First appearance "What You Leave Behind" (8.01)
Last appearance "The Play's the Thing" (11.20)
Guest appearances 7.15, 14.19

Silas Nolan is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off The Deep End.

The Deep End

Silas is the younger brother of Chloe Nolan, and the son of Adelaide Nolan and Harry Gates. He first appears mid-way through Season 7; thoroughly miserable and taking care of his obese bedridden mother Adelaide at their home in Poughkeepsie. Silas becomes a main character in Season 8 when Chloe moves in with him. As a result, Silas' life and happiness begin to improve. Chloe hires Silas as a handyman at her talent agency. In Season 9, Silas becomes joint owner of the business park with Mark Flint. Silas is devastated when his mother passes away mid-way through the season, but is able to get through it with Chloe's help. In Season 10, Silas is faced with true independence for the first time in his life when Chloe asks him to move out. It's not long before he finds an apartment, and a roommate. At the end of the season, Silas is re-united with his absentee father Harry, who becomes his business partner in Season 11 following Mark's departure. At this time Silas also falls for Janice, an office worker on the business park. Sometime before the start of Season 12, Silas puts everyone out of jobs when he sells the business park and leaves Poughkeepsie with Janice.

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