First appearance "Fish Out of Water" (1.01)
Last appearance "Poughkeepsie" (7.22)
Guest appearances 8.09, 9.19, 14.19

Susan Harper is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off The Deep End.

The Deep End

Susan is introduced in the second episode of Season 1. She becomes Chloe Nolan and Bebe Glazer's roommate when they realise they can't afford to pay the rent on their own. It soon becomes apparent that Susan is somewhat of a control freak, who acts like a drill sergeant around the apartment. However, she eventually mellows during her time with Chloe and Bebe, and develops friendships with them. Susan initially works at a nearby soda shop, but after she is fired for yelling at customers, Bebe gets her a job at Whirlpool as a receptionist. Towards the end of the season, Susan is unexpectedly made manager of Whirlpool following Miranda Grace's abrupt dismissal. When Chloe quits in support of Miranda, Susan decides to leave the apartment and get her own place, but maintains a friendship with Bebe. In Season 2, Susan admits to Bebe that she is a lesbian after a romantic misunderstanding between them. Not long after, Susan reconciles with Chloe, who re-joins Whirlpool. Miranda also re-joins as co-manager, much to Susan's chagrin. Mid-way through the season, Susan's homosexuality becomes public knowledge at the office, and she is immediately accepted, much to her surprise. At this time she also begins an on/off relationship with Amber Kinsella, Whirlpool's CEO. In Season 3, Miranda departs New York, leaving Susan as the sole manager. Her relationship with Amber becomes more serious, and they get engaged in the Season 3 finale. Susan marries Amber mid-way through Season 4, and they enjoy a brief, but happy marriage until Amber is tragically struck by a car and killed in the Season 4 finale. Devastated, Susan resigns from Whirlpool and leaves New York, returning two years later in Season 5 to find Whirlpool shutdown and Chloe running a new talent agency; Kinsella. Chloe offers Susan the position of manager, which she accepts. At the same time, Susan's mother Yvette moves in to provide emotional support. Season 6 sees Susan dealing with two new additions to her family: Robert Noble and his daughter, as well as the resurgence of her love life. She hits it off with Sonia; a female golf pro, and enters into a relationship with her in Season 7. In the Season 7 finale, Susan gives Yvette the lease to her apartment and moves in with Sonia.

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