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Title Season # Series #
"Ro$" 1 651

Roz, Bulldog, Gil and Carl join Poppy in Las Vegas when they receive word of her engagement, but quickly realise they are there for a different reason: Poppy is in jail on suspicion of helping Aaron swindle thousands of dollars from a casino, and she is already driving her cellmates crazy. Aaron has disappeared, and Poppy has been left to take the fall. Roz and Gil go to the casino in the hopes of talking to Poppy’s accuser. Gil delights in trying out all kinds of food at the casino’s buffet table until he realises it wasn’t free as he first thought. Roz is faced with falling back into her gambling addiction when the accuser offers not to press charges against Poppy if she helps him beat his casino rivals at their weekly poker game. Meanwhile, Bulldog and Carl search for Aaron. At the same time, they are trying to restore their friendship after their scrape in Wisconsin. Bulldog is determined to prove he can come through for his friends when Carl says all he cares about is visiting Vegas’s many tourist attractions.

"Poppy Love" 2 652

When Poppy seems noticeably depressed after her break-up with Aaron, the others start to worry, while Roz looks into the station’s responsibility for employee depression. Carl is shocked and says that Roz should just stand by her as a friend. However, Roz is surprised when the news manages to get to her superiors at the company, who advise her to stage an intervention with Poppy to be confident that she won’t blame the station for making her feel this way. Roz is annoyed with the company for interfering in her friendships and opts to have a heart-to-heart with Poppy instead, but quickly finds that she has reverted back to her old, money-hungry ways after her heartbreak, and is determined to squeeze every last cent out of the station she can. What’s worse is that Poppy has enlisted her insufferable mother Patricia in her cause, who is like she used to be in a lot of ways. Forced to enter negotiations with Poppy and Patricia, Roz is determined to get everything back to normal and tries to convince Ed over the phone to give Poppy the confidence boost she desperately needs.

"Around the World in 80 Dishes" 3 653

Gil is surprised to find he is being stalked by a determined restaurant owner who is making a desperate attempt to get a retraction, convinced the poor review Gil gave him years ago was the point his life fell apart. Gil agrees to visit the restaurant and asks his friends to join him. The long evening proves to be a disaster as the gang are forced to endure cuisine from all around the world, and the owner manages to make them all feel guilty when they try to leave. The next day, Gil begins to wonder if his life will be in danger if he criticises the restaurant again, and is faced with making a difficult choice about his reputation as a respected food critic. Meanwhile, Bulldog and Carl combat food poisoning after their meals and even manage to find competition in suppressing their vomit.

"Whose Line-Up is it Anyway?" 4 654

Bulldog is called to a police line-up, but none are Aaron. However, amazed at how many people look like his son, Bulldog discovers a world of celebrity lookalikes and becomes invested in one of the men’s look-alike business. With his anniversary to Roz coming up, Bulldog hopes to get her favourite “celebrity” to appear at their party, but quickly finds he doesn’t know who it is. At the same time, Bulldog wonders what he has gotten himself into when he realises the clients look nothing like the celebrities they are portraying. Meanwhile, Carl helps Poppy get back on the single’s scene, and quickly finds that she makes a good “wingman” by successfully pointing him out to women. Carl soon begins to feel guilty for not being able to return the favour and attempts to find a date for Poppy through alternate means, ending up hiring a male escort by accident.

"Boys and Grills" 5 655

Roz is shocked to learn that Poppy has been taking the employees on expensive business lunches every day for the last few weeks in an attempt to make amends after her lawsuit. Roz decides to confront her at their next stop, a Benihana restaurant and is overcome with guilt when she inadvertently trips one of the employees up, leaving him with several injuries from one of the grills. Roz becomes determined to make it up to him, and at the same time, she fights a demand for punitive damages from the restaurant for breaking the grill and stirring up bad morale among the customers. Poppy worries about no longer being liked since she can’t take people on business lunches anymore, and becomes determined to find an alternate solution that’ll earn her a place in everyone’s heart. Poppy runs into her old driving instructor Reggie, and they finally make a date. However, their blossoming romance could be over quickly when Reggie ironically decides to take Poppy to the same Benihana restaurant. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Bulldog and Gil are posing as dish-cleaners in an attempt to find the leverage Roz needs to get out of her problem.

"Voice of Unreason" 6 656

Carl is surprised to learn that a female listener has fallen in love with his voice, but soon learns from the other personalities that this is generally not good as there is usually a jealous husband involved. Carl considers hiring a bodyguard and is the butt of jokes when the man sent for the job turns out to be short, rotund and rather clumsy with a weapon. Carl soon begins to suspect that the bodyguard is actually the listener’s husband and he tries to prove this without putting himself at risk for an ass-kicking. Meanwhile, Gil is jealous because nobody has ever fallen in love with his voice. Determined to change that, he enlists the help of the station’s dialect expert who, scorned over a bad review Gil gave his brother, winds up teaching him a particular dialect that makes him sound like a German house-frau.

"Hate Actually" 7 657

A psychiatrist comes to the station for a week of shows and annoys everyone by constantly analysing them. Roz is determined not to be such an open book, but the psychiatrist is able to analyse her straightaway and says that her relationship with Bulldog is built on hatred. Roz denies this up and down, but soon realises that the most important moments in their lives together always stemmed from heated arguments. Determined to prove the psychiatrist wrong, Roz attempts to go a week without arguing with Bulldog, and the two quickly find themselves descending into a generic, typical marriage. Roz sadly accepts that she and Bulldog need to argue if their marriage is to survive and their suppressed feelings put a rain cloud over the station which affects everyone. Meanwhile, afraid of coming across as promiscuous, Poppy has trouble complying with the “third date” rule when she’s around Reggie, and she enlists Carl and Gil to distract her when necessary.

"Nevada Swift" 8 658

The employees are shocked to learn that Bonnie Weems has died from inhaling too many automobile fumes. Roz, Bulldog and Gil travel to the funeral in Nevada and say their goodbyes. Later that night at the hotel, Roz is mortified when Bonnie approaches her in the reception and reveals she faked her death to escape her marriage to Noel. Now she wants help in getting out of Nevada. Roz agrees to think about it. The next day, she struggles to hide this information from Noel, who invites her, Bulldog and Gil to brunch before their departure. Roz tries to subtlety reveal her knowledge without technically breaking the promise she gave Bonnie. Roz grows more anxious when she discovers the real reason why Bonnie wanted out so badly: Noel had planned on taking her to a Star Trek convention for their anniversary. Roz convinces Bulldog and Gil to go with her to the convention, hoping to cheer Noel up. After hours of boredom, Roz finally decides that some marriages are not meant to be and tells Noel everything. Noel orders her to take him to Bonnie’s hideout in the desert. The gang are forced to act quickly when the hideaway turns out to be on bomb testing grounds, and the Star Trek costumes they were all compelled to wear raises a few eyebrows amongst local law enforcement.

"Driven Crazy" 9 659

Poppy prepares to introduce Reggie to her parents but is upset when they take an instant disliking to him, Patricia bearing a grudge because Reggie refused to pass her in traffic school years ago. Poppy asks Reggie to give her mother another chance, and he agrees, but she is overcome with guilt when Reggie winds up in the hospital with minor injuries due to Patricia’s reckless driving. Worried about the consequences this will have on their relationship, Poppy lies about what happened when Reggie awakens with no memory of the past 24 hours. However, she is forced to take drastic action when Reggie’s memories begin to resurface. Meanwhile, Carl tries to convince Patricia not to sue for teacher’s incompetence.

"Let's All Go to the Lobby" 10 660

On the night of the SeaBea Awards, Bulldog is convinced that he saw his fugitive son, Aaron, in the hotel lobby. Due to the implausibility of this, Roz ends up thinking that Bulldog is cracking up and is unable to accept that his son is a criminal. Bulldog becomes determined to prove that he saw Aaron before the end of the night. Roz decides to get a radio doctor to join them at their table so he can provide insight and Bulldog is annoyed that his own wife doesn’t believe him. The radio doctor starts to irritate everyone when he locates their weaknesses after just five minutes, and in a rotten mood after being denied a SeaBea for the third year running, he decides to exploit them for fun. Soon Gil, Carl, Poppy are among the employees turning against each other, and Bulldog finds that the calamity is just the diversion he needs to find Aaron. Bulldog discovers him in the parking lot, and Aaron manages to save him from a group of large, angry men who he mistook for the catering staff hours earlier. Bulldog decides to let Aaron continue his life on the run, and to believably keep up this charade, he is forced to tell Roz and everyone at his table that he was wrong about what he saw.

"The Second Coming of Bebe" (Part 1) 11 661

Roz, Poppy and Gil are unexpectedly called to a monastery in Spokane, where they are shocked to find Bebe Glazer has been working there as a nun after she went into hiding thirteen years earlier. Poppy decides to stay at the monastery for a while after Bebe convinces her that she lives as a sinner in a corrupt business world. Gil infuriates the kitchen staff with his suggestions. All the while, Roz refuses to believe that Bebe has changed, and is convinced that the monastery, her work and everything she’s doing is all part of her biggest, most sinister scheme yet. Later, Poppy adjusts to life with the nuns of the Spokane monastery. She is determined to prove that she is not a sinner, and she runs afoul of the other nuns when her chattiness proves to be an unwelcome distraction in the confessional.

"The Second Coming of Bebe" (Part 2) 12 662

After returning to Seattle, Roz is plagued with nightmares about the apocalyptic consequences of letting Bebe's potential con unfold and decides to head back to Spokane to do something about it. Roz, accepting she may well be wrong about Bebe, confesses her concerns, and she winds up doing so to Poppy, who is now working in the confessional. The two devise a plan to find out where Bebe’s loyalties actually lie. Later, Bulldog and Carl arrive at the monastery, but they have not forgotten about their little argument, and they end up spilling pure holy water in front of the nuns. In the kitchens Gil overhears Bebe talking to someone over the phone, saying that things are going according to plan. This gives Roz the evidence she needs to confront Sister Marianne, the strict leader who has developed a hatred for Poppy ever since she drew out three of her nuns. Getting her point across proves to be a difficult feat for Roz due to Bulldog and Carl’s “blaspheming”, until Bebe turns the tables on everyone and reveals her true intentions.

"Season's Fleeings" 13 663

Roz, Bulldog and Poppy are invited to Christmas dinner with Aaron’s mother and his brother Samuel, as an apology for the trouble he caused them. Roz is shocked when she sees a spark between Poppy and Samuel and urges Poppy to ignore it because “heartbreak” might run in the family. Bulldog inadvertently reignites his old feud with the butler. The evening goes from bad to worse when Aaron unexpectedly turns up, wanting to spend Christmas with his family. Aaron is devastated when he catches Poppy and his brother making out in a broom closet and breaks several objects in frustration. This is just as the police arrive, responding to an anonymous report of a fugitive. The comfortable family dinner is soon mistaken for a potential hostage situation and Bulldog realises the only way for his son to have a decent future is for everyone to play along. Roz isn’t happy with this development; meanwhile Poppy tries to analyse her relationship with Samuel after their brief tryst.

"The Vending Machine" 14 664

Roz allows film director Barry Woods access to the station for his latest documentary: The Vending Machine. The employees quickly figure out that their time by the station vending machine is being filmed for the documentary in a critical look at the obesity crisis in America. Interviews are conducted with the friends of those who frequent the vending machine the most. Gil is surprised to learn just how much of a sweet tooth he has when he is told that he went back to the vending machine six times in one day. Poppy tries to butter Barry up in an attempt to get edited out of the film because she doesn’t want people to know she failed her latest diet. Poppy crosses paths with Bulldog, who wants a copy of the tape as he believes it will help him find the fabled office supply thief. Carl’s argument with another personality over the time taken to make a selection becomes the climax of the movie, angering him for being shown in this light. Roz quickly realises that the documentary is having a worse effect on the station than she anticipated, and is faced with waving goodbye to the intellectual art outpost she wanted it to become.

"Scents and Sensibility" 15 665

An eccentric business investor, Hamish Hatter, comes to the station looking for new inventions and ideas to invest his money in. Roz, Bulldog, Gil, Poppy and Carl are amused by Hamish's imaginative nature when he pulls various ideas out of the air from the people he meets. To Poppy’s surprise, Hamish is inspired by her smell to create bottled perfume: Poppy Scents. Poppy is delighted at her opportunity for fifteen minutes of fame and some extra cash in her pocket, but is faced with giving everything up – and disappointing Hamish – when it turns out that her smell is actually a scent made from the combination of various other perfumes. Meanwhile, Roz wonders just how credible Hamish when she learns his previous business ventures have been miserable failures, and Gil becomes the laughing stock of the station when she uncovers an embarrassing invention he and Hamish once tried to market.

"Return of the ***king" 16 666

Bulldog runs into Julia Wilcox at the unemployment office and inadvertently lets slip that the station is in need of a financial advisor. Roz reluctantly agrees to give her an interview, and despite her efforts to scrutinise and make the process difficult, Julia still comes out head and shoulders above the other candidates. Julia is ultimately hired, and she stirs things up at the station by spreading rumours she’s heard from her office, which happens to be right next to the water cooler. Roz soon realises that keeping Julia around any longer will tear apart the loving ‘family’ and decides she needs to be fired. However, before she can do the deed, Julia surprises everyone when she reveals she and Frasier Crane are back together. Roz wonders if this is a lie to get her attention and soon everyone is invested in the complicated love triangles between Roz, Julia, Bulldog, Charlotte and Frasier. On top of things, Roz has to step lightly around Julia when she claims she has 20% control of the company that owns KACL after a brief fling with the CEO. Meanwhile, Gil and Carl fight against the new "silent prayer hour" making their breaks in Café Nervosa a highly dull experience.

"Chesterton Travelling Freak Show" 17 667

Gil is shocked to find that his brothers, Bill and Phil, have opened a meals on wheels business, and now that they are in Seattle they want him to do a review. Gil flashes back to his childhood when Bill and Phil were in the business of making mud pies, and the disgusting taste inspired him to become a food critic. As a result of this memory, Gil assumes his brothers’ delicacies will be awful but is surprised to find that it is actually pretty good, at least for a fast food joint. Gil airs a review praising it on Restaurant Beat, and he decides to join them on their next stop, Spokane. However, their mode of transportation soon turns into a getaway van when it turns out that the food was stolen from Burger King, and now the company has sent two of its most cutthroat lawyers to deal with the problem.

"The Inspectionator" 18 668

The gang are excited over a newly renovated, modern radio booth designed for use with voice control. Gil, Carl and several other personalities fight over who gets to use it first; Roz is uncomfortable with how fast technology is evolving and misses the old fashioned radio booths of yore. Bulldog discovers that different actions can be activated by whatever word he chooses, and he decides to have some fun with it. Bulldog’s meddling results in a highly annoying song being played loudly every time Gil says “food” during his trial run. An inspector from company headquarters comes to the station to make sure it is complying to necessary upgrades, and Bulldog must change the words back as quickly as he can while the others stall. Roz, meanwhile, is plagued by nightmares featuring technology rebelling against the world and creates further problems for the inspection after spreading her fears.

"My Husband, the Car" 19 669

Roz and Bulldog go to the Seattle car expo, and Roz is annoyed when Bulldog loads up on useless car accessories in an effort to make his dream vehicle, the Dogmobile. When the transformation is complete, Roz is reluctant to admit that the car is functional and cool-looking with all the changes Bulldog has made. When everybody else begins to praise the vehicle, Roz starts to wonder if she has become a typical “nagging” wife and she becomes determined to stop this by letting Bulldog do what he pleases. However, Roz is faced with abandoning this decision when Bulldog is approached by a seedy businessman who wants to market his car ideas and is obviously a con artist. Meanwhile, Poppy is determined to prove that she isn’t vain after she stocks up on vanity supplies at the expo.

"Holy Ratrimony" 20 670

Roz, Bulldog and Gil receive invitations to Sebastian Belle and Laura Mead's wedding in Chicago. To their surprise, they are being seated as far apart from each other as possible during the wedding reception. Roz discovers that Sebastian has always viewed her and her friends as walking disasters and he doesn’t want anything going wrong on his special day. However, this may prove to be a pipe dream for poor Sebastian when Gil starts criticising the refreshments and word spreads amongst the tables. Bulldog gets into trouble after inadvertently damaging the ice sculpture, and his attempts to re-shape it end in embarrassment and a highly inappropriate likeness to the male anatomy. When Roz is invited to sit with a group of successful, intelligent women, she finds that there is life outside her eccentric circle of friends and starts to see that they are having an adverse effect on her lifestyle. Roz quickly realises that trouble always manages to find her after the women reveal they have come to wreck the wedding for love rat Sebastian after being scorned by him a few too many times. Back in Seattle, Reggie comes out of physiotherapy and Poppy, feeling responsible for his accident, argues with his bossy new girlfriend over who gets to take care of him.

"Bullgod" 21 671

When Bulldog gets sick of nobody listening to him at the station, he signs up for a course at the local YMCA on how to acquire power. The course proves useless, and the following night Bulldog is plagued with a dream in which he is a powerful God-like figure lording over the station. Bulldog struggles to respond to everyone’s prayers and expectations. Meanwhile, Poppy and Carl unexpectedly get locked in the cafeteria after closing, with just apples left for food. They are forced to ignore their hunger pains and avoid the apples for unknown reasons (later revealed that they were washed in contaminated water). Roz must decide whether or not to ‘sacrifice’ an employee after God demands that he is fired, a task made more difficult because she has always seen him as a son. Gil must choose two employees from every department to accompany him on his latest restaurant review.

"You Can't Give Old Dogs New Hips" 22 672

Poppy, jealous of all the time Reggie is spending with his controlling new girlfriend Louise, "steals" him while he is waiting in line at the bank in his wheelchair. When the police don’t take her report of abduction seriously, Louise goes to the guys at the station, and they all worry that Poppy has finally lost her marbles. Roz and Carl agree to help Louise search for them, and they track them down to the dog races. While Roz immediately hits the betting booths, Carl tries to talk some sense into Poppy, and she finally realises that Reggie isn’t “the one”. However, in this revelation, she accidentally lets go of Reggie’s wheelchair, making him roll onto the dog track and injure one of the racers. Poppy must deal with accusations of trying to fix the race, her guilt over putting the dog in the hospital, and the fact that she has wrecked another relationship. Roz realises that she’ll have to gamble like she’s never gambled before if she’s to get her friend out of the expensive trouble she’s gotten herself into. Meanwhile, Bulldog and Gil are plagued by a determined phone telemarketer.

"Roz's Choice" 23 673

Roz is surprised to learn that Vera and Marv Reynolds, the loveable couple who host an opinion forum on KACL, are getting divorced. Roz is faced with getting rid of one of them when working together proves to have a bad effect on the ratings due to their cynical outlook on marriage and love. Unable to choose who has to go, Roz decides to sit in on their divorce proceedings to find out more about their lifestyles. Roz is further dismayed to learn that they both have excellent qualities and sets on finding at least one flaw so she can make her decision with a clear head. When she realises that Marv had an affair with another woman, Roz’s conflict intensifies when it turns out that the second woman is Bonnie Weems – fresh on the market after divorcing Noel. Meanwhile, Bulldog fears for his own marriage after spotting the name of an attorney’s office on Roz’s schedule and asks Gil to find him the most cutthroat lawyer in town, just in case.

"Trial of the Season" 24 674

In this extended season finale, Roz inadvertently volunteers to organise a high-class party for KACL's anniversary. What this means for the employees is to be on their best behaviour in front of the higher-ups, who expect every party to top the last. Roz fears for the future of the station when she discovers that every party planner and provider in Seattle have gone on strike. Forced to improvise, she enlists Bulldog, Gil, Poppy and Carl to make the food, decorations and ice sculpture. Everyone bickers when they don’t like their duties, and Gil is determined to prove he can overcome his bad cooking by baking the cake. Roz asks Poppy to make a backup cake in secret, and arguments take place when Gil finds out. Carl gets nervous when he realises one of his exes is coming to the party and reveals that it is probable that he only got his job because he slept with her – and ever since she has been looking for any good reason to fire him. Bulldog still thinks his marriage is in trouble after seeing the attorney’s name on Roz’s schedule in the previous episode, and he enlists a visiting June Archer to help him write a love ballad in an effort to re-win Roz’s heart. As the party finally gets underway, everything seems to be going smoothly until Aaron – Bulldog’s estranged son – unexpectedly shows up in the middle of the ballad. Aaron reveals he is turning himself in because he doesn’t want to run anymore, and shortly after the police arrive to take him away. In a moment of selfishness, Roz wonders what consequences these events will have on the station. Gil is devastated when everyone leaves without tasting his cake, while Poppy is just happy using it as an excuse to avoid it. Carl missed the whole shebang because he was having sex with his flame in the bathroom, and he is pleased with himself for handling the situation maturely. The next morning, a date is set for Aaron’s trial, and Bulldog is determined to get the best lawyer. Roz offers to contact Jake Hoskins as he still owes them many favours and Bulldog completely misinterprets what she meant and believes their marriage is ending because she has gotten back together with Jake. Despite this Bulldog agrees to let Jake represent Aaron, and the two end up getting into a physical scrap in the middle of the courthouse. Bulldog is held in contempt as a result, and he is forced to spend the night with an irritating crowd of criminals who make him see that there is just no changing some people. Meanwhile, Poppy is excited when she gets jury duty until she realises that it is at Aaron’s trial, being held in two weeks. When Poppy suffers a bout of food poisoning after caving into trying Gil’s cake, Gil takes the opportunity to fill in for her on the jury, remembering how much he enjoyed it last time. Roz confesses to Jake that she is scared of what Aaron’s possible incarceration will do to Bulldog, and he promises that it won’t happen. In a moment of weakness, Roz kisses Jake. Roz backs away after a few seconds and tells Jake that their kiss was a mistake, and they should get ready for the bail hearing. Aaron is denied bail after Carl’s ex-flame, now revealed to be working as a lawyer of the state, comes forward with information on Aaron’s history. Carl admits there was a slight possibility that he may have said something in the midst of their love-making, because he is, as others put it, “a talker”. With the trial approaching and Aaron’s future looking bleaker, Bulldog surprises everyone when he steps up and accepts responsibility for Aaron’s actions, claiming he is the mastermind behind his son’s cons and Aaron was just a poor misguided follower. Bulldog is placed in custody and Roz makes Jake promise again that everything will be okay. Back at the station, as Gil anxiously prepares for jury duty for the trial of the season, Poppy is forced to deal with a hostile takeover of the premises by the company, who have decided that KACL is a mockery and needs to be put out of its misery. On top of things, she can’t get Bulldog’s painfully annoying ballad out of her head.

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