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Season 7 of Roz contains 24 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"From Here to Paternity" (Part 1) 1 145

Roz is still in labour when Bulldog finally shows up at the hospital to be by her side. Roz gives birth to a healthy baby boy, whom they name Stuart, but Bulldog has some explaining to do. He confesses that he was scared of becoming a father but promises that he’ll stick around every step of the way. When Bulldog inadvertently traps himself in a janitor’s closet, everybody including Roz thinks that he has done another runner. Kenny manages to track him down but manages to get locked in the closet too, where Bulldog reveals that he is still panicked about fatherhood.

"From Here to Paternity" (Part 2) 2 146

Bulldog and Kenny manage to escape from the janitor’s closet. Thinking that Bulldog ran away again, Roz refuses to speak to him until Kenny sets things straight. After a long talk in the closet with Kenny, Bulldog has realised that he is ready for fatherhood and holds baby Stuart for the first time. Meanwhile, as Noel prepares to leave the hospital after donating a kidney, Gil is having trouble saying goodbye.

"The Kid Stays Out the Picture" 3 147

Roz and Bulldog are forced to feign marriage to please Roz’s visiting mother, Joanna. However, Roz is horrified when Joanna invites herself to move into the apartment, feeling that Bulldog is not experienced enough to be a father. Not wanting her mother to be disappointed in her, Roz pretends that Bulldog is against her moving in. The problems continue to pile up when Alice shows up unexpectedly from school and unknowingly reveals the truth about her mother's so-called marriage. As Roz deals with her lecturing mother, she worries that Alice won’t like Stuart and urges them to bond. Bulldog eventually manages to calm Joanna down, and she accepts the fact that he would make a good parent. Delighted with Bulldog, Roz gives him a kiss, and they agree that marriage wouldn’t be so bad for them.

"Feud, Glorious Feud" 4 148

Gil begins a feud on his show with a rival critic, and it soon becomes a recurring event. Temporary station manager Kenny orders Gil to settle the dispute and the two critics prepare to meet at Café Nervosa. Gil realises how much they have in common when they both hate the same restaurants, and everybody at the station thinks that love is in the air. Meanwhile, Kenny is finding it difficult to be more of a tyrant after returning to his management duties and seeks help from an old KPXY co-worker.

"My Fair Bulldog" 5 149

Roz asks Bulldog to act more mature when he’s near Stuart, and she agrees to give him maturity lessons. Weeks later, Roz is delighted with the success of her student, but Bulldog hates his new personality. When he manages to alienate his friends at work and even his girlfriend, he worries that he’ll never be the same. However, Bulldog then hits it off with his ex, the coffee girl, who loves his new personality and agrees to go on a date with him. After learning of their rekindled romance, Roz worries that sex is what made Bulldog an immature person in the first place and convinces him to dump the coffee girl. She is so upset as a result that she cuts off Roz’s coffee supply at the station, making her days more hectic than ever. Meanwhile, Kenny considers applying for a permanent management job at another station and winds up in competition with Noel, who has blown all his lottery winnings on Star Trek collectables.

"Cool Hand Bill" 6 150

Gil’s older brother Bill Chesterton returns to announce his new career as a magician. He asks everyone at the station to attend his debut show under the Space Needle, but Gil has always hated magic tricks and refuses to go. Kenny convinces him to do it for his brother. However, Bill’s new career could be threatened when he loses a volunteer in his disappearing act. Bill is kicked out of the magician's alliance and becomes depressed, forcing Gil to do something he’s never been good at: be a supportive brother.

"The Barely Rich Project" 7 151

Noel returns to KACL after realising that it has always been his real home. He is slowly losing his rich friends as a result of blowing all his lottery winnings on Star Trek collectables but refuses to acknowledge this or spend time with Gil and his former colleagues. Kenny worries that Noel is in denial about his loss of wealth and tries to make him admit that he is no longer part of the Seattle elite, which puts him in an even worse state. Meanwhile, Roz comes back from maternity leave and is dismayed to learn that everybody preferred Kenny’s approach to management.

"Checker Mate" 8 152

Bulldog is encouraged by a co-worker to teach Stuart various games, believing that it will boost his intelligence. He starts with checkers and is surprised when Stuart manages to win. Thinking that he has a genius son, Bulldog plans to meet with several Seattle intellectuals to reveal his joy. However, Roz dampens his spirits when she explains that Stuart’s win was probably a coincidence. Bulldog accuses Roz of not having any faith in their child, and they wind up fighting to see who the better parent is.

"Doctor How" 9 153

Retired doctor named Peter Smith gets a job at KACL to offer medical advice over the air. Roz is surprised by Smith’s strange approach to healing people and thinks it is all baloney until he helps her through a so-called crisis when Stuart needs to be burped. Roz starts to spend more time with Peter and Bulldog soon grows jealous of their budding relationship, so he plots to have Peter’s license taken away. However, he learns that Roz wants to stay with Peter whether he has a license or not, and realises that he must confess his feelings for Roz if they are ever to get back together. Unfortunately, this also means admitting that he got Peter’s medical license revoked. Meanwhile, Kenny is coaxed into joining an expensive gym.

"Friends and Ex-Lovers" 10 154

With the couch in for repairs and his friends out of town, Bulldog is forced to spend the night in Roz’s room after his bed breaks. When neither of them can sleep due to a loud party next door, they wind up talking to each other like old times and realise why they fell for each other in the first place. One thing leads to another, and they sleep together. The following morning Roz tries to convince herself that it was a mistake but begins to think that a married with children lifestyle won’t be so bad. Unfortunately, Bulldog has the exact opposite idea and escapes to the station to avoid an awkward situation with Roz. After talking with Noel, Bulldog considers giving his relationship with Roz another shot, but she’s got the wrong idea. Meanwhile, Noel moves in with Gil.

"The XXX Files" 11 155

As the reunited Roz and Bulldog prepare to move into a house together, Roz orders Bulldog to get rid of his porn collection. He leaves it in the station's basement to collect at the end of the day, but after returning to retrieve it, he discovers that it is gone. Learning that it has been distributed around the station, Bulldog desperately tries to get back a valuable tape labelled "Roz". Meanwhile, Noel and Gil try to uncover the truth behind Kenny’s hickey.

"The Dad Adventures of Kenny Daly" 12 156

Kenny gets parental pangs after discovering that his ex-wife Rose is pregnant. Roz attempts to cheer Kenny up by letting him babysit Stuart and Stuart winds up taking a shine to him. Kenny’s babysitting soon becomes a frequent event, and he reveals that before he became a DJ, he considered a career working with children. However, when Stuart suddenly turns on Kenny and screams every time he is near, nobody can understand why and Roz is forced to separate them. Overcome with guilt, Roz gets him a trial job working with the neighbours, whose allegedly darling kids turn out to be monsters.

"A Star is Spawned" 13 157

In memory of a deceased radio personality, Roz decides to put on a musical of her own, live on the air. When the singer loses her voice on the big day Roz is forced to take her place and surprises everyone – including herself – with her talent. After the show, she is approached by the ruthless agent Bebe Glazer, who wants to make Roz a singing sensation. However, as usual, Bebe has ulterior motives, as Roz comes to learn. Meanwhile, Bulldog inadvertently sets the fire alarm off and worries that he has deafened Stuart.

"Hot and Cool" 14 158

Roz is recognised for the first time at a café and begins to think that she is finally becoming a celebrity. She delights in experiencing fifteen minutes of fame until she discovers that her name is under the Not column in the Seattle Times Hot or Not list. Determined to do something that will get her in the spotlight again, Roz devises several crazy schemes and makes a bigger fool of herself than ever.

"Crushed" 15 159

Roz hires a beautiful new secretary named Jen that all the men at the station have a crush on. She soon becomes paranoid about her own looks and thinks that nobody finds her attractive anymore, so she starts going to beauty salons all the time. Bulldog worries that Roz cares more about her image than their own son when she keeps blowing off her time with him and tries to convince he loves her the way she is. Unfortunately, this just makes things worse when Roz believes that Bulldog is still commitment-phobic. Meanwhile, Kenny and Noel are both harbouring crushes on Jen themselves and battle it out for her affections, oblivious to the fact that she's not interested in either of them.

"There’s No Business Like Bird Business" 16 160

Bulldog declares war on his neighbour, an eccentric bird enthusiast who refuses to stop one of his birds from doing his business on Bulldog’s car. When Bulldog inadvertently kills the bird in an attempt to get it away, he tries to hide what he has done before his owner returns from a conference. Meanwhile, Roz’s rivalry with Jen continues but she refuses to acknowledge the fact that they have a lot in common with each other. Kenny is roped into throwing a baby shower for his ex-wife.

"Love at Stakeout" 17 161

Roz and Jen become good friends and start to spend all their time with each other. Bulldog grows jealous after he is forced to take care of Stuart every night for two weeks and worries that Roz is out picking up other men at nightclubs. He is encouraged by Noel to follow Roz night to be certain but is forced to take Stuart along with him. Bulldog enjoys being on a stakeout with his son until a furious Roz discovers what they are up to. Meanwhile, Gil returns from a vacation in Hawaii and struggles to get rid of his replacement. Kenny is driven crazy by returning feelings for his ex-wife, especially after learning she has just been dumped by her boyfriend.

"The Flabulous Bakery Boy" 18 162

Gil starts to gain weight fast after a bakery is built right next to his house and after several attempts to shed a few pounds, he turns to the psychiatrist Dr. Niles Crane for advice. Meanwhile, Kenny finds out that Rose has gone into labour and enlists Noel’s help for support at the hospital. Roz plans a surprise leaving party for Jen after she gets a job in Chicago; however, an oblivious Bulldog spills the beans.

"The Art of Roz" 19 163

Pretentious artist Daryl wants to make Roz the subject of his next work of art. She agrees to pose for him, and a week later, she and Bulldog are invited to a large gala at Daryl’s house for the grand unveiling. However, the painting turns out to be less than flattering, and Roz inadvertently offends Daryl in her disgust, unaware that he is standing right behind her. Distraught, he quits the art business to follow a crazy new dream, and Roz worries that she has ruined his life. Meanwhile, Kenny continues to visit Rose and her new baby despite several warnings from friends. Noel befriends someone at Café Nervosa who turns out to be a reporter writing a story on lottery winners. Gil searches for a tape of his first show for his mother’s birthday.

"Out of Restraining Order" 20 164

When Rose keeps pestering Kenny over the phone for advice about the baby, Bulldog advises him to get her out of his life. However, Kenny finds himself unable to turn her away and instead decides to file a restraining order against her to avoid a confrontation. Unfortunately, he is then approached by her new boyfriend, who promises to do a lot worse than just pester him over the phone. Meanwhile, Roz is suffering through another visit from her sister Denise and is concerned about letting her babysit Stuart while she is at work.

"Palm Springs Week" 21 165

Roz is pushed over the edge when Bulldog blows up the kitchen, Stuart won’t stop crying, and the station owner is giving her a hard time at work. She decides to take the week off and head to Palm Springs, leaving Bulldog to take care of everything at home and Kenny to fill in for her as station manager. Roz spends her entire vacation worried about the impact that her departure may have had, but upon her return, she is dismayed to learn that everything is relatively normal. Upset by the revelation that she is essentially unneeded, Roz considers finding a new career – however, several signs keep leading her back to the radio business. Meanwhile, Gil gets writer's block for the first time and worries that he has lost his flair for acidic criticism.

"Guess Who's Coming to Win Her" 22 166

Roz and Bulldog decide to hold a dinner party to befriend their neighbours, and are surprised when Rick, his wife Rhonda, and their kids show up at the door. They have come in a Winnebago, which blocks the entrance to the house, and nobody comes to the dinner party as a result. Roz worries about being rude if she asks them to leave while Bulldog is afraid that Rick still has feelings for her. He later becomes convinced that he is trying to win Roz back and goes overboard in attempting to prove it. Roz eventually sends Bulldog to a bar for the night where his paranoia gets the best of him. A desperate Bulldog sends Noel to spy on them in his place.

"Raiders of the Lost Booth" 23 167

Roz discovers the legend of a secret radio booth somewhere at the station, which is said to bring luck to those who use it. She and Bulldog decide to search for it and eventually uncover a hidden door in the basement, however, unlocking the secrets of the booth requires a unique key. The duo embarks on a quest to retrieve the key, overcoming many obstacles that are thrown in their path. Meanwhile, Noel becomes determined to prove that Indiana Jones was his idea.

"Dreading Vows" 24 168

Roz and Bulldog contemplate marriage; however, a series of signs suggests that it is a mistake. Roz is determined to go through with it anyway despite what fate thinks, but Bulldog is more concerned than she thought. They recall the hour after their previous wedding which eventually lead to an annulment. Bulldog was growing more panicked about marriage by the minute while at the reception, the whereabouts of the bride and groom was a major concern. Gil and Noel were busying themselves fantasying about what may have been happening behind the scenes. Finally in the present day, Roz and Bulldog decide to call off the wedding, feeling that the time is still not right.

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