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Season 2 of The Deep End contains 20 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Nolan & Grace" 1 17

Newly unemployed Chloe meets up with Miranda at Fabio’s, a coffee bar. Miranda reveals she has re-enrolled in high school to get her diploma but is having difficulty coping. After a long search for employment, Chloe resigns to the fact that the talent business is the only thing left for her, and suggests to Miranda that they team up to open their own agency. Their first step is to find office space, but the girls soon realise they have little money. They agree to apply for a loan together, but Chloe questions their potential as business partners when Miranda has trouble leaving her spending habits behind. Meanwhile, new manager Susan enlists Bebe’s help to get on good terms with her employees.

"Star War" 2 18

With her friends shunning her, Susan begins to feel lonely and decides to place an advertisement for a roommate in the new apartment she’s renting. Eventually, she picks Patrick, a flamboyant stage actor and part-time waiter whom she went to high-school with. Susan is quick to offer him a contract at Whirlpool, but Chloe undercuts her offer after running into him in the hallway. Susan is furious when she finds out, and a bidding war unfolds between them. Meanwhile, Miranda runs into Fred while collecting her unemployment benefits. When Fred hears of Miranda’s new business venture, he offers to let her use his prop storage facility as office space. Miranda eagerly accepts, but later worries she may have given Fred the impression that she will sign him with Nolan & Grace.

  • Patrick Godfrey becomes a main character.
"Launch Party" 3 19

Chloe and Miranda set up base in Fred’s storage facility, and agree to take him on as an employee when they realise they can’t get everything done by themselves. Chloe and Miranda decide to throw a launch party to drum up some business. On the day of the party, the girls are aghast to discover that their office neighbours another storage facility where a heavy metal band practice 24/7. They soon find themselves unable to talk, and with guests arriving shortly; they must come up with a quick solution. Meanwhile, Fred is dismayed to realise his new job mostly entails grunt work such as handing out flyers at Fabio’s.

"Girl on Girl Reaction" 4 20

Bebe begins to feel lonely in the apartment and decides to do the unthinkable; ask Susan out. Bebe soon realises Susan doesn’t hold her liquor very well when she opens up to her about Whirlpool, admitting she fears it will go out of business because of Nolan & Grace. Susan quickly becomes hysterical, forcing Bebe to comfort her. Bebe is aghast when Susan leans in for a kiss and swiftly exits. The next day, Bebe tries to avoid Susan and hides at Fabio’s. Bebe spills her problems to Patrick, who admits he and Susan acted as a fake couple in high-school to draw away suspicion about their sexualities. Bebe, surprised by this revelation about the woman she once thought as a man-eater, attempts to reconcile with Susan without giving her the wrong message.

"Showdown" 5 21

Fred is dismayed to find himself becoming a liaison between Whirlpool and Nolan & Grace, as the competing girls refuse to speak to each other. Tired of dragging himself across the city several times a day, Fred conspires with Patrick to re-unite the foursome by staging a celebrity sighting at Fabio’s. It works, and Chloe, Miranda, Bebe and Susan all come together. Fred and Patrick make a swift exit, locking the girls in the café and refusing to let them out until they settle their differences. Arguments unfold, and they eventually agree to work together at Whirlpool again when Susan admits they are needed.

"The Tiebreaker" 6 22

Susan and Miranda have trouble adjusting as joint managers when they fail to agree on anything during the day. Realising they need a third entity to break the ties; they turn to new client Patrick to be the final decision-maker. Patrick enjoys this new responsibility, but the girls feel powerless when they realise the employees now see him as the one to suck up to. Meanwhile, Chloe is forced to deal with Denny Reynolds, an inept detective recommended by Roz, who arrives at Whirlpool to investigate a series of thefts from the supply room.

"Clash of the Waiters" 7 23

Bebe is surprised to learn her son Nathan has become a waiter at Fabio’s following his exile from the apartment. Upon hearing that he is vying for a promotion to assistant manager, Bebe finds her devilish instincts kicking in and sets up a series of elaborate deceptions to put things in Nathan’s favour. Fred becomes an unwilling accomplice when he bemoans his lack of work, but things turn ugly when Patrick reveals he is also competing for the promotion. Meanwhile, Chloe is forced to confront her childhood fear of The Jungle Book when the stage cast stop by in their costumes looking for representation.

"Old Friends" 8 24

Don makes an unexpected visit to Whirlpool. He tries to convince Fred to join him in Hollywood, where he works as the spokesperson for the light-bulb company and has a stylish penthouse suite. Fred feels guilty for turning down his request when he realises Don is simply lonely, so he enlists Chloe’s help to find a friend for him among the sea of talent that stops by Whirlpool every day. They eventually pick Liam, a suave wannabe actor who later charms the light-bulb company into making him spokesperson instead of Don, leaving Fred and Chloe fearing they’ve ruined Don’s career. Meanwhile, the newly instigated Karaoke Night at Fabio’s has tone-deaf Patrick vying for the spotlight, much to Bebe and Miranda’s amusement.

"All About Christmas Eve" 9 25

After a string of cutbacks, Miranda asks the employees to spend their Christmas Eves at the office. Fred and Patrick try to make the most of it by finding a nice Christmas tree for everyone, but they have trouble getting it out of the elevator. With the security guard off-duty, the door to the stairwell is locked; leaving the gang stranded in the office until the tree's removal. While Fred and Patrick try everything they can think of to deal with it, Miranda tasks Chloe with catering to the every whim of a spoilt actress. Chloe fears the consequences when the actress overhears her venting in the break room and develops a reputation as a Grinch when she discovers the sad tale of her lonely Christmases. Bebe attempts to locate the key to Susan’s liquor cabinet and runs afoul of the woman herself, who agrees to give her the key if she helps her get on good terms with the most generous Secret Santa.

  • Fred Forrester's last appearance as a main character.
"A Long Vacation" 10 26

As the gang get ready for the new year's return to work, Miranda and Susan discover a letter of resignation from Fred, who has decided to join Don in Hollywood. Fearing the departure of a beloved co-worker will lessen the morale in the depressing return to work, they instead pretend Fred has gone on an extended vacation. Keeping up the ruse proves to be a difficult feat for Miranda and Susan when Fred’s sister arrives to collect his stuff, and their shady antics combined with a visiting relative has Bebe convinced her bosses murdered Fred to prevent him from defecting to a rival agency. Meanwhile, Chloe and Patrick unknowingly date the same bisexual diner from Fabio’s.

"The Odd Couple" 11 27

Susan is dreading a visit from her even more outspoken mother Yvette and cajoles Patrick into posing as her fiancée when she insists on bringing a man to set her up with. In result of the escapade, their co-workers at Whirlpool are left under the impression that they have genuinely gotten together, and Chloe worries Patrick will ultimately break Susan’s heart. Susan feels increasingly pressured to admit the truth when several employees take it upon themselves to voice their “concerns” regarding Patrick, driving her to yell it down the PA system that she’s gay just as Yvette steps in. To Susan’s surprise, Yvette offers to set her up with a woman instead. However, Susan begins to feel a little over-tolerated at work when everybody sets out to prove just how much they accept her.

"Satan's Little Helper" 12 28

When Nathan resigns from Fabio’s, Bebe reluctantly takes him on as her secretary until he can find a more permanent job. To her surprise, Nathan turns out to be the most competent and efficient secretary she’s ever had, and when she finds out he has an interview, Bebe does everything within her power to make sure he stays where he is. While Patrick is horrified at Bebe for sabotaging her own son’s future, Chloe is convinced that she is actually enjoying the rare time spent with her son and tries to find a way of making both parties happy. Meanwhile, Miranda is the last to know about Susan’s recent revelation and spends the day unknowingly making lesbian innuendo.

"Seeing Red" (Part 1) 13 29

The gang are mortified when Miranda reveals the Happy-Happy Soda Company has bought a controlling portion of Whirlpool, meaning all business will be strictly soda-orientated from now on. Chloe and Bebe find themselves forced to handle the endless amount of re-branding; while Susan tasks Patrick and Nathan with redecorating the office in a company-approved red motif. It’s the last straw for Bebe when the obnoxiously bright new uniforms arrive, and she gathers the employees at Fabio’s to discuss striking. Chloe, Patrick and Nathan are quick to join, but they begin to have second thoughts when they realise that the soda company offers a far better pay and benefits package than Whirlpool ever did.

"Seeing Red" (Part 2) 14 30

Susan may be the key to saving Whirlpool after she starts dating new CEO Amber Kinsella, but her attempts to sweet talk her somehow results in them getting engaged. Happy-Happy insists on throwing a lavish party to celebrate. Bebe uses the opportunity to stage a protest with Patrick and Nathan. Susan tries to get out of her obligation and turns to her friends for help, but they are preoccupied. Susan’s problems may be resolved when Chloe overhears a comment from one of the higher-ups that makes her believe Happy-Happy are be regretting the sale, landing herself, Bebe and Miranda at a charity function organised by Chloe’s ex, Damien Black, where they try to secure an investment.

"Love Square" 15 31

After Chloe gets back together with Damien on a casual basis, she worries when he starts interfering with the way things are run at Whirlpool now that he is one of its biggest investors. Her relationship with him is complicated further when it becomes apparent that he was once married to Amber Kinsella, whom Susan has continued to date following their broken engagement. As a result of their partners’ troubled history, Chloe and Susan find themselves unwittingly playing against each other. Meanwhile, Nathan considers becoming an actor after helping Patrick read through lines, but no one has the heart to tell him his acting skills are less than proficient.

"Never Gonna Give You Up" 16 32

When Bebe and Susan both have a coughing fit in the smoking area, they make a pact with each other to quit the filthy habit but have trouble sticking to their guns when fate seems intent on making their days more stressful than ever. Meanwhile, Miranda deals with her ex-husband Ian's attempts to poach a client from the agency, and Chloe is drafted in to make sure nothing happens between them. However, various mixed signals cause a stressed Chloe to light up for the first time in the smoking area, where she proves to be a useful deterrent for Bebe and Susan.

"The Fighting Glazers" 17 33

Bebe is mortified when Steven, Rachel and Didi; her son, daughter and sister respectively, arrive at Whirlpool looking for representation. Bebe admits to Chloe she has always been ashamed of her family, and it’s soon apparent why when they set up wrestling mats outside the building and put on a show for passers-by. Bebe enlists Chloe to help her find a permanent gig for the Glazers, hoping to get them away from Whirlpool as quickly as possible. The Glazers lend a hand in the hunt and Chloe soon realises that they share many satanic traits with Bebe. Meanwhile, Nathan wants to get to know his family and is conflicted when they extend him an offer to join their wrestling troupe.

"Biological Warfare" 18 34

Bebe begins to feel like a part of her is missing when Nathan leaves town to tour with the Glazers. Chloe and Susan try to cheer her up but are mortified upon realising she has impulsively signed to adopt a baby from China. Not wanting a baby crying all night, Chloe and Susan attempt to dissuade Bebe from adopting without sounding like self-absorbed jerks, but Bebe soon has their own biological clocks ticking. Meanwhile, Patrick is surprised to learn his contract entitles him to an assistant and badgers Miranda into giving him one. Miranda tries to find a way out of the clause which leads her to discover Annoyance Limited, a talent agency that specialises in irritating characters which she soon finds is the answer to many of her problems.

"Suddenly Susan" 19 35

Susan’s bitter personality makes a comeback after she ends things with Amber. When Ray, a friendly sandwich vendor, quits as a result of Susan’s irate behaviour; Chloe and Bebe realise they’ll have to do something if they want their beloved lunches back. Chloe quickly discovers the break-up occurred because Susan has trouble saying those “three little words”, and tries to guide her through the difficult process. Bebe sets out to find Susan another girlfriend but winds up getting Whirlpool sued for sexual harassment after approaching a prudish accountant, meaning Ray must be convinced into reconsidering his decision.

"None of Your Business" 20 36

Miranda deals a blow to employee morale when she admits that, if Whirlpool doesn’t get any more business soon, cutbacks are more than likely to occur. Susan fears being fired when she realises there is no real reason for the office to have two managers. Still bitter from her break-up with Amber, Susan manipulates Bebe into putting things in her favour above Miranda. Patrick desperately tries to prove his contract is a valuable asset to the company, despite the fact that he hasn’t had any acting work since joining. Bemoaning his failures to Chloe, she suggests he may yet still have a future in talent representation after he indirectly convinces a diner at Fabio’s to sign with Whirlpool. Realising more clients equals more money, Chloe and Patrick set out in Miranda’s latest company expense, the RV, to drum up more business on the streets of Manhattan.

  • Miranda Grace's last appearance as a main character.

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