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Season 3 of Roz contains 24 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Reach for the Ground" 1 49

A month after breaking up with Roz, Bulldog has grown despondent and is encouraged by a co-worker to go skydiving, promised that it’ll make him forget about his troubles. Roz is still dating her neighbour Chad, but things aren’t going too well between them. When she catches him eyeing someone else, they break up with each other and Roz realises she misses Bulldog. Meanwhile, Bulldog is in the plane and ready to jump, but chickens out at the last minute. Roz arrives in time to give him a phone call and promises that if he jumps, she’ll marry him.

"The Fall of the House of Roz" 2 50

Now that they’re engaged, Roz and Bulldog decide to move in with each other and plan to purchase a house. However, Bulldog keeps bungling every chance they get to own a nice place, and they’re eventually forced to live in a small apartment. With Alice joining them, things become cramped, and Roz must come up with a solution. She is outraged when Bulldog tries to convince Alice to spend some time in Paris with her dad and realises he has still got a lot to learn about a being in a mature relationship.

"The Landlord Before Time" 3 51

Bulldog manages to offend the landlord and is forced by Roz to make amends, but the only way he can do so is to patch up his differences with his estranged son. Meanwhile, Gil searches for a chef for the wedding but manages to blow their chances of getting the only one they really wanted. Noel injures his ankle and annoys people at the station with stories of his near-death experience.

"Noel Fixes Everything" 4 52

Gil starts giving good reviews to the worst restaurants in Seattle, causing Noel to think that he has had a psychotic break and must be institutionalised. It soon becomes clear that Gil is being blackmailed by the owner of a restaurant chain, and Noel takes it upon himself to fix the problem. Meanwhile, Bulldog loses the wedding invitations and tries to get them replaced before facing the wrath of Roz, who has become a lot more short-tempered since their engagement.

"It’s the End of the World as She Knows It" 5 53

Psychic Nelly gets a job at KACL. On her first show, she warns the listeners that the end of the world is coming and that everybody must flee Seattle. Roz wonders if Nelly’s visions are credible, so she seeks help from an old friend who happens to be a bit psychic herself: Daphne Moon. Convinced that Nelly is a fake, Daphne challenges her to a psychic showdown, which Roz thinks is insane. However, she soon changes her tune when she realises that KACL can get some much-needed publicity out of it.

"The Elevator Show" 6 54

Noel and Gil get stuck in the station elevator with Bebe Glazer on the night of the SeaBea Awards. Bebe has been stalking Gil for the past week in an attempt to represent him, and with the help of Noel, he tries to stop himself from giving into the she-devil. Not one to give up, Bebe sets her sights on Noel instead and promises to make him a star. Meanwhile, Roz and Bulldog kill time at the awards when it becomes apparent that KACL won't be winning anything this year.

"Gil in New York" 7 55

Gil is asked to fill in for a restaurant critic in New York and immediately accepts the offer but gets more than he bargained for when he realises that it is an all-gay radio station. Gil realises that it is how others view him and decides to make some major alterations to his personality, but as a result, he is asked by the station owner to camp himself up. Gil is so outraged with the demands that the job comes with that he decides to quit, but with one week until his prepaid return flight, he is forced to spend some unwanted time in the Big Apple, where he learns that he struggles to have fun without food being involved.

"Mother’s Day" 8 56

Roz discovers that her mother Joanna is losing her house in Wisconsin due to increasing taxes, and invites her to spend some time in Seattle. Roz later grows concerned that Joanna’s stay will be permanent and with the wedding plans in full swing, she finds herself going crazy. Noel offers to let Joanna stay at his house for a while, and a few weeks later Roz is horrified to learn that they have fallen for each other.

"Alice in Blunderland" 9 57

Roz takes Alice to work for the day when school is cancelled. Worried that the staff is a bad influence on her, she promises everybody a day off if they restrain themselves. Bulldog struggles to behave and asks Noel to lock him in a closet for the day. When a delivery girl steps into the closet, she finds herself locked in too, and reveals that she is claustrophobic. As Bulldog comforts her, Roz opens the door and gets the wrong idea. Meanwhile, Alice is beginning to wonder just how sane her mother is by letting all this go on under her watch.

"Four Wedding Planners and a Funeral" 10 58

Realising that she can’t work and make wedding arrangements at the same time, Roz decides to hire a wedding planner. She goes through three all in one week, firing them all for not fitting her qualifications, and eventually picks Joan, who is seemingly perfect. Bulldog is convinced that Joan is out to ruin the wedding because he slept with her years ago and never called her back, but doesn't want to admit this to Roz. Meanwhile, Gil volunteers to organise a birthday card for the security guard, but can’t remember the man's name.

"Sexism and the City" 11 59

After taking a women’s self-defence class with Daphne, Roz finds herself going overboard in stopping sexism in the workplace and inadvertently injures Bulldog’s foot as a result. Overcome with guilt, Roz decides to nurse him back to health but eventually realises that she has become his slave and is doing what she was against in the first place. Meanwhile, Noel starts making announcements over the intercom.

"The Bus" 12 60

As Noel and Gil are waiting for their bus to work, a pregnant woman goes into labour at the bus stop, and they’re the only ones around. After successfully delivering the baby, the two await an ambulance but find themselves fighting over who will get credit for helping the woman. The bus eventually arrives, but they get kicked off when their arguing interferes with the bus driver’s concentration. Gil and Noel must now find a way of getting to the radio station, but their bickering doesn’t make things any easier, nor do Noel’s so-called survival skills.

"Fun with Roz and Jane" 13 61

Roz prepares for a visit from her Aunt Jane, a quirky old woman who still acts as if she’s twenty years old. Roz tells Bulldog that she has always hated Jane, but nobody at the station can see why after she bakes them all a cake. When Bulldog makes the mistake of inviting Jane to the wedding, Roz orders him to un-invite her, but he can’t bring himself to do it. Meanwhile, Gil is convinced that Jane stole one of his mother’s oldest recipes for the cake she made.

"The Sitcom" 14 62

Roz is approached by an NBC representative who wants to make a live-action sitcom based on one of KACL’s radio dramas. When the first episode is a huge success, Roz gets caught up in her celebrity and forgets her duties at the station. Bulldog takes it upon himself to get the old Roz back, but soon realises the advantages of her new personality and abandons KACL to lead a Cribs lifestyle. The station soon falls apart without Roz when Noel is put in charge, and Gil realises that it’s up to him to get everything back to normal.

"News with Noel" 15 63

Noel fills in for the newsreader when he is away on vacation, and loves every minute of it. However, problems arise when Noel misreads a cue card and says that the president has died. Noel is forced by Roz to set things straight while she deals with the bad publicity that KACL is sure to get. Meanwhile, Bulldog forgets to send a wedding invitation to Roz’s mother and desperately tries to make amends over the phone.

"Days of Thunder" 16 64

Roz discovers that a young couple at the station is getting married the day before her wedding, and when everybody starts to talk about it, she is convinced they have stolen her thunder. Determined to get her own wedding in focus again, Roz starts making up outlandish lies about the ceremony which Bulldog mistakenly thinks are real, sending him into a crisis about the expense. Meanwhile, Gil harbours a secret addiction to fast food after being forced to review a McDonald’s restaurant on his show, and Noel goes overboard in his duty to find a band for Roz and Bulldog’s wedding.

"The Truth About Roz and Dogs" 17 65

Bulldog discovers that Roz has been making up stories about how they met because she is too embarrassed by the truth. Bulldog encourages Roz to start telling the truth, but as a result, she gets a sordid reputation at the station. Meanwhile, Gil tries to drop a few pounds after realising that years of restaurant criticism has led to him gaining weight, and enlists Noel as his personal trainer. However, he struggles to endure Noel’s strict regime.

"Roz Dyes" 18 66

Roz decides to dye her hair after realising men prefer blondes but finds herself being patronised more often as a result. Teaming up with a blonde radio personality, Roz becomes determined to put an end to the stereotype that all blondes are stupid. Unfortunately, her companion hinders her efforts. Attracted to Roz more than ever, Noel decides to join her and even dyes his own hair blonde, but his overly-enthusiastic nature bungles the whole initiative.

"Best Man for the Job" 19 67

Bulldog searches for a best man for the wedding and realises that he only has two real friends, Gil and Noel, who battle it out for the position. Gil and Noel soon realise that Bulldog is taking advantage of them to get what he wants, so they formulate a plan of revenge. Meanwhile, Roz asks Alice to decorate the wedding invitations but is less than happy with the result. When she secretly replaces them, Roz is overcome with guilt when she witnesses how happy being part of the wedding preparation has made Alice.

"Do You Know the Muffin Woman?" 20 68

To celebrate her three-year anniversary as manager, Roz bakes muffins to take to the station, and they become an instant hit. Roz is so delighted with the feedback that she starts making more and slowly finds herself losing sleep because she’s baking all the time. Bulldog tries to stop Roz from making any more muffins, but she is more concerned about losing her new reputation as a fun boss. Hoping to make her feel better, Bulldog organises an anniversary party, which she spoils by getting drunk in the belief that everybody hates her.

"Bar Trek" 21 69

Roz learns that for the past three years, Bulldog, Gil and Noel have been going to a bar after work and have never invited her. She realises that it is their escape from work and that her boss status prevents her from being considered one of the gang. Angling for an invitation to the bar, Roz starts to relax more at the station, and things get wildly out of hand. Bulldog tries to convince Roz to let it go while Gil and Noel hurriedly search for another hangout.

"The Trouble with Toilets" 22 70

To celebrate fifteen years working at KACL, Bulldog decides to play some pranks on the station and winds up destroying the plumbing system. As a result, only one toilet can be used, and the staff end up fighting over it the whole time. A furious Roz desperately tries to find the person responsible, and Bulldog is afraid to admit that it was him. When he realises that the janitor was a witness to his prank, Bulldog must silence him, at all costs. Meanwhile, Gil and Noel look at tuxedos for the wedding.

"Bulldog Saves the Day" 23 71

Noel tricks Roz, Bulldog and Gil into attending a comic book convention with him, and the group wind up having a good time. However, they are blissfully unaware that at the end of the day, they are expected to join Noel in an onstage version of the Superman movie in front of many comic book fans. When Bulldog finds out what Noel has planned, he tries to warn the others, but they are all caught up in adventures of their own. Bulldog realises that to save himself and his friends, he must devise a Superman-esque plot.

"I Married Roz" 24 72

Roz and Bulldog’s wedding day gets off to a bad start when Bulldog fashions a bad toupee and Roz orders him to remove it. Noel is struggling with his duties as best man while Gil forcibly assists the wedding reception’s chef to make sure that the food is perfect. When the chef walks out, Gil must cook everything himself. Bulldog removes his toupee and worries about the sort of marriage he'll have if he caves into Roz's every demand. Roz panics about her mother being late and catches her making out with Noel in the bathroom. Surprise guest Frasier Crane must keep the impatient guests from finding out what's going on behind the scenes.

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