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Season 5 of Roz contains 24 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"How to Succeed in Radio Without Really Trying" (Part 1) 1 97

After working at KPXY for a month, Roz learns that she is one of the candidates for assistant manager. Back at KACL, Bulldog is desperate to get Roz back and offers to let her run the station again. Roz is torn between her career goals or being back at the job she loved and finally chooses KACL. However, Bulldog struggles to keep his end of the bargain after losing several of the management perks he enjoyed so much. Meanwhile, Gil begins to miss life as a radio celebrity while Noel and Kenny fight over the only vacant office.

  • Kenny Daly becomes a main character.
"How to Succeed in Radio Without Really Trying" (Part 2) 2 98

Bulldog misses being KACL manager, and Roz agrees to let the staff make a choice between them. Bulldog goes overboard and turns it into a full-fledged debate, treating it as an election. Roz is convinced that the simpler approach is best, but quickly realises her mistake and enlists Noel as her campaign manager. Roz is eventually chosen as manager, and as her first act of authority, she reinstates the Gonzo Sports Show for Bulldog and re-hires Gil. Everybody celebrates at Café Nervosa, which Gil has just sold.

"I’m Not Listening" 3 99

Roz chats online with a KACL employee named Clint and after hitting it off, they agree to meet up for a date. When Roz learns that Clint is almost entirely deaf and communicates through the use of a laptop, she feels awkward around him. Seeking council from her friends, Roz is advised by Kenny to put herself in Clint’s shoes for the day by wearing earplugs. Roz tries it out and realises how hard it is for Clint. After getting to know him a little better and realising that he’s a good man, she decides to keep seeing him. Meanwhile, after returning to the airwaves, Gil keeps getting calls from angry fans who feel that he abandoned them.

"Take This Job and Love It" 4 100

Roz unknowingly hires a con man to install a security system at KACL, and the next day everybody finds themselves locked out due to the unknown entry code. Roz attempts to track the conman down, and he agrees to tell her the code if she gets his life back on track. Roz reluctantly agrees and starts off by helping him to find a steady job. Meanwhile, Kenny asks Bulldog to teach him how to flirt when the situation leads to an amalgamation of attractive women they'd ordinarily never meet.

"What the Deaf Man Saw" 5 101

Roz enlists the help of Noel to learn sign language for her boyfriend, Clint. Noel, jealous over their relationship, subconsciously teaches Roz an offensive gesture which she repeats to Clint. Outraged, Clint breaks up with her, so Roz suspends Noel from the station. However, she finds herself unable to apologise to Clint without Noel’s lessons. Meanwhile, Kenny accidentally breaks the vending machine while Bulldog searches for an ugly producer after scaring off all the attractive candidates.

"The Good, the Bad and the Eddie" 6 102

Gil enters his poodle in the Seattle dog show, where he runs into Martin Crane and his own dog, Eddie. Martin has just split up with his wife Ronee Lawrence and is determined to make Eddie win. Worried that Martin will sabotage his own chances of claiming the trophy, Gil decides to help him win the heart of a pretty dog owner he likes. However, she misinterprets Martin’s intentions and winds up becoming Eddie’s new babysitter. Martin regrets taking Gil’s advice and fires him, resulting in things heating up between them at the dog show.

"The Short Bald Man with Two Black Shoes" 7 103

Bulldog, fed up with jokes about his height and receding hairline, decides to try out taller shoes along with a specially-made toupee. He enjoys the immediate attention from women at the station but realises that nobody sees him as the same person anymore, instead viewing him as a boring middle-aged man. Determined to prove that he is still the same guy he always was, Bulldog starts making more inappropriate comments than ever, which results in him getting suspended from the station. Bulldog enjoys having some time off from work but worries that he has forever alienated his chances of getting back together with Roz.

"Just Like Old Times" 8 104

Gil is dismayed to learn that a critic in the Seattle Times thinks his show has gone downhill ever since he returned to the airwaves. Determined to prove the critic wrong, Gil decides to spruce up his show a little and make it more exciting, but everybody, including Roz, hates the result. Searching for some answers, Gil meets up with the critic at the Seattle Times building and realises that he is a restaurant owner he frequently criticised many years ago. Gil tries to make amends, but the critic doesn’t make things very easy for him.

"The Abduction" 9 105

Clint cheats on Roz with a deaf woman, and she becomes depressed as a result. The gang take it upon themselves to cheer Roz up and decide to take her out for a night in Seattle. However, the combination of their annoying personality traits just makes things worse, and Roz slips away in secret. When her absence is eventually noticed, everybody panics and Noel thinks she has been abducted by aliens.

"Return of the Poker" 10 106

Roz is dismayed to learn that Bulldog, Noel and Kenny have been playing poker in the station's basement every Friday night. She orders them to stop but soon realises that she is only jealous because they didn’t invite her to play. Bulldog finally caves in and asks her to join, but quickly remembers why he was so reluctant to do so in the first place – she has a minor gambling addiction. Roz’s short-tempered gambling persona doesn’t make things any easier for them either, and Bulldog realises that they must stop playing poker for everybody’s benefit. However, taking it away from Roz isn’t as easy as they thought, and Bulldog realises that it is the only thing filling the void after her breakup with Clint.

"The Romantic Englishman" 11 107

A short romance story is passed around the station, and everybody tries to guess who wrote it. It turns out that Gil did, and he reveals that he likes to write romantic stories in his spare time. Gil is excited after he is approached by a famous book publisher, but his dreams of being a professional writer are crushed when he is asked to re-write the story for the gay community. Meanwhile, Roz keeps finding Bulldog’s old stuff in her office, but he is too embarrassed to take some of the more inappropriate items back.

"Man Who Never Was" 12 108

Roz discovers that half of the staff think that she used to be a man due to a rumour Bulldog spread when she was dating Clint. Roz orders Bulldog to set things straight but begins to think that he made up the rumour because he is still harbouring feelings for her. Meanwhile, Kenny and Noel start taking naps every day in the lounge, but when a series of events leads to them missing one, they become crankier than ever.

"The Dog in the Gray Flannel Suit" 13 109

Bulldog purchases an expensive tuxedo for an upcoming KACL charity event, hoping to meet someone. He meets and hits it off with Erika, a pretty entrepreneur who turns out to be the daughter of his wealthy father’s best friend. Bulldog lies and pretends that he is wealthy too but struggles to keep up the charade when she asks to see his so-called mansion. Kenny encourages Bulldog to tell Erika the truth; however, he is too afraid that she has fallen for his so-called wealth instead of his personality. Meanwhile, Roz discovers that Clint is leaving KACL and throws him a farewell party, where she struggles to hide her resentment towards his new girlfriend.

"Route 666" 14 110

Bebe Glazer returns, and this time she has her sights set on Kenny, who has been looking for an agent for the past few weeks. Kenny agrees to give Bebe a try, unaware of her ruthless, devil-like tactics, and it isn’t until he’s heard stories from Roz, Bulldog and Gil that he understands what she’s really like. Kenny decides it is best that he fires Bebe, but when she gets him a 20% raise and a weekly TV gig, he can’t bring himself to do it. The gang agree to help him out, not anticipating Bebe’s plans to exploit their weaknesses.

"Pranks for the Memory" 15 111

Seattle Times critic Theodore Rudd gives KACL a bad review, so Roz and Bulldog decide to confront him at his office. Rudd turns out to be the new owner, and soon the two companies are going to great lengths to out-prank each other. However, KACL’s latest retaliation gets wildly out of hand, and Rudd winds up in the hospital with a broken arm. Now Roz and Bulldog must do whatever it takes to stop KACL from getting a lawsuit, so they enlist the help of a ruthless attorney who turns out to be Noel’s dad.

"She's Back" 16 112

Alice returns from Paris, and Roz is dismayed to discover how much her daughter has changed as a result of being around French people all the time. Roz becomes determined to get the old Alice back and tries to re-introduce her to America. They stop at a roadside diner, where Roz is accused of being an unpatriotic mother when Alice criticises the country and says that she wants to go back to France.

"The Birds and the SeaBeas" 17 113

It’s time for the SeaBea Awards once again, and everybody has their heart set on one award or another. Kenny and Gil go overboard in trying to one-up each other by giving the judges the best gift. Roz wants to win her fourth Best Manager award but worries that the honour will go to former manager Bulldog instead. Noel is delighted at the opportunity to host the ceremony until he meets his partner who never lets him get a word in.

"Heartbreak Clint" 18 114

Roz runs into Clint and his girlfriend at a supermarket and invites them over to dinner to show there are no hard feelings. However, when his girlfriend stands him up, Clint goes into a state of depression and Roz comforts him. One thing leads to another, and they wind up sleeping together. The following morning Roz struggles to tell him that it was a mistake. Clint is delighted with their so-called relationship and goes overboard in giving her gifts, even phoning her at work to tell her how much he misses her. Roz finally gives in and dumps Clint, but gets more than she expected when he seizes control of KACL's radio tower and starts broadcasting messages about his heartbreaks.

"Silence is Olden" 19 115

Gil and Noel decide to have a silent movie marathon and become convinced that Roz’s grandmother used to be a movie star. Roz reveals that it is true, and Noel grows addicted to her movies because Grandma Doyle looked so much like Roz. That night, Noel imagines his own life as a silent movie. Meanwhile, Bulldog and Kenny have a movie marathon of their own, and Bulldog is surprised to learn Kenny has never watched Star Wars.

"The Oddfather" 20 116

Roz is not looking forward to a visit from her emotionally distant father. Every time he visits, he has a new girlfriend whom he expects her to like. However, this time things are different – he has no new woman in his life and wants Roz to help him in the romance department. Roz reluctantly agrees, but after many efforts to find a suitable woman, she makes him join a matchmaking service. Mr. Doyle enjoys dating different women every night and Roz is satisfied until she meets his so-called perfect match. Meanwhile, Bulldog is taking care of Alice for the day, but problems arise when she asks to meet her grandfather.

"Gil Chesterton’s Restaurant Beating" 21 117

After criticising a restaurant on his show, Gil is challenged to a physical fight with the heavyset owner. Gil does his best to get out of it but realises that the fight has been set to take place right outside his building, meaning that he has to go through with it if he is to get home. However, he chickens out at the last minute and hides in the station's basement. It isn’t until a week later that Roz realises he has been living there, and she agrees to train him for the fight. It then turns out that the owner has given up his fighting ways and is instead working on improving his restaurant. Weeks later, Gil agrees to review the transformed restaurant, but when he criticises it once again, history is doomed to repeat itself.

"Where There’s a Will, There’s No Way" 22 118

An elderly man named Bryan Wakefield shows up at KACL and asks to see the new manager. Roz meets with Bryan, who reveals that he is dying and wants to go on air one last time before he passes away. Roz delightedly accepts his request, but worries when she realises that Bryan still has traditional morals and values, and manages to offend several minorities over the course of an hour. Roz realises she must take him off air, but feels guilty for depriving him of his final wish. Hoping to make him feel better before his passing, she constructs a mock radio booth, complete with an artificial on-air light. However, when Bryan finds out what Roz has done, he is mortified.

"International Man of Misery" (Part 1) 23 119

Kenny discovers that people find his perky attitude annoying and decides to make some changes to his personality. He winds up becoming the most miserable person at the station as a result, and Roz attempts to help him come up with a compromise that everybody can live with. When Kenny’s depressing attitude brings her down, they commiserate their lives together at a local bar. The following morning it turns out that Roz has drunkenly slept with Kenny, but she worries that breaking up with him will increase his depression.

"Couch Trip" (Part 2) 24 120

Roz and Kenny feel awkward around each other after their night together, and seek help from a cheap psychiatrist to get past the problem. The psychiatrist turns out to have a romantic interest in Kenny, and they make no progress whatsoever as a result. Bulldog is mortified when he discovers what happened between Roz and Kenny and goes into a state of denial. Gil and Noel take it upon themselves to snap him out of it and enlist the help of a hypnotist. However, the hypnotist turns out to be less than professional and ends up putting Bulldog into a seemingly irreversible trance.

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