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Season 13 of The Deep End contains 20 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Pam Am" 1 245

Chloe has learnt that Felix is the father of her baby. The next few days at the Top Banana prove tough when Felix introduces his new girlfriend, and Denny starts angling for a date. Realising her bombshell has the potential to destroy both their dreams, Chloe accepts Harry's invitation to his family reunion to put off telling them for as long as possible. Chloe is reunited with her younger sister Pam Gates, who sided with Harry during their parents' divorce. Chloe is initially hesitant to make nice with the Gates following years of horror stories from Adelaide until she realises Pam was told equally bad things about the Nolans. Realising they've both been played, Chloe and Pam make a pact to bring the Gates and the Nolans closer together. Their differing viewpoints create several plot holes and leave behind many angry family members in their wake. Chloe admits why she really came and Pam offers to go back with her to Poughkeepsie to help her deal with the fallout. Chloe agrees but is later chagrined to find that the offer incorporates an extended stay in her guest bedroom. Meanwhile, Robin has an interview for an exclusive drama school, but her apartment is being renovated. Carla gives her the keys to the Top Banana so she can have the interview there. Despite Chloe's pleas that her friends stay out while she is away; the rest of the gang wind up converging on the Top Banana for various reasons, and Robin's efforts to appear normal in her interview are squandered.

  • Pam Gates becomes a main character.
"Dropping Eaves" 2 246

When Pam gets a waitressing job at the Top Banana, Chloe is accused of nepotism after turning away several qualified candidates. Determined to prove this isn't the case, Chloe decides to hire a manager to act as a non-biased decision maker. Choosing the manager without playing favourites proves to be the greater challenge when both Harry and Michael vie for the position. In the meantime, Pam manages to make her job less tedious by eavesdropping on her customers. Her snooping leads her to discover that one of the regulars is about to run for mayor. Pam attempts to butter him up so he can cancel the parking ticket she got on her first day in Poughkeepsie. She is chagrined when he appears to be more interested in Gwen. Meanwhile, Felix and Denny decide to save Chloe the bother of hiring a mechanic by fixing the broken air conditioner themselves. They end up crawling through the air ducts all day, which leads them to discover Chloe's news.

"Denny Calling" 3 247

When Chloe and Felix duck out of the Top Banana to discuss what their future holds, Harry and Michael are left in charge for the day and continually try to one-up each other. Denny decides to keep his mind off things by re-establishing his detective agency, but with no money coming in he is forced to do so under a tighter budget than he's accustomed to. He gets his first case when Gwen asks him to find out who's attempting to blackmail her politician boyfriend, Wilson. Concerned about racking up hefty phone charges, Denny embarks on a quest to use as many of his friends' telephones as he can. Meanwhile, Harry and Carla accompany Robin on her first day of drama school. One of the teachers recognises Harry from a scam he pulled years ago, and subsequently won't let Robin hear the end of it. Robin tries to convince Harry to settle his debt to the teacher, afraid she won't learn a thing her entire first semester.

"Extra Mature Magician" 4 248

Felix has chosen to be involved in the baby's care, but Chloe questions whether he is mature enough to be a father. Determined to prove his maturity, Felix decides to take the first steps in becoming a recognised magician. After landing an interview with the Magician's Alliance, Felix realises his act is missing a vital ingredient: the glamorous assistant. When both Carla and Pam proclaim themselves to be the perfect candidates, Felix searches for a way to let them down gently as he believes Pam isn't "stage pretty" and Carla is too old. Discovering Felix's dilemma, Robin takes it upon herself to resolve the situation by telling Carla and Pam that Felix only hires assistants he plans to sleep with. This only manages to worsen the situation when Pam turns out to be interested in the prospect, and Chloe is left thinking Felix is even more immature than she thought. Meanwhile, Michael is searching for temporary office space and winds up using a booth at the Top Banana, arousing manager-for-the-day Harry's suspicions.

"The Courier's Oath" 5 249

Michael is faced with an ethical dilemma when a courier job leads him to discover that Wilson is seeing another woman. He debates whether to tell Gwen and attempts to seek advice from his friends without letting them in on the secret. Harry advises Michael to keep his personal and professional lives separate. Michael agrees, until a few days later he notices that a package intended for Wilson's "squeeze" has been marked for delivery to Gwen instead. Michael decides to let fate play itself out, but questions whether to break his "courier's oath" and intercept the delivery when he realises Gwen's the happiest she's been in months. Meanwhile, no one will run lines with Robin, so she invites Denny to the drama school on the pretence of investigating a theft. It's not until the case turns into the most exciting of his career that Denny starts to doubt Robin's claims.

"The Great Pumpkin" 6 250

Halloween is coming up, and everyone but Chloe has a costume in mind. When Pam suggests Chloe dresses as a pumpkin, Chloe believes it is a crack about the weight she's put on since getting pregnant. The resulting fallout causes Chloe and Pam's childhood rivalry to resurface; amplified every Halloween in their quest to outdo each other's "loot." Sweet-toothed Harry takes advantage of the situation by pressuring them to get as much candy as humanly possible. Shocked, Carla challenges Harry to tell his daughters, with words, that he loves them both equally, or she won't let him keep any unclaimed candy. Meanwhile, Denny is missing his kids, so Gwen invites him to go trick-or-treating with Charlotte, and they end up running into Chloe and Pam acting like a pair of schoolgirls. Michael's roommate has set up a haunted house in their apartment, leaving Michael feeling he can't go home as he's had a fear of them ever since he was a kid. Robin takes it upon herself to help Michael get over his fear, but she is taking on a tougher task than she anticipated.

"Live Show" 7 251

Robin's latest assignment is to put together a documentary highlighting real-life drama in everyday situations, and her camera sows discord amongst the gang. Felix bungles a magic trick on camera and worries about the impact it will have on his reputation if it makes the final cut. Felix embarks on a quest to "misplace" Robin's camera and finds an accomplice in Harry, who wishes to keep something of his own hidden. Michael turns out to have a crippling case of stage fright. Carla tries to spice things up by stirring soap opera style arguments, proclaiming documentaries to be "boring." Pam worries she won't make the cut at all as she is stuck doing a remarkably boring shift at the Top Banana. Chloe becomes the documentary's unexpected "hook" when she is caught on film expressing regret that Felix is the father and not Denny. Unprepared to trash her most interesting angle, Robin's friendship with Chloe is called into question.

"Cutting Remarks" 8 252

Felix is refusing to speak to Chloe following her admission. Feeling responsible, Robin decides to abolish her documentary but is conflicted when her teacher turns out to love it and asks to submit it to the Annual Waterfront Film Festival. Robin agrees but seeks to remedy the situation by making a few edits. She tries to capture Chloe on camera taking back what she said about Felix. Unfortunately, Felix's continued immaturity only succeeds in making Chloe madder. Meanwhile, Chloe's admission brings the feelings Denny had flooding back. Denny considers having a vasectomy to avoid similar heartbreak in the future, and asks Harry to accompany him to the clinic as his "snip buddy." On orders from Carla, Harry tries to bite his tongue despite his belief that having vasectomies go against everything it means to be a man. Harry ends up doing so much damage to his tongue that Denny is forced to postpone his appointment to take him to the hospital, where Denny reconsiders his decision after a quick stop at the children's ward.

"Hatesgiving" 9 253

Robin invites the gang to her school's production of the Thanksgiving Story. Chloe and Gwen decide to take their kids so they can learn about Thanksgiving, but are mortified when the play turns out to be a radical and violent adaptation by Robin's teacher entitled Hatesgiving. Evan ends up displaying a thirst for violence; while Bebe and Charlotte can't sleep afterwards. Several local newspapers report on the drama school "scandal", leaving Robin feeling sidelined when her powerhouse performance is completely ignored. Felix volunteers to babysit Bebe at night so he can gain some parenting experience, but all he succeeds at is making her even more scared. When Denny manages to calm Bebe into a night's sleep, Felix ends up doubting himself even more as a father. Meanwhile, Harry, Carla and Michael decide to have a quiet Thanksgiving dinner together, free from the trials and tribulations of their friends.

"The Case of the Christmas Tree Killer" 10 254

Denny is surprised when the local police bring him in to assist in the case of the Christmas Tree Killer. However, he is disappointed to learn that it is less exciting than it sounds: the case involves a radical tree hugger who destroys Christmas trees to spare them the 'humiliation' of being on display. Denny hopes to lure the perpetrator into capture by staking out the large Christmas tree at the Top Banana and getting a local newspaper to run a story on it. Invariably, some communication breakdowns occur. The gang, it seems, have decided to place all their purchased gifts under the big tree and have one big get together on Christmas day. Afraid of potential damage to the gifts, Denny attempts to move them out of harm's way with the help of some police officers. Just as they put their plan into action, the lights turn on; Chloe comes in, and many people emerge yelling "surprise" for a baby shower Carla and Gwen had been organising. The gang are left thinking Denny has turned to petty thievery and that the local police are corrupt. Denny is left hurriedly trying to straighten everything out without bungling the sting operation. Meanwhile, Michael starts a Christmas card couriering business in which he dons a Santa outfit; with Felix and Harry as his unwitting helper elves.

"Snow Way Out" 11 255

Chloe heads to Colorado to support Floyd after hearing the news that his father has passed away. There, the subject of her visibly pregnant belly is awkwardly avoided during Floyd's time of need. However, a brief visit to a clinic forces them to confront the issue when Chloe gets a minor case of pneumonia. Chloe and Floyd mutually decide that being in the same vicinity while they're both so needy isn't a good idea, not anticipating the events unfolding back in Poughkeepsie. Harry and Carla have taken charge of the Top Banana once again, and despite Harry's desire for a quiet Christmas, Carla has gone ahead and announced a holiday songwriting competition. Pam has decided to write a jingle about her regular customers but is advised to change the names in case the café is sued for libel. This presents a challenge when she is unable to find any other names that rhyme. Gwen tries to teach Wilson about the simple pleasures in life when, after mentioning the competition, he drafts in a team of specialists to help write her entry. Meanwhile, Felix is a basket case after learning Chloe has left town to see her ex-husband but is relieved when Denny tells him she will be returning within a few hours. When he phones the airport to ask what gate Chloe will be checking in at, he lets slip that she is actually in her third trimester, which results in her name getting added to the national no-fly list. As a result, Chloe is stuck with Floyd indefinitely, and it's up to Denny to settle the dispute with the airlines before both Chloe and Felix end up doing something they will regret.

"Senior Lane" 12 256

Michael has successfully campaigned to get a bike lane constructed on the waterfront. However, a mistake in the signs results in it becoming a lane for senior citizens only instead. Unable to use his bike on it for fear of breaking the law, Michael attempts to correct the problem by going down to the local courthouse but ends up getting tangled in a web of relentless bureaucracy. Gwen decides to help Michael by asking Wilson to make a few phone calls, but a communication breakdown results in plans for the Senior Lane to be replaced with a motorcycle lane instead. Afraid of what the noise might do to her business, Chloe winds up getting involved in Michael's battle. Meanwhile, Harry finds himself getting good use out of the Senior Lane and volunteers to defend it at the courthouse. Carla is frustrated at being left to walk among the 'common folk' as she is one year off the lane's age requirement.

"Children of the Scorn" 13 257

A group of school children on a field trip stop off at the Top Banana after their coach breaks down, and manage to create several problems for the gang. Felix attempts to entertain them by doing a few tricks and ends up getting into a name-calling match with a kid who doesn't believe in magic. Harry hurriedly tries to sober two boys up after they uncover the bottle of vodka he hid for "emergencies." Chloe must deal with a group of women whose plans to have a raunchy bachelorette party are derailed by the children's' presence. Robin manages to keep the kids entertained when she enlists them to run lines with her, invoking Felix's jealousy. Meanwhile, Pam tries to make nice with a girl she believes to be the daughter of a handsome local news anchor. Her plan seems to be going smoothly until it becomes apparent that the girl thinks Pam is a lesbian and would make the perfect girlfriend for her mother.

"Pregnant Claws" 14 258

Kate, a handicapped ex-girlfriend of Felix's shows up after he gets back in touch with her, and they resume their relationship. When Felix starts taking Kate to her physical therapy, Chloe has trouble accepting the fact that he won't be at her beck and call during her pregnancy, as she is accustomed to having him there as her "security blanket". When Gwen points out that perhaps she has feelings for Felix, Chloe denies it up and down. Nevertheless, her hormones wind up taking charge as Chloe attempts to intervene in the blossoming romance between Felix and Kate. The result of which has Chloe looking as if she's a psychopath trying to hinder Kate's progress in therapy, by any means possible. Meanwhile, Harry and Robin go to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription for Chloe, that will calm the effects of her hormones. When the pharmacist refuses to hand it over to anyone else, Robin pretends to be Chloe but has to keep up the illusion when it turns out he is a regular at the Top Banana. Further problems occur when the pills get mixed up with a unique coffee blend Michael delivered to Carla, who ends up suffering from some strange side effects.

"Crazy in Love" 15 259

Several of the characters experience a chaotic Valentine's Day. Chloe is chagrined when Felix skips out on her next scan so he can go on a date with Kate. Annoyed, she decides to hide his car keys so he can't go anywhere. However, a brief out of body experience makes her realise she's acting like a loon, so with Pam's help, she tries to get Felix's key back amongst his things. Harry throws his traditional dinner for the loners at his Alcoholics Anonymous group. Carla has something different in mind this year and will do anything to get Harry to herself. When Harry stumbles upon a bottle of merlot 'enticingly' left in the hallway, he fears for the lengths Carla will go to get what she wants. Denny accidentally ruins Robin's date for the evening thanks to his keen detective skills. Resultantly, Robin forces Denny to pose as her date at the charity function she's attending so she can get one over on her drama school rival.

"A Little Re-Insurance" 16 260

When a freak accident leaves Michael's bike damaged and submerged on the waterfront, he is forced to do all his deliveries on foot until he can afford a new one. Pam sets up a 'bike fund' at the Top Banana so customers can make a contribution. Everyone is left feeling conned when it turns out Michael took out an insurance policy on the bike but feels unable to claim on it because he believes the accident was his fault. Chloe and Pam try to settle the money dispute but with everyone claiming they put something in the pot, weeding out the liars proves difficult. Harry decides to help Michael make an insurance claim and encourages him to fib a little so he can get a more durable bike. The resulting change in Michael's personality has Harry being blamed for forever corrupting his innocence, but Harry believes it is a cover-up for Michael's immense feeling of guilt. Meanwhile, Chloe and Pam manage to settle the money dispute by donating it to a local charity. They end up facing fresh accusations of corruption when it turns out the charity they gave to is pioneering a campaign to reinvigorate the waterfront.

"Cranky Cassie" 17 261

When Robin's teacher criticises her performances for seeming too scripted, she decides to join an improv class to improve her skills. Robin is quick to develop a successful character: Cranky Cassie; a bitter and twisted old woman whom she bases on her mother, Cassandra. Robin's teacher is so impressed that he signs her up to take part in the drama school's annual variety show. Chloe puts up flyers at the Top Banana; while Michael persuades the school to let him deliver them door-to-door. Unfortunately, he makes the fatal mistake of delivering one to Cassandra herself, who promptly decides to attend. Now Robin is faced with admitting her character isn't as original as everyone believed, and possibly offending her mother. Michael tries to make amends by getting the gang to put on a pretend variety show a few days before the real one. Convincing Cassandra that the gang, with their limited talents, are the best the drama school has to offer is another story. Meanwhile, Felix is hired by Gwen to do a magic show for Wilson's nephew. However, Felix faces the toughest audience of his career when the boy turns out to be an autistic savant who immediately works out how each trick is done.

"The Route of All Evil" 18 262

After a chair suddenly buckles underneath her at the Top Banana, Chloe realises she has put on a little too much weight during her pregnancy, and there's only so much she can blame on the baby. She resolves to do something about it immediately, as she'll soon be up to her ears in dirty diapers. Robin suggests she runs in Poughkeepsie's yearly marathon, the route of which goes straight past the Top Banana. However, when Chloe realises her pregnancy forbids her from doing so, she refuses to let the route go by her business. The marathon is postponed until a new route can be determined, and the Top Banana is subsequently swarmed by incensed runners. Pam cracks under the pressure of getting everyone's drink orders right. Meanwhile, Michael tries to buff up for the marathon but fails to realise his specially ordered bodybuilding supplement needs to be countered with diet and exercise.

"Cosmetic Disorder" 19 263

Gwen has trouble hiding her jealousy when Wilson insists on taking his attractive Puerto Rican assistant everywhere, in an attempt to garner votes from minorities. Meanwhile, Robin has a meltdown at the Top Banana after finding out she is expected to audition for the role of a mother, not the daughter, in a soup commercial. She then announces her intentions to get Botox injections and heads to the clinic with fellow Botox advocate Carla. There, they are surprised to run into Gwen, who is looking into the possibility of pigmentation altering surgery. While awaiting their respective appointments, the girls realise that it's men who cause their esteem issues and make a pact to never get cosmetic surgery. However, they have trouble sticking to their guns as they continue to encounter the things that prompted them to seek surgery in the first place.

"Moon Landing" 20 264

Evan's birthday is coming up, so Chloe decides to take him to the local space museum. However, Evan has just entered the stage where he doesn't want to be seen with his parents. Hoping to alleviate the problem, Chloe invites Gwen and her daughter Charlotte so Evan can hang out with someone his own age. Chloe doesn't anticipate Wilson tagging along and turning the outing into a photo opportunity for the press. Wilson's anticipation of a simple family outing turns out to be anything but when a moon rock goes missing from a display cabinet. Chloe calls Denny for help, who is surprised to find his CIA clearance still works. Felix tags along; chagrined that once again Chloe has sought out Denny over him. The museum is placed under lockdown as a countermeasure. It's Felix's expertise that proves most useful when he observes Evan's sleight of hand in keeping the moon rock hidden. Felix refuses to divulge the perpetrator's identity until Chloe admits that she wants to be with Denny. Frustrated, Chloe slips out in secret and ends up in a prototype recreation of the Moon's surface, where her day goes from bad to worse as the door seals shut behind her and she suddenly goes into labour. Felix, Denny and the museum officials must come to her rescue. With the museum remaining under lockdown until the moon rock is recovered, Chloe's only means of escape is an emergency hatch in the ceiling - which can only be reached by turning off the room's gravity, forcing Chloe to float her way to freedom between contractions. Felix and Denny attempt to find their way to Chloe by crawling through the air ducts. They end up getting stuck in a particularly narrow passageway, forcing them to reach an understanding about Chloe. Meanwhile, it's Pam's turn to manage the Top Banana for the day, and she is put to the ultimate test when Robin's notoriously fussy drama school friends show up to celebrate the end of the semester.

  • Carla Gates, Gwen Holloway and Michael Howard's last appearance as main characters.

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