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Season 29

Season 30 of Roz contains 24 episode ideas and is the final season of the series.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"How I Spent My Summer Vocation" 1 675

Three months later, Bulldog is out on parole and Roz worries about how his time in prison may have changed him. However, she is disappointed to learn that he would rather spend his free time with his paroled buddies than with her. Roz wants to throw a welcome home party for Bulldog, and the day turns into a disaster when he invites his former inmates. Meanwhile, after the closing of KACL Carl, Gil and Poppy are all experiencing changes in their lives. Carl has found the job of his dreams: a teen help line that pays $100 an hour. Gil is back writing weekly restaurant reviews for the Seattle Times but secretly desires to help people like he used to with food-related emergencies. Poppy has joined the campaign team for a mayoral candidate after her chattiness helps her find her true calling in public relations. Everyone gets re-acquainted at the party, and Roz is lead to believe that no one is actually happy with their new vocations when Carl expresses a depressing new attitude on life, the universe and everything, Gil no longer finds delight in criticising food while not on the job, and for once Poppy has nothing to say. After experiencing a vision of Martin Crane, Roz realises she must put the old gang back together, fully seeing how much they depend on each other to muddle through their mundane lives.

"Forever Hold Your Peas" 2 676

Carl is overcome with guilt when a bad piece of advice leads to one of his callers being comatose from a suicide attempt. He becomes determined to make it up to the family, asking Poppy to accompany him with them to dinner. However, the night turns into a disaster when the caller turns out to have been the biggest naysayer about Poppy’s mayoral candidate boss. Poppy’s public relations skills are put to the test when she must resolve the situation peacefully. Gil is at the same restaurant, writing a review for the Seattle Times. He is mortified when he finds the drama between Carl, Poppy and their fellow diners more exhilarating than his paper and pen. Meanwhile, Roz visits Bulldog’s old cellmate in an attempt to find out what went on while he was away, and learns that he was the target of an embarrassing prison nickname.

"Roz and Poppy's Bogus Journey" 3 677

Roz’s first step in bringing the gang back together is to find some way of convincing the company to re-open the station. She and Poppy head to the headquarters in New York City to try and smooth talk the CEO, only to run into trouble when he collapses of a heart attack right in front of them in his office. Roz and Poppy worry that they will be blamed for this shock occurrence and Roz realises she has developed a reputation around these parts for her outspoken persona. A top team of crime scene investigators show up to determine the cause of the fatality and Roz is surprised when she notices that Bebe Glazer is among them. Bebe reveals, after her redemption scheme a year ago, she decided it was time to make a fresh start. However, Roz and Poppy soon realise Bebe is just as cutthroat and ruthless in criminology as she was as an agent. Back in Seattle, Bulldog receives a postcard from Aaron, who is in Africa working with hungry children after his close-call in court. Bulldog is peeved that he hasn’t received one word of thanks for taking the fall and asks Gil and Carl to help him write a response to the postcard.

"Bulldog and Gil Go to White Castle" 4 678

Bulldog and Gil are determined to get into The White Castle, a prestigious new club for the Seattle elite, and breeding ground for potential investors in a new station. Roz asks Bulldog to try and sway one of the many businessmen to help get their dream off the ground. Gil is excited about trying the food after hearing that the club has the best caterers in the state, but manages to offend everyone after coughing and accidentally spitting it onto the floor. Gil worries he has forever ruined his reputation in Seattle for this disgraceful act. On top of things, the food he spat out landed under the feet of his boss at the Seattle Times. Bulldog’s task becomes more difficult when rumours spread of his recent incarceration. Meanwhile, at Café Nervosa, Poppy must come up with a list of campaign slogans in less than 24 hours and tries to avoid procrastination when Carl brings in his sweet new dog.

"Geeks Bearing Gifts" 5 679

Bulldog is dismayed to learn from a neighbour that, while he was away in prison, Jake Hoskins visited the house on several occasions – often bearing gifts. Roz decides to come clean and reveals that Jake had been trying to win her heart. On his last visit, Roz turned him down gently, and he left without saying a word; Roz later received a phone call saying he had been hit by a car and was in the hospital. Bulldog elects to visit Jake to square things with him once and for all. In the hospital, Jake is undergoing physiotherapy and has befriended new nurse June Archer, who has opened his eyes to helping people and self- repentance. Bulldog struggles to hate the guy when Jake happily announces that he has gotten him off from the trial on a technicality. Roz worries about what may be going on between Bulldog and Jake, so she asks Poppy, who is at the hospital reading stories to sick kids for her employer, to spy on them. Poppy winds up hitting it off with a male nurse, leaving Roz to do the spying alone while she flirts – and she soon runs afoul of ruthless busybody June.

"The Unbearable Likeness of Sharing" 6 680

Gil is dismayed to learn that the Seattle Times will no longer allow him to have an expense account, and for the first time he actually appreciates what he had back at the station. In an unexpected twist, the Times editor turns out to have a significant share of the branch that owns the station, and she agrees to sell it to Roz at a low cost as long as Gil doesn’t kick up a fuss about the account. Gil reluctantly agrees, and everyone is back together at last – that is until they realise they will be sharing the premises with the paper factory until their lease is up in two weeks. Everyone is soon sick of all the paper, and Carl is annoyed that the smoking area has been turned into a "paper ocean". Roz tries to negotiate with the paper workers while Gil and Bulldog come up with a surprising strategy to get them out, using their own product against them. Meanwhile, Poppy struggles to quit the campaign because she quietens up whenever the attractive candidate is around.

"Dude, Where's My Carl? 7 681

The gang are shocked when Carl doesn’t turn up for work one morning as it tarnishes his otherwise perfect record. Poppy reminds everyone that Carl spoke of nothing but his hot date the day before, making the gang worry about what might have happened. They follow him to the swanky new restaurant he mentioned but wind up being seated by a very determined Maitre de. Roz and Poppy talk to the staff about what they saw last night, while Gil and Bulldog head to the kitchens to find out what they ordered. When one of the chefs mentions a recipe-related crisis, paranoid Gil believes Carl was actually poisoned and becomes convinced he is locked away in one of the large freezers. Gil convinces Bulldog to create a diversion so he can have a look, but when Gil gets himself locked in, Bulldog must find a way of getting him out quickly without arousing suspicion. Roz and Poppy soon learn that, from the staff’s viewpoint, Carl’s date looked like a disaster – he fumbled with his lines, acted clumsy and inadvertently let her pay the cheque. The gang agree to give up searching and resume tomorrow. When Roz gets back to the station, she spots a phone message. In which, Carl reveals he was kidnapped by a group of scorned ex-girlfriends, and the experience gave him plenty of time to think about his love-life, so he has left to reunite with Fiona in Chicago. Roz and the others are happy for Carl for finding his true calling, and they decide to toast his departure with pancakes.

  • Carl Banks's last appearance as a main character.
"TV Knows Best" 8 682

Roz and the others are shocked when a dead body is found in the warehouse across the street from the station. Gil expresses an interest in the investigation and reveals he once auditioned for a crime procedural drama but was turned down because he wasn’t right for the role of a masculine cop. Gil gets into trouble after being caught taking a look in the warehouse, and Roz realises that he is her responsibility since he’s her employee. When Roz discovers that Bebe Glazer is the one heading the investigation after leaving New York, she uses her leverage against her to give Gil complete access to the crime scene, and he is delighted. This leads to several of the station employees re-enacting the possible murder and Bebe, angry that for once she doesn’t have any leverage over anyone, subtlety tries to implement Roz in the crime. Luckily resident crime show addict Gil is on the case, and everyone is quite unprepared for what he finds.

"Big Trouble in Little Wisconsin" 9 683

Roz is upset to learn that her mother has passed and attends the funeral with Bulldog, Stuart and Alice in Wisconsin. There Roz reunites with her sister Denise, who has become a lot more insufferable than usual in her grief. Bulldog and Stuart are panic-stricken when they inadvertently break a valuable Doyle heirloom and Bulldog is taken aback by Stuart’s idea to have it buried with Joanna, so no-one will ever know. Kenny’s year abroad in Paris studying at clown college is embarrassingly revealed when Alice recognises him. Roz is annoyed that everyone seems more concerned with their own problems than remembering Joanna for what she was, which in actuality, was not a very nice person. Bulldog and Stuart are relieved when Roz reveals she hated the heirloom, always resenting her mother for not letting her have it – but instead they’ve opened a whole other Pandora’s Box as Roz’s resentment starts pouring out. Back in Seattle, Gil must review a homeless shelter for Restaurant Beat and becomes friends with one of its regulars. Gil is subsequently embarrassed when Poppy gossips about their friendship and is forced to think about his reputation.

"In the Palm of Your Springs" 10 684

Aaron returns from Africa and annoys everyone with his new holier-than-thou attitude. Bulldog is finally pushed over the edge, and he decides to take some time off and visit Palm Springs for relaxation. After he leaves, Roz is surprised to find that this is in violation of his parole, which is due to end later than he thought. Gil and Poppy join Roz as she heads to Palm Springs to find Bulldog before he gets into trouble. The trouble is, Aaron insists on going with them and the trip soon turns into a nightmare. Roz eventually snaps at him mid-flight, and he quietens up. Roz is later shocked to find that Poppy and Aaron have been caught rekindling their romance in the airplane bathroom and she is annoyed with constantly having to play matriarch to her friends. When they finally land in Palm Springs, Roz swears she will not get involved in their problems anymore but is faced with reconsidering this decision when Aaron is approached by the local police who mistake him for the "fugitive" Bulldog. Bulldog is faced with coming forward and admitting his mistake while Aaron debates whether to return the favour and take the fall for his father. Meanwhile, Gil is suspicious of the hotel food service and thinks they are trying to poison him for a bad review he wrote years ago.

"Election Night" 11 685

On mayoral election night, Poppy invites Roz and the others to join her at her former employer, Steven Darnell, at his campaign party. Gil is fuming because of an unsolicited parking ticket he received earlier in the week, and he is determined to speak to Darnell about Seattle’s "corrupt" police force. Roz is still upset over her mother’s passing, so Bulldog tries to cheer her up by getting her a handsome local weatherman’s autograph when he spots him at the party. Unfortunately, before the end of the night, the weatherman has received a restraining order against the persistent Bulldog. Poppy is surprised to learn that Darnell has separated from his wife because of his campaign and that she is next on his list of "conquests". Poppy begins to evaluate her future, seeing the benefits of being involved with power; however it is soon apparent that her dysfunctional work dynamic could put a crimp in her decision.

"Miracle on 30th Season" 12 686

Roz asks Bulldog to play Santa Claus for the employees’ children at a Christmas party. He agrees in exchange for Christmas Eve sex – his favourite kind. However, the gang manage to find ways to destroy the children’s holiday innocence. Bulldog has a little too much scotch beforehand and ends up stumbling in front of the kids and making them stop believing in Santa. Roz questions if she is a “seasonal slut” after someone points out that Bulldog only does what she wants if she gives him her body in return. The night spins further out of control when Bulldog tries to convince the kids that he really is Santa, and one of the radio personalities mistakenly thinks he is sincere and alerts the men in white coats. Roz accidentally teaches the word “whore” to one of the kids while she is complaining to Gil about her crisis. Gil tries his best to avoid the food after last year’s unpleasant holiday experience, but hunger gets the best of him, and he spends hours with his head down the toilet. Gil then becomes depressed and starts acting cynical towards the children, making them miserable too. Poppy prepares to surprise Ed in China and spend the holidays with him after she learns of his divorce, and argues with an outspoken pre-teen girl who reminds her of herself in a lot of ways. In the end, surprise guest Frasier Crane must resolve yet another KACL Christmas disaster.

"Three Parties" 13 687

Roz, Bulldog, Gil and Poppy discuss the new year and realise they are not excited by it as they once were. They decide to gather at the station several minutes before midnight and ring in the new year together, but a series of misunderstandings leads to Roz doing it alone. Roz is annoyed with her friends for not being there and responds by going out and trying to make some new friends, ones that will come through for her. Poppy soon realises that they depend on Roz to keep them all together and they begin to appreciate her for the things she’s done. Poppy encourages Bulldog and Gil to help her put together a second new year’s party for tomorrow night. Bulldog learns that it will be a clear, starry evening and they agree to have it outside, but the party is even worse when they are forced to pack things up after disobeying a recent campfire ban in the area. Two parties down and Roz is no closer to new year’s fulfilment; at the same time she realises how hard it is making friends at her age, and after learning about how people celebrate the new year she decides it is a pointless excuse to drink – and that’s why she loves it. She heads to the cocktail bar across the street from the station. Bulldog, Gil and Poppy then join her. They agree to make it their third party as nothing could be better than getting drunk off their asses and ringing in the new year several days later than usual.

"Half-Hour Photo" 14 688

Entrepreneur Donald Sugar returns to the station to decide whether to continue funding it. Roz learns that lately, Donald has only been investing in businesses that do something to help the needy, so she organises a calendar shoot for some of the better-looking men and women of the station to raise money for charity. Bulldog is upset when he isn’t invited to join in and decides to retaliate by making his own calendar with Gil. Gil reveals he has a fear of public nudity, so Bulldog is forced to find people on his own. Soon Roz and Bulldog are battling it out for the best-looking employees, and Poppy struggles to choose between her friends when they both rally for her support. Gil, meanwhile, is encouraged to hire a hypnotist to help him get over his fear. To everyone’s horror, Gil winds up becoming more comfortable with his naked body; streaking through the station and making Roz’s chance of getting the funding rather slim.

"Secrets of the Travelling Crock Pot" 15 689

Gil inadvertently breaks an earthenware crock pot in the station’s kitchen and enlists Bulldog and Poppy to help him fix it when he learns that it has a sentimental value for Roz. As they frantically try to locate the pieces and find a way of keeping it together, the four of them begin to ponder why such a useless old crock pot could mean so much to Roz.

  • 2031: Gil, Carl Banks and Fiona Floyd are volunteering at a homeless shelter at Christmas, and when Fiona unknowingly gives away the crock pot to one of the hungry folk, Gil has to do whatever it takes to get it back without looking like a terrible person who steals from the homeless.
  • 2029: Gil has returned to the station on a permanent basis after quitting the Seattle Times, but quickly finds that things are not as they once were, which he doesn’t like one bit. Roz enlists Ed to throw Gil a “welcome back” party, hoping to fill in the details of everything that happened while he was away, and the humiliating party preparation, along with the near-destruction of the crock pot, leads to Ed wondering if he is actually making the most of his business skills.
  • 2024: Poppy and Jack Casablancas have just joined the station and Jack fears for his reputation after inadvertently breaking the crock pot. He enlists the help of Betty Jones, Gil’s former assistant, to repair it without arousing suspicion, and soon learns that she is an expert at deceiving people.
  • 2020: A memorial service is held by Bebe Glazer's former clients several months after her “death”; Roz and Denise are still bickering over a recent argument, and Kenny tries to resolve their problems with each other, seeing it as his chance to score with Denise.
  • 2017: Roz gives the crock pot to Noel and Bonnie as a wedding present but is plagued with nightmares afterwards, resulting in her enlisting Bebe to help her break into the wedding reception overnight and retrieve it.
  • 2013: Roz, Bulldog, Gil, Noel, Kenny and Rose are preparing for KACL's imminent closure; Roz debates whether to take the crock pot with her because it has given her so much bad luck. At the leaving party at Café Nervosa, things become all-out war as the gang learn that the crock pot has also brought good luck, and people will do anything in their power to get their hands on it.
  • 2007: Roz and Bulldog are discussing their divorce assets over dinner, and at the very least manage to suppress all their arguments until the after-dinner cheese-spread.
  • 2004: Frasier gives Roz the crock pot before leaving for Chicago, as it has a lot of memories with him that he’d like to share. Martin, Daphne and Niles are jealous because Roz is getting a second leaving present, forcing Frasier to find them all one more.

Back in the present, Gil, Bulldog and Poppy realise that the crock pot means something to them to as it has travelled with them through the best of times and the worst of times, and proudly place it back in the kitchen after finishing its repair.

"Noel, Coward" 16 690

Noel Shempsky returns to the station and Roz reluctantly agrees to give him his old job back (though she’s not quite sure what it is). It is soon apparent that Noel has only come back to Seattle because he is trying to win Bonnie’s heart again. After his efforts are shot down several times, Gil encourages the others to help him throw a conciliatory Star Trek themed party. Roz invites Bonnie to the party under false pretences, but the plan could be derailed when it turns out that the woman who organised the whole shebang is Hayley, Noel’s first love. Hayley winds up putting a crimp in Roz and Gil’s plan, and they are forced to distract her by any means necessary. This results in everyone being obliged to re-enact Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Behind the scenes, Noel is doing his best to prove to Bonnie that he has grown up, failing to see that his Star Trek obsession was one of the reasons why she left him in the first place. Bulldog and Poppy dress as Klingons to provide Noel with advice whenever he’s at a loss for words, but he is left on his own after they get sick from “authentic” Klingon delicacies. In the end, Bonnie agrees to return to Noel, realising that no other man would go this far for her – but under one condition: he must go a month without mentioning Star Trek. Noel has trouble passing this test, and regularly phones Roz in the middle of the night when he feels close to "falling off the wagon". Roz tries to reach a compromise between Noel and Bonnie so that they are both allowed to speak endlessly about a subject the other hates; unfortunately, Noel’s cheery disposition proves to be an obstacle. Not willing to have another sleepless night, Roz goes to great lengths to illustrate the flaws in the Star Trek universe with the help of Bulldog and Poppy, who are more than willing to do so after a night in their itchy Klingon costumes. Gil, meanwhile, must keep a persistent Hayley at bay, who threatens to ruin everything by offering Noel a directorial position in the latest Star Trek film.

"Starved for Entertainment" 17 691

Gil is getting tired of recommending the same old restaurants to the people who call into his show, and rallies for a change in format. Roz, however, is not about to re-tool a show that consistently brings in the ratings, resulting in Gil quitting. Gil’s contract is soon picked up by KPXY, and he is given executive producer status for a new show. Back at KACL, the gang are shocked by Gil’s decision to join with the enemy. Bulldog temporarily takes over Gil’s position on Restaurant Beat but lands the station in trouble after one of his recommendations results in the food poisoning of several German tourists. Gil adjusts to his new job and enjoys having free reign of his show until he realises that the type of people who listen to KPXY are very different, and most of his time will be spent recommending restaurants for divorce settlements, cheating husbands and various spiteful acts. Gil is soon missing his life back at KACL, and he regrets leaving, so he decides to ask Roz for his job back. However, she is forced to enter a bidding war for Gil’s contract with the owner of KPXY. Poppy and Bulldog go undercover to dig up dirt on the owner, hoping to persuade him to back away. At the same time, Bulldog is determined to make it up to the German tourists, and forces Poppy to make a quick stop in the emergency room. Bulldog puts the station in further doo-doo when he accidentally makes a racist remark involving Nazis. With Roz locked in a fierce battle for Gil’s contract, Bulldog is forced to front a press conference for KACL to apologise for its recent controversies. Poppy must work on her own, and she uncovers a startling piece of information on the KPXY owner with the help of Bebe Glazer, her source at the forensics lab. Getting this information to Roz and Gil will be difficult though when she finds resistance in Gil’s brothers, Bill and Phil, who believe they are doing what’s best for their big bro. The battle grows more intense and the first one to call a toilet break will likely be the one to lose.

"Cluedon't" 18 692

The gang become determined to break a world record so that KACL will be remembered for years to come. After several unsuccessful attempts, everyone is forced to put their quest aside when Roz, Bulldog, Gil and Poppy are all drafted for emergency jury duty in a local celebrity’s murder trial. Roz is determined to keep the record-breaking attempts going; a task made further challenging when they realise just how dull certain murder trials can be. When the jury is unable to reach a verdict, everyone is sequestered at a hotel. Bulldog and Gil seem more interested in the free stuff than reaching an agreement with the other members of the jury. It’s up to Roz to keep everyone under control, and she convinces everyone to visit the scene of the murder with her so they can make an informed decision. The next day, they arrive at the celebrity’s penthouse, and it is apparent to anyone with half a brain that a murder took place there. Poppy gets into trouble for tampering with evidence after her cleaning instincts kick in. Bulldog and Gil discover a large basketball court in the basement and decide it is the perfect place to break a “world’s biggest” record. Unfortunately, thinking of something enormous to make proves to be a difficult task. Roz encourages Poppy and the other jury members to participate in a role-playing activity to learn more about the murder. The others soon get sick of Bulldog and Gil intruding and move that the "dysfunctional KACL gang" are kicked off the jury. Roz is annoyed for constantly being shown in this light because of her friends and bans them from making any more record attempts; that is until a representative arrives and reveals they have broken the record for "longest jury deliberation".

"The Little People vs. Bob Briscoe" 19 693

When Roz learns that ratings may be falling because KACL doesn’t cater enough to various minorities, she decides to hold a little people convention in the station after a suggestion from a dwarf accountant. Bulldog lands himself in trouble with Roz when he reveals a slight phobia of little people, and to combat this, he cracks mean-spirited jokes. Roz is also surprised to find that one of the little people is Mandy, her best friend from elementary school in Wisconsin. Roz worries that she was the one who made Mandy stop growing in grief when she moved schools. Meanwhile, Gil butts heads with the caterers, a team of little people who are determined to give out fair portions. Poppy is given the task to interview the little people for the show and she struggles to come up with questions. Stupidly, she asks Bulldog for assistance. Roz is forced to step in and stop the interviews when Bulldog’s problems continue. Desperate to get through the day without controversy, Roz enlists the help of a radio doctor. The doctor tries to get to the bottom of Bulldog’s problem and becomes convinced that it is because he has always seen himself as short, and thus, inferior in the eyes of women. Roz shows Bulldog she doesn’t care about his height, and he is relieved until he sees her eyeing Mandy’s tall, handsome boyfriend. Roz is merely surprised that Mandy has gotten such an attractive, average sized man, and reluctantly admits that she has certain prejudices. Bulldog happily exploits this confession, making Roz angry. As the convention winds down, Roz learns that she and Bulldog have been invited to Mandy’s wedding and she accepts, hoping to prove that she is fine with it all. A few days later at the wedding, Gil and Poppy tag along and find themselves the target of a fierce, persistent dwarf who is determined to remove all wedding crashers. Bulldog gets into a game of swapping wedding gifts with the other invitees but winds up getting stuck with a gift that is highly inappropriate for someone of Mandy’s height. Roz must confront her worry over Mandy and is later accused of trying to steal the spotlight.

"Power to the Poppy" 20 694

Poppy begins to feel unappreciated by her friends at the station after a strenuous day of doing favours for everyone. She retires to a cocktail bar and runs into Bebe Glazer, who tells her that she must stop trying to be everyone’s best friend. They then enter into a business partnership when Bebe reveals she’s trying to get back into the fame game and she needs someone to handle the books. Poppy is forced to juggle both her job at the station and her obligations to Bebe at the same time, and the strain makes her fall asleep in the middle of the day. Bulldog becomes convinced that Poppy is narcoleptic, and is subsequently jealous because he wants nothing more than a reason to fall asleep during dull board meetings. Roz enlists Gil to help her get to the bottom of Poppy’s problem, and they are lead to believe that she has been swindled by a brainwashing cult. They follow her onto a movie set, where Bebe’s latest client is filming a horror flick, and mistakenly think it is a real dungeon where the brainwashing takes place. Gil alerts the police, and moments later the place is swarmed with cops. Poppy is forced to admit that she has a second job and explains why she took it. A surprised Roz becomes determined to show Poppy that she is important to the station and its employees, by throwing a ritzy cocktail party in her honour. However, the party turns into a nightmare when a local celebrity, famous for his temper tantrums and irrational demands, arrives. Gil bets the celebrity that he can find any delicacy he craves, while Bulldog is ashamed to admit that he wants his autograph. As a result of the chaos, the real guest of honour – Poppy – is consequently neglected, so she decides to pack her things and leave her job at the station for good; taking up a post in the mayor’s office.

"I Got Pills, They're Multiplyin'" 21 695

Roz and Bulldog are looking forward to their anniversary and decide to make sure there are no interruptions, by giving Alice and her social elite boyfriend tickets to the opera, Stuart a seat at the monster truck rally, and Gil an extremely exclusive restaurant to review. Roz and Bulldog quickly realise if they must cut through the dialogue portion of the evening if they are to have a good time and jump straight to sex. The next day, Roz is horrified to learn that the birth control pills she has been using come from a company that went bust a few days ago for an ineffective product. Roz foolishly takes a minor overdose of the pills to combat possible pregnancy, and everybody else mistakenly thinks it was a suicide attempt. Roz’s family and friends gather in her “time of need” and give her reasons why she should live. Roz tries to correct them but quickly realises that the situation has given her time to think, and she is not quite satisfied with her life. As she gets to know the annoyingly perky staff psychiatrist, Roz is inspired to make some changes in her life for herself, and she asks Bulldog to get a vasectomy. Bulldog is conflicted because he sees it as removing his manhood, but he wants to make Roz happy because he still thinks that she attempted suicide. As Roz’s requests escalate, Bulldog comes to believe that she is growing mentally unstable, forcing her to step in and admit the truth about her alleged suicide attempt. Bulldog is angry that Roz lied about it and refuses to get the vasectomy. Roz worries she has wrecked her marriage and tries to get her and Bulldog in with the hospital psychiatrist. The psychiatrist turns out to have an irrational hatred for men; pinning all the blame on Bulldog. This forces Roz to fix things on her own; giving her some peace of mind about her life at the same time. Meanwhile, Gil is proud when, for the first time, his review results in a full star being removed from the rating. However, he soon finds that the restaurant owner has landed in the same ward as Roz and sets on getting the fifth star back before anything worse happens.

"Roz: The Next Generation" 22 696

Roz discovers that interest in radio is weaning, and she becomes determined to bring KACL into the next generation. Meanwhile, Bulldog can’t stop talking about his shiny new smartphone, which irritates everyone to the point where they hide it from him. Roz then gets the idea of letting people at the station and local Seattle folk do their own podcasts. Roz regrets this decision when an anonymous person starts a podcast about the employees of KACL and their dirty laundry. Gil delights in being able to dine at and review restaurants at the same time. Later, Noel and Bonnie show up at the station and reveal they are getting re-married. It is soon apparent that they only came because the anonymous broadcaster announced that KACL has a lot of money in the bank, and they need a loan for the perfect wedding. Roz becomes determined to set everyone straight, eventually banning the podcasts and bringing a black cloud over the station as a result. Bulldog is still desperately searching for his phone, and soon finds it nesting in a toilet. Outraged, he seizes control of Gil’s show and demands that the person responsible steps forward. Gil, Noel, Bonnie and Roz listen in from the cafeteria in shock as the fiend steps forward and reveals herself as Paula Sparrow of Mayflower Industries. Paula’s motives become clear as she explains that she has successfully infiltrated the station and uncovered secrets that may threaten it with closure. Paula’s demands are simple; she wants to become the manager. Roz refuses to go down without a fight. Their arguments continue into Noel and Bonnie’s wedding; which is a bizarre half Star Trek, half flowery affair. The reception is interrupted by the IRS, who arrive to seize the station’s assets due to reports of tax evasion. Paula is noticeably surprised by this turn of events, and Roz happily hands over the station to her – with all of its problems. Though she and Bulldog are out of a job, Roz realises that they have the rest of their lives ahead of them and decides to move back to Wisconsin where she soon remembers that life is a lot less crazy without radio.

"Same Time Next Year" (Part 1) 23 697

Some time later, Roz and Bulldog have settled down in Roz's hometown: Bloomer, Wisconsin. After receiving Gil’s annual newsletter in the post, Roz chats with a customer at the local bistro, looks back at the past few months, and debates whether she is truly happy. In flashback, Roz and Bulldog arrive in Bloomer after leaving Seattle and KACL. Unfortunately, the electricity and hot water haven’t been processed yet, and they are forced to spend the night in a seedy motel. Roz is mistaken for a prostitute and must maintain the illusion to satisfy the weird landlord. The next day, Roz and Bulldog realise just how quiet Bloomer is compared to the bright lights of Seattle. Bulldog gets a job coaching the local school football team, while Roz is forced to work as a waitress at a café so she can get a law degree and follow her late mother’s footsteps. Bulldog is soon in hot water with the local parents because of his teaching methods, and Roz is no closer to achieving her goal. Roz and Bulldog hope to win over the townsfolk by throwing a block party. A few substitutions are inadvertently made by the incompetent party planner. This results in skimpy dancers; un-diapered animals and crab cakes that give everyone food poisoning, leaving their social stance in ruins. Back in Seattle, Gil has quit the station to work as a freelance writer for the Seattle Times, and he soon realises that life is moving on without him. After an evening spent in a restaurant seemingly swarming with loving couples, Gil decides to pursue a romance he never had the courage to do anything about due to the social barriers; but not before writing a harsh review of the place. After the block party, Roz and Bulldog try to salvage the situation by sending everyone gift baskets, and Roz comes to believe that she is under a curse. A visiting Denise takes her to the Indian reserve, and Roz experiences a strange, substance-induced vision where everything she loves goes down a waterfall. Roz has an epiphany and realises that without her friends around she will never feel at home. Roz is now determined to bring the old KACL gang together again, and she starts making phone calls. Meanwhile, Bulldog tries to become an investor in Bloomer’s new radio station. They also find that a team of disgruntled housewives have formulated a petition to get Roz and her family evicted for disturbing the peace of the neighbourhood. A month later, Gil shows up at Roz’s birthday and stuns everyone when he introduces his travelling companion—his wife, Deb.

"Same Time Next Year" (Part 2) 24 698

Poppy Delafield is slowly moving up in the world of politics and is visiting Bloomer to make a name for herself. Roz is trying to fight the housewives’ petition, and her friendship with Poppy is tested when she seems reluctant to do anything about it, worried about developing a bad reputation. Bulldog becomes convinced that Deb is a man and bickers with Gil after spreading rumours. Denise is visiting with Kenny, and they are planning on leaving for a new life in New York City. At their bon voyage party, Gil struggles not to air his views on the refreshments after he made a promise to Deb. Bulldog tries to fix his friendship with Gil, and Poppy must make a decision about her political career. Towards the end of the evening, the housewives confront the group, and Poppy responds by subtlety suggesting that she knows of a few skeletons in their closets. The petition is dropped, and Roz soon makes amends with Poppy. Gil lets out his repressed criticism in random acts of unrelated insanity, and after he knocks over a fish tank Bulldog takes him to the emergency room. Bulldog spends the night at his bedside and must listen as Gil spews an extremely long essay about the cuisine, renewing their friendship. The next morning, Kenny, Denise, Gil and Deb say their goodbyes. Roz and Bulldog decide to throw a campaign rally for Poppy. Roz and Bulldog start to earn the trust of the townsfolk again when nothing goes wrong. Poppy thanks her friends for their support, and leaves for Washington, D.C. to interview for a position in the White House. Roz falls into a minor depression now that her friends are gone, and Bulldog tries to show her that life is all about change. As time moves on, Roz and Bulldog finally manage to settle down in Bloomer; they develop friendships with the locals and become a part of the community. Roz and Bulldog invest in the radio station, and Roz even gets her law degree. However, she doesn’t want to act on it, seeing it as more of an accomplishment. Bulldog’s sports commentary grows into the most-loved radio show in town, and Roz quits her waitress job to work as his producer. Roz and Bulldog are both happy in their new; old roles, but Roz still feels like something is missing. The series closes in the bistro; where Roz finishes chatting with the customer, and finally, decides that she is happy with her life. The camera pans out to reveal Gil, Poppy, Noel, Kenny and several other familiar faces from the past sitting on the tables all around her; enjoying each other's company. Making a toast to the friendships that have lasted with them for so long, the gang bid farewell to each other, but not for the last time, as Roz assures them that they will be reunited again at the same time next year.

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