First appearance Roz: "Pilot" (1.01)

Vintage Roz: "Time of the Season" (1.01)

Last appearance Roz: "Same Time Next Year" (30.24)

Vintage Roz: "Bon Voyage" (15.22)

Guest appearances Crane Life: 4.18, 7.14, 8.06, 10.04, 10.11, 10.20, 11.02

The Deep End: 1.08, 2.14, 5.09, 5.14, 5.19, 8.20, 9.05, 9.17, 10.07
Maris: 1.19, 3.07, 4.04, 4.20, 5.12, 6.06, 7.06, 26.11
MCTV: 4.16

Roz Doyle is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-offs Roz and Vintage Roz.


Roz was born in Bloomer, Wisconsin. Her mother Joanna was a longtime politician there and served as Attorney General. She has one sibling, a sister, Denise, whose supposedly "perfect" life prompts a great deal of resentment by Roz. Roz's parents are divorced and she maintains relationships with both of them, until her father re-marries a younger woman, which confuses Roz greatly and ultimately ends her relationship with her dad. Her grandmother was an immigrant from Ireland. Frustrated with small-town Wisconsin, Roz moved to Seattle as an adult to pursue a career in radio.

Roz later gives birth to her first child, Alice May Doyle.

In the final episode of Frasier, Roz becomes station manager of KACL after the previous manager, Kenny Daly, decides to become a DJ again.


Roz is quickly thrusted into unfamiliar responsibilities when she is made manager of KACL. In Season 9, KACL is faced with closure and a chance situation allows Roz to purchase it, making her its new owner. Roz enjoys the freedom of owning her own business but is forced to sell the station for financial reasons on two separate occasions: once in Season 15 due to a fire caused by Bebe, and again in Season 26 after a series of controversies instigated by Jack Casablancas. On both occasions Roz managed to reclaim the station before finally selling it for good in Season 30.

In contrast to Frasier, Roz's romantic life remains stable. At the end of Season 1, Roz shares a romantic tryst with Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe, which begins a story arc that lasts for the remainder of the series. After a broken engagement, Roz and Bulldog call it quits but are ultimately drawn together again when Roz reveals she is expecting Bulldog's baby in Season 6. They have a child named Stuart Doyle-Briscoe together in Season 7, and finally marry in Season 9. Roz and Bulldog encounter marital difficulty within one year when a desperate Roz engages in a one-time tryst with an ex-boyfriend, the attorney Jake Hoskins. Visiting a marriage counsellor in Season 11, they are able to work out their differences and for the most part are content together in the following seasons. At the close of the series, Roz returns to Bloomer, her hometown, and settles down with Bulldog for a quiet life.

Vintage Roz

After settling down in Bloomer, Roz purchases a new radio station, WKZT, which quickly proves just as troublesome. At the end of Season 3, the station is forced to close due following a safety review and Roz sells it to businessman Damien Black. She resumes her employment as assistant manager in Season 4, but is ultimately able to buy it back for a bargain price at the beginning of Season 7. This change doesn't last long, however, when Roz resigns from the station following the events of that season's finale, returning two years later to find it owned by Angus Kane's adoptive son Seth Yang. For a short period, Roz works as a receptionist, but after buying Café Blossom with Mark Flint, her time there gradually lessens, causing her to resign permanently early in Season 10. For the remainder of the series, Roz runs Café Blossom with various others, and ultimately sells it to Sam Hunter and Lola Gouldenstein towards the end of Season 15.

For the first three seasons, Roz remains happily married to Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe, but they gradually become distant from each other throughout Season 3 when he discovers he could go permanently deaf. Bulldog eventually leaves Bloomer determined to make more of his life, leaving Roz single for the first time in years. When Bulldog returns at Christmastime after running out of money, Roz wants nothing to do with him, but ultimately welcomes him back into her life when she realises how much they still love each other. When Roz gets cancer in Season 7, Bulldog is there to comfort her every step of the way, including a brief narcotics addiction, and she eventually recovers from both crises. At the end of Season 7, Bulldog is tragically killed in a road accident, bringing an end to almost thirty years of marriage. Unable to cope with her grief, Roz leaves Bloomer with the intention of spreading his ashes on football fields across America. Roz returns to Bloomer two years later and spends several months trying to get back to normality. Eventually she meets and hits it off with Mark Flint. Despite her initial reservation about ever getting involved with another man, Roz realises that Bulldog would've wanted her to move on with her life, and starts living with Mark, eventually marrying him early in Season 10. When Mark loses his son in Season 12, it spells the beginning of the end of their relationship, which becomes strained even further when he discovers he may go blind. Roz and Mark soon separate, divorcing at the beginning of Season 13. Later in the season, Roz discovers an unexpected spark with Noel Shempsky. Their relationship doesn't progress beyond casual hook-ups, and they separate towards the end of Season 14. After discovering a resurgence of her cancer, Roz reunites with Mark near the end of Season 15 and briefly rekindles their romance before making plans to leave both him and Bloomer in order to see the world. Sadly, Roz's plans don't pan out when she passes away peacefully in the middle of the night following a bon voyage party thrown by her closest friends.

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