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Season 9 of Roz contains 24 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Seattle" (Part 1) 1 193

Kenny and Rose get married at a Vegas chapel. Roz and Bulldog arrive shortly afterwards to announce they are moving back to Seattle. Kenny is curious at how they got out of their problem with Gerald Bristow, the mob-connected businessman who drove them to London. Roz explains an old friend helped them out, and when Donny Douglas makes a sudden reappearance, everybody realises it was him. Roz has offered him a temp job at the station while he gets his new company off the ground. Kenny is less than thrilled with this news, and Bulldog is concerned Roz will fall for Donny all over again. As Kenny and Rose leave for their honeymoon, it is evident things might not be the same when they return.

"What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Seattle" (Part 2) 2 194

Donny is adjusting to his job at the station. When his company goes under, Roz is concerned Donny’s stay will become permanent. Gil and Noel are terrified of Donny, thinking he will sue them if they annoy him, so they refuse to come in. Roz realises her debt to Donny is over and decides to ask him to leave, but can’t bring herself to do it. Meanwhile, Bulldog misses a British beer, and Kenny and Rose spend their honeymoon dealing with jetlag.

"Jen-Her" 3 195

Jen returns to KACL after losing her job in Chicago, and Roz is delighted to have her old friend back. However, she soon realises living in Chicago for the last two years has changed Jen for the worse, and she is now a loathsome snob who criticises everything in her path. Roz decides it is best they stop spending time together, but Jen doesn’t take a hint and still thinks they are best friends. Roz asks Bulldog to help her out but, but they discover Jen has just been made assistant manager by her new boyfriend, the station owner. Meanwhile, Kenny and Rose adjust to marriage after returning from their honeymoon but struggle to interpret a big argument. Noel still has a crush on Jen and turns to Gil for romantic advice.

"Pain in the Assistant" 4 196

Roz must adjust to the insufferable Jen being her assistant manager and is furious when the station owner allows her to make all the important decisions. Angry, Roz decides to go on a strike with the employees who are also suffering under Jen’s tyranny. However, their protests get wildly out of hand and Roz realises she must negotiate with the owner if they are to settle the strike. Later, Roz is horrified to learn Bebe Glazer has been called in for the negotiations and is determined not to fall for whatever devil-like tricks she has up her sleeve this time.

"Torn Apartment" 5 197

Roz discovers Frasier’s old apartment in the Elliott Bay Towers is for sale and considers buying it for herself, but changes her mind after realising it brings back too many memories. However, she realises her decision has resulted in a greedy land developer buying the apartment instead, as step one in his plan to tear down the Elliot Bay Towers. Horrified at what she has caused, Roz formulates a protest with the former resident himself: Frasier.

"Sex and the Stressful Girl" 6 198

Bulldog realises he and Roz always have the best sex when she has had a stressful day, and that's because of her assistant manager Jen. Bulldog worries all the passion will go out of their relationship when he discovers Jen is leaving for her old job in Chicago. When Roz learns about his discovery, she believes it’s crazy at first but soon begins to think it may be true after Jen’s departure. Bulldog suggests they find something else to help spice things up in the bedroom, but nothing works as well as stress. Fearing for their relationship, Bulldog goes out of his way to give Roz the most stressful days she’s ever had.

"25" 7 199

As Roz and Bulldog prepare to send Stuart to pre-school for the first time, they imagine what he might be like as an adult. A 25-year old Stuart works at a radio station not dissimilar to KACL, along with several co-workers who act remarkably like Kenny, Gil and Noel. Back in reality, Kenny is horrified to learn he is still being billed for the old matchmaking service and Rose hasn’t done anything about it.

"The Secret of KACL" 8 200

Christmas brings out the worst of the employees when Roz organises a Secret Santa program, and everybody winds up fighting for the best gift-giver; Kenny. As Roz struggles to keep everything in order, she is dismayed to learn nobody wants to buy her anything because she is extremely fussy. Determined to prove the employees wrong, Roz announces she doesn’t care what she gets, so long as it's thoughtful. What she doesn’t expect is for everyone to suddenly buy her a crappy gift, several of which she is convinced have been swiped from her office. Meanwhile, Kenny is flattered everybody wants him to be their Secret Santa, but worries he won’t be able to live up to their expectations. Noel becomes a department store Santa Claus and unknowingly snatches a Star Trek toy from a kid. Gil tries his best not to criticise the annual KACL Christmas dinner.

"Give Her a Ring Sometime" 9 201

Roz learns Bulldog sold the engagement ring he gave her six years ago and is hurt. However, he is convinced it is not a big deal because the wedding didn’t last. Roz tries to teach Bulldog about sentimental values, and he is a surprisingly good student. Bulldog is later overcome with guilt and attempts to make amends by purchasing Roz another engagement ring. A delighted Roz realises what a great guy she has in Bulldog and they decide to make the engagement real, much to the surprise of their colleagues.

"Obsessive Computer Disorder" 10 202

Bulldog purchases a computer and Roz becomes addicted to online gambling. Bulldog tries his best to get her away from the computer, but despite several attempts, he is unsuccessful. Seeking council from Noel, Bulldog decides to stage an intervention at the station, which doesn’t go as planned. Bulldog sends a virus to Roz's e-mail in one last effort to fix the problem, but he winds up accused of being an evil computer genius wanted by the police. Roz realises she must pry herself away from the computer to save Bulldog. Meanwhile, Kenny and Rose baby-sit Stuart but are concerned their parenting skills are not as they once were.

"Coming of Rage" 11 203

After yelling at the deliveryman for delivering the wrong item, Roz is forced into anger management class by the new station owner. She finds it insane at first but soon realises how much anger she has in life and begins to enjoy doing something about it. However, Bulldog realises an anger-free Roz is not the woman he fell in love with and tries to get her old personality back. Meanwhile, Gil is accused of selling out after endorsing a terrible restaurant on his show and is determined to reclaim his dignity. Noel runs into his ex-girlfriend Hayley at a supermarket and attempts to outdo her new boyfriend's Star Trek knowledge.

"Roz and Silent Bulldog Strike Back" 12 204

Roz ropes Bulldog into attending her family reunion, where she is dismayed to learn that she doesn’t live up to their expectations of career and family. Outraged, she becomes determined to prove them wrong and organises another family get-together, at her house. However, things inevitably go wrong on the day when Alice and her friends accidentally destroy the plumbing and Stuart won’t stop throwing tantrums.

"Tick Tock, Maris" 13 205

Bulldog discovers a glockenspiel on eBay and decides to purchase it for Roz’s birthday. After it arrives at the house, he is surprised to get a visit from Maris’ maid Marta, who wants to take the glockenspiel back. Marta reveals Maris inadvertently sold it to a shady salesman and she desires its return for sentimental reasons. Bulldog agrees to give it back, but he can’t bring himself to do it when Roz turns out to love her gift. Meanwhile, Roz’s squabbling parents come to town for the wedding, and Noel struggles with his duty to keep them apart.

"Noel and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Tape" 14 206

Noel becomes determined to get a rare Star Trek tape from his ex-girlfriend Hayley and winds up spending all his time with her and her new boyfriend in a desperate attempt to curry her favour. Noel’s intentions change when he realises Hayley may be in an unhappy relationship, so he decides to find out more. However, Hayley misinterprets his warnings to stay away from her boyfriend, thinking he only cares about the tape. Meanwhile, Rose makes the mistake of trying to set Gil up with a man, creating a rift between him and Kenny. Roz’s sister Denise comes to visit along with several gifts for Stuart, which Roz hates.

"Woodfellas" 15 207

Roz discovers the station's basement has termites and calls in an exterminator, but she is later convinced that he is purposely breeding the termites to get more money. Roz becomes determined to expose his scam but winds up making a fool of herself in front of everyone, further adding to her bill. The station owner is furious with the expensive cost and demands Roz does something about it, but she is too afraid of embarrassing herself again.

"Bebe B. Good" 16 208

Bebe Glazer returns for the SeaBea awards and surprises everyone with her personality transformation and apparent devotion to ethics. Roz becomes determined to prove that deep down inside a she-devil still resides, but nobody else believes it. To make matters worse, Bulldog decides to re-hire Bebe as his agent, hoping to kick-start his career. Still not convinced Bebe has changed, Roz breaks into her office and uncovers her most sinister plan yet. Meanwhile, Kenny discovers he has acquired the Man of the Year award, but a mix-up leads to him fighting someone else for the honour.

"The Right Way and the Long Way" 17 209

Roz and Bulldog are on their way to a party, where they plan on meeting with their parents. However, they are forced to walk in the rain when their car breaks down, and they soon realise they don’t know the way on foot. After Bulldog attempts to lead them somewhere, he finally declares they are lost, so they spend the night in a nearby shelter. There a series of bizarre events unfold when it turns out the shelter is actually the meeting place of a strange cult. Meanwhile, party guests Noel and Kenny begin to worry about Roz and Bulldog’s whereabouts, and Gil looks for food to criticise.

"My Big Fat American Wedding" 18 210

As wedding preparations continue, Roz’s parents are arguing the whole time, and Roz is sick of it. She decides to keep them apart until after the ceremony, but this means one of them can’t watch her get married. Roz struggles to make a choice so she asks Bulldog, but his decision creates a rift between all of them. Meanwhile, Gil and Noel bet on how long Roz and Bulldog will stay married this time but begin to realise their love for each other is genuine.

"Meet the Cranes" 19 211

Martin Crane shows up for a visit, along with Ronee Lawrence whom he has recently reconciled with. Roz is delighted with this news and decides to throw a dinner party to celebrate. During the preparation, Roz begins to wonder if she and Bulldog will be as happy as Martin and Ronee are in many years time. However, when she overhears them having a heated argument, she begins to wonder if they are as happy as they appear.

"Da-Duh" 20 212

Bulldog is annoyed when Stuart keeps calling him Doggy instead of Dad and tries to stop him. However, Stuart refuses to be taught and continues to call him Doggy. Roz is convinced Stuart simply wants a pet dog and considers adopting one from a local shelter. The shelter turns out to be run by one of Roz’s old enemies from high-school, who keeps sticking her with the roughest dogs available. Meanwhile, Kenny and Rose decide to start trying for another baby, but their romance keeps getting interrupted. Noel runs into his old girlfriend Hayley and discovers she has broken up with her boyfriend but is leaving town to work on a new Star Trek movie.

"Everything’s A-OK-ACL" 21 213

Everyone at the station is excited when the owner announces that he is leaving, but their spirits are ruined when he reveals Jen as his replacement. Jen’s first act of business is to sell the building to land developers, who plan on building a mall in its spot. Roz desperately tries to convince Jen not to let the sale go ahead as the radio personalities begin planning their final shows.

"Wedding Plans" 22 214

Roz worries she won’t be able to pay for the wedding due to the closing of KACL and meets up with her old wedding planner Joan to discuss budget restrictions. Noticing how upset Roz is because she won’t be able to have her dream wedding, Bulldog offers to pay for most of it, and she is thrilled. However, when she realises that she could be financially bankrupting them both for the future, Roz begins to have second thoughts about Bulldog's gesture.

"Slip Down Memory Lane" 23 215

As the group pack their boxes at the station, they are all sent on trips down memory lane. Roz recalls her first day and the radio personality she was afraid of. Gil uncovers his old notebook and looks back at the time he had to review his first bad restaurant – and the sheer glee he felt in doing it. Noel remembers the first time he saw Roz, and his subsequent attempts to win her heart. Bulldog reminisces about his first week working at the station and the controversy his radio persona caused. Kenny remembers his last day as the station manager before Roz replaced him.

"The Show Must Go On" 24 216

Roz, Bulldog, Kenny, Gil and Noel are searching for new jobs as they prepare to leave KACL. Gil discovers Café Nervosa is on the market and considers buying it back for himself, but he faces fierce competition. Noel gets a phone call from his old girlfriend Hayley, who offers him a job working behind the scenes in the latest Star Trek movie. Kenny is forced to reconsider his early retirement after discovering Rose is pregnant again. Roz and Bulldog decide to get married at what has been their home for many years: KACL. Their wedding is pre-empted by the news that Alice is pregnant, making Roz a grandmother-to-be.

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