The Deep End
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Season 13

Season 14 of The Deep End contains 20 episode ideas and is the final season of the series.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"A Game of Homes" (Part 1) 1 265

Following the arrival of their newborn son Carlos, Chloe and Felix decide to partake in a trial run of living together to determine their full-time compatibility. Inevitably, things go awry from the very beginning when the hottest heatwave in decades hits Poughkeepsie, quickly causing their patience to wear thin. To make matters worse, a letter arrives in the post revealing that they will be without home insurance for at least 24 hours because Felix forgot to declare Carlos on their policy. This sets off a chain of arguments spread across the day when Chloe comments on Felix's lack of maturity. Additionally, they are forced to deal with Evan when he brings his sultry new girlfriend home; necessitating a trip upstairs at least every ten minutes, a gaggle of Bebe's school friends expecting fun and games for the slumber party Chloe forgot to cancel, and Carlos' constant needs.

"A Clash of Keys" (Part 2) 2 266

Pam and Harry are left in charge of the Top Banana for the day and have additional stresses to contend with due to the Summer Waterfront Festival being held outside. Pam is taking the opportunity to get to know her father better but struggles to pique his interest over the course of the day. Customers are quickly turned away from the place when the air conditioning fails to operate, forcing Pam and Harry to take to the waterfront and offload their stock—for an increased price. When they return to the Top Banana, they realise that neither of them remembered to pick up the keys on their way out. This sets off a chain of arguments which culminates in Harry attempting to break in through the back door and subsequently getting arrested by the police. Pam is forced to hand over the profits they made to post Harry's bail, much to her chagrin, but they realise the chaotic events of the day have brought them closer together.

"A Swarm of Fords" (Part 3) 3 267

Denny is swindled into driving Robin and her annoying drama school friends Evelyn and Melody to a festival. On their way out of Poughkeepsie, they find themselves stuck in a major traffic jam caused by the closing of roads for the waterfront festival. The blistering heat combined with the constant honking of horns drives Denny to the brink of insanity. Robin attempts to keep Denny's mind occupied by finding a mystery for him to investigate, and what starts as a soccer mom's simple request to track down her missing cellphone soon turns into a delicious web of intrigue, lies and scandal. With Evelyn and Melody acting as his glamorous assistants, Denny gets in detective mode, but soon finds they are more of a hindrance than a help. In the meantime Robin becomes obsessed with gaining access to a heavily-guarded limo she's convinced is chauffeuring a world famous director.

"What's New, Bureaucrat?" 4 268

After checking the books, Chloe realises the Top Banana is steadily losing more money than it is making, so she decides to hire an accountant to crunch the numbers. When she is called home by Felix in a diaper changing emergency, Pam is left to handle the interviews. When Chloe returns, she is horrified to realise that Pam has hired Gabby Grimes, an old enemy from high school. Though Gabby seems prepared to let sleeping dogs lie, Chloe becomes convinced she is out to ruin the Top Banana following a string of seemingly poor business decisions. Chloe sets out to prove her suspicions but has trouble convincing anyone due to Gabby's kind and considerate exterior. Meanwhile, Robin is inspired to bury the hatchet with one of her own school rivals, only to receive an unpleasant surprise when she realises she was a major bully in her high-school years and the rivalries she formed were entirely her fault.

"The Thais That Bind" 5 269

Chloe and Pam decide to collaborate in organising Harry's 65th birthday party, with Chloe coordinating gifts and Pam in charge of the party. However, a series of events seemingly conspire to make the day an unmitigated disaster. Finding out Harry's wishes proves impossible when he wakes up half-deaf in both ears, and a series of communication breakdowns ends in Chloe thinking he wants a Thai bride as his present when all he wanted was Thai food. This leads them to conclude that his marriage to Carla has broken down, and as a result, they become determined to make his birthday even more special to console him during this emotional time. Thanks to Denny's connections, Chloe manages to acquire a Thai bride who promptly arrives at the Top Banana, and Pam's party planning turns into wedding planning. Chloe and Pam soon realise their error when Carla shows up to assist in the party, forcing them to make some last minute revisions, but the party brings further revelations. Meanwhile, Robin wants to borrow Carlos for the day to prove to an ex-boyfriend that she has matured.

"Bastards and Brawls" 6 270

Felix is alarmed when he reads a report on a recent survey suggesting that the children of unwed couples typically wind up in dead-end jobs in their adulthood. Worried this will happen to Carlos, he contemplates proposing to Chloe but struggles to find the right moment. Chloe is busy at the Top Banana trying to undo a series of ordering mistakes Pam made, which has resulted in everything arriving in bulk. Pam's intrusions and attempts to help ultimately cause Chloe to snap and tell her she has no right making major business decisions as she is just a waitress, causing a massive slap fight to break out between the sisters which extends into the stock room. They end up causing so much damage to the stock that they are unable to return the excess items, placing the Top Banana in severe financial danger. Meanwhile, Robin and Denny bond over a love of detective novels, only to argue when they realise they both root for a different character.

"Apathy Corner" 7 271

Denny becomes increasingly forlorn as he observes Chloe and Felix growing closer. He winds up retreating to a dank, rarely sat-in corner of the Top Banana to wallow in self-pity. Over the next few days, an increasing amount of loners join Denny in the corner and Chloe realises their presence has generated a mass level of apathy at the Top Banana, making it seem like a moody blues bar. To start off, Chloe becomes determined to separate the wallowers and restore the place's formerly happy vibe. However, when Robin points out that depressed people tend to order a lot of drinks, she has a change of heart and considers making the full transition in order to alleviate her financial burdens. This doesn't sit well with her loyal customers, forcing her to make a tough decision. In the meantime, her feud with Pam has worsened as Pam gets a job at the Jolly Sailor; a rival bar on the other side of the waterfront, while Felix and Harry have a love affair with the place when Pam informs them that it has a pool table.

"Someone's Gotta Give" 8 272

Everyone is gathered at Harry's house for Thanksgiving. It soon turns into an affair to remember when Maude Wilmington, one of Harry's many ex-wives and Pam's brief stepmom, shows up after hearing of his separation from Carla. Harry turns to Robin for help in giving Maude the brush-off; however, Robin is confused when Maude tells her that Harry was the one who contacted her. When Robin confronts Harry about this, he admits his doctor detected early signs of Alzheimer's during a recent check-up, and that he must've forgotten about phoning Maude. Harry asks a shocked Robin not to tell anyone, but she has trouble keeping it quiet during Thanksgiving dinner. Meanwhile, Chloe and Pam are still feuding. When Pam receives a phone call and leaves, Chloe becomes convinced that the repeated glances between Harry and Robin mean they know where she went and thinks they are conspiring against her. Chloe winds up "interrogating" Robin over pumpkin pie, and Robin is afraid she'll crack, thinking that Chloe is referring to Harry's condition.

"Christmas Jeer" 9 273

Pam has discovered that Maude Wilmington passed away after leaving the Thanksgiving dinner, and as a result, she has been awarded a large sum of money in her will due to the friendship they shared during Maude's brief marriage to Harry. Meanwhile, Chloe and Felix eagerly anticipate their first Christmas with Carlos. Chloe has sent Evan and Bebe to Floyd in Colorado but is later plagued with guilt for doing this, realising she is focusing on her "new" family just as Harry did during her childhood. Felix takes it upon himself to clear the air between the Nolans by inviting them all over for Christmas day, along with Robin and Denny. The day is an inevitable disaster as Chloe gets drunk on Bloody Marys and winds up going on several drunken rants against Harry for the way he acted during her childhood. This, in turn, angers Robin, who feels Harry currently has enough to worry about. In the meantime, Pam spends the whole day on her cellphone, eventually driving Felix to hide it so she'll be forced to join in with the festivities, and Denny turns the house upside down looking for it when Pam responds by hiring him. Chloe and Pam's failure to reach a truce culminates in a Christmas-ending bombshell as Pam reveals she has bought out the entire waterfront with her stepmom's money and she plans to take over the Top Banana.

"Manhattan Nights" 10 274

Following Pam's acquisition of the Top Banana, an embittered Chloe quits and is faced with starting the new year without a job. Increasingly tired of his feuding daughters, Harry turns to Denny for some company, and the two of them decide to hit a swanky nightclub in Manhattan. Harry dons his best wig while Denny realises he knows nothing about the dating scene, having not been with any woman besides Becky in over ten years. He downloads several hints off the internet and winds up becoming something resembling a 50s gangster when he gets his web pages mixed up. The two of them have a bizarre night when some real mobsters mistake them for a competing "family." In the meantime, Felix reads a report on hearing damage being linked to fireworks and spends his whole New Year's Eve soundproofing Carlos' bedroom, much to Chloe's chagrin. Elsewhere, Pam enlists Robin's help in gaining respect from her new underlings at the Top Banana.

"Milk and Cuckoos" 11 275

After Carla collects the last of her stuff, Harry finds himself feeling lonely in his apartment. At the same time, Robin discovers her house has been placed on the market by her mother to pay for her father's retirement home. Harry decides to advertise for a roommate which Robin just happens to apply for. Harry and Robin quickly find they make a good team and they have lots of fun around the apartment. They decide to throw a housewarming party and invite the gang over to celebrate. Chloe becomes concerned there is something more than a platonic friendship when she observes how buddy-buddy Harry and Robin are acting. Denny tells her there is nothing to worry about, but nevertheless, he can't resist honing his detective skills to find out for himself. Meanwhile, when Felix realises his magic career is going nowhere after being unable to pay the electricity bill, he becomes determined to find a new path that will ensure financial security for Carlos. He winds up overhauling his entire routine and launching an act that closely resembles Barney the Dinosaur.

"Graduation Day" (Part 1) 12 276

Robin invites the gang to her graduation from drama school. Their intrigue is immediately piqued when they discover the event starts at 8 o'clock on a Friday evening at a creepy old manor. They soon reveal the event has been orchestrated by one of Robin's more eccentric teachers, and that a string of dramatic events will unfold across the weekend. To start things off, a murder mystery is staged, and Robin's acting skills are put to the ultimate test in front of her judgmental mother Cassandra and sister Lana, whom Robin's teacher invited against her wishes. Denny manages to spoil the fun when lets slip the outcome of every mystery the manor hosts thanks to his keen detective skills. Chloe is perturbed when she realises Felix has brought a date, a pretty magician, and she is determined to outdo him by shanghaiing a particularly boneheaded waiter to act as her lover. Meanwhile, Pam is concerned by Harry's seemingly erratic behaviour, and she tries to get to the bottom of it.

"Graduation Day" (Part 2) 13 277

The graduation weekend continues as the guests are split into groups and forced to put together soliloquies based on their feelings. Chloe winds up inadvertently pioneering a hate piece about Felix's date, which earns her the praise and affections of Robin's teacher but angers Felix. Denny's piece, a noir-style story based on a detective whose skills get in the way of everything, is met with mixed views. Robin lets Cassandra and Lana know exactly how she feels in an upbeat musical number but they fail to catch its subtle references. Eventually, everyone comes together for the final stage of the weekend: the graduation ceremony, which is more stripped back and simple than anticipated. Robin graduates drama school with honours but the evening ends on a sour note when Harry takes the opportunity to perform his soliloquy, in which he inadvertently reveals his condition. The day after graduation; Robin has breakfast with her mother and sister and briefly earns their praises, Denny decides there is more to life than investigation and makes a call, and Chloe and Pam are united again in concern for their father.

"The Tooth is Out There" 14 278

Denny loses a tooth following a spillage incident at the Top Banana. Due to his crippling fear of dentists, he is forced to contact his ex-wife Becky, as she's the only one he can tolerate fiddling inside his mouth. Becky reveals she and her boyfriend Ted are engaged. Upon hearing this news, Denny's friendly attitude immediately lessens. Chloe becomes convinced that Denny staged the tooth loss deliberately to re-unite with Becky. This is confirmed when she interrogates one of the waiters, who immediately buckles and admits that Denny bribed him not to clean up the spillage. Chloe decides to help him out by talking to Becky and making her remember what she saw in Denny. However, complications arise when Becky winds up thinking that Chloe has a romantic interest in Denny, which successfully makes Becky realise she misses him but consequently turns Chloe into her sworn enemy. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang scour the Top Banana in search of Denny's missing tooth when he casually mentions that it is gold-plated.

"It Could Be Magic" (Part 1) 15 279

Chloe struggles to hide her jealousy as Jenny displays an interest in being part of Carlos' life. When all Jenny and Felix talk about is magic, Chloe realises she has little in common with Felix and becomes determined to remedy this. She buys a junior magic kit and sets up at the Top Banana. In the meantime, Pam is nervously awaiting the Top Banana's imminent health inspection. After learning a few simple card tricks, Chloe is ready to move onto the big kahuna: pulling rabbits out of a hat. She asks Harry to acquire some for her on the cheap, but all Harry can muster up are a litter of tiny grey rabbits which bear a striking resemblance to rats. The rabbits inevitably get loose just as the health inspector arrives; thus Chloe and Harry must undo their mistake while Pam keeps the inspector suitably distracted. Felix and Jenny arrive at the Top Banana in the midst of Chloe's magic routine gone awry, and Felix is amused until Robin points out that maybe he should think about why Chloe has suddenly acquired a taste for magic. Meanwhile, Denny tries to keep his mind off Becky by going on a speed dating course, unaware that it is an event organised by a prison and that most of his prospective dates have partners incarcerated there due in part to his investigations.

"Cuff Love" (Part 2) 16 280

Following the disastrous health inspection; Chloe, Felix and Jenny have wound up in an emergency room when another one of Chloe's tricks goes awry. When Jenny is led away for an X-ray, Chloe and Felix get into an argument when Felix baulks at Chloe's claims that she has a genuine interest in magic. Determined to prove him wrong, Chloe unveils her latest trick, but inevitably things go wrong, and she and Felix end up handcuffed together with the key nowhere to be found. With the magic kit hotline not open until Monday morning, Chloe and Felix are faced with spending the whole weekend stuck together, which doesn't sit well with Jenny at all. Meanwhile, Denny's disastrous evening takes a surprising turn when he discovers that Becky is at the prison visiting her boyfriend Ted, who was imprisoned for insider trading. Becky admits that she lied about her engagement to avoid an awkward situation with Denny and that she believes her relationship with Ted is at an end. Denny is left questioning whether he is a "rebound" sort of guy and he seeks answers from the gang, whose conflicting advice only causes him more confusion.

"Modern Businesswomen" 17 281

Pam's erratic management style is beginning to annoy her staff at the Top Banana, which causes various problems in efficiency and quality control. Observing that Pam isn't really enjoying her role, and perturbed that the serving staff have repeatedly failed to get his smoothie orders right, Harry takes it upon himself to restore the Top Banana to its former glory by any means necessary. However, Harry's efforts go awry when the staff take his words to mean they should go on strike, and they approach Chloe to stage a mutiny against her dictator-like sister. When Pam discovers what is happening and learns that Chloe may be involved, Harry worries he has reformed the rift between them and attempts to set everything right with the help of Robin. At the same time, he is forced to face some home truths about his condition when he realises not everything happened exactly as he remembered. Meanwhile, Denny is disheartened to learn that Becky has left for Bloomer and he seeks solace at the Jolly Sailor, where he is surprised to learn Felix regularly unwinds from a hard day's work on the bar's karaoke machine.

"Bill Me Up Buttercup" 18 282

The Top Banana is plunged straight into another financial crisis as Pam realises she has been too frivolous with the budget since gaining ownership of the place. She individually turns to Robin, Denny, Felix and Harry for advice, and following each of their suggestions only makes the situation worse. Robin suggests Pam contacts one of her exes, who regularly donates generous amounts to the creative arts. However, Robin gets the names mixed and inadvertently invites an emotionally needy and borderline psychotic ex to the Top Banana instead. Denny calls in a favour from a former client he investigated something for, unaware that his life took a large turn for the worse just a few weeks after the investigation. Felix gives Pam the number of a loan company he regularly used to finance his magician career, but misses a zero and ends up costing Pam hundreds of dollars on a premium hotline. Harry offers to sell off some of the Top Banana's unneeded merchandise but soon realises his salesman skills are not as they once were. Throughout the process, Pam is repeatedly told that she should just ask Chloe for help which she continually refuses, but by the end, she realises it is the only option she has left. Just as Pam is about to break down and ask for help, Chloe reveals she has been offered an executive role at Starbucks HQ in Seattle and that she has accepted.

"Save the Top Banana" 19 283

The Top Banana holds a fundraiser event entitled "Save the Top Banana" which the gang and several familiar faces from the past attend. Felix is left reeling by the news that Chloe wants to take Carlos to Seattle with her. Throughout the evening, Chloe and Felix get progressively drunker as they attempt to close themselves off from the stress of the situation and wind up forcing everyone into a very haphazard game of Spin the Bottle, with a twist: the person to accumulate the most kisses gets to have Carlos live with them. Elsewhere, Denny vainly spends the night trying to keep his mind off Becky by flirting with every woman in sight and ends up causing a ruckus with Chloe's old friend Susan and her wife after a flirting attempt goes awry. Pam and surprise guest Silas manage to repeatedly annoy each other throughout the fundraiser in typical brother/sister style, unaware of their familial connection. Harry develops a bond with Chloe's ex-husband Floyd, who tells him several stories about Chloe and their kids from when they lived in Manhattan. This drives Harry to realise he has missed a lot of his daughters' lives and he doesn't want to miss a second more, and he schedules his Alzheimer's treatment. Robin encounters Didi Glazer, now the spitting image of her late sister, trolling for clients at the party in typical Bebe fashion.

"Golden Opportunity" 20 284

The gang's attempts to save the Top Banana are sadly unsuccessful, and everyone pitches in with the packing. Chloe and Felix are still arguing about who gets to take care of Carlos and contemplate their long-term compatibility in a relationship. At the same time, Denny is preparing to leave Poughkeepsie after landing a big-time investigative opportunity in Vegas, and Harry is getting ready for the first stage of his radical Alzheimer's treatment. Pam is afraid she'll have little career prospects when the Top Banana closes but is more troubled by the reality that she and Chloe will never be the close sisters she envisioned when Chloe leaves. Robin can't stop boasting about the fabulous new acting opportunities her agent Didi has landed her. However, in typical Glazer fashion, Didi winds up dropping Robin like a tonne of hot bricks when she acquires a bigger client. Chloe decides to help Robin look for a job before she leaves and sets up a pseudo talent agency in the Top Banana. The move brings forward many new customers, and Chloe finds herself stepping into the past as she is entangled in a web of delusional wannabes. Pam realises she neglected the Top Banana's original focus on the arts when she acquired the business and promises to honour it if the business boom proves long term. The future of the Top Banana is provided with further hope when Denny gives his highly valuable gold-plated tooth as a going away present. Later, the gang await news about Harry in the hospital. The first stage of his treatment is successful, and an eventual recovery looks likely. Harry invites Chloe and Pam to his room and winds up banging their heads together in frustration over their reluctance to speak honestly with each other. Chloe tells Pam they will always be friends despite their living arrangements and that they will see each other more often than she thinks. Overhearing this, Felix realises the same applies to him and Carlos, and he gives Chloe his blessing for the move. Overwhelmed with emotion, Chloe promptly plants a big kiss on Felix. The series closes with the characters embarking on new chapters in their lives: Pam pioneers the reopening of the Top Banana as business booms more than ever, Denny's journey takes an unexpected detour to Bloomer, Wisconsin, where he hopes to reunite with Becky, Robin's acting career finally gets off the ground as a recovering Harry helps her run lines and Felix teaches a magic trick to Carlos in his and Chloe's new apartment overlooking the Space Needle.

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