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"Open Your Eyes" (Part 1) 1 629

One month after the hostage situation, life at the station is returning to normal. Roz has made an oath to be more diplomatic when it comes to firing people but finds that the tough work persona she’s spent years developing went away after what happened with Zachary. Fiona, now assistant manager, struggles to make headway with the employees, in fear of ruining her friendships with them. Carl is on a mission to get his groove back when his romance advice proves to be ill-fated on numerous occasions, but he refuses to admit that the hostage situation affected him more than he thought. Poppy takes out a personal ad after realising that life is short, and after a series of disastrous meetings, Bulldog agrees to act as her safety net, looking to play the hero after briefly enjoying his fifteen minutes of fame. Gil attends the funeral of his former mentor Elias Marlin and is convinced that the man of honour would not be pleased with the food service. Everyone takes to unwinding at the local firing range to deal with their grievances in their own way. Roz accidentally shoots Bulldog in the arm after being told that the company plans on starting a second chance program for convicted felons.

"Open Your Eyes" (Part 2) 2 630

Roz must break the news of the second chance program to her employees. At the same time, she is dealing with guilt after inadvertently shooting Bulldog in the arm. He’ll be okay soon enough, but that doesn’t stop him from wanting to be treated like a king. After the news gets out, Gil, who had a bad experience with a criminal once and has been intolerant of them ever since, hides all his belongings in a place so well-hidden that he can’t even remember where it is the next day. Gil enlists Carl and Fiona to help him find the place. Carl starts to see it as his own quest, feeling that finding Gil’s stuff will help him achieve closure with what happened, and restore the quality of his show. Fiona agreed to come along because she feels she has to do what everyone wants, so Poppy tries to help her say “no”, as that makes a good leader. Zachary, the first arrival in the program, starts work in the prop department. It seems that he wants to make peace with the employees, and Roz is determined to make this reality because she believes it will lift the station’s “black cloud." After Zachary’s apology, Gil is able to deal with Marlin’s death, and Roz tells Bulldog to stop acting like such a big wimp.

"Spin the Bottle" 3 631

Poppy discovers that her mother is leaving town for a world wine tour and wants her to come along. Poppy, who has never been much of a wine fan, worries that turning down the offer will put a crimp on the already rocky relationship she has with Patricia. She goes to Fiona for help, who suggests that she starts experimenting with wine and hopefully develop a taste for it. Poppy is shocked when she discovers an “S.O.S.” message in a bottle of merlot and becomes convinced that the recycling plant the wine company gets bottles from knows about a group of desert island survivors. Poppy’s suspicion escalates to the point where she believes that her biological father became stranded there during the great wine tour incident of 1983. Meanwhile, Bulldog is upset when his arm cast is taken off, and people no longer act sympathetic around him, making Roz worry that he will try to acquire more injuries for a better parking space.

"Roz Unscripted" 4 632

When the writers of the KACL radio dramas go on strike, Roz enlists Fiona to help her re-negotiate their contracts to save a high-rated, long-running series from going off the air. However, the strike isn’t settled in time for the next show, forcing Bulldog, Carl, Poppy and Gil to work on a script themselves. Poppy reveals herself to be a fan of the show, having grown up listening to it with her grandmother. Poppy’s input helps them catch up on what’s happened so far, and everyone enjoys bringing their ideas forward. Unfortunately, Bulldog, Carl and Gil are soon getting tired of Poppy’s dictatorship, and they remind her that it is a team effort. Poppy agrees to stop being so controlling but realises that she’ll have to re-think this decision when the radio performers seem reluctant to work with a script written by amateurs. Before they know it, the actors have joined the writers in their strike, forcing the group to take on their roles. Meanwhile, serious negotiations aren’t getting Roz and Fiona anywhere, and things soon come down to which side will “break” first by going to the bathroom.

"Blurb Your Enthusiasm" 5 633

Roz is delighted when a small ad for KACL is taken out in the Seattle Times until she realises the duty to write a short blurb about the station falls on her. Roz struggles to find something to say about the station that would make people want to tune in; at the same time, Gil, Carl and the other radio personalities pester her about wanting to get mentioned in the blurb. Roz eventually decides to hire a professional writer for the job and winds up costing the company a lot more money than it would have done to get a full-page advertisement. Meanwhile, Bulldog runs into an ex-girlfriend at the newspaper, who now works there as the editor-in-chief. Bulldog later becomes convinced that a young photographer he bares many similarities to, Aaron, is his illegitimate son from a brief fling during his early days at KACL.

"Chill in the Airwaves" 6 634

A Halloween film festival is coming to Seattle and Bulldog encourages Carl and Gil to enter it with him. They decide to put together a horror movie, but quickly find that the few actors they can afford don’t put on a very convincing performance. Bulldog then gets the idea of scaring the employees at the station and then filming them for a genuinely spine-tingling experience. Fiona soon gets sick of their antics and enlists Poppy to get them back by showing them actual fear. However, the girls get more than they bargained for when, on Halloween night, they find themselves locked in the station at the end of their shift. Creepy moans and disturbing chain rattling add to the tension, and when it becomes apparent that Bulldog, Carl and Gil are also stuck in the station with them, they realise that someone else is putting together an even more terrifying horror movie, and they’re the stars. It’s up to Roz to come to the rescue, but she’s pre-occupied at the moment; juggling between bratty trick-or-treaters and the knowledge that Bulldog might have an illegitimate son.

"Dirty Laundry Dinner" 7 635

Bulldog is shocked when Roz invites his potentially illegitimate son Aaron to dinner. Afraid of the dirty laundry that will be aired if the three of them dine alone, Bulldog devises a plan to invite all his friends to the dinner. Advertising it as a Thanksgiving dinner party, he hopes to derail Roz’s plan. Roz winds up letting the truth slip anyway because the knowledge was eating her up on the inside and the night becomes one to remember. Bulldog tries to keep the focus off this revelation by bringing the others’ secrets out in the open. Gil is humiliated when Bulldog reveals an unflattering truth about a recent review. Fiona and Carl are forced to admit they slept together shortly after the hostage situation. Poppy learns what Ed really thought of their fling. Back-stabbing and public humiliation ensues, until Roz points everyone in the direction of who is to blame: Bulldog. Bulldog realises he will have to confront his past to get through this catastrophic dinner, and tells of the events that lead to Aaron’s conception. While Roz is just happy that Bulldog didn’t cheat on her, Aaron confesses he has no desire to be a part of his warped family and quietly leaves. Bulldog realises he should at least try and fix things with Aaron, and persuades him to meet him for lunch at Nervosa.

"Rusetaurant" 8 636

Gil and several other Seattle critics are invited to the grand re-opening of a restaurant they all criticised on their respective forums last year. Gil is determined to approach it with an open mind but has trouble getting his first visit to the restaurant out of his mind. However, Gil is forced to work with the other critics when it turns out that the re-opening was a ruse so the owners could get all the people who destroyed their livelihoods in one place and take revenge. They are all forced to write reviews praising the restaurant and make an announcement on the radio, retracting their former opinions. Back at the station, Bulldog hears Gil’s retraction and, convinced that he would never willingly say such things, he believes him to be in trouble. Enlisting the help of Roz, Fiona and Poppy (as his “angels”), Bulldog begins a hunt for Gil. Roz can’t help but worry that Gil has actually been “poached” from KACL and is now working at another station.

"Poppy in the Backseat" 9 637

When Poppy’s driving license is suspended for a brief moment of road rage, she is forced to attend traffic school and car-pool with Fiona in the meantime. It soon becomes apparent that as well as being incessantly chatty, Poppy is also a backseat driver. Fiona worries that ending their carpooling will put a crimp in their friendship, so she asks Gil to take over for a while. Poppy soon finds herself being bounced from one person to another when they can’t stand her comments any longer. Poppy also learns that the traffic school is more than just learning about road safety, and hits it off with instructor Reggie, who shows her the pains of having a backseat driver. Meanwhile, Aaron is tired of working for his mother at the Seattle Times, so Bulldog gets him an interview for a courier job at the station. Roz is annoyed that Bulldog expects her to disappoint all the other, more qualified candidates because Aaron is his son, so she deliberately scrutinises him during the interview. Carl is convinced that Roz is afraid that, with Aaron around, she will no longer come first.

"My Gift to You" 10 638

Elias Marlin’s sister shows up at the station and encourages Gil to make peace with the people he’s criticised in the past. Gil is reluctant to do so because it would be a violation of his oath as a respectable critic but agrees to do so as a final favour to his former mentor. Gil starts sending flowers and various other gifts to the local restaurant owners, but when he receives invitations for free meals at their restaurants as thanks, he fears turning them down will destroy his new friendships and send him back to square one. Gil starts giving the invitations to other people at the station and ends up forming several new rivalries after they are disgusted by the food. Meanwhile, Bulldog is convinced that Elias' sister isn’t who she says she is after watching an episode of America’s Most Wanted, believing her to belong to a family of mobsters who own a competing restaurant chain.

"Soundproof Monk" 11 639

June Archer returns to the station to peddle her religious beliefs, this time as a nun. June surprises everyone when she reveals something she heard in her monastery: in his youth, Bulldog was a monk. Bulldog reveals this to be true after he had a “religious experience”, later realising it was down to the pot. To Bulldog’s surprise, nobody is able to believe that he was once a religious man, and he becomes determined to prove them wrong. Carl suggests he takes an oath of silence as it shows great discipline keeping quiet. Bulldog acts on the idea, and he is soon having to refrain himself from speaking. However, this is made harder by the people that now surround him, and on top of things, June’s religious tirades just make him want to scream. Meanwhile, Poppy, with Roz and Fiona, visits the monastery she briefly stayed at as an orphaned infant, and they wind up getting involved in a tough poker game with three oddly determined nuns.

"House of 1000 Christmas Trees" 12 640

Roz, Bulldog, Stuart and Alice are invited to spend Christmas Eve with Aaron and his family. Roz is not happy about meeting Bulldog’s “other” family but is determined to keep a warm front because she wants him to have a good relationship with his son. She is subsequently shocked to find that Aaron’s family live in a luxurious mansion and that it’s the most Christmassy place she’s ever seen. Bulldog struggles to get along with Aaron’s mother, who manages to turn the entire house staff against him. Stuart goes hunting for a turkey and gets into trouble after shooting a neighbour in the arm by accident. Roz delights in being pampered, but questions whether a spark she saw between Alice and Aaron is worth mentioning. Back in Seattle, Carl, Fiona and Gil volunteer at the local homeless shelter with Poppy and her friends from the monastery, and wind up getting into a fierce competition over who can distribute food the quickest.

"Weenies" 13 641

Roz is dismayed to learn that Bulldog plans on entering a hot dog eating contest, revealing that suppressing food is a talent he held in his youth. Unable to get through to him about the consequences, Roz instead decides to join a group of vegetarians protesting against more pigs being slaughtered for the sake of competition. Fiona, a vegetarian herself, is proud of Roz for upholding a vegetarian lifestyle until she catches her sneaking a juicy piece of meat in the station basement. Remembering Bulldog’s cardiac event five years ago, Roz decides to visit his cardiologist and is surprised by his suggestion to withhold sex to keep Bulldog acting sensibly. At the same time, she must deal with the other protestors berating her for lying about being a vegetarian, all the while being angry towards Fiona for ratting her out. Meanwhile, Gil helps Bulldog train for the contest by preparing practise weenies, until he is dismissed for his bad cooking.

"Song for a Radio Boy" 14 642

Roz reluctantly throws a karaoke party for the company CEO to celebrate another successful business year. She is soon worried that nobody will want to sing and that it will reflect poorly on the station, and more importantly, herself. Roz’s tension increases when she realises that Jen Webber is now acting CEO, and she badly craves entertainment. When she learns that Carl has a great singing voice, Roz becomes determined to get him on stage. Meanwhile, Gil regrets persuading Poppy to get on stage when she turns out to have the opposite personality completely up there.

"A Dog Takes a Chance" 15 643

Roz discovers that another convicted felon is due to be sent to the station as part of the second chance program, and is further mortified to learn that it is Bulldog, who is using a minor conviction from his youth as an excuse to work at the station again. Bulldog reveals that he was afraid Roz wouldn’t want to hire him because of past experience, which makes her question her professionalism. Bulldog is dismayed to find that even his friends look at him differently now that he is a known ex-convict, and rumours spread of the crime he committed. Bulldog goes to doughnut vendor Zachary for help on how to deal with this changing environment, while Roz is determined to prove she can put her personal life aside for professionalism by purposely stirring up problems on both sides. Meanwhile, Carl discovers he and Bulldog lived on the same street during their teens and is subsequently convinced that he was the one responsible for stealing his very first car.

"Everything Comes Down to the Bedroom" 16 644

Bulldog can’t help feeling awkward when Poppy enters into a relationship with Aaron. Roz tells Bulldog that it is perfectly alright because Aaron is a consenting adult, but Bulldog still pictures Aaron as a kid because they haven’t known each other very long. Carl is convinced that Bulldog is feeling guilty for never doing “kiddy” things with Aaron, and encourages them to change this. However, Bulldog’s blossoming relationship with his son could be thrown off course when Poppy discovers Aaron has a certain problem in the bedroom, and rumours spread at the station suggesting that it could be hereditary. Meanwhile, Gil sees a new side to Fiona when she reveals she put a baby up for adoption in high-school.

"Her Name Was Roz, She Was a Showgirl" 17 645

A retiring radio star, Herb, comes to the station to reminisce about the years he spent there and becomes a hit among the staff when he starts telling stories from his days in the Gulf war. Everyone is shocked when Herb recognises Roz as one of the “entertainers” from a tour of duty. Roz reveals it was true, and that her mother had pressured into doing something for the country. Roz is embarrassed about this part of her life, and her embarrassment shows no sign of letting up when Herb requests one last “performance” before making his leave. Roz goes to the employees for suggestions, afraid of the ramifications for the station – and herself – if she disappoints a man who fought for America. Meanwhile, Poppy is jealous of the newfound attention Roz has been receiving ever since her days in the army came to light, and while telling everyone that she finds it appalling, she secretly longs to be letched at herself – and Gil takes it upon himself to make this happen.

"Keeping Up with the Marlins" 18 646

Gil is invited to a charity function being held by the Marlins, family of his deceased mentor, Elias Marlin. Gil soon realises he is only going there because he meant something to Elias, while everyone else makes their disdain for him well known. However, Gil soon finds himself invited to more and more functions with the Marlins, and he begins to wonder if they are just using him because he is the last connection to Elias they have. Gil decides to help them get over Elias' death, by helping them get to know the man they spent much of his adult life neglecting. Carl and Fiona discover the delights of party crashing when they tag along to the Marlins’ various functions and run afoul of an oddly determined security guard. Meanwhile, Aaron decides to quit his job at the station to open his own courier service. Bulldog is afraid that advising him against this will be overstepping his boundaries, and worried that Aaron’s first business venture will be a failure, he asks Poppy to use her special connection with Aaron to make him see sense. Bulldog is overcome with guilt when this results in their breakup, and Roz forces him to bring them back together.

"The Station Baby" 19 647

When an accountant, Lauren, reveals she is pregnant, the employees become taken with the idea of “adopting” the baby when it becomes apparent that she will be raising it alone. Bulldog and Gil decide to go out looking for a crib and get into a feud over what colour is appropriate for which gender. Carl and Poppy head to company headquarters to fight for an extension of Lauren's maternity leave, and Poppy is forced to pretend she is pregnant to get what they want. However, their task becomes more difficult when the CEO demands a picture of her sonogram. Meanwhile, Fiona goes to her sisters for advice on designer maternity clothes and ends up sitting through a WASP ceremony. Roz is delighted at how the station is coming together to help Lauren in her time of need, but worries about disappointing everyone when Lauren reveals she would prefer to raise her child without the employees’ input.

"Ain't She a Stinker?" 20 648

In a tribute to Looney Tunes, Roz debates whether to let the employees bring their guns in “for protection” after Gil kicks up a fuss over the security guard’s semi-automatic pistol. Carl says that the security guard should be allowed a gun because he is protecting the station, and Roz agrees – but before she knows it, everyone is coming up with excuses to bring in their own weapons. Roz tells everyone she’ll think about it over the weekend and she’ll have an answer for them on Monday. That night, Roz is plagued with a dream where the station is overrun with weaponry, and everyone is feuding with each other and letting off bombs, guns and various other ACME-like devices. Bulldog experiments with several wacky traps to catch the man responsible for stealing his lunch every day, but the perpetrator manages to outsmart him at every corner. Gil and Carl run afoul of the visiting CEO, who is in a firing mood; Gil argues that it is “food season” and his show will have the highest ratings; while Carl claims that it is “love season” and that he will come out on top. Finally, Fiona’s cat won’t leave Poppy’s bird alone, creating a comically violent rift between them. After the dream, Roz decides not to allow weapons in the station after all, and when asked why she made this decision, she tells them “that’s all, folks” and that she doesn’t want to hear about it anymore.

"It's a Blunderful Life" 21 649

Roz begins to feel the employees don’t appreciate their jobs when Fiona unexpectedly resigns to work at a radio station in Chicago. She becomes determined to show them that the station isn’t just a revolving door they can walk through when they get bored, and come back expecting their old jobs. However, after Poppy returns from an unauthorised absence, Roz is faced with laying down the law and firing one of her best friends, so she isn’t accused of favouritism. Conflicted, Roz is haunted by nightmares of all the people she’s fired in the past and experiences a surreal, It’s a Wonderful Life-type vision where the world is a much better place because the firings never happened. Meanwhile, Carl is worried that Fiona’s departure has made him lose his mojo after a string of bad luck in the romance department. Bulldog and Gil provide him with bizarre tips to help him get back on track.

  • Fiona Floyd's last appearance as a main character.
"Home is Where the Art Is" 22 650

When Roz discovers that her mother doesn’t have long left, she decides to take her back to Wisconsin so she can die peacefully in the place where she was raised. Roz neglects to tell Bulldog, unable to deal with everything at once. Bulldog is startled when Roz asks Carl to go with her on the trip, and mistakenly thinks it is a romantic thing. However, Carl merely has experience in losing a parent and Roz thinks it will be helpful. Bulldog is soon plagued with nightmares regarding a potential romance between them. In Wisconsin, Roz finds it difficult to be around her mother due to her Alzheimer’s disease and ends up running off to the Milwaukee art museum for some peace. Carl, meanwhile, is surprised to find that Bulldog has followed him and Roz, and tries to convince Bulldog to leave without doing any more damage because he doesn’t want to see their marriage ruined. The two get into a scrape in the museum, and in the process, they inadvertently create a magnificent piece of art. Bulldog is faced with the ultimate choice when Joanna turns out to love the art piece and requests to be buried with it, which means waving goodbye to the fortune he’s always wanted. Back in Seattle, Poppy and Aaron unexpectedly announce their engagement, but a lukewarm response from the employees makes them decide to elope instead, and they head to Las Vegas.

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