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Title Season # Series #
"I Now Pronounce You Unemployed" 1 225

Three months later, Chloe’s search for a new direction continues. The business park is in its final days after Silas sold it to an anonymous buyer and skipped town with his ex-girlfriend. Denny, Michael and Harry find themselves out of jobs and Carla encourages them to sign up for unemployment benefits. Initially, they refuse out of pride, but as their bills and obligations stack up, all three of them separately hoof it to the job centre, and desperately to avoid being seen by each other. In the meantime, Robin finds herself being wooed by other talent agencies following the play’s success but struggles to go through with as she is Gwen’s one remaining client. Pretty soon, Robin, Gwen and Chloe find their way to the job centre as well. Harry surprises everyone by using his first government cheque to buy an engagement ring for Carla, whom he has become closer to in recent months.

"Hopeless Pocus" 2 226

Chloe and Michael decide to become car pool buddies when they realise they both collect their unemployment benefits on the same day. While waiting for hers, Chloe meets a bumbling magician who calls himself the Amazing Felix. He claims to be the best in the business but fails to complete any tricks successfully. Nevertheless, Chloe is charmed by Felix and agrees to go on a date with him. Sparks literally fly on their first date when Felix inadvertently burns a waiter’s tie, and Chloe is left wondering if she’s made a mistake. Michael, harbouring feelings of jealousy towards Chloe for moving on with her love life, purchases a magic kit of his own in an attempt to outdo Felix, but fails to notice he picked up the junior version. Meanwhile, Carla has suspicions that her engagement ring was acquired through illegal means and hires Denny to investigate, but Denny is convinced it’s a “pity hire” as he’s been out of work for so long.

  • Felix Delgado becomes a main character.
"Bachelor's Degree" 3 227

Gwen invites Denny to lodge in her basement when he is unable to afford the rent in his apartment. When Michael helps him move in, Denny realises he has never learnt how to be a carefree bachelor due to years of being in committed relationships. Michael resolves to give Denny “bachelor” lessons, which results in wild raves, jazzed up entertainment systems that shake the whole house, and a generally teenage demeanour. Gwen is less than pleased because she expected a quiet roommate, leaving Michael to repair the damage he has done. Meanwhile, Robin becomes determined to upstage her play co-star in press interviews, who demonstrates the refined ability to hog the entire limelight. Chloe strives to find something she and new boyfriend Felix have in common.

"Open Mike Night" 4 228

Chloe becomes despondent when her search for a new direction continues to yield no results. Hoping to cheer her up, Michael invites her and the gang to an open mic evening where participation is mandatory. Robin is dismayed to realise her fifteen minutes of fame is over after none of the audience recognises her. She goes on an extended tirade about acting, which gains a surprising amount of laughs. Inspired, she repeatedly gets back on stage to try more comedy routines, but each is less funny than the last. In-between Robin’s sets, Felix manages to destroy yet more personal possessions; Denny and Michael land themselves in trouble when they advertise their new detective agency in the guise of a Shakespeare sonnet, and Gwen struggles to find any talent worth signing. However, the evening has a positive effect on Chloe when the warm ambience of the bistro reminds her of summers spent with her grandparents, prompting her to pursue a long forgotten dream of running her own place.

"Dreamsnatcher" 5 229

As Chloe initiates the first steps in opening her own café, she realises she is short of funds, and her unemployment benefits won’t be enough to cover the cost. When her loan application is turned down by the bank, Chloe is ready to throw in the towel, when Denny unexpectedly offers to lend her the money as she was there for him when he moved to Poughkeepsie. In his continuing attempts to outdo Denny, Michael offers Chloe the money he’s spent years squirrelling away during his time as a courier. Still reeling from Carla’s latest extravagant demand, Harry realises his daughter’s future is more important and offers her the wedding funds. Chloe is left overwhelmed by the gestures but begins to feel guilty about accepting any of them because Denny, Michael and Harry saved up the money for their own ambitions, leaving Chloe faced with destroying one of their dreams, or abandoning her own.

"Harry Pothead" 6 230

After weeks of searching, Chloe has found the perfect location for her café: the picturesque Poughkeepsie waterfront. She soon finds the asking price is just outside of her budget and turns to Denny for help in haggling with the owner. When Denny’s moralistic attitude fails to get the job done, Harry steps in and teaches Chloe his tools of the trade. Pretty soon they have it all worked out; they will make the area seem much worse than it actually is, thus justifying a decrease in the asking price. However, as mannequins are dumped in the river, fake drug deals get underway, and walls are graphitised, Chloe begins to have second thoughts when she realises the owner of the café was saving up to visit his grandkids halfway across the world. In the meantime, Carla discovers a bag of talcum powder and assumes Harry is dealing in drugs for real; and Denny considers abandoning his morals when he realises they often cost him investigations.

"Ambitions" 7 231

Stuck in her makeshift office at home with an irate client, Gwen is unable to pick her daughter Charlotte up from school. Desperate, she phones her friends for help but has to settle with Felix when everyone else has prior obligations. Later when Felix drops Charlotte off, Gwen is dismayed to find Felix took her to a magic shop to stock up on supplies, and she now wants to be a magician. In the meantime, the café renovations are due to begin, and Chloe still hasn’t found a contractor. She winds up going through a chain of candidates who are each more incompetent than the last. Gwen brings Charlotte to the café to show her real success, but Chloe’s overwhelmed state just makes her even more determined to be a magician. Chloe and Gwen wind up getting into an argument when Chloe believes Gwen is belittling her boyfriend’s career. Chloe says she should be more supportive of her daughter’s dreams but has trouble practising what she preaches when Evan reveals his own ambitions.

"A Funny Thing Happened" 8 232

Robin is surprised to learn her father Toby has finally been cleared for release and will be living with her mother, Cassandra. When they stop by for a visit along with her sister Lana, Robin is so incensed that she writes out an entire comedy routine based on dysfunctional families. Robin believes it is her best work and realises she may still have potential as a comedian. Denny and Michael also praise the routine and encourage her to get back on the circuit. The script earns Robin an interview at a comedy club, but when Cassandra and Lana announce their intentions to leave in a few days, Robin fears her material will dry up without having them around as her very annoying muses. As a result, she is faced with doing the unthinkable; asking them to stay. Meanwhile, Chloe struggles to think of a name for her café as the grand opening approaches.

"Something in the Water" 9 233

The Top Banana’s grand opening gets off to a rocky start when the police pull a body out of the waterfront, but Denny manages to salvage the situation by telling everyone it is a murder mystery night. Chloe is impressed by Denny’s adaptation skills, invoking jealousy within Felix. Felix’s state of mind only gets worse when he realises that his planned magic trick has no place in a murder mystery. Elsewhere, Harry’s inexplicable absence has Carla concerned that he is the mysterious body in the water, and Michael makes things worse by suggesting he could actually be the killer instead. Fortunately, Harry shows up later on, revealing he was making an important business deal that will ensure Carla has her dream wedding. Overjoyed, Carla uses the money to buy all the guests drinks, leading to an incensed Felix swindling the funds while everyone has their backs turned. In the meantime, Gwen and Robin find themselves getting a little too invested in the outcome of the murder mystery.

"The Legend of Robin Knight" 10 234

Robin is thrilled when she is invited to co-host the annual Holiday Waterfront Festival with her favourite local anchorman, Cameron Brock. However, as practice gets underway it quickly becomes apparent that Robin’s primary duty is to stand there, look pretty and laugh at his jokes. Annoyed; Robin rebels on the night of the festival and cracks several jokes about the various floats and attractions, inadvertently offending several minorities in the process. As a result, several organisations converge on the festival and begin protest rallies. Chloe is annoyed with Robin for causing it, as she had hoped the festival would attract some much-needed attention to the Top Banana. When Denny comes to her rescue again, Chloe is confronted by confusing new feelings. Meanwhile following Felix’s swift exit, Harry and Carla must have a budget Christmas for the first time in their marriage, and Michael gives tips on how to scrimp and save.

"The War of Art" 11 235

The Top Banana holds a canvas-painting competition for the blank wall outside its doors. Chloe is pleased as the gang embraces their artistic sides, and gets a surprisingly enthusiastic response from the public as well. As a result, she decides to devote the café to the creative arts, encouraging its visitors to use it as an outlet for their various talents. However, Chloe gets more than she bargained for when the few individuals that do take to the stage with cringing poetry recitals, tone-deaf ballads and various other routines manage to scare away most of the regulars. Chloe is forced to make a decision about the café’s focus but fears she will spoil the gang’s fun if she cancels the canvas competition. In the meantime, Denny creates a Sherlock Holmes-inspired canvas but must continually assure everyone that it isn’t a subtle advertisement for his detective agency; while Gwen commissions her daughter Charlotte to create a canvas and becomes concerned by her state of mind when she witnesses her psychedelic creation.

"Money Dearest" 12 236

Harry is struggling with telling Carla that she can’t have the extravagant wedding she desires. As he is repeatedly forced to shoot down her suggestions, Carla’s true colours begin to emerge as she devolves into the self-absorbed narcissist she was before her arrival in Poughkeepsie. When Chloe notices the rift developing between Harry and Carla, she feels guilty as it was her boyfriend who stole their wedding funds. Determined to give her dad the happiness she feels he deserves, Chloe turns to Denny for help in tracking Felix down. Denny is able to use his connections and work out that Felix is somewhere in California. They then embark in Harry’s Winnebago to find Felix. A surprised Carla becomes determined to prove her relationship with Harry is about more than money. Meanwhile, in an attempt to combat his own financial strain, Michael asks Carla to list his old courier bike on eBay, and her lust for money is put to the test when he entrusts her with his credit card.

"The Book of Bebe" 13 237

With Chloe and Denny in California, Harry and Carla take on her duties at the Top Banana. Harry and Carla quickly clash when Carla appears set on making all kinds of changes to the café, but Harry insists they stick to Chloe’s schedule; starting with the first annual talent competition. Robin is among the participants and hopes to impress the owner of a famous comedy club with her latest routine. She soon finds her biggest competition is famous double act Don Bellows and Fred Forrester; now famed for their viral videos. When Gwen discovers that Chloe represented them at a talent agency years ago in Manhattan, Robin tries to convince her to find something in their past to damage their credentials. After learning about the woman from Chloe over the phone, Gwen is left wondering whether to take a page from the "book of Bebe" to deal with the crisis. Elsewhere, Michael discovers he isn’t half the detective Denny is while flying solo. In California, Chloe and Denny find themselves drawing closer in their search for Felix.

"California Scheming" 14 238

Chloe and Denny are enjoying being in California together and are beginning to get less concerned about finding Felix as time goes on. Chloe is questioning whether to reveal her feelings for Denny and ultimately blurts it out to him in the hotel lobby. Before Denny can respond, Chloe’s confession is upstaged by the sudden arrival of his ex-wife Becky, and her fiancé Ted. Outgoing Ted insists the four of them spend the day together, and things are complicated when Becky discreetly reveals to Chloe that she still has feelings for Denny, and secretly hates Ted as he’s everything her controlling parents wanted for her. Denny is ultimately forced to make a decision between the stable life he left behind with Becky and the kids, or the new path his life is taking. Eventually, Denny tells Becky they have moved on from each other and are in better places than they were during their marriage. Becky agrees and departs with Ted. Denny is finally given the opportunity to tell Chloe how he feels in return, but is interrupted when Felix knocks on the door; having become the hotel’s bellboy.

"Michael Horses Around" 15 239

Harry and Carla seek out new ways of attracting customers to the Top Banana. They quickly get into a disagreement over which crowd to draw; adults or kids. Eventually, they decide to go their separate ways and focus on the demographic of their choice. Harry, who believes children are the key to boosting profits, enlists Michael to dress as a horse and advertise on street corners. Unfortunately, Harry’s script is ripe with inadvertent sexual entendres, which land both Michael and the Top Banana in a world of trouble with both the police and animal welfare charities. In the meantime, Carla recruits Robin to perform comedy routines in local colleges in an attempt to attract an older crowd but is unaware that she has an entirely different demographic of her own. Over in California, developments in Chloe and Denny’s relationship are stalled when Felix asks Denny to investigate several thefts in the hotel. When Denny fails to get any leads, Chloe becomes convinced that Felix fabricated the investigation to keep them apart.

"Caught in the Act" 16 240

Harry is looking forward to relaxing when Carla’s wedding plans are finalised but is horrified when she throws everything out the window after learning one of her old sorority sisters has planned an almost identical ceremony. Desperate to get the job done quickly and efficiently, Harry drafts in a professional wedding planner that turns out to be Gwen’s ex-husband Alan. As Gwen catches up with Alan, she is surprised to discover the real reason he left her when she meets his assistant and boyfriend; Hunter. Gwen struggles to process this information, and accidentally develops a reputation as a homophobe after ranting at one of her clients, who happens to be gay. In the meantime, Harry figures out that Alan's is lying about being gay because many clients feel heterosexual men are unable to plan weddings. Gwen soon realises the truth when she spots Hunter flirting with Robin but begins to wonder if there is some truth to the lie when she observes Alan's act in front of Carla.

"Choir Scene Investigation" 17 241

Michael is hired to investigate a series of accidents involving members of a Christian a Capella group and enlists Robin to help. Michael and Robin soon clash with June Archer, a tyrannical nun. Michael is convinced that June is responsible after he observes her hatred for a Capella, but Robin reminds him not to jump to conclusions. It later becomes apparent that a rivalry between the a Capella group and the nuns’ choir has existed for several years, and grew a lot more bitter and heated when June arrived. When the groups refuse to elaborate, Michael turns to Harry and Gwen for help in infiltrating them and finding out more. Harry quickly discovers his love for a Capella; while Gwen is terrified at the thought of being made to perform a solo. The investigation is complicated when Harry and Gwen find themselves developing a camaraderie with their fellow performers, and wind up getting caught in the rivalry themselves.

"Wedding Wagon" 18 242

On the day of Harry and Carla’s wedding, Chloe and Denny return from California with Felix in tow. Best man Michael and bridesmaid Robin are determined to keep everything under control. However, the day gets off to a rocky start when Harry seemingly disappears, along with Gwen’s wedding gift; a crate of wine. Chloe fears cold feet have made Harry fall off the wagon and enlists Denny to track him down. At the same time, they are forced to drag Felix everywhere as he promised to return the money he took from Harry and Carla. Denny and Felix continually butt heads over the pseudo-investigation and ultimately get into a physical scrap when they arrive at Adelaide Park. Felix furiously shouts that Denny shouldn’t have slept with Chloe, much to the surprise of the others. The fight comes to an abrupt end when they overhear Harry chuckling, and find him sat outside a storage garage. Harry reveals it is a safe haven from Carla and that he took the wine, but didn’t drink any of it. With Chloe’s assurance, Harry realises he loves Carla and heads back to the church; much to the relief of bridesmaid Robin. As Harry and Carla walk down the aisle, Chloe and Denny are left wondering where their relationship is headed.

"Abstinently Fabulous" 19 243

Chloe assumes control of the Top Banana when Harry and Carla jet off on their honeymoon. She is dismayed to learn that Carla’s final act as co-manager was to approve an abstinence rally requested by a local Christian movement. Chloe reluctantly complies with the request and struggles to keep things under control when the outspoken Robin makes her feelings about abstinence very clear towards the Christians. On top of things, the leader of the organisation fits Chloe with a mic and insists she makes a speech promoting abstinence; believing a successful business owner will persuade impressionable young women. As the situation between Robin and the Christians escalates, a stressed Chloe takes a breather in the back room, only to faint momentarily. When Gwen finds her, Chloe explains that the last time this happened, she found out she was pregnant and goes on to say that if this is the case she won’t know if Denny or Felix is the father. All of this is picked up by her mic and played to the Christians, leaving the rally in tatters and greatly amusing Robin. Meanwhile, Michael is relieved when Denny resumes his investigative duties.

"A Tale of Two Daddies" 20 244

Chloe has discovered she is pregnant for the third time and is left questioning if Felix or Denny is the father. Getting lost in her thoughts, she imagines two scenarios where they are the father of her baby. In the first scenario, Denny is the father and she and Chloe live a classic film noir lifestyle, with Denny working as a hard-ass detective and Chloe the stereotypical damsel in distress. In the second, Chloe lives a glamorous showbiz lifestyle with the Amazing Felix in a ritzy Vegas penthouse, whose obsession with magic tricks frequently creates mayhem. Back in reality, a lukewarm reception for her latest routine has Robin re-thinking her future.

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