First appearance "It's the Lack of Thought That Counts"
Last appearance "Bon Voyage"

Sam Hunter is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off Vintage Roz.

Vintage Roz

Sam first appears in Season 12, asked by his friend Mark Flint to help out in the re-construction of Café Blossom in his absence. Sam quickly clashes with Roz Doyle over his bold new ideas for the place. Later in the season, Sam is frightful when his ex-girlfriend Lola Gouldenstein shows up in Bloomer looking for him, but they soon reach an understanding over their relationship. However, they are ultimately drawn back together, and elope near the end of Season 13. In the series finale, Sam takes over Café Blossom's lease with Lola, and dedicates it to Roz's memory.

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