First appearance "Truth Will Out" (28.04)
Guest appearances Maris: 1.15, 1.21, 2.04, 2.20, 3.10, 3.23, 4.04, 4.23, 5.06, 5.24, 6.13, 7.07, 8.05, 8.21, 9.06, 9.07, 9.09, 9.10, 9.20, 11.01, 11.03, 11.04, 18.02, 18.11, 19.20, 20.11, 23.07, 24.17, 26.14

MCTV: 2.14, 3.18, 4.10, 5.08, 6.05

Sandy Stone is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off Maris.


A highly ruthless attorney, Sandy appears on a recurring basis throughout much of the series, before becoming a main character in Season 28. She is known for her fluctuating loyalties, both as Maris' trusted attorney and occasional antagonist, and develops relationships with several of the show's characters. First appearing in Season 1, she embarks on a short fling with Ben Cook after meeting him on a speed-dating course, dumping him towards the end of the season. Following a number of turbulent years that have left her career in jeopardy, Sandy allies with Maris' business rival and on again/off again lover, Alexander Kingsley, in Season 9; later representing him in court for his shady business practises in Season 11. Sandy returns several years later in Season 18 and causes the servants much frustration in subsequent seasons, blaming Maris for the downfall of her reputation. She finally manages to get back into Maris' good books in Season 28 after assisting in alterations to her will, becoming her full-time attorney. Additionally, an attraction emerges between Sandy and Suki Nakamura, Maris' gardener, which has a significant mellowing effect on Sandy.

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