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Title Season # Series #
"Point of No Return" 1 73

Roz and Bulldog get an annulment an hour after their wedding. Roz, realising that she needs a change in pace, sends Alice to spend some time in Paris with her father, quits KACL, and plans a vacation. Roz returns months later and realises that it won’t be so easy to get her life back to the way it was. Alice has decided to stay in Paris, and the station has undergone several changes. Bulldog has been made manager and is enforcing some surprising rules. Bulldog agrees to let Roz be a producer again, but first, they must work at keeping their relationship professional.

"Ms. Deeds" 2 74

Gil and Noel fight over an executive parking space when it becomes vacant. When Bulldog is asked to choose who gets it, he struggles to make the decision and searches for someone else to do the deed. Bulldog later runs into Bebe Glazer in the cafeteria and asks her to help out. Bebe agrees, but it soon becomes clear that she has ulterior motives when she asks Bulldog to make Gil her latest client. Meanwhile, Roz struggles to adjust to her old producing duties, especially after meeting her pig-headed new partner.

"Whistle While You Work" 3 75

A disgruntled employee threatens to blow the whistle on Bulldog’s latest workplace romance unless he purposely loses the upcoming softball game. Bulldog turns to Roz for advice, but she is less willing to help him out when she discovers the circumstances of his crisis. Meanwhile, Noel manages to destroy Gil’s new plant and tries to get it replaced without him finding out.

"Stormy Weatherman" 4 76

Roz gets tired of frequently being bounced from one personality to another and becomes determined to find a permanent partner. Bulldog agrees to let her choose one, and she eventually picks a weather specialist who manages to make an excellent first impression. Roz regrets her choice when she realises that he is, in fact, an arrogant jerk, and the contract she signed means she’ll have to work with him for another three months. Meanwhile, Noel and Gil try to charge their yearly eye tests to the company.

"The Blizzard of Roz" 5 77

The gang get snowed in at the station due to a large blizzard. Bulldog takes it upon himself to keep everything in order but winds up giving Noel all the responsibilities. Roz tries to contact Alice, whom she promised to pick up from the airport, and worries about how Paris may have changed her. Gil is determined to do whatever it takes to get his show on the air at its usual time.

"Happy Birthday" 6 78

After enduring yet another woeful KACL birthday party, Noel and Gil recall several other birthdays they've witnessed at the station.

  • 1992: Dieting Roz wanted no mention of her birthday around the station, hoping to avoid a fattening birthday cake.
  • 1996: Roz and some of the other staff were organising a surprise party for Frasier, which he spoilt due to frustration involving a policewoman.
  • 2005: Gil was upset to learn that everybody was at another employee’s party.
  • 2006: Gil, determined not to be embarrassed like he was the previous year, arranged a fabulous birthday party which managed to get wildly out of hand when it coincided with Noel's rescheduled birthday party.
"Death of a Restaurant Critic" 7 79

Gil is upset to learn that his mentor, Phil O’Neil, has passed away and decides to eat at his favourite restaurant in remembrance. With the help of Noel, Gil tries to convince the owner to re-name the restaurant after O’Neil, but they regret it when they realise that the food there has become awful. Meanwhile, Roz befriends Bulldog’s latest girlfriend and inadvertently causes them to break up after telling her unflattering stories about him. Overcome with guilt, Roz attempts to bring them back together.

"Botched in Translation" 8 80

Roz tries to learn Italian for her latest partner and enlists the help of fluent speaker Gil. However, it turns out that Gil isn’t as good as he thinks, and his poor lessons result in Roz inadvertently offending her boyfriend. Realising what he has done, Gil tries to brush up on his Italian. Meanwhile, Bulldog's search for a new staff attorney proves difficult as many of them have been romantically linked with Roz.

"Nervosa Tricks" 9 81

Roz learns that Café Nervosa is closing down and invites the gang for one last coffee together. When she realises that it has been her sanctuary for almost fifteen years, Roz encourages Bulldog, Gil and Noel to join her in a campaign to save the café. Gil reveals it has always been his dream to own a little coffeehouse and considers purchasing it himself. Roz encourages him to do it, but he ends up getting into a bidding war with a mysterious competitor. Gil ultimately wins and hands in his two weeks notice at the station, and Bulldog is irked at Roz for taking away his highest rated personality.

"Board Games" 10 82

Roz becomes determined to get a seat on Alice's school board but must go up against a fierce competitor, Drew Tyler. When Roz and Drew wind up getting closer behind the scenes, they worry that their potential romance will ruin both their chances of getting on the school board. They agree to put the heat between them aside but struggle to keep it hidden during the election. Meanwhile, Noel re-paints his office, unaware that the paint Bulldog gave him is prank paint that will turn pink after a few hours.

"Bringing Down the Coffeehouse" 11 83

Gil prepares to re-open Café Nervosa and invites the KACL gang to celebrate. They wind up getting roped into helping him sort everything out when a series of disasters unfold just before opening time. Roz must stall the anxious coffee-drinkers waiting outside, and things get worse when rain starts to pour, and everybody rushes inside.

"Wish Upon a Car" 12 84

As part of the station's environmental week, Bulldog organises a carpooling system, but nobody wants any part of it. Bulldog promises the each of the participants a raise but struggles to keep his end of the bargain when everybody takes him up on the offer. Roz grows annoyed by her regular driving companions when they keep leaving a mess in her car and writes a list of rules to put on the windows. Meanwhile, Gil develops a minor caffeine addiction.

"Radio Free Roz" 13 85

Roz considers applying for Gil’s old spot and asks Bulldog to let her audition. He agrees but worries that she’ll change if she becomes a celebrity. Roz auditions as an agony aunt and gets the job. Her first show is typically hectic as she tries to help out a couple on the brink of divorce and a highly confusing gay love triangle. When Roz learns that Bulldog has secretly been screening her calls and picking the most difficult ones, she decides to get revenge by embarrassing him live on air. Meanwhile, Noel discovers a pretty woman in KACL’s smoking room and pretends that he is a smoker to spend time with her.

"The Negotiators" 14 86

It’s time for contract negotiations and Bulldog panics when he learns that the most feared agent in Seattle has been hired by several radio personalities. Bulldog asks Roz to assist him in the negotiations because she is stronger than he is, but she winds up becoming the agent’s newest client. Bulldog breaks down and locks himself in the bathroom, so Roz must coax him into coming out for the negotiations to continue. Meanwhile, Gil begins to loathe the customer is always right rule.

"Whatever Happened to Aunt Roz?" 15 87

Roz feels guilty for inadvertently hanging up on a married couple in crisis, and meets up with them at Café Nervosa to offer her advice. When they rudely remark that she’s never been married, Roz decides it's time she found a real relationship. To make matters worse, people keep calling into her show demanding advice from her in person. Meanwhile, Gil feels exhilarated when he throws somebody out of Nervosa for the first time and starts doing it to others, often for no reason.

"Bulldog the Vampire Slayer" 16 88

Bulldog decides to introduce theme weeks at the station to boost morale. Roz convinces everyone to suggest a vampire theme because Bulldog has been afraid of them ever since he was a kid. Bulldog winds up reverting to his ten-year-old self as a result, so Roz takes it upon herself to get back the personality everybody knows and hates. Meanwhile, Noel's suggestion of a Star Trek theme is unsurprisingly rejected.

"Fool Body Massage" 17 89

Noel wins a free massage and is surprised to learn that his masseuse has a crush on him. Realising that it is the self-esteem boost he needs after long days at work, Noel schedules more massages with her but feels guilty about giving her false hope because he is not interested in a relationship. When Noel asks the masseuse to stay friends, she flips out and holds the entire building hostage, demanding that they be together. Meanwhile, Roz is surprised when she gets a phone call from Rick’s wife on her show.

"Alice Through the Looking Glasses" 18 90

Roz learns that Alice needs glasses and winds up getting a date with the eye doctor. When Roz discovers that he has a glass eye, she feels awkward around him and goes to great lengths to prove that she isn’t that shallow about people’s looks. Meanwhile, Noel reveals that he wore glasses as a kid and tries to solve the mystery of their disappearance. Gil inadvertently damages a customer’s reading glasses and attempts to get them fixed before he leaves.

"Spamtastic Voyage" 19 91

Roz decides to purchase a computer but struggles to protect her e-mail from spam. At first, she blames Bulldog, but he convinces her that he isn’t responsible. When Roz comes across naked pictures of herself on the internet, Roz immediately turns to Bulldog. Bulldog once again denies doing anything, but promises to help Roz find the real culprit. He asks her to write a list of all the men she’s been with, which she considers to be a highly embarrassing request.

"The Three Chesterteers" 20 92

Gil is not looking forward to a visit from his very different brothers – Bill, who works at a monster truck rally and Phil, a reclusive computer whiz. Roz develops a crush on Bill and is encouraged to act on it. However, she is unaware that Bill is a compulsive womaniser and Gil doesn’t know about it either. Meanwhile, Phil becomes an unofficial computer technician at the station and befriends Noel. Gil is embarrassed when the truth about his dysfunctional family comes out at the station and wants nothing more than for them to leave.

"Where Nobody Knows Your Name" 21 93

Noel is dismayed to learn that, after years of working at KACL, hardly anybody knows his name, and he becomes determined to do something that will make him remembered. After performing a series of disastrous stunts, Noel comes to the conclusion that he is un-cool and forms a group of people like him, called The Outcasts. However, the club struggles to retain its original initiative when the members start befriending each other.

"Anniversary Party" 22 94

Bulldog prepares to celebrate a year as manager and plans a party at Café Nervosa. Gil keeps spoiling his plans by changing the food and decoration, feeling that Bulldog’s choices would ruin the café’s ambience. Bulldog and Gil finally decide to have separate parties, one in the café and one in the station basement, and they go to great lengths to outdo each other. Meanwhile, Roz struggles to give advice to a lesbian couple as she usually resorts to disparaging men.

"The Lice Man Cometh" 23 95

Gil is blamed for giving several people at the station lice, and he becomes determined to prove his innocence. Meanwhile, Bulldog must come up with a solution to stop the lice spreading throughout the station, and seeks help from Roz. Roz enjoys being in the manager’s seat again and goes crazy with power, forcing Bulldog to suspend her. However, he regrets it when he realises the lice epidemic is far from over.

"Spare a Penny for Kenny" 24 96

After getting fired from KPXY, Kenny Daly returns to KACL in search of a job. Bulldog is overcome with guilt when he is forced to turn Kenny away because there are no free time slots, so he asks Roz to share hers. Roz reluctantly agrees, but Kenny ends up taking over the entire show with his wild DJ persona, completely abandoning the agony aunt format. When Roz learns that the ratings have had a much-needed increase thanks to Kenny, she quits the station and gets a job at KPXY, where she uncovers the shocking truth behind his dismissal.

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