First appearance "The Spy Who Bullied Me" (6.01)
Last appearance "Labor Day" (11.24)
Guest appearances Maris: 12.19

MCTV: 3.20

Sara Fielding is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off Maris.


Sara is a kooky, free-spirited young woman not adverse to cramming her new-age ways down other people's throats who joins the mansion at the start of Season 6, running the mansion's day care centre. Her presence is initially met with hostility when Gabriel Newman reveals she bullied him throughout his childhood. However, Gabriel manages to get over it and Sara is accepted among the servants.

Towards the end of her debut season, Sara embarks on a romance with Ben Cook, but this comes to an end early in Season 7 when Sara feels Ben is only using her to fill the void left by his ex-wife. At the end of the season, Sara shares a kiss with Tommy Butler, beginning a story arc that would last for the remainder of her time in the series. Halfway through Season 8, Sara and Tommy amicably part ways when they reach the conclusion that their relationship has become stale. After a few months of separation, they realise the passion between them still exists, and reconcile in the season finale. Prior to the start of Season 9, they marry in a quick Vegas ceremony. As the season progresses, their marriage becomes increasingly strained and they eventually divorce early in Season 10. Sara and Tommy both depart the mansion after the conclusion of Season 11, and it is mentioned that they have finally overcome their differences. Sara makes one last guest appearance in Season 12.

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