Carl decides to give Bulldog a little longer to brush up on his skills. Over the following week, Bulldog inadvertently disconnects juicy phone calls and butts in on key moments with accidental traffic reports. Carl has soon had enough and decides it’s finally time he said something, so he turns to the people who know Roz better than he does to find the most diplomatic way of saying her husband’s a doofus. Meanwhile, Gil and Poppy fight over the use of Fiona, who is proving highly useful in their business endeavours.

"It's Not Easy Being Green" 3 609

Roz encourages the employees to make the station more environmentally friendly when the company announces a series of energy checks for every business. Gil is forced to stop his fussy “luck” routine before the beginning of his show, which means no longer spraying his radio booth with environmentally damaging aromas that get him in the food mood. Carl must walk fifteen minutes in the cold to get off the premises for a cigarette. Poppy uses the inspection as an excuse to impulsively buy an electric car but lands in traffic school after getting enraged with the short running time. Fiona and Bulldog are in charge of the new recycling centre in the basement, but a lack of interest results in them purging the station of all its recyclables. This results in a suspected crime-wave across the station, and Roz realises that, while what has been done may benefit the Earth, its effects on her employees could prove fatal.

"Two I's in Team-Building" 4 610

Roz must arrange a series of team-building exercises at the station after two employees get into a heated argument. The first exercise is to pretend that an earthquake has hit Seattle and help each other to leave in an orderly fashion. A panic is created when suspicious noises are heard which seem to suggest that a real earthquake is coming. Carl finds himself in trouble when it turns out that it was just him rolling his chair across the floorboards. The second exercise involves the employees getting in circles and opening up to each other. Fiona is annoyed when Poppy decides to take centre stage, whining about her relationship with Ed, while she has a serious problem involving paper usage. The third exercise is an obstacle course which employees must defeat while tied together. Bulldog makes light of the situation, calling it a type of bondage. Roz is annoyed with Bulldog for not taking the event seriously because it might finally get the company off her back. Roz and Bulldog soon realise they’ll have to do some team-building of their own if they are to make it in their marriage. Meanwhile, Gil uses a minor wrist sprain as an excuse not to get involved in the charade, nevertheless, he is not opposed to dispensing constructive criticism.

"Smoke on the Daughter" 5 611

Alice pays a visit to Seattle and Roz is horrified to learn that she has become just like her aunt Denise, smoking and all together acting like a spoilt brat. Determined to get this “beast” out of her, Roz enlists the woman herself to convince Alice that having an attitude like hers won’t make her all that glamorous. To Roz’s surprise, Denise turns out to have done some serious changing while married to Kenny. Kenny doesn't like this woman Denise has become, so he and Roz team up to get their wife and daughter’s old personalities back. Bulldog thinks that Alice’s new persona is masking something that happened in Paris. Meanwhile, Gil hires a monkey assistant to help him while his wrist sprain heals. Fiona thinks this is an animal rights violation while Carl hopes to train the monkey to do his tedious paperwork.

"WASP Sting" 6 612

Fiona is dreading a visit from her parents, and to get everyone fully prepared for their arrival, she informs them that they are WASPS. Carl isn’t sure what this means and mistakenly thinks they belong to an insect worshipping cult. Roz is determined to allow freedom of speech and religious expression at the station but gets more nervous after learning about WASP beliefs. Meanwhile, Bulldog researches the religion and is excited to learn that enough signatures could make his own religion official. He decides to put it to the test and organises a faith where he is worshipped as a God and any woman not wearing a bikini is considered a sinner. Roz, Fiona and the station face reprimands when Mr. and Mrs. Floyd stumble upon Bulldog telling everyone about his new religion. Gil tries to salvage the situation by getting them into the most exclusive restaurant in town, unaware that his choice doesn’t exactly cater to their particular beliefs. Poppy and the other women protest the sexist rules in Bulldog’s religion.

"Day of the Debt" 7 613

Gil’s brothers Phil and Bill Chesterton arrive at the station after getting kicked out by their mother, and Gil reluctantly agrees to let them move into his house. Realising he can’t cope with his brothers on his own, Gil coaxes Bulldog and Carl into living with him for a couple of days so he can get used to it. Bulldog is uncomfortable with this arrangement when rumours suggesting that he is gay and has left Roz for Gil start to spread. Carl wants to impress a group of cute college girls who live next door but finds that his skills as a love doctor don’t help him in the real world. Gil is annoyed for not being able to rely on his friends, and the situation with his brothers is no better. Fiona agrees to find out what went wrong between Phil, Bill and their mother, and is surprised to learn that they tried to swindle money from the Chesterton expense account. Figuring that the best way to get his brothers out of his hair is to help them repay their debt, Gil agrees to help Bill promote his magic show company, and ask Phil’s ex-wife Michelle for some of her divorce assets. Gil is annoyed though when his brothers express no gratitude for the help they’re receiving and eventually decides to ship them off to the family's private island when he discovers that an acre of land still belongs to the Chestertons.

"I.M. What I.M." 8 614

The employees are excited when the office’s internet is finally upgraded from their unbelievably outdated dial-up connection. Roz worries that the new instant messaging service has a bad effect on proper staff socialisation. However, she soon finds it is the perfect way to avoid confrontation after the company makes her fire several people in the accounting department. The employees are unhappy with this new method of dismissal, and people like Carl, Fiona and Poppy fear that they’re next in line for the dreaded I.M. Meanwhile, Gil, somewhat inexperienced with technological advancement, is tricked by Bulldog into thinking that his computer has developed a mind of its own and wants him to do its evil bidding.

"Thanks for the Information" 9 615

Poppy decides to throw a Thanksgiving dinner for everyone at the station, but when the day finally comes, everyone makes up an excuse not to come. Hurt, she decides to pack up and spend Thanksgiving with Ed in China, not quite realising the stipulations of their recent break-up. Roz feels guilty when she finds out what has happened, and after Bulldog informs her that Ed now has a fiancé, they worry that Poppy’s heart will be broken and elect to follow her to China. Luckily they manage to catch up to her at the airport, where the flights are experiencing substantial delays due to bad weather. Roz and Bulldog debate on how to break the news to Poppy. Later, Carl and Fiona show up at the airport, for a trip to Hawaii. Fiona is embarrassed to be seen like this and is adamant that it is purely a friendship thing as Carl happened to have a spare ticket. The five of them play a game of charades to pass the time, during which their neuroses come to a head. Meanwhile, Gil embarks on his usual “Thanksgiving tour” across Seattle, and is disgruntled to learn that the restaurants he usually criticises have anticipated his arrival.

"Little Shop of Yawners" 10 616

Fiona is upset when an embarrassing picture of her in Hawaii with Carl spreads across the station. Roz discovers the station’s liability when it comes to privacy issues and is forced to run a workshop on employee confidentiality. Roz struggles to get through the agonising experience, which consists of profoundly stupid re-enactments and crazy theoretical conversations. However, Fiona finds that it is a great help for her problem and is happy that something is being done about it. Gil and Bulldog start to grow suspicious of why Fiona has such privacy issues and run afoul of Roz when they try to find out more about her, practically spitting on everything she said in the workshop. Meanwhile, things can only get worse when Poppy accidentally has the photograph printed on thousands of company-provided Christmas cards.

"A Chicago Kind of Christmas" 11 617

Carl invites Roz and Bulldog to Christmas Eve dinner at his parents’ house in Chicago when their oven packs in. Roz struggles to make conversation with Carl’s parents, who are obviously depressed with their marriage and desperately want to get out. Bulldog hits it off with Carl’s father, a war veteran who delights him with his bloody stories. Carl and Roz eventually slip out and decide to explore the sights around Chicago. Things become awkward when Roz realises Carl has a crush on her, so she attempts to break the silence by visiting Niles and Daphne Crane. Roz enjoys catching up with the Cranes and learns that they are running their own psychiatric practice together. Before she knows it, the discussion has come back to Carl’s inappropriate crush, which Niles seeks to resolve with Daphne's help. Sebastian Belle also shows up with a beautiful Christmas tree and accidentally knocks Carl over the head, pushing out any memories of him ever moving to Seattle. Roz realises that she must confront Carl’s crush to get him better, and enlists the help of the three eager psychiatrists who annoy her with their profound know-it-all attitudes. Back at the Banks house, Bulldog quickly becomes bored of Mr. Banks’ war stories and accidentally unlocks a whole new Pandora’s Box of misery after trying to change the subject. Meanwhile in Seattle, Poppy, Fiona and Gil enter a Christmas jingle-writing contest.

"Blame it on the Station" 12 618

Gil breaks his arm in a driving incident and becomes an insufferable “equal rights for the disabled” peddler at the station. To make matters worse, he has enlisted annoying bible-pusher and fierce activist June Archer in his cause. Roz is asked by her superiors to get Gil to sign a non-liability waiver as the incident occurred in the parking lot. Poppy and Fiona must deal with the worsening situation when Gil and June have many people speaking up about their various “disabilities”, and Roz is convinced that they’re all just looking for big fat paycheques. Meanwhile, Bulldog is upset when he can’t claim anything because he doesn’t have any noticeable disability. Carl blames the station for pressuring him to smoke in an attempt to get free nicotine patches and quit for his girlfriend.

"Rozt" 13 619

Evacuations get underway at the station after the fire alarm goes off. Roz, Bulldog, Gil, Carl, Fiona, Poppy and several other employees gather on an elevator to travel to the assembly point; however, it unexpectedly breaks mid-travel and makes a crash landing. Fortunately, there are no injuries, but as the group step out of the elevator, they realise they have arrived in a place they’ve never seen before: the sub-basement. Forced to deal with this strange new world, Roz assumes her role as the leader, but disturbing noises from deep within the storage facilities and no hope of rescue without a second elevator makes tensions rise. Bulldog assembles a team to locate a fax machine and make contact with the floors above. Shocking confrontations, including Gil’s lost Persian cat and a group of sweaty labourers (the “Odours”), add to the tension. Carl becomes obsessed with opening a hatch which he believes leads to an abandoned stairwell. Fiona begins to question her use in the situation, and Poppy struggles to escape her sordid past, wracked with guilt over the possibility that she left the microwave on. Flashbacks detail where everyone was before the incident.

"Jack's Back" 14 620

When Gil goes on vacation, Roz searches for someone to temporarily fill his position on Restaurant Beat. She is surprised when Jack Casablancas shows up for the job, looking to make a good name for himself in Seattle again. Roz happily gives him a chance, but worries about the repercussions for the station (and herself) when one of Jack’s high-strung ex-mistresses threatens to disclose some steamy photos of him to the media unless he is taken off the air. Meanwhile, after the fire incident in the previous episode, Poppy must attend a workshop on fire safety. Bulldog agrees to join her next class to make it less unbearable, but Poppy is annoyed when he develops a “class clown” reputation and stalls everyone’s progress.

"Curse of the Radio Booth" 15 621

When the radio booths are renovated, Gil is afraid he’ll suffer a series of bad luck experiences after accidentally walking under one of the labourer’s ladders. Gil is determined to deal with whatever bad luck comes his way in a mature and dignified fashion but winds up begging Carl to switch booths. Carl reluctantly agrees, but he too begins to feel unlucky after doing a few shows in there. Soon the radio booth is being traded non-stop and is eventually abandoned altogether. Roz finds it silly that a perfectly good booth is no longer being used and tries to convince everyone that there isn’t a curse on it. However, her own bad luck soon challenges Roz’s optimistic attitude. Meanwhile, Gil manages to find comfort in an old radio booth in the basement, but quickly learns why it was abandoned after uncovering a trick which allows him to broadcast entirely on his own channel. Carl is not happy with this development when Gil’s plan has both their shows playing at the same time, fighting for ratings.

"Return to Gil's Island" 16 622

Gil, Bulldog and Carl head to the Chesterton private island when Gil discovers his brothers, Phil and Bill, are involved in a land dispute with the neighbouring town. Gil is annoyed with constantly having to come to his family’s rescue, and Carl encourages him to confront them about it. Before he knows it, he and Bulldog are involved in a massive feud at the Chesterton family home, meeting Gil’s bizarre family and just trying to stay out of the way. Bulldog is further horrified to learn that a recent ban on alcohol has come to pass on the island, which means no escaping to the bottom of a beer glass. Back in Seattle, Poppy tries to teach Fiona to be assertive when Roz is mad at her for letting Gil and Carl leave without getting replacements first.

"The Most Un-PC Story Ever Told" 17 623

Roz is put in charge of a television commercial for the station, and she opens the floor for suggestions. Roz struggles to deal with the suggestions when they prove to be worse than she expected, and any idea that’s even half-decent would be deemed inappropriate for TV. Rather than telling the truth, Roz instead decides to pretend that the company has changed its mind and has sent over instructions for how the commercial must be made. She enlists Carl and Fiona to play parts in the film, making Gil, Bulldog and Poppy jealous as they feel they were shunned for looking too old. The three of them decide to make their own commercial and pit it against Roz’s to see which one the company likes best. While their effort takes on board any suggestion the employees had, Roz sticks to a clean, politically correct script. As one of the directors, Gil soon realises his commercial is getting wildly out of control, while Roz worries that hers will simply send people to sleep. The two of them soon realise they will have to pull together and utilise the best of both worlds, but when the ending result is turned down by the company, they instead focus their efforts on putting on the most offensive, humiliating commercial ever made.

"A Walk on the Wild Side" 18 624

Roz is forced to attend a mandatory business conference in Boston. Carl advises her to go wild because the trip and its expenses are being paid for by the company. Roz agrees to take Carl with her (at the company’s expense), and he decides to show her how to be really wild. They go overboard with purchases on the first-class flight and irritate the hotel workers by constantly ordering unnecessary items and abusing the room service. The company dispatches its latest employee Jen Webber to the hotel to deal with the situation and find out who is costing them all this money. Roz and Carl realise they will have to “break” Jen and turn her to the wild side if they are to stay out of trouble. Back in Seattle, Bulldog is concerned when he learns Carl accompanied Roz, remembering the crush he had on her. Not wanting to humiliate himself, Bulldog asks Poppy and Fiona to distract him from his worries however possible.

"Go-to Guy Goes to Hell" 19 625

The company dispatches its latest CEO, Chandler Kennedy, to the station when it goes over the budget. Gil and Carl are among the many radio personalities fearing they will either have their paycheques slashed or be fired. Chandler and Bulldog develop a friendship when Bulldog gives him advice on how to deal with the situation without stepping on any toes. Bulldog enjoys being Chandler’s go-to guy and is happy to finally be doing something important at the station. However, the others accuse him of flirting with the enemy, and Bulldog is forced to re-evaluate their friendship and his new job when Chandler starts making unwelcome sexual passes at Roz. Meanwhile, Fiona becomes jealous of all the attention the other women at the station get, despite telling everyone on her first day that she would not use her feminine wiles to make progress in the business world. Poppy tells her that it’s okay to use them a little, and agrees to teach her how to dress professionally, but at the same time, sexily.

"A Night of Revelations" 20 626

Fiona discovers that her parents are divorcing after her dad decided he doesn’t want to be a WASP anymore. Although happy with this change of heart, Fiona worries that her dad will want to move in with her, so she realises she has no choice but to get her parents back together. Enlisting the help of Roz and Poppy, she throws a dinner party to make them realise why they loved each other so much. Unfortunately, the entire evening is a nightmare when Poppy brings the mood down after learning Ed is having a baby with a Chinese woman. Later, Roz overhears Mr. Floyd in the kitchen and comes to believe that he isn’t Fiona’s biological father. Meanwhile, Bulldog, Carl and Gil decide to have a guy’s night out, but quickly realise they each have very different ideas of fun.

"The Case of the Missing Critic" (Part 1) 21 627

Gil is upset to learn that his former mentor, Elias Marlin, has died. He soon comes to believe that it may not have been a choking incident as everyone thinks after uncovering a paper trail of long-standing rivalries between Marlin and local restaurant owners. He enlists the help of Carl and Bulldog to investigate the mysterious circumstances, and they go undercover at the three restaurants Marlin most recently criticised. At a fancy Italian bistro, Carl desperately tries to avoid a table of women at a bachelorette party, having slept with most of them during his early days in Seattle. Bulldog is forced to spend the evening washing dishes after inadvertently breaking an expensive piece of art at Le Cigare Volant. With his two friends incapacitated, Gil is forced to take on the investigation himself and is approached by a masked stranger in the alley behind a restaurant. Gil is told to be careful because local critics have been going missing for over a month, leaving Gil to wonder if this is paranoia or the real deal.

"Ducking Donuts" (Part 2) 22 628

The staff are unexpectedly taken hostage by the new doughnut vendor, Zachary, a man out to avenge his father, who died without his dream of getting back on the radio being realised. Roz is overcome with guilt, remembering that she fired the man from 30 years ago when she was first running KACL because he was clumsy and caused lots of offence on the airwaves. In flashback, Roz borrows one of Noel Shempsky’s sci-fi toys to protect herself, not quite at the point where she could confidently make business decisions. In the present Roz realises she must face up to her past actions if she is to get everyone out of the station safely. Meanwhile, Carl is stick with Fiona in her office after hiding from Zachary’s warning shots, and Fiona is determined not to let anything happen between them. Bulldog is trying to come out of the day as a hero because they always get respect and he is tired of not receiving any. Gil just wants to do his show in time because he has never let down his fans. At the same time, he’s convinced that Zachary was responsible for Elias Marlin’s death to silence him after he found out about the potential hostage situation.

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