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Season 6 of Roz contains 24 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Station" 1 121

The employees become addicted to the lottery after learning of the biggest ever jackpot in Seattle. While Bulldog, Kenny and Gil purchase several tickets each, they don’t expect Noel’s single ticket with the cast of Star Trek's birthdays on to win. Using his new fortune, Noel decides to leave KACL and see the world. Problems arise when he can’t claim his win after losing the ticket somewhere at the station. The employees agree to help him search for it, but become more obsessed with getting it for themselves. As the station is turned upside down in the hunt for the ticket, Roz struggles to keep everything in order while looking for someone to replace Noel.

"Demotion Commotion" 2 122

After Noel’s departure, Roz learns that in all his years of working at KACL, he managed to swindle several thousand dollars from the company. Realising that this discovery could get her demoted, Roz attempts to track Noel down with the help of Bulldog, but his newfound fortune means he is moving a mile a minute. Meanwhile, a lonesome Gil goes on the hunt for some new friends.

"The Rose and Fall of Kenny Daly" 3 123

Kenny bumps into his ex-wife Rose Daly, and they wind up reminiscing about old times. They agree to meet up again at a romantic restaurant, and Kenny ponders over whether or not it’s a date. When the big night comes, Kenny is surprised to learn that Rose is indeed interested in him again, and agrees to go to marriage counselling with her. Their counsellor turns out to be none other than Dr. Bernard Shenkman, and after learning of his sordid reputation, Kenny wants to find someone else in the fear that Rose has fallen for Shankman, just as Maris did years earlier.

"The Breakfast Clod" 4 124

When Roz’s morning routine is thrown upside down by a series of escalating disasters, she experiences one of her worst days since she joined KACL. Realising that her morning routine has had an effect on her days for the past several years, Roz opts never to let it get mixed up again. Despite being extra careful, things turn for the worse and Roz worries that she’ll never get her routine back to the way it was. Later Roz realises that it was the absence of her neighbour’s awful singing that threw her routine off course, and he has just left for a six-month vacation. Now Roz must convince him to come back to Seattle, or else face a lifetime of bad days.

"Gil Makes a New Friend" 5 125

Gil makes friends with Jerry, an insurance salesman who turns out to be involved with Ann Hodges. Gil begins to feel like a third wheel when Jerry keeps inviting both him and Ann to various social events and worries that he is interrupting their romance. However, when Ann suddenly dumps Jerry, and he becomes depressed, dull and downright dislikable, Gil struggles to end their friendship. Meanwhile, Roz attempts to get out of going to a charity event with her loathsome sister Denise Doyle but ends up being sent on a guilt trip every time she tries.

"Who Shot Roz Doyle?" 6 126

The station owner tells Roz that he wants her to star in a TV commercial, but when she keeps forgetting lines and freezing in front of the camera, Bulldog takes her place. As a result, he finds himself slowly descending into stardom and getting offered several other TV spots. Roz gets annoyed when Bulldog keeps flaunting his success in her face and decides to sabotage his latest commercial.

"Less Than Great Expectations" (Part 1) 7 127

A pregnancy test is found in the bathroom, and everybody tries to guess who it belongs to. Roz eventually confesses that she thinks she may be expecting, but chickened out and left the test in the bathroom at the last minute. Her visiting sister Denise encourages Roz to take the test again, and it is confirmed that she is indeed pregnant. Roz’s attempts to tell the father are interrupted by the arrival of Rick and his new wife Rhonda, who is also pregnant. Meanwhile, Bulldog has yet to find out about the pregnancy test and wonders why everybody is acting so strange around him.

"Less Than Great Expectations" (Part 2) 8 128

Roz agrees to have dinner with Rick and his wife, Rhonda. Her pregnancy is exposed when she inadvertently sips a glass of wine and promptly spits it out. Rick is surprised by this revelation and worries that the baby might be his after he and Roz slept together a few weeks ago during a visit. Rhonda is naturally outraged because she and Rick had been dating for months at that time. Roz feels guilty for what she has caused, and attempts to bring them back together with the help of Bulldog. Bulldog finally figures out what is going on and promises Roz that he’ll be around to help with the kid, which later transpires to be his after Roz admits that math is not her strong subject.

"This New House" 9 129

Kenny and Rose prepare to move in with each other after successfully completing marriage counselling, and everything is going smoothly until Kenny catches Rose making out with one of the deliverymen. Kenny calls the move off and storms out. However, he has left all his stuff in the new house. Not wanting to go back in and damage his pride, Kenny enlists Gil’s help to break into the house and get his stuff back, but he doesn’t anticipate Gil’s ineptitude with the task. Meanwhile, Roz wonders if Bulldog is suitable enough to be a father and puts him to the test by volunteering them both to babysit a neighbour’s daughter.

"Baby Shower" 10 130

As Roz starts to gain a few pregnancy pounds, she remembers the time she was expecting Alice. After announcing her pregnancy at the Halloween party, Roz tried to slip out without anybody noticing. However, a series of escalating disasters prevented this from happening, while rumours of the baby’s father got wildly out of hand. Roz eventually managed to escape by swiping a Wonder Woman costume from the bedroom.

"Making Airwaves" 11 131

A radical protest group seize control of a radio tower and start broadcasting their propaganda across Seattle. Roz meets with the group’s leader, Sid Jones, who reveals that he is protesting the forever changing TV technology. Roz asks him to stop broadcasting his messages, but he flatly refuses, and listeners start turning off KACL as a result. Roz resorts to drastic measures and attempts to seduce Sid to get what she wants. When that doesn’t work, she worries that her pregnancy has taken away her sexiness. However, it turns out that Sid is actually gay, and wants to be set up with one of Roz’s friends.

"Gil Killed Kenny!" 12 132

When Kenny’s apartment needs to be fumigated, he moves in with a reluctant Gil at his grand mansion. Gil bores the station to death with stories of how Kenny is an unbearable roommate, but when Kenny doesn’t show up for work at all the following week, everybody thinks that Gil killed him. Gil tries to prove his innocence and invites everyone to his house to show it, where a series of bizarre events unfold.

"A Quiet Evening with Bulldog" 13 133

Roz decides to remodel her office and winds up hitting it off with a handsome contractor named Alex. When Roz agrees to go out with him, Bulldog is uncomfortable because of her pregnancy and asks her to cancel. Roz reluctantly agrees and decides to spend a quiet evening with Bulldog, but is outraged when he ditches her to go out with the new coffee girl. Roz reschedules her date with Alex, and they wind up sitting across the same restaurant from Bulldog and the coffee girl.

"Gil and Phil’s Excellent Adventure" 14 134

Gil’s reclusive brother Phil shows up at KACL after being called in to fix the computer system. Phil asks Gil to help him win the heart of a woman he likes, but Gil doesn’t know what to advise and sends him to Bulldog instead. Bulldog’s advice turns out to do the trick until Phil starts flirting with every woman he sees – including Roz. Bulldog suggests that he tones it down a little, and that’s when Phil suddenly decides to propose to his next date. When the woman says no, Phil is heartbroken, and Gil realises that it is his task as a family member to comfort him. Unfortunately, this is a difficult task as they have never been very close. Meanwhile, Roz tries to find an alternative to expensive maternity clothes.

"Flirting with Disaster" 15 135

When Roz forgets to pay the insurance for KACL, she realises that she can’t sort it out for another week – and desperately tries to prevent any disasters from happening at the station. The station owner tells her that shutting the place down for a week isn’t an option, so Roz starts enforcing crazy safety rules to keep up good standards. Unfortunately, this is just as Bulldog organises an elaborate fireworks display for a birthday party.

"The Young and the Sexless" 16 136

Roz starts to get weird pregnancy cravings and becomes desperate for one last night of passion before the baby comes. Bulldog is quick to offer his assistance, but she rejects him. However, she later regrets it after realising that he is back together with the coffee girl, and has no intentions of fooling around with someone else. Meanwhile, Gil considers changing the name of Restaurant Beat.

"Oh Kenny Boy" 17 137

Kenny worries that he has lost his DJ groove after running into his ex-wife Rose and her new boyfriend. When Roz is forced to take him off air, he meets up with his former mentor at Café Nervosa and asks him to help him get his groove back. Roz is forced to find someone to fill in for Kenny and winds up doing it herself, where she spends all day dealing with angry callers who were her former fans. Meanwhile, Bulldog and Gil attempt to build a crib for the baby.

"Revenge of the Agents" 18 138

Bebe Glazer opens a new talent agency across the street from the station, and the staff find themselves being forced to fight off her army of persistently evil agents. Roz bans them from entering the station, but when she learns that the SeaBea Awards are approaching once again, it'll take all her power to keep the agents at bay. Meanwhile, Bulldog is horrified to learn that he doesn’t have any nominations this year and becomes determined to find out why. After hassling several members of the voting committee at their homes, he manages to swindle at least one nomination, but it is not very flattering. Gil is too afraid to attend the ceremony because he recently criticised the caterers on his show.

"Fun with Finance" 19 139

Roz decides to hire a new financial advisor, but her final choice turns out to be a bumbling, incompetent fool. However, Roz can’t fire him due to a new policy enforced by the station owner, stating that new employees must work for at least four weeks. Roz finally opts to give the guy a chance and teach him about finance but learns that he is an unbearable student. Meanwhile, Bulldog is frustrated that Roz’s baby only kicks when he touches her belly. Gil tries to be a guy and support Kenny, who is depressed over his problems with Rose.

"Freebeard" 20 140

When Roz remarks that Bulldog isn’t mature enough to be a father, he decides to prove her wrong by toning down his wild personality, and even grows a beard. Roz finds herself falling for the new Bulldog, while he begins to hate keeping up a different persona and wants to go back to his old self. Meanwhile, Kenny is dismayed to learn that his favourite snack bar is closing down, further adding to his despondency. Gil tries to find a way of cheering Kenny up, and rallies for the snack bar to be kept open.

"Baby Got Baptised" 21 141

Bulldog’s mother Bernice visits to meet Roz and is surprised to learn that they don’t plan on having the baby baptised. Bulldog pesters Roz into doing it, but she refuses, causing a rift between her and Bernice. Bulldog’s attempts to settle the argument between them are useless, especially when his mother finds out that he and Roz don’t plan on getting married either. Hoping to resolve the conflict before the birth, he decides to stage a fake marriage proposal, which Roz mistakenly thinks is sincere and accepts. Now Bulldog must set things straight while keeping both Roz and his mother happy.

"Crane, Crane, Go Away" (Part 1) 22 142

Roz gets a surprise visit from Daphne Moon, who says that she has fallen out with Dr. Niles Crane over the correct way to discipline their son. Roz agrees to take Daphne in for a few days but soon worries that her stay will be permanent when there are no signs of reconciliation between Daphne and Niles. Roz suggests that they go into counselling, and they agree, but at the first session things go from bad to worse. Roz must now put her agony aunt skills to the test to bring Daphne and Niles back together and arranges a romantic evening for two at an Italian restaurant. The night doesn’t go as planned when it turns out that Niles’ ex-wife Maris, back from her private island, is involved with the restaurant owner.

"Crane, Crane, Go Away" (Part 2) 23 143

As Daphne and Niles’ problems continue, Roz struggles to get a minute’s peace at her house when Niles keeps showing up and causing more arguments. Bulldog suggests that Roz tells Daphne that she needs her own space due to her pregnancy, but Daphne winds up getting offended and storming out. Although Roz is happy that she has the house to herself, she feels sorry for turning an old friend away and tries to make amends. Unfortunately, Daphne has just found out that Niles has gone back to Maris in the belief is marriage is over, so she and Roz must keep him from making a huge mistake. Daphne and Niles eventually realise that they are made for each other, and thank Roz for her assistance.

"The Father, the Son and the 'Holy Crap!'" 24 144

Bulldog goes out for a night on the town with Gil and Kenny to celebrate his approaching fatherhood, but winds up panicking about becoming a dad and flees the bar. Gil and Kenny try to locate Bulldog and go through a dozen places around Seattle. Further problems are caused when they receive a phone call from Roz; she has just gone into labour. Meanwhile, Roz is struggling to deal with the extremely long labour process, and there is a surprise appearance from Noel, who is at the hospital to donate a kidney. Roz grows paranoid over Bulldog’s whereabouts and is concerned that he won’t be there to see the birth of his child.

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