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Season 10 of The Deep End contains 20 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Meet the Knights" 1 185

Chloe and Owen struggle to find a way of telling Silas he can’t live with them anymore. In the meantime, they are invited to their new neighbours’ housewarming party. Embarrassed about still having her little brother living with her, Chloe pretends he is mentally challenged; an act which Silas unknowingly pulls off rather well. This earns her praise from single father Toby Knight, leaving Owen clueless. Elsewhere, Mark still hasn’t told Rosa how he feels; and Silas gets to know Toby's 24-year old daughter Robin, an angry young woman who never managed to jump the nest. Robin’s lack of diplomacy results in her inadvertently exposing the lie about Silas, forcing Chloe and Owen to admit the truth. When arguments break out in all directions, the Knights begin to have second thoughts about their new home.

  • Robin Knight becomes a main character.
"Stripping 101" 2 186

Rosa is shocked to encounter Owen’s daughter, Bethany, teaching a stripping class at the YMCA. Owen marches to the centre and his attempts to physically drag her out result in her injuring an ankle. Facing eviction now that she has no income, Bethany demands that Owen finds her a substitute. Unable to fill the role as he’s a man, Owen turns to Rosa and begs her to take the position, promising she won’t have to take off any of her clothes. Rosa initially finds herself well out of her comfort zone after agreeing to a trial run but later begins to break out of her shell. Mark isn’t sure if he likes this side of Rosa, and realises it is time he told her how he feels. Meanwhile, the others embark on a free tour of the various YMCA classes.

"Barely Legal" 3 187

Silas starts looking for a place to live and posts advertisements across the park. At the same time, Mark and Rosa show lawyer Morris West around after he sets up an office. He admits to Rosa that he has been disbarred and has taken to offering legal council “as a friend.” Good Samaritan Rosa struggles to sleep at night knowing the indiscretions going on and subsequently keeps Mark awake. Silas learns from them that Morris is also looking for a place to stay and decides to ask him about living together. Before he knows it, he is ushered into a legal consultation, and finds himself coerced into suing Chloe and Owen for evicting him without giving enough notice.

"Tactic Toe" 4 188

Chloe is surprised when new neighbour Robin arrives at the talent agency and asks to sign up as an actress. Chloe is pleased as the agency has been going through a dry run but soon worries that Robin is only doing it to stick it to her controlling father Toby and will ultimately abandon it when she’s had her fun. She asks Owen to make sure Robin’s dreams of becoming an actress are the real deal, but his efforts to learn more about her personal life are greatly misinterpreted; most worryingly of all by Toby. Meanwhile, Silas and benevolent lawyer Morris are adjusting to living together, and everything seems to be going fine until Silas realises Morris has used his lawyer wiles to make him pay 60% of the rent. Mark attempts to help Silas overcome Morris’s cutthroat tactics.

"Sanity Fair" 5 189

Mark becomes jealous of the developing friendship between Rosa and Toby, especially when Owen remarks that they could be soul mates. He becomes determined to prevent anything from happening between them and offends Rosa in the process. Infuriated, she decides to spend the evening at Toby's house; giving him redecoration ideas. However, she soon wishes she had listened to Mark when she realises Toby hasn’t quite gotten over the loss of his wife and is shaping her up as a replacement. Mark and Owen embark on a mission to rescue Rosa when Robin casually mentions that Toby usually lives in a psychiatric hospital and has only been visiting these past few weeks.

"Sink Floyd" 6 190

Floyd is visiting the kids for a weekend, and Owen feels uncomfortable when he notices the spark between him and Chloe still exists. When Mark points out that Floyd is the father of Chloe’s children and there will always be a connection between them, Owen becomes determined to prove he can be a capable step-father and applies for adoption. Chloe loves the idea but has second thoughts when she realises Floyd has recently been dumped by his girlfriend Crystal and being a dad to his kids is the only thing keeping him going. Desperate, Owen turns to self-proclaimed man-eater Robin to boost Floyd’s confidence.

"I Feel Pity" 7 191

Worried that she and Silas have become distant ever since he moved out, Chloe decides to invite him to Thanksgiving dinner but is dismayed to learn the invitation extends to his new roommate Morris. Finding any time to bond with Silas proves to be a particularly difficult feat when it becomes apparent that Morris is involved in a class-action lawsuit against New York City for the vast number of turkeys it wastes every year. Owen, on the other hand, is busy worrying that history is repeating itself when Robin stops by and remarks how “domesticated” he has become as he cooks the dinner. Determined not to end up like he did with his ex-wife, Owen goes on strike, wasting another turkey. Meanwhile, Mark considers inviting Roz to Thanksgiving dinner after hearing about her split from Noel, but Rosa is firmly against the idea.

"Charades" 8 192

Mark and Owen agree to accompany Robin to the psychiatric hospital to visit her dad when she opens up about how difficult it is for her to go alone. However, she is annoyed when they constantly crack jokes about the hospital’s “crazy” residents while making their way to reception, and as a result, she doesn’t correct the staff when they assume she has brought Mark and Owen to be committed. Robin heads home but is quickly consumed by guilt about leaving her potential new friends behind. Getting the words out to Chloe proves difficult, so she resorts to charades. At the hospital, Mark and Owen desperately try to prove their sanity, but hourly sessions with the psychiatrist soon have them questioning their own belief system.

"Horrible Host Stories" 9 193

Christmas arrives, and with it finds several volunteers for hosting the main dinner. While Silas wants to prove he is doing great on his own; Mark hopes to pop the question to Rosa. When it becomes apparent that Silas’s apartment will be full of Morris’s bickering clients and their screaming children, he relents and allows someone else to host. This leaves Mark against Owen, who it later transpires wants to pop the question as well. Multiple rehearsal dinners are held, allowing everyone to make their final choice over which event to attend – but Chloe has caught wind of Owen’s planned proposal and conspires with Mark to make sure the hosting duties don’t fall to him. Meanwhile, Robin spends Christmas with her dad at the psychiatric hospital.

"Failure to Communicate" 10 194

As the New Year approaches, Chloe and Owen’s relationship is on the rocks after Owen’s aborted proposal. Fearing for their future, Owen asks Mark to ask Chloe where their relationship is headed, but she is annoyed that he won’t ask her directly and refuses to answer. Taking some bad advice, Owen starts flirting with other women to make Chloe jealous. Unfortunately, it has the opposite effect when the flirting leads Chloe to believe he has moved on, causing her to ask out the next guy she sees: Nolan Talent’s dorky, acne-ridden courier Michael. As a result, Chloe and Owen become involved in an increasingly escalating one-upmanship contest at Mark and Rosa’s New Year’s Eve party. Meanwhile, Robin organises a bet on who Chloe and Owen will be kissing at midnight.

"Hairy Situation" 11 195

A hair salon opens in the business park, and everyone takes to getting their hair done on a regular basis when the kind owner, Petunia, offers a 20% discount to anyone on the park. Rosa quickly befriends Petunia and urges her to say something when it becomes apparent that the discount is putting her out of business. Unable to disappoint the new friends she’s made, she decides to start giving them bad hairstyles in an attempt to drive them away. Unfortunately for Mark, he is the first to fall victim to this when he shows up expecting the discount and subsequently has no idea why everybody is laughing at him.

"Law and Disorder" 12 196

Silas is annoyed when Morris fails to consult him before throwing a party to celebrate getting his law degree back, especially once he realises Morris hopes to gain several lawsuits from the party, as it’s a breeding ground for bad behaviour. Determined to teach Morris a lesson, Silas enlists the help of Mark and Owen to keep the party polite and calm. Robin is annoyed when this necessitates the banning of alcohol, and spends the night trying to find an emergency supply. Meanwhile, after Morris proudly places his law degree in a picture frame, keen-eye Rosa becomes convinced that it is a fake and her resulting meddling could land everyone at the party in trouble. Morris eventually admits the truth and decides to quit practising law for good, leaving a guilty Rosa to help him find a new vocation.

"The Strangle Factor" 13 197

With Valentine’s Day coming up, Mark begins to have cold feet about his wedding when he realises he and Rosa have barely done anything normal in their relationship, and worries they are rushing into things. Silas suggests they have a day of holidays; getting through Christmas, birthdays and other special occasions in the space of 24 hours, to determine whether they want to strangle each other by the day’s end. Robin is highly confused when she walks in on everyone singing Christmas carols. Meanwhile, Chloe and Owen are getting more lovey-dovey by the day, and Chloe is convinced it won’t be long before she hears those three little words. However, despite opportunities presenting themselves all around, the words go unsaid, leading Chloe to question their future together.

"Rolling of the Cheese" 14 198

Robin is excited when she finally gets her first acting gig; a cheese commercial. However, she finds herself struggling to sell her belief in the product when the gang all express their disgust over the cheese in question. Chloe worries about having to drop Robin as a client if she fails to get a paycheque. Culinary expert Owen is convinced that their palettes simply aren’t developed enough to enjoy certain foods and encourages them to join him at the 45th Annual Cheesefest in Manhattan. Robin observes a stage production by travelling cheese salesmen and is surprised to find them spitting it out afterwards, making her question whether her integrity as an actress actually matters. In the meantime, Silas gets involved in a fierce cheese-rolling competition.

"The Farce Night" 15 199

With Morris still unemployed and refusing to look for work, Silas begins to go into debt when he is forced to pay the entire rent himself. At the same time, he is shanghaied into being Mark’s replacement best man when a friend from Bloomer backs out at the last minute. Worried about the costs incurred by a bachelor party, Silas is determined to do the whole thing on the cheap. As a result, Mark’s last night as a free man isn’t as exciting as he anticipated when he, Silas and Owen wind up at an OAP casino, where Silas has one last shot at solving his debt when he is informed of a defect in one of the slot machines. Back on Adelaide Park, Chloe and Rosa are uncomfortable when Robin takes it upon herself to hire a male stripper.

"200" 16 200

On the day of the wedding, Noel Shempsky arrives from Bloomer with bad news about Roz’s health. Mark realises he wants to be with her and admits to Silas that he feels he may only be marrying Rosa to fill a void in his life. Silas, determined not to be known as the world’s worst best man, attempts to guide Mark through the wedding one step at a time. Facing several obstacles, it soon becomes apparent that Mark has made his mind up. Elsewhere, Chloe and Owen struggle to keep Rosa’s outspoken sister Kim under control; and Robin’s excitement over attending her first wedding is diminished when she makes a rookie mistake by wearing white.

"The Morning After" 17 201

The morning after the wedding, Chloe receives word that Mark will not be returning to Poughkeepsie, leaving her with the task of breaking the news to Rosa. Chloe worries Rosa may be having a nervous breakdown when she goes into a state of denial and insists that Mark is on a business trip. Chloe turns to Robin for help, who admits that her dad displayed similar behaviour before losing his marbles. Determined not to let her friend share the same fate, Chloe reluctantly brings in Rosa’s feisty sister Kim to slap some sense back into her. Elsewhere, Silas cuts costs by living off wedding leftovers; and Owen enlists Michael the courier’s help in returning his wedding gift before the warranty expires.

"You Give Me Fever" 18 202

Eyebrows rise to unprecedented levels when Robin announces her relationship with Neil Stevens; her dad’s much older doctor. Chloe is convinced she is up to something and enlists Kim’s help to investigate. They soon figure out that Rosa’s summer allergies are making it difficult for her to find work, so she is using Dr. Stevens to acquire a popular drug that hasn’t yet been approved by the FDA in an attempt to cure it. Chloe and Kim confront Robin as she is about to break into his office, and she reconsiders her actions. However, she has some explaining to do the next morning when she arrives at the talent agency with some very visible side effects.

"The Knit-ish Empire" 19 203

Rosa is hired to knit costumes for a series of commercials featuring grandmas. However, it soon becomes apparent that knitting is not one of her many artistic skills, forcing her to turn to Chloe for help. Chloe is reminded of her mother, who also loved to knit, and subsequently becomes depressed. Rosa decides to return the favour by helping her donate Adelaide’s many knitted items to charity, but they end up in a world of trouble when it is discovered that not all of the things she knitted were family-friendly. At the same time, Rosa is close to throwing in the towel when she is unable to knit anything worthwhile. Meanwhile, now that she’s got a steady income, Robin decides to apply a permanent parking space, but Silas is reluctant to give her one because of her car’s loud engine.

"Just Business" 20 204

In search of a new partner, Silas holds a business fair. He attempts to weed out the best candidates by sitting through various pitches and is soon convinced that an eccentric travelling salesman named Harry Gates is his and Chloe’s estranged father. In a desperate attempt to create a pretence for seeing him, Silas inadvertently agrees to buy massive amounts of useless products from Harry, jeopardising the business park. Elsewhere, Owen reconsiders his future after Silas rejects his plea to be a partner and ultimately decides to move back home. Hurt by his decision, Chloe declares a vendetta against men and causes trouble at the fair with Robin. Meanwhile, with Kim back in Minnesota, a lonely Rosa’s spirits are lifted when Mark returns to collect the last of his things, allowing them to make peace with each other. Later, despite her oath to swear off men, Chloe is horrified to find herself waking up in bed next to Michael, the dorky courier.

  • Mark Flint and Owen Reed's last appearance as main characters.

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