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Season 1 of The Deep End contains 16 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Fish Out of Water" 1 1

Chloe Nolan prepares for her first day at Whirlpool, a prestigious talent agency in Manhattan. She is determined to prove her worth, hoping to one day become a respected talent scout like Bebe Glazer; her roommate and friend who also moved from Wisconsin. Chloe immediately feels like a fish out of water when she realises the size and scope of her new work environment. Despite having been able to make friends all her life, Chloe finds herself feeling lonely and struggling to make connections, and begins to resent Bebe for being so successful at it. Chloe is also forced to deal with the over-the-top demands of highly-strung boss Miranda Grace. Miranda introduces her to the Whirlpool weekly “top ten”, a list of the ten most valuable talents who must be indulged at all times, so they won’t divert to another agency. This includes Don, a one-time commercial star. As Chloe begins to feel increasingly overwhelmed, she questions if she made the right choice in uprooting her life so suddenly. Meanwhile, Bebe deals with Fred, an all-too-friendly ventriloquist act and wannabe celebrity who won’t leave her alone.

"Home Cooking" 2 2

When Chloe and Bebe realise they can’t afford the fabulous penthouse suite, Bebe insisted on having, they start interviewing for roommates, and eventually pick Susan Harper. It later becomes apparent that Susan has the tendency to act like a drill sergeant regarding getting things done around the apartment. Bebe quickly tires of this and insists to Chloe that they confront her together. Before they can do anything, Susan offers them some fresh home cooking, and they realise that after weeks of living on fast food since moving to the Big Apple, they miss proper, home-cooked meals. Chloe and Bebe are left in two minds about Susan as a result and question what’s more important: their sanity or delicious home cooking. Meanwhile, Don and Fred insist on throwing a housewarming party for the girls when they learn Whirlpool pays for open bars as a means of socialising, and quickly clash with Susan.

"Divas" 3 3

Miranda tasks Chloe with befriending a trio of agents from the Whirlpool office in Los Angeles, so she can find out whether her rival manager is planning on applying for a senior position at corporate HQ. Chloe is determined not to let Miranda down but quickly realises that the trio of women are the cattiest, most unpleasant divas she’s had the misfortune to meet. Chloe struggles to keep a hold of her sanity as the girls insist on moulding her in their image and showing off every smug aspect of their lives. Meanwhile, Don is mortified when his drinking buddies find out about his light bulb commercials and play them non-stop at his favourite hangout. Fred offers to introduce him to his own haunt, something which Don soon comes to regret when Fred is left under the impression that they are now best friends.

"Miranda Ball" 4 4

Bebe and Chloe learn that the employees take the opportunity to goof off when Miranda goes out of town on business. Chloe discovers Miranda Ball, an alternate version of darts using scrunched-up paper balls and a picture of their tyrannical boss as the target. Crowned winner, Chloe develops a rapport with her co-workers. This provokes jealousy in Bebe, who rats everyone out about their unprofessional antics. Chloe is furious with Bebe and begins to wonder if they can stay friends when she is so self-centered. Bebe experiences a rare moment of guilt and tries to make amends with both Chloe and the employees by putting together the Miranda Ball Championships, with the help of eager sports fan Susan. Meanwhile, Fred falls in love with a beautiful accountant but struggles to talk to her without using his ventriloquist dummy.

"World Wide Wet" 5 5

Don finds himself the butt of jokes when it becomes apparent that he and Fred have been spending a lot of time together lately. Chloe, feeling sorry for him, decides to tag along on Don and Fred’s evening activities, but is subsequently horrified to find that it is karaoke night at their favourite haunt. After several drinks, Chloe decides to throw caution to the wind and just sing. The next morning, she finds her co-workers in guffaws over a video of her performance on YouTube, during which she quite visibly wets herself; a problem that often occurs after heavy drinking. Chloe quickly finds that no one wants the “incontinent” agent as a result and she becomes determined to salvage what’s left of her career with Bebe’s help. However, a rift is formed when Chloe discovers that Bebe is representing the eager young director who uploaded the video in the first place. Meanwhile, Don must make a decision regarding his friendship with Fred.

"The Harper Effect" 6 6

When Susan starts dating the security guard at Whirlpool, she takes to spending more time around the office. This quickly aggravates the employees, until they realise that Susan is the only one outspoken enough to put Miranda in her place when she goes off on one of her many tirades. Eventually, Susan becomes everybody’s go-to girl when they need something from Miranda. Miranda, recognising this weakness, approaches Bebe for help, promising her more high-profile clients in return. In typical Bebe fashion, she orchestrates a series of unimaginable tragedies to get the employees on Miranda’s side, but the ending pantomime has Susan so overcome with guilt that she feels dead inside. Meanwhile, Don finds himself the target of the angry public when the light bulbs he endorsed a few months ago in a commercial are recalled by the factory for unknown reasons.

"Lean Machine" 7 7

When the old vending machine from 1974 finally gives up the ghost, Miranda launches an employee ballot to determine whether the replacement will contain healthy snacks or junk food. Fred and Don wind up taking opposing sides. Don wants to be in his best shape for an audition, but Fred needs his sugar fix for a strong performance. Fearing a division in the office, Chloe tries to convince Miranda to stretch the budget and buy an additional vending machine. Unfortunately, Miranda doesn’t want to appear as someone who caves into her employees’ demands, and a stalemate is reached. Meanwhile, Susan is fired from the Happy-Happy Soda Shop for yelling at her customers and turns to Bebe for a job. Bebe agrees to take her on as her receptionist but becomes jealous when she realises her visitors are more afraid of Susan than her.

"The Box of No-Hopers" 8 8

Ageing Hollywood belle Veronica Washington arrives at Whirlpool looking for work, referred by Roz Doyle in Bloomer. Bebe reluctantly takes her on but begins to resent Roz for promising Veronica that Whirlpool will make her a star when it becomes apparent that she can’t act to save her life. Eventually, Bebe drops Veronica, and her contract is placed in the “box of no-hopers”, a collection of former clients who no agent have ever been able to find work for. When Bebe, Chloe and several other agents discuss their experiences with the box, Susan remarks that it can’t be that hard to find the clients in it work and decides to take on their challenge of working through the box to get everyone in it a job. To the agents’ surprise, Susan breezes through the box with ease. Overcome with jealousy after Miranda heaps her praises on Susan, Bebe and Chloe become determined to find out the secret to her success.

"The Conqueror" 9 9

Bebe’s estranged 35-year old son Nathan shows up at the apartment looking for a place to crash after having an argument with his father. Bebe is surprised that Nathan still hasn’t moved into his own place and decides to help him make his first step into becoming an independent adult by getting him a job in the warehouse at Whirlpool. However, Bebe is uncomfortable when Nathan and Susan discover a spark between them and attempts to prevent them from getting romantically involved. At the same time, Susan is dismayed to learn that her co-workers now see her as an easy lay since Nathan is one of many in a string of office conquests. Meanwhile, Fred’s beloved ventriloquist dummy is found in the dumpster behind the office, and Chloe attempts to help him convince its designer to come out of retirement.

"Which One is the Crazy One?" 10 10

Angus Kane pays Whirlpool a visit with new wife Hilda Bridge on a layover from Las Vegas. Chloe enjoys catching up with Angus but begins to wonder if he is having a midlife crisis when she meets the irritating Hilda. Miranda, who has just been sent new guidelines on employee mental health, is determined to try them out and decides to stage an intervention when she discovers Chloe’s concerns. Angus and Hilda are oblivious to the intervention’s purpose and are under the impression that it is for Fred, whom they believe to be insane after catching him talking to his ventriloquist dummy. Bebe and Susan both have their own reasons for thinking each other is mentally ill, and Don seeks to exercise his presenting skills by running the intervention but neglects to put any film in the camera for his showreel. Don makes a scene, and the others are left thinking that he is the one who’s lost their marbles. Miranda realises she’ll have to tell the truth but instead ends up looking like the crazy one.

"Divided We Fall" 11 11

When Miranda arrives at work wearing the same clothes she wore the day before, rumours of an affair begin to spread around the office. Don is offended when everybody assumes it’s him but is later flattered when he realises it’s because he’s considered the most good looking guy in the office. When Miranda overhears the rumours, she calls Chloe into her office and admits that she and her husband are having marital difficulty, and she slept in a bus terminal. Chloe offers Miranda a place to stay, a decision she later comes to regret when she realises that, with Nathan also crashing in the apartment, space is unusually sparse. Eventually, Chloe and Bebe reach the conclusion that one of them will have to go. Susan is offended when she is included as she has been living with them longer than Nathan and Miranda have. Finally, it is decided that a game of foosball will determine the evictee, bringing forth their ugly competitive sides.

"June in Manhattan" 12 12

Banished from the nunnery where she volunteered, June Archer arrives at Whirlpool after stealing Roz’s address book, determined to spread the word of Jesus Christ. Atheist Miranda is strongly against this, but Bebe sees the potential in June and tries to find her work on Christian public access. June excels in her first audition, but the producers later approach Bebe and tell her that she comes off as too abrasive, which might cost them viewers. With Chloe’s help, Bebe strives to mould June into a loveable, warm Christian but she is an incredibly difficult student, as they quickly come to learn. Meanwhile, Don and Fred become addicted to office gossip after June sets up a confessional in the break room, but soon find themselves discovering things they’d rather not know about their fellow employees.

"Ladies of the Night" 13 13

Living with the boss proves to be a difficult chore for the girls when she starts bringing home a different man every night. Susan later becomes convinced that Miranda moonlights as a prostitute, and Chloe and Bebe are worried their apartment might turn into a brothel. The girls ask Don to go undercover and attempt to solicit sex from Miranda at the cocktail bar she frequents. Don eagerly accepts, wanting to hone his acting skills. Miranda sees through his disguise immediately, and Don ends up getting arrested for solicitation when the barman overhears. While Susan and Fred deal with securing bail, Chloe and Bebe become increasingly determined to get to the bottom of the mystery and eventually confront one of her clients in the hallway. The man reveals himself to be a divorce lawyer, hired to replace several lawyers before him as Miranda has the tendency to fire them when they say something she doesn’t like. Miranda is less than impressed that her friends believed her to be a prostitute after walking in on the interrogation and decides to start looking for her own place.

"Teach for the Stars" 14 14

Chloe and Bebe join forces to deal with a group of junior agents, who arrive at the office as part of Whirlpool’s new training program. Chloe and Bebe quickly discover they have very different teaching methods, and eventually split the students into two groups. While Chloe’s end up as inept cowards, Bebe’s students take her advice too literally and turn into the most aggressive people imaginable. When Miranda overhears one of Bebe’s students making an obscene phone call to a casting agent, she forces everyone in the office into a seminar on political correctness, which Chloe and Bebe get blamed for. Meanwhile, Don gets an audition for an off-Broadway musical and prepares by spending the whole day singing, much to the dismay of his colleagues.

"Absent Minded" (Part 1) 15 15

Miranda discovers the high rate of employee absences and shanghais Susan into interrogating her co-workers and fishing out the liars. In a casual conversation at home, Bebe admits she lied about being sick one day so she could tour a cigarette factory. Bebe is later horrified to discover that Susan has used this information against her, resulting in her getting suspended without pay. Chloe and Bebe feel betrayed by Susan and worry that anything they say in the future will become company knowledge. So paranoid of this, they end up retreating to the balcony every time they want to say something. Susan realises she is driving her only real friends away and tries to get the heat off them by exposing a flaw in Miranda’s record. However, Susan gets more than she bargained for when Miranda is unexpectedly fired by the company CEO after it transpires that she lied about her education history on her application. Meanwhile, Fred worries he is considered racially insensitive after his attempts at ethnic accents raise a few eyebrows.

"Sinking Ship" (Part 2) 16 16

Following Miranda’s dismissal, the Whirlpool employees eagerly await the news of who their next boss will be. The CEO reveals that interviews will be conducted and any employee should feel free to apply. Bebe, Chloe and Susan all apply and struggle to put their differences aside at home, resulting in them having a major argument and splitting the apartment in three. Chloe feels guilty about jumping at the opportunity for a promotion when she runs into Miranda at the supermarket wearing drab clothing and buying cheap food. Realising that the cutthroat world of talent representation isn’t quite what she expected, Chloe unexpectedly resigns. The CEO, disappointed because she was the only competent candidate he met all day, impulsively makes Susan the boss so she will stop following him. Meanwhile, Don fears being typecast when he is asked to reprise his role in another light bulb commercial.

  • Don Bellows's last appearance as a main character.

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