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Season 11 of The Deep End contains 20 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Summer in the City" 1 205

On an unusually hot summer’s day, Chloe struggles to make heads or tails of her relationship with dorky courier Michael. Her shame over their actions only intensifies when she discovers she had the honour of deflowering him. Chloe becomes determined to end things with Michael but soon finds she regresses to an almost teenaged state whenever he’s around. Elsewhere, Silas and new partner Harry Gates step up when several offices report broken air conditioning. Silas still hasn’t told Harry about their familial relationship and has some explaining to do when he accidentally calls him Dad. Meanwhile, it transpires that Robin is responsible for the air conditioning repeatedly breaking, in an attempt to attract hunky plumbers for Rosa; however, the plumbers that do arrive aren’t as visually appealing as she anticipated.

  • Harry Gates and Michael Howard become main characters.
"Ms. Knight Presents" 2 206

Harry solicits Robin’s help in selling his latest line of products; hair growth tonic, but their partnership comes to an abrupt end when he criticises her for not “dressing up” enough, leaving her questioning her femininity. As a result, Robin overdoes it on makeup and goes on a clothes-buying binge, ending up uncannily similar to the type of woman most commonly seen on a street corner. Robin is pleased when her new look garners her increased attention and gets more job offers than ever. However, she begins to have second thoughts when she realises the type of roles that are being offered. Meanwhile, when Harry sees how much attention Robin is getting, he will do anything in his power to get her selling his product again.

"Safety in Numbers" 3 207

In an attempt to fit in with his fellow couriers, Michael inadvertently exposes his secret romance with Chloe and desperately tries to make sure they don’t tell anyone else. He soon finds their silence comes with a price when they ask him to do all their courier jobs for them. Michael quickly buckles under the pressure, and as more and more offices fail to receive the items they requested, they slowly converge on the business park and demand to know what’s going on. As safety monitor for the month, it is Chloe’s responsibility to make sure everything is kept in order, but when Michael admits what happened, she quickly forgets everything she learnt in safety training. Meanwhile, Silas helps Rosa improvise in the completion of an order when a key material fails to be delivered in time.

"The Substitute" 4 208

Rosa is getting bored of the same everyday tasks and begins to wonder if there is more to life than crafting trinkets. Elsewhere, Mark is back in town to finalise his business affairs. He reveals to Chloe that he is planning on spreading Roz’s ashes across the world, fulfilling the journey she had dreamed of; however part of him feels empty without Rosa at his side. Noting Rosa’s despondence, Chloe conspires with Robin to bring her and Mark back together, but Rosa has concerns that she is only being used as a substitute for the woman Mark truly loves. Eventually, Rosa tells Mark that this is a journey he must complete alone, but decides she needs a change regardless and makes plans to move to Minnesota with Kim. Meanwhile, Silas falls for an office worker who shares his social inadequacies, and they soon find that the best way of communicating is by getting Michael to deliver their messages.

  • Rosa Dupree's last appearance as a main character.
"The Vacancy" 5 209

With Rosa gone, her office becomes vacant, and Harry decides to use it as a base of operations for his business acquisitions. Silas happily lets him use it, unaware that Harry believes he is renting it free of charge because of their familial connection. Silas is fine with this at first until he crunches the numbers and realises that Rosa’s rent generated a lot of revenue for Adelaide Park, and without it, he will have to make substantial cutbacks. When Robin points out that a father shouldn’t be taking advantage of his son like this, Silas is left wondering whether Harry truly sees him as his son or simply someone to mooch from. Elsewhere, Michael is dismayed to learn his courier bike has been stolen. He soon discovers that the budget entitles him to a number of alternative replacements, and subsequently drives everyone nuts in his new go-kart.

"Daddy Drunkard" 6 210

When Chloe expresses her disappointment that Silas has developed a bond with Harry and she hasn’t, Silas decides to remedy this by inviting them both to Thanksgiving dinner. However, Chloe gets more than she bargained for when Silas extends an invite to invite Harry’s wife Carla; a controlling narcissist who in the past made him take to drinking. In all the confusion of meet and greets, Carla fails to identify Chloe as Harry’s daughter and spends the dinner insulting her, believing her to be one in a long string of floozies. As a result, Chloe fails to develop the bond she was hoping for, but things later look up when Harry enlists Chloe’s help to find the various bottles of wine he hid across the business park in case of emergency; i.e. Carla. Meanwhile, Robin’s chequered history with her mother and sister is revealed when she visits her dad Toby at the psychiatric hospital.

  • Carla Gates becomes a main character.
"Toy Story" 7 211

Michael tells Chloe he has entered a go-kart tournament and would like her support at the qualifiers’ derby. Chloe is conflicted as it means being seen with him for the first time, but when they arrive at the derby, she learns the other racers have brought their girlfriends. As a result, Chloe feels less embarrassed by her relationship with Michael. However, when she gets to know the girlfriends, she realises they are wine-swilling, middle-aged lushes with a long history of toy boys, and worries that she has become one of them. Meanwhile, Harry tries to hide the fact that he’s been seeing other women from Carla, and turns to Robin for help in fine-tuning his lying abilities.

"Under the Microscope" 8 212

Chloe begins to have concerns that her son Evan isn’t being intellectually stimulated at his school when she finds out his most frequent pastime involves burning ants under a microscope. Harry suggests that she gives his old friend Walter Sellers a call, as he’s on the interview board for a prestigious private academy. Chloe is dismayed to learn that the interview is conducted in several parts, during which Evan is observed in a number of staged situations to determine if he is right for the academy, and soon finds herself growing uncomfortable with the process. Meanwhile, Silas is dressed to impress for a visit from his lady friend but finds himself torn between Carla and Robin’s fashion advice.

"The Pages of Adelaide" 9 213

While cleaning out the garage, Chloe stumbles upon a diary her mother Adelaide wrote in while she and Silas were kids. Moved by the opening sentences, she decides to show it at a Christmas dinner she is holding for Harry, Carla, Silas, his girlfriend and Robin. At the dinner, Harry is desperately trying to keep his cravings under control when Carla enters her traditional Christmas meltdown, and Robin finds herself acting as an interpreter between Silas and his girlfriend, who have barely spoken two words to each other. Hoping to break the ice, Chloe reads several pages from Adelaide’s diary, unaware that it gets increasingly vitriolic and insulting as it progresses. The diary entries climax at the separation of Adelaide and Harry, revealing the disturbing truth behind it. Eventually, it proves too much for Chloe, who invites Michael over to unwind after everyone’s gone to bed. Their romance is finally exposed when Harry wakes everyone up and insists that they run through the diary one more time.

"Judgment Day" 10 214

Silas and his girlfriend Janice have finally moved past their awkwardness and are speaking to each other. As Silas gets to know Janice, he discovers she is only working on the business park to pay her way through law school. In the meantime, Michael accompanies Robin for another visit to the psychiatric hospital, when she discovers her mother Cassandra and sister Lana are trying to clear Toby for release. Robin feels uneasy about the release, as she believes Toby still isn’t ready. Her anger towards Cassandra and Lana intensifies when she realises they have drafted in a cutthroat lawyer to plead their case to the hospital board. Returning to the business park, Robin bitterly complains about the “Nazi-esque” lawyer to anyone who will listen, and the friendship between her and Silas becomes strained when she realises the lawyer happens to be his girlfriend.

"New Year's Dissolutions" 11 215

After firing a client at a New Year’s Eve party, Chloe makes a resolution to be more compassionate. This is tested when inept detective Denny Reynolds, having divorced his wife and moved to Poughkeepsie, arrives at the agency looking to develop an investigation-based documentary to kick-start his career again. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang deal with their resolutions. Harry wants to make a fresh start and divorce Carla, but she is determined to reconcile their relationship, creating a resolution conflict. Robin resolves to get more acting work in the New Year and clashes with Silas when she discovers his well-connected girlfriend Janice has been badmouthing her all over town. Silas’ resolution is not to be such a doormat with everybody, which he struggles to see through when Janice uses her lawyer wiles to ensure they remain together.

  • Denny Reynolds becomes a main character.
"It's Always Dry in Minnesota" 12 216

Rosa invites the gang to her quaint little town in Minnesota for the grand opening of her gift shop. Chloe invokes Michael’s jealousy when she invites Denny to join them, in an effort to cheer him up. In Minnesota, Chloe is surprised to learn that Rosa and her sister Kim went their separate ways. Rosa maintains that she is better off without Kim but quietly admits to Chloe that she misses her. Realising it is the perfect opportunity for Denny to hone his detective skills, Chloe assigns him to find out just what went on between the sisters, and what can be done to help them. However, an increasingly erratic Michael threatens to bungle the whole investigation. Elsewhere, Carla and Robin embark on a quest locate some alcohol when they discover the town is dry on weekends.

"How Denny Got His Groove Back" 13 217

Silas allows Denny to re-establish his detective agency on the business park, but after being hired to investigate the affair of an accountant’s husband, he realises his skills have diminished. He is further disheartened when Michael completes the investigation. Chloe dumps Michael for his immature behaviour, convinced he only took over the investigation out of jealousy. Realising the error of his ways, Michael attempts to help Denny get his groove back and discovers that his ability fell apart when he was unable to figure out the cause of his ex-wife’s unhappiness. With some encouragement from Michael, Denny concludes his work for the CIA got in the way of his marriage, making Becky feel sidelined. Denny thanks Michael for his help and they make peace. Chloe forgives Michael, and they decide to stay friends. Meanwhile, a mystery package arrives for Harry and Carla becomes obsessed with finding out what’s inside.

"Talent Scouts of America" (Part 1) 14 218

Chloe is shocked to find several resignation letters waiting for her when she returns to the talent agency after the weekend. She soon realises that an old frenemy from high school, Gwen Holloway, has opened a competing agency in the park, and is offering several of her clients a competitive benefits package. Chloe is mad at Silas for approving the business as she believes it will destroy Nolan Talent, but soon realises it was Harry who made the decision thanks to Gwen's influence. Chloe is disgusted, mistakenly under the impression that Gwen slept with her father when all she did was buy office supplies from him. Carla is left thinking the same thing, leaving Silas to set everything straight and help the two agencies reach a compromise. Meanwhile, Robin tries to hide the fact that she switched contracts to Gwen's, and enlists Michael and Denny’s help to destroy all documentation of the transfer.

  • Gwen Holloway becomes a main character.
"Rise of the Rejected" (Part 2) 15 219

Chloe and Gwen must set aside their differences when they discover that several rejected clients have joined together to open a third talent agency in the park. Eventually, they agree to pool their resources and put the “rejects” out of business. However, Chloe soon realises she is unable to see it through as she is uncomfortable with destroying people’s lives. Robin suggests that the easiest way of getting the rejects out of the picture is by finding them all steady employment. Desperate, they head to a local theatre and start “pimping out” the rejects in an attempt to get them acting roles. Chloe and Gwen reconcile their friendship in the process, and ultimately decide they work well together and combine their businesses, forming Nolan & Holloway. Meanwhile, Denny is investigating a series of break-ins at a warehouse local to the park, and Harry’s latest acquisition arouses his suspicions.

"Name of the Game" 16 220

When Chloe learns Bebe doesn’t like her name, she wonders if she was short-sighted in naming her after her late friend as it’s now considered old-fashioned. Chloe’s predicament has everyone discussing what their preferred names would be. Robin admits she has always worried her name isn’t famous-sounding enough and that it may be holding back her career. Silas suggests she gets it legally changed at the courthouse where his ex-girlfriend Janice works. However, this ends in disaster when Janice, believing her to be Silas’ new girlfriend, adjusts Robin’s requested name to something much more obscene. In the meantime, the others follow Robin’s example and become addicted to getting increasingly over-the-top new names, and it’s not long before nobody knows who anybody is.

"Communications Breakdown" 17 221

Michael is dismayed to learn that Harry and Silas have hired an IT technician to implement an e-mail system on the business park to allow better communication. Worried that the system will mean people no longer need couriers, Michael enlists Denny’s help to dig up dirt on the IT technician and find a way of discrediting him, so his work is abolished. However, their plot against the technician ends up making them look like racists due to his ethnicity, and pretty soon the e-mail system is being used to organise a public “lynching” against Michael and Denny. Realising what has happened; Harry and Silas must set everything straight before the situation gets further out of hand. Meanwhile, Chloe and Gwen's business partnership gets off to a rocky start when Gwen becomes convinced that Chloe’s name is more prominent on the company sign.

"The Lost Ampersand" 18 222

The ampersand on the Nolan & Holloway sign is missing, and Denny is hired by Gwen to investigate. Chloe becomes annoyed by Gwen's carefree attitude towards money and decides to tell Denny to cancel the investigation. Before she can, she realises that Gwen has a crush on Denny and hid the ampersand so she could spend time with him. Chloe decides to let it slide and watches from the sidelines, amused. However, Michael finds himself getting blamed for thievery when Denny stumbles upon another ampersand in his delivery bag, which another business on the park has coincidentally ordered. As a result, Michael is blamed for a string of disappearances across the park and Gwen is faced with admitting the uncomfortable truth to Denny before the police are called. Meanwhile, Robin is an understudy for a new play and tries to find a way of getting rid of its lead actress.

"Very Impotent Person" 19 223

Avoiding intimacy with Carla because he usually craves a drink afterwards, Harry has used up every excuse he can think of. However, Carla is randier than ever, and Harry realises it won’t be long before he has to tell her the truth. When the time comes, he chickens out at the last second and uses the first excuse that comes to his head; he is impotent. Carla asks why but he refuses to explain, claiming it is too traumatic. Determined to find out, she enlists Chloe’s help in getting Harry to open up. Harry reveals the truth to Chloe and asks her to come up with a story to satisfy Carla’s curiosity. Chloe is similarly lacking in imagination and tells Carla that the hair product he bought earlier in the year has the side effect of impotence. Harry is relieved to learn that the situation has blown over until it becomes apparent that Carla and Silas’ ex Janice are taking the hair product company to court.

"The Play's the Thing" 20 224

The gang head to the theatre for the opening night of Robin’s play. Chloe is surprised to find Nathan Glazer’s name in the program and realises that he wrote the play; basing it on the memoirs of his late mother and her oldest friend, Bebe. Chloe is further disheartened to find that the play is a character assassination, with Robin playing the role of “Cleo”, an inept young woman who destroys the life of her friend “Beatrice” and ultimately causes her death. The play causes Chloe to re-evaluate her life, and she realises all the decisions she’s made; be it romance or her career, have been influenced by outside sources. This leads her to make the surprising decision to sign over her portion of Nolan & Holloway to Gwen and rebuild her life from the ground up. She starts by fixing up her dream apartment, and goes into self-exile, becoming a misanthropic hermit. Michael and Denny lead the charge in the gangs’ effort to get back the Chloe they love, starting with a visit to Nathan. Silas helps Nathan get over his mommy issues and convinces him to reconcile with his father, as he has done with Harry. Nathan agrees to alter the play so Cleo is presented as a lovable character whose friendship with Beatrice endures to the end. Despite Robin’s reluctance to learn new lines, the play is a triumph and Chloe realises that her friends and family may have moulded the type of life she leads, but are responsible for her happiness as well.

  • Silas Nolan's last appearance as a main character.

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