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Season 8 of Roz contains 24 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"And They Call it Klingon Love" 1 169

Noel prepares for a Star Trek convention in Spokane and purchases a Klingon costume. At the convention, he meets and hits it off with Hayley, another Star Trek obsessive who is also dressed like a Klingon. Unable to muster up the courage to ask Hayley out on a date, Noel finds it easier to speak to her in the Klingon language. However, a Freudian slip leads to him insulting Hayley in Klingon, and now he must do whatever it takes to win her heart before the convention is over. Noel is surprised when he bumps into his brother Dominic, who reveals that he has always been a closeted Star Trek fan. Noel agrees to keep it a secret if Dominic helps him woo Hayley.

"Give Me an AA" 2 170

Free food lures Kenny to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting where he runs into his ex-wife Rose. When he realises that he must pass the course or face a $2,000 penalty, Kenny takes the chance to give Rose support at the meetings. However, things spiral out of control when he meets Rose’s brutish new boyfriend. Meanwhile, Gil is planning an extravagant party just to review the caterers, due to a lack of new restaurants in Seattle.

"Test Side Story" 3 171

Bulldog is dismayed to learn that he never really graduated high-school due to failing a biology test and decides to re-take it. After hearing that a school reunion is approaching, Bulldog is desperate not to be embarrassed in front of his former friends and must meet the deadline. However, in his rush to study, he winds up doing worse than before and making a complete fool of himself. Retreating to his car for the night, Bulldog is approached by his former coach who encourages him to stand up for himself. Unfortunately, this isn’t an easy task when the old school hotly finally arrives and makes him lose his courage. Meanwhile, Kenny tries to balance between watching a football game and doing his show, while dealing with phone calls from his ex-wife Rose.

"Bulldog Gets Puts Down" 4 172

Bulldog is forced to go to parents’ evening at Alice’s school, where he is dismayed to learn of the reputation he has gained amongst her friends. Determined to prove that he isn’t a boring old fart as they seem to think, Bulldog plans a party – complete with a bouncy castle – to be held at the house. However, when no one turns up, Bulldog is driven into a comprehensive analysis of himself, wondering if he has truly become old. Meanwhile, Gil is delighted that he pushed one of his listeners into becoming a restaurant critic until he realises that it may have wrecked his life as a result.

"Kill Gil: Vol. 2" 5 173

Gil worries that his brother Bill and Bill’s demanding new girlfriend are plotting to kill him for his money. When Bill reveals that he has been fired from the monster truck rally, Gil becomes increasingly paranoid and locks himself in the bathroom. As Bill tries to coax him into coming out, a mass media frenzy ensues, which Noel reports on at the station when he fills in for the newsreader. Meanwhile, Kenny is back together with Rose, but paranoia gets the best of him too when he thinks she’s hiding something.

"Suddenly Last Summers" 6 174

On the night before a big meeting with the station owner, Roz is struggling to get Stuart to fall asleep, which in turn is keeping her awake. After several unsuccessful attempts, she seeks advice from Kenny, Noel and Gil over the phone. However, they just hang up on her, because they want to be asleep themselves, so Roz seeks advice from Suzanne, an expert nanny who happens to be her new neighbour. Although annoyed that she has been woken up, Suzanne agrees to help Roz. Unfortunately, due to sleep deprivation, Roz grows paranoid and thinks that Suzanne is trying to take Stuart away from her. Meanwhile, after Roz’s phone-call, Kenny finds himself unable to get back to sleep and tries to find entertainment without waking Rose.

"All the Wrong Friends" 7 175

Roz worries that Alice is making friends with the wrong sort of people at her school, especially after she comes home one evening to find that the house has been turned upside down. Roz orders Alice to stay away from her new acquaintances, but she refuses. As Roz tries to come to terms with Alice’s first sign of teenage rebellion, she must also deal with a teething Stuart. Meanwhile, Gil has trouble pronouncing a French restaurant name on his show, so he seeks help from fluent speaker Noel.

"Power Outage" 8 176

Despite a power outage across most of Seattle, the station owner insists that the shows go on anyway in case anybody is listening in neighbouring cities. Finding it insane, Bulldog decides to put on a tape of one of his old shows and goes back home to spend some time with Stuart. However, the station owner finds out and is hot on his trail. Gil also thinks that the circumstances are crazy but doesn’t want to disobey the station owner for the first time. Noel and Kenny find themselves locked in an elevator due to the power outage, and Kenny worries that he’ll be fired if he doesn’t get to his show on time.

"Fishin': Impossible" 9 177

Bulldog wants to go fishing with Stuart but struggles to get a fishing license. He tries to convince one of his ex-girlfriends to help him get one but realises that it’ll come with a price. However, this cost does not involve money; instead, she wants Bulldog to help please her parents by pretending that they’re married. As the farce gets underway, Bulldog begins to wonder if all this is worth it just for a fishing license.

"I Never Promised You a Nice Garden" 10 178

Roz wants a nice garden for Stuart and Alice to play in, but Bulldog refuses to hire a professional, opting to do the work himself. However, the end result turns out to be a disaster and Bulldog is outraged when Roz secretly calls in an expensive team of gardeners to repair the damage. Roz tries to make amends but refuses to get rid of the gardeners, so Bulldog storms out to spend the day with Kenny and Rose. Unfortunately, they want some romantic time to themselves which Bulldog fails to pick up on, so they realise that it’s up to them to patch up his differences with Roz. Roz begins to understand Bulldog’s anger when she discovers the gardeners' fee. After successfully resolving the situation, Kenny and Rose realise that they love playing matchmaker and decide to open a matchmaking service together. Meanwhile, Noel and Gil embark on a quest to end the trash problem plaguing the street in front of the station.

"Match Point" 11 179

Kenny and Rose are planning to open their matchmaking service, but when they disagree over the chair pattern, they wonder if they are a good enough couple themselves to match other people. They agree to seek counselling and ask for the therapist’s advice but are less than happy with the result. While Kenny re-considers the matchmaking service, Rose is determined to prove that they are immensely happy together. Meanwhile, Noel loses his old lottery ticket and desperately tries to get it back for its sentimental value.

"Lost at SeaBea" 12 180

The SeaBea Awards are approaching once again, and with Roz out of town, Noel is forced to represent her at the ceremony. Roz wins the award for Best Manager, and after accepting it on her behalf, Noel becomes determined to win one for himself. In the bathroom, he meets none other than Bebe Glazer, who has spent the entire ceremony hidden in a stall waiting for pigeons. Noel agrees to hire her as his agent but soon remembers why she has acquired a devil-like reputation when she goes to great lengths to make him win his award. Meanwhile, after winning three awards, Kenny recalls why he loves radio so much and begins to reconsider the matchmaking service.

"Noel Goes for a Roll in the Hayley" 13 181

Star Trek obsessive Hayley gets a job at KACL, working behind the scenes along with Noel. He is encouraged by Bulldog to act on his interest in her; however, he is too late – Hayley reveals that she is dating a cast member from Enterprise. Downtrodden, Noel retreats to a nearby bar where Bulldog explains that Hayley was probably lying to make him jealous. Noel decides that honesty is the best approach, but winds up lying about a celebrity partner of his own. Noel and Hayley’s lies soon get wildly out of hand, and it’s up to Bulldog to resolve the situation. Meanwhile, Gil harshly criticises a box of cookies someone brought into work, unaware that Rose was the one who baked them. A rift is caused between him and Kenny, so Gil tries to prove his loyalty to friendship by eating fifty of the disgusting tasting cookies.

"Phil of Rights" 14 182

Gil’s younger brother Phil returns with a new, out-going personality which everybody at the station loves. However, Gil worries that Phil will take things too far one day and end up in jail. Determined not to let this happen, Gil decides to send Phil to a scared straight program, which turns out to be more extreme than he anticipated. Meanwhile, Kenny and Rose finally open their matchmaking service, but their first day is typically hectic as they try to find a match for the dorkiest guy in Seattle.

"You Can’t Do That on Radio" 15 183

When Gil burns his tongue and drops the F-bomb live on air, the station owner suspends him for a week. Bulldog is convinced that KACL needs to be more adult and formulates a petition to make the owner re-consider. He eventually agrees to give it a try, but inevitably things get out of hand, and the shows become a little too adult even for Bulldog’s sensibilities. Realising what he has done, Bulldog desperately tries to get everything back to normal. Meanwhile, Noel’s on/off romance with Hayley continues as he invites her to his house for a Star Trek marathon, during which he receives mixed signals.

"Star Connection Trek" 16 184

Noel and Hayley finally agree to go on an official date but find they have nothing to talk about except Star Trek. Noel reveals that he has always wanted an autograph from Patrick Stewart and Hayley says that she can get one for him. However, when she fails to do so Noel begins to realise that he is only dating her for her Star Trek connections and worries that their relationship is doomed. Noel and Hayley eventually break up but decide to remain Star Trek buddies.

"Fast Times at Grammar School" 17 185

Roz is delighted when she discovers that Alice has a chance of getting into a prestigious grammar school; however, she is forced to go up against a snobbish boy named Kelsey for the position. When Roz learns that Kelsey’s parents are the friends of Dr. Niles Crane and Daphne Moon, she decides to pay them a visit in the hopes of boosting Alice’s chances. When Niles deduces that Alice doesn’t want to go to the grammar school and instead wants an average kid's life, he turns Roz away, creating a rift between her and Daphne. Roz soon realises Niles’ good intentions and decides to make amends, but he doesn’t make things any easier for her.

"My Name is Noel" 18 186

Noel believes that he has had a near-death experience after a minor accident on his journey to the station, and becomes a believer in bad karma. He decides to write a list of all his regrets and undo them but struggles to complete number one: winning the heart of Roz. Meanwhile, Roz and Bulldog argue over whether something Stuart said was his first word or simply baby babble.

"Live and Let Lie" 19 187

Roz discovers that Bulldog is unable to lie in front of Stuart and decides to use it to her advantage so she can find out about his mysterious trips out of Seattle. She is delighted when she realises that Bulldog was only planning an anniversary party for her but he cancels it as the surprise has been ruined. Overcome with guilt, Roz decides to throw an anniversary party for him instead. Unfortunately, a series of escalating disasters prevents him from getting there on time, and he winds up walking in at the wrong moment. A frustrated Roz plans a third party to be held in the exact same place, but once again the surprise is ruined. Desperate, Roz seeks help from a professional party planner who is an expert at keeping things a surprise; until he meets gossipy Gil. Meanwhile, Kenny and Rose deal with an unsatisfied customer at their matchmaking service, who is convinced that they are purposely running up his bill by finding him bad matches.

"The Boy with the Toy Gun" 20 188

Roz is horrified when Bulldog purchases Stuart a toy gun and throws it out of the house, thinking that it encourages violence. Bulldog grows annoyed by the fact that Roz keeps treating him like an unfit parent and decides to rebel by taking Stuart to a local weapon museum. When Roz finds out what he has done, she is hot on his trail. However, Roz soon realises that Stuart is actually having a good time and decides to let his day out continue, but regrets it when he starts expressing somewhat violent emotions back at home.

"For Her Eyes Only" 21 189

Alice is forced to wear her old glasses again after struggling to read something at school, and a guilty Roz decides to buy her a fashionable pair. Bulldog is horrified by the expensive purchase, and after a confrontation with Roz, he wonders when he became so tightly-wound about money. Hoping to put his fears to rest, Bulldog goes on an emergency spending spree with several credit cards, blowing all their savings in the process.

"The Guy Who Loved Me" 22 190

Roz discovers that her old high-school friend Kevin is in town signing copies of his latest book. Kevin always loved Roz and spilt his feelings at the senior prom, and Roz has felt guilty for breaking his heart ever since. She decides to go to the book signing to make amends, but it turns out that he still loves her – and his book is about her breaking his heart. Meanwhile, Rose deals with one of her many exes when he signs up for the matchmaking service. Kenny has trouble understanding why the building’s rent is so high.

"On Her Boss' Secret Service" (Part 1) 23 191

Roz gets fed up with the domineering station owner taking charge of her duties and decides to quit. Bulldog is delighted to have a stay-at-home girlfriend, and Roz enjoys being an old-fashioned homemaker. However, she soon fears that she has become a typical housewife and regrets her decision to leave the station. Roz is later approached by a wealthy businessman named Gerald Bristow who wants her help in taking over KACL. Desiring revenge against her former boss, Roz agrees to assist him in the takeover, unaware of his mob connections. Meanwhile, Noel is made the new manager, but a rift is caused between him and Gil, who feels that he deserved the position. Kenny and Rose decide to close the matchmaking service.

"On Her Boss' Secret Service" (Part 2) 24 192

After finding out that Gerald Bristow’s intentions aren’t as good as she thought they were, Roz stops assisting in his takeover, but he isn’t willing to let her go without a fight. She soon worries for her family’s safety and is put on a witness relocation program with Bulldog and the kids. Two months later, they are settled down in London and Roz is the assistant manager of a radio station, where her prim and proper co-workers are eerily similar to those back home in Seattle. However, Roz is once again suffering under the tyranny of her boss and misses her old life. Back in the States, KACL has fallen apart under Noel’s management, so Gil takes it upon himself to get Roz back. Meanwhile, Kenny and Rose decide to get re-married and head to Vegas for a quick ceremony.

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