The Deep End is a fan fiction spin-off based on the American sitcom Frasier. It follows Vintage Roz characters Bebe Glazer and Chloe Nolan as they move to New York City and get involved in the cutthroat world of talent representation. Overall, there are 284 episode ideas, comprising 14 seasons.


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The first four seasons follow the various employees of Whirlpool, a talent agency in Manhattan. Seasons 5 to 7 see a two-year leap, and a change of setting to Kinsella, a talent agency owned by Chloe in New York City. Seasons 8 to 11 are based around Chloe, her family, and the various companies operating on a business park in Poughkeepsie. The final three seasons are mostly centred around the Top Banana, a bistro opened by Chloe in Poughkeepsie.


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