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Season 3 of The Deep End contains 20 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Ice Cream Social" 1 37

After an influx of new clients, Susan organises an ice cream social, so the employees can get to know them. When a standard safety inspection results in the office getting tented for termites, she is forced to re-locate the social to a function room at a cheap motel, and subsequently worries about the new clients defecting to a more glamorous agency. Chloe, Bebe and new recruit Patrick consequently find themselves to butter up the clients. In the meantime, Chloe’s major ice cream cravings have her worried she may be pregnant after her summer vacation; Bebe suspects sinister motives behind Miranda’s decision to leave New York and reunite with her ex-husband, and Patrick wonders if he was too hasty in giving up his acting dream to become an agent.

"Snowed In" 2 38

Chloe and Patrick find themselves snowed in at the airport when they are sent to collect Jason Mason, an erratic but profitable new client from a Boston jail. Chloe confides in Patrick that she thinks she may be pregnant and had hoped to buy a test to take on the plane, but every store is shut for the night. Patrick tries to procure a pregnancy test for Chloe by bartering with the other stranded travellers, but his actions make them both the most hated people in the airport after he accidentally reveals the pregnancy of a young teenage girl in front of her irate father. Meanwhile, Bebe and Susan attempt to find creative ways of passing the time when they get snowed in at the office.

  • Jason Mason becomes a main character.
"Alcohol-ex Anonymous" 3 39

Susan is dismayed to learn her ex, Amber Kinsella, has started going to the same Alcoholics Anonymous support group as her. Determined to one-up her, Susan enlists the help of new page, Kathy, to pose as her girlfriend, but later questions whether Kathy’s romantic interest in her is genuine or if she’s just a really good actress. Meanwhile, Patrick tries to find a way of calming Jason’s erratic behaviour when every talk show in town turns him down; and Bebe develops an unhealthy obsession with learning the father of Chloe’s child when she learns he will be stopping by the office sometime in the day.

  • Kathy Singer becomes a main character.
"Let's Get Physical" 4 40

Bebe and Susan make a pact to become fit and healthy by joining a spa recommended by Chloe. They quickly run afoul of the tyrannical fitness instructor, Floyd, whose dedication to getting his clients fit extends to their lives outside the spa. Ultimately, Bebe and Susan are forced to find places to hide when he shows up at the office with exercise equipment. While hiding behind a plant, Susan overhears a conversation between Chloe and Floyd and becomes convinced that he is the father of her baby, and is mortified at the possibility of him being around more often.

  • Floyd Christian becomes a main character.
"Murmur, She Wrote" 5 41

Bebe is horrified when Chloe invites Floyd to move into the apartment. When she realises it is only a temporary measure until they can find their own place, Patrick helps her to see that she is jealous of Floyd because he is stealing Chloe away from her. Patrick encourages Bebe to open up about her feelings, but Bebe chickens out at the last minute and instead pretends she has a highly serious heart murmur. This guilt trips Chloe into putting off the move, but Bebe has trouble keeping up the charade when it extends to her colleagues at the office, who insist on throwing her a get well party. Meanwhile, Jason debates whether to shave off his trademark goatee for an audition.

"The Notorious Kathy Page" 6 42

Kathy and several other pages at Whirlpool become sick of being treated like dirt by their superiors, so they decide to stage a strike. The agents quickly realise how dependent they’ve become on their pages to do scut work for them; particularly Chloe, who is ashamed of herself for not noticing how it’s affected her own page. Susan enlists Chloe to meet with the pages and discuss their demands. Kathy realises she only wanted to teach them a lesson and doesn’t necessarily want anything, but is forced to deal with requests from her fellow strikers. Jason encourages her to use the strike to get what she wants and Chloe, still feeling guilty, feels pressured into agreeing to anything, throwing the age-old system even further into chaos.

"Fever!" 7 43

When Jason gets a gig on Dancing with the Stars, the whole of Whirlpool is thrown into a dancing fever. However, Jason is afraid that dancing will draw away from his masculine image and attempts to “butch it up” by making sure the producers only give him aggressive dances. When the head producer turns out to be his scorned ex-wife Tina Carlton, Jason is instead assigned a ballet routine as his first dance, and his determination to quit could result in his agent Chloe and indeed the whole company being taken to court for breach of contract. Meanwhile, Patrick admits he is dating one of the dancing professionals from the show, and everyone becomes obsessed with finding out who it is.

"A Little Less Sanitation" 8 44

When the garbage shoot backs up, the staff members find themselves forced to march their waste products down to the basement until it can be fixed. Bebe quickly tires of this and starts abandoning her cigarette butts just outside her office. Pretty soon everyone is following Bebe’s example, and the office becomes overrun with garbage. Bebe quickly realises she has become influential due to her reputation and seeks to take advantage of this. Meanwhile, Susan has Kathy and the other pages take care of the garbage, offering them pay bonuses in return, invoking jealousy within Patrick and Chloe.

"Benefits of the Doubt" 9 45

Chloe is due for her second check-up and with Floyd out of town on business, she asks Bebe to go with her. While there, the nurse mistakes them for a lesbian couple, and Bebe stops Chloe from correcting her when she realises that the state offers better benefits for people like them. Chloe reluctantly signs up for the GLTA (Gay/Lesbian/Transgender Allowance) program after realising that Floyd’s salary won’t pay for everything, but their lie is complicated by the presence of their former boss Miranda Grace, who is at the clinic having a baby with her ex-husband Ian. Meanwhile, Susan is frustrated with the GLTA being abused this way, and her extended tirades have several employees thinking she is homophobic.

"Presenting Christmas" 10 46

After last year’s Secret Santa fiasco, Susan decides to impose a ban on all Christmas gifts in the office. However, several employees wind up exchanging small gifts in secret. Chloe is the only one to follow Susan’s orders and feels guilty when she realises several people have gotten her something. Enlisting the help of Bebe, Chloe embarks on an emergency spending spree at the nearby mall, hoping to get back to the office in time before it closes for the year. Delays are caused when Chloe is accused of shoplifting due to her baby bump; and Bebe realises she doesn’t have enough cigarettes to last until the shops re-open, necessitating a crazed hunt. Back at the office, Jason tries to get Kathy under the mistletoe while Patrick can’t hold his eggnog.

"Patrick Star" 11 47

Patrick is handed control of Jason’s contract while Chloe starts attending Lamaze classes with Floyd. When Patrick realises how much sucking up and indulging Jason’s contract necessitates, he begins to miss the perks of being “talent” and reconsiders his decision to become an agent. Jason encourages Patrick to follow his dream and subsequently tries to reverse this once he realises no one indulges him quite as much as Patrick does. Meanwhile, Chloe has trouble keeping her eyes open during a birthing video in her Lamaze class, and worries she won’t be able to cope once her time comes. Floyd turns to Bebe for help, whose ideas for keeping Chloe’s eyes fixated on the screen are a little more drastic than he expected.

"Cat for Dinner" 12 48

Susan returns from dinner at the company CEO’s house and is mortified to discover that his beloved cat Whiskers has smuggled its way out in her handbag. Susan plans on taking Whiskers straight back, but Patrick warns her that the CEO may not take the “abduction” likely, forcing them to find a more creative way of returning the cat. Susan eventually invites the CEO to lunch at the office with the intention of slipping Whiskers into his bag, so he’ll think she’s been with him all along. Patrick and Kathy are allocated the task of dealing with the cat, but Susan is forced to stall when they accidentally let her loose, creating additional problems when she gets gum stuck to her and a haircut is required.

"Paging Mr. Christian" 13 49

Jason encounters Floyd selling falafels on the street; who admits the gym he works at fired him and he has hasn’t told Chloe yet. Jason decides to be nice and organise a fundraiser for the expecting couple, but the office is still feeling tapped out from a recent charity drive, so it attracts little donators. Eventually, Susan agrees to give Floyd a job as a page, with Kathy training him. Unfortunately for Chloe, having Floyd around more often is an unwelcome reminder that she doesn’t really love him.

"Trick or Retreat" 14 50

When tensions rise among the staff over pay, Susan arranges a corporate weekend retreat at a cabin to promote teamwork. The gang quickly resolve their differences and meet another group seeking help: Bebe’s family; whose divisions over wrestling moves are causing argument. Chloe realises Bebe still feels distant from her family and takes the opportunity to bring them together for bonding exercises. However, the other Glazers threaten to undo the good work done for the Whirlpool employees when they goad them into fighting again. Nathan eventually elects to leave the troupe and return to New York with Bebe. Meanwhile, Kathy and Bebe’s sister Didi help reluctant new page Floyd make the most of the trip.

"Rising Son" 15 51

Susan pressures Bebe to select one of the agents she recently interviewed but eventually decides to hire Nathan in a training role after he expresses interest in the job. Nathan mentions this development while at Fabio’s, which is overheard by one of the applicants. Susan and Bebe consequently find themselves forced to deal with a class action lawsuit against Whirlpool and themselves for breaking interview policy. Nathan seeks to prove his skills by getting them out of the jam, but after several embarrassing incidents, Bebe is faced with admitting that he doesn’t have what it takes to become an agent. Meanwhile, Jason learns from an executive the extent of things pages can be asked to do and experiments with how far he can push Kathy before she breaks.

"Expired Sandwiches" 16 52

On Monday morning, Susan breaks the upsetting news that Ray, Whirlpool’s beloved sandwich vendor, has passed away. The gang decide to throw a party in Ray’s honour; with Kathy and Floyd taking on the organisation. Unfortunately for the pages, everybody has a different idea about how Ray should be honoured, resulting in a very chaotic and mismatched party. Floyd begins to feel overwhelmed by his new job, and the whole event is placed under threat when Chloe foolishly picks a few hours before it starts to tell him how she really feels about him. Meanwhile, Patrick is desperate to interfere in the party preparation, and Jason is accused of insulting Ray’s memory after getting hungry and sneaking across the road to buy a sandwich from a rival vendor.

"Chloe's Closet" 17 53

Floyd has chosen to stay involved in the baby’s life once it’s born but realises he’d be better off in his own place. While working late at the office, Kathy stumbles upon him sleeping in the supply room, and he admits his salary makes it difficult for him to rent anywhere. The next morning, Chloe discovers them asleep together with their clothes strewn across the room due to heat, and wonders if they’ve had sex, and more importantly; why she’s so concerned if they have. When Chloe overhears Jason encouraging Floyd to make a move with Kathy, she snaps at him, making her question if she’s been too hasty in giving up on their relationship. Meanwhile, Susan is aghast at the supply room being used this way, and Nathan pesters her into hiring him as a security guard.

"Das Botox" 18 54

Bebe and Susan receive free botox appointments in the mail and decide to go together, where they run into Susan’s ex, Amber Kinsella. Amber and Susan catch up, and Susan becomes excited at the possibility of reconciling their relationship. Amber then leaves for lip injections, returning a short while later with a total botch job. This puts both Susan and Bebe off the idea of having botox, so they make up excuses and cancel. However, Susan fears having to explain their reasoning to Amber, who loves her new lips, as she keeps asking when they’ll reschedule. Meanwhile, Kathy decries cosmetic surgery to her colleagues, and Patrick accidentally makes the fatal mistake of insinuating that she could use a touch up here and there.

"One Hit Wonder" 19 55

When Jason humiliates Floyd in front of the other pages, he becomes determined to get revenge and peruses the archives with Kathy for information. Stumbling upon Jason’s CV, they are shocked to learn he had a one hit wonder years ago; a highly embarrassing ballad. Floyd immediately plays it over the PA system and pretty soon it becomes stuck in everyone’s head, with much fun being made of Jason. Angered, Jason becomes determined to one-up Floyd, and Kathy finds herself caught in the middle of the warfare. Meanwhile, the song draws surprising parallels to Chloe’s life when she becomes jealous of the budding relationship between Kathy and Floyd.

"Basket Cases" 20 56

A heat wave in New York results in no work getting done for most of the morning and on Amber’s advice, Susan decides to treat her employees to a picnic in Central Park. Chloe, now the size of a house, is forced to rely on others to move her throughout the afternoon. Floyd attempts to encourage everyone to partake in healthy activities, secretly missing his days as a fitness trainer. In the meantime, Kathy organises the refreshments and Jason’s interference results in her snapping at him and giving him a few home truths about his prima donna behaviour since joining Whirlpool. As Jason tries to make it up to her, Bebe has learnt that Nathan is planning on leaving NY to re-join the Glazers, so they make the most of their afternoon. Susan wonders if she’s become too soft with her employees when she runs into a rival manager and subsequently blames Amber for it, and the resulting screaming match leads to Patrick making the two of them realise they want to get married. Finally, everyone comes together again when Chloe suddenly goes into labour, and she must make a decision regarding her future with Floyd as the picnic relocates to the un-air-conditioned hospital.

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