First appearance "There Goes the Neighborhood" (13.01)
Last appearance "Do Svidaniya, Petrovs!" (25.09)
Guest appearances 12.07, 12.10, 12.12, 12.13, 12.16, 12.18, 12.19, 12.21, 12.24

Svetlana Petrov is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off Maris.


Svetlana arrives at the mansion a few episodes after her husband, Yuri, in Season 12. Initially feeling like a fish out of water, Svetlana wishes to return to her homeland, Russia; however she soon warms up to the States and considers it home. Midway through the season, Svetlana moves into the mansion's guesthouse along with Yuri after being made homeless over the Christmas period. In the season's finale, Svetlana discovers she is pregnant, and she gives birth to her son, Eduard, towards the end of Season 13. In Season 14, Svetlana becomes a waitress at the Bear Creek Country Club Hotel in Woodinville following the sale of Maris' mansion. Svetlana is displeased with this development, but manages to find some form of salvation after taking over management of the golf club's hire shop in Season 15. Svetlana remains in this capacity until Season 22, when she resigns from Bear Creek alongside her husband and friends. For a while in Season 23, Svetlana is employed at Jeremy Cook's country club in England, but complications arise when she develops a crush on Jeremy, leading to her return to the States with Yuri. Maris subsequently hires Svetlana to work at the new mansion she has purchased in Toronto, Canada. In Season 25, Svetlana struggles to cope with maintaining a long distance relationship when Yuri leaves to work in Russia, and ultimately decides to join him, marking their exit from the series.

For the majority of his time on the series, Svetlana's marriage to Yuri remains stable, but they find themselves at odds at various points, resorting to counselling with Dr. David Crane among others, and even undergoing a trial separation in Season 21. After a brief scare involving Svetlana's crush on Jeremy, Svetlana's relationship with Yuri finally stabilises and they remain firmly committed to each other by the time of their departure.

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