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Season 4 of The Deep End contains 20 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Evan" 1 57

Picking up where last season left off, the gang have gathered at the hospital to support Chloe as she is about to give birth. Chloe ends up sharing a room with two expectant mothers; one of whom is in an unhappy marriage and constantly bickering with her husband, while the other has split amicably from her boyfriend but remains civil with him. This helps Chloe shed some light on her situation, as she continues to question her future with Floyd. However, her decision is seemingly made for her when she spots Floyd and Kathy kissing in the hallway. She eventually gives birth to a boy with Floyd by her side, whom they name Evan. Meanwhile, Bebe refuses to admit she misses Nathan; Susan and Amber question whether to reveal their news; and Jason is perturbed to find Patrick getting recognised more than he is while in the waiting room, in spite of Patrick's non-actor status.

  • Amber Kinsella becomes a main character.
"The Inspection" 2 58

Motherhood is beginning to take its toll on Chloe, as well as neighbours Bebe, Susan and new live-in Amber when baby Evan won’t stop crying. As a result of their sleepless nights, Bebe and Susan’s work performance becomes noticeably sluggish, which doesn’t bode well for the results of a surprise inspection from the company CEO. When Bebe reveals she’s heard a rumour that the company is looking to shut down its lowest-ranking branch, passing the inspection proves difficult when they struggle to keep themselves awake. Meanwhile, Floyd considers renting a newly available apartment in Chloe’s building to get closer to Evan, but questions if it’s too soon to invite Kathy to move with him.

"Engagement Party" 3 59

Susan and Amber decide to throw a dinner party to officially announce their engagement. However, the arrival of Susan’s outspoken mother Yvette puts a crimp in their plans. Despite her earlier support of Susan’s lifestyle, Yvette has trouble accepting the news, still seeing marriage as sanctity between men and women. This causes arguments when Susan brings up the hypocritical Yvette’s long and murky history of failed marriages, and when the gang arrive at the house, they debate whether to make their presence known after hearing raised voices. Meanwhile, Chloe has trouble leaving Evan with Floyd, who is watching him alone for the first time.

"Speed" 4 60

Floyd and Kathy are preparing to move into the apartment in Chloe’s building together. As a result, Chloe exhibits some mixed emotions and finally decides it is time she found herself a boyfriend. She persuades Bebe into attending a speed dating evening with her. However, finding a man who is willing to put up with both her baby and the presence of her ex proves to be a difficult accomplishment. Chloe begins to resent Bebe when she manages to acquire several phone numbers and eventually reaches the conclusion that her best option is to lie about herself. This proves to be a bad idea when Chloe meets the man of her dreams. Meanwhile, Jason crashes the event but finds his usual pickup lines ineffective due to his lagging career.

"Contract Killer" 5 61

When Jason is forced to get a part-time job at Fabio’s to pay the rent, he delivers Bebe an ultimatum: find him decent acting work in the next 24 hours, or he will take his contract to a rival agency. However, Jason is taken aback when Bebe tells him off the record that he just isn’t hot stuff anymore and that Whirlpool’s action will be minimal. Angered, Jason quits and starts accepting every demeaning role sent his way in an attempt to up his stature. Bebe soon realises that the majority of the office is talking about Jason and he is consequently “hot” again. It’s only a matter of time before another agency snaps him up, and Bebe desperately tries to make sure it’s Whirlpool without letting on why during the negotiations. Meanwhile, Patrick desperately tries to determine his own "hot or not" status after dealing with some regrets over his decision to abandon his acting career.

"No Cannes Do" 6 62

Susan sends Chloe, Bebe, Floyd, Patrick and Kathy to the Cannes Film Festival in France to secure new contracts. The foursome attends the premiere of an independent where Patrick is surprised to run into an old acting colleague. Patrick is upset to learn how fame has changed his friend when he observes the way he treats his assistant, and as a result, has no trouble telling him that he thought the movie stunk. His friend's confidence as an actor is shaken, so a guilty Patrick attempts to make amends, but ends up looking like the bad guy when everyone else sings the movie’s praises. Meanwhile, Floyd and Kathy desperately try to escape the hold Bebe has on them so they can enjoy some romantic time together in Cannes.

"Work it Out" 7 63

When Floyd discovers Amber shares his affinity for exercise, they try to convince Susan to add a gym to the office. Susan accepts but regrets it when the employees accuse her of preferential treatment. Susan realises that to remain respected, she must deny Floyd and Amber their gym. This causes arguments between Susan and Amber at home; while Floyd becomes icy with Kathy, depressed about his losing his opportunity for a more fulfilling job. Kathy realises something must be done and attempts to find a way of making both parties happy. Meanwhile, Jason is bitter when he realises he is the only one not to get a gift from Chloe’s trip to France, so a guilty Chloe tries to procure something from the massive amount Bebe brought back with her.

"A Day in the Life" 8 64

Susan enlists Amber’s help to settle a kitchen staff strike, but neither party is willing to budge. As a result, Floyd finds himself forced to cook a particularly elaborate meal for a demanding client, and has a battle of the wits with a persistent fly. Meanwhile, religious nut June Archer shows up and manages to convince Jason that Whirlpool is actually purgatory and everyone there is dead. Patrick stumbles upon Kathy fretting about accidentally keying Susan’s car and the duo attempt to find a way of buffing it out. Chloe, on the other hand, is forced to bring Evan to work when her babysitter gets stuck in traffic, and the constant noises coming from under her desk arouse Bebe’s suspicions.

"Mom's Girlfriend" 9 65

A visit from Yvette prompts Amber to reveal to Susan that she never came out to her mother. Susan urges Amber to get it out in the open, and they invite her to dinner. However, they are stunned when Mrs. Kinsella shows up with a surprise of her own: her live-in girlfriend. Susan hopes it will make the situation less awkward, but is shocked when Amber expresses mixed views about the situation as she’s always seen her mother’s marriage as an example to live by. Meanwhile, Floyd and Kathy make a pact not to hide anything important from Evan as he grows up and start talking to him more often to enforce this, but it’s Chloe who draws the short straw when the regular chat sessions leave him cranky and tired.

"The Amazing Race" 10 66

Kathy invokes Floyd’s jealousy when she is asked to interview several pages and single out the best candidates. Floyd soon learns from Jason that no one thinks he takes his job seriously because he acts like it’s beneath him. Feeling guilty, Kathy offers to let Floyd sit in on the interviews, but ends up snapping at him when he won’t stop butting in with sarcastic remarks. Irked, Floyd vents in the break room and makes a casual observation that Kathy primarily liked the Caucasian interviewees. Amber overhears and tells Susan, and the two of them utilise Floyd for some damage control, making him feel more appreciated. However, Kathy is furious when everybody thinks she is racist and accuses Floyd of trying to sabotage her career.

"Bridal Wave" 11 67

It’s time for Susan and Amber to choose their wedding dresses, and they end up shanghaiing Chloe and Bebe into helping them. While Amber wants to remain in the budget and shops exclusively at discount outlets, Susan is less concerned with the finance and buys a luxury dress at a high price. By coincidence, Amber ends up purchasing a cheap, knock-off replica of the dress. Chloe and Bebe compare pictures and realise they’ll have to do something to stop them from walking down the aisle wearing the same dress, but resolving the situation proves tricky as neither Susan or Amber want to know what their bride will look like on the big day. Meanwhile, Floyd and Kathy are tasked with photocopying invitations, unaware of a somewhat inappropriate doodle that Patrick drew on the original invitation earlier in the day.

"Angry Nanny" 12 68

Chloe finally decides to hire a nanny when the company crèche refuse to keep Evan beyond closing time and picks Stella, an impossibly perfect college student. Floyd demands to meet with Stella to make sure she’s suitable for his son, and Chloe gives him a photo of her, telling him she often spends time at Fabio’s. Floyd heads to the bar and is shocked to find the usually timid Stella furiously yelling at a waiter for bringing her the wrong order. Concerned that she may have a potentially dangerous temper, Floyd tells Chloe what he heard, but she goes into a state of denial, refusing to accept that the one perfect nanny in a sea of crazy candidates could be crazy herself. Meanwhile, Susan and Amber register for wedding gifts, and Patrick's influence has them both addicted to adding new items to the list.

"Beforemath" (Part 1) 13 69

With Amber visiting relatives, Chloe and Bebe take the opportunity to throw a bridal shower for Susan. Kathy organises the invitations, but filling up the function room they’ve hired proves difficult when Kathy realises many of Susan’s friends and family aren’t as open-minded as she thought. Eventually, it is decided that they will have an intimate gathering with close friends instead. Jason misinterprets the meaning of “intimate” and spends the entire evening trying to sneak a peak at what’s going on. When Bebe accidentally lets slip the real reason why it wasn’t a big event, Chloe pours Susan a big drink, and they bitch about their families and love lives. The next morning when Floyd arrives at Chloe’s to pick up Evan; he is shocked to see Susan emerging from her bedroom in her underwear, and Chloe has a similar reaction.

"Aftermath" (Part 2) 14 70

On the day of the wedding, Chloe is aghast that she may have drunkenly slept with Susan and attempts to retrace her steps with Floyd and Patrick. At the same time, she is forced to reassure Floyd of her heterosexuality, when he appears concerned that it will only result in further confusion for Evan. After Amber returns, Chloe is shocked by Susan’s nonchalance about what happened and debates whether to reveal the truth. As the ceremony gets underway, Chloe dramatically admits what happened just as Amber passes her in the aisle. Susan laughs, telling her that she would remember her first lesbian experience no matter how drunk she was, but Amber might need some more convincing. Meanwhile, Jason attempts to charm a legendary casting director into giving him a job, unaware that she is one of Amber’s many gay friends.

"A Storm in June" 15 71

Kathy can’t help but feel jealous when she finds out that Floyd and Chloe have started attending pre-school interviews for Evan together. Determined to prove that she is capable of being a step-mom to him, Kathy attempts to use her family pull and get him a place at a prestigious school. This initiates a one-upmanship contest between Chloe and Kathy as they strive to “out-mom” each other, but as a result, they look like a dysfunctional family unit in front of their interviewers, much to the annoyance of Floyd. Eventually, they are forced to interview at their last resort; a stuffy Catholic school, but their chances of impressing are hindered by the latest addition to the faculty, June Archer, who takes it upon herself to inform the board that Evan has two mommies.

"The Honeymoon's Over" 16 72

Susan and Amber return from their honeymoon to Asia with an unexpected guest in tow: 3-month old baby, Mei-Ling, whom they are looking after for one of Amber’s business friends. Everyone is surprised by these turn of events, and when Jason sees a news report of a child gone missing from Tokyo, he becomes convinced that they have turned to baby-napping since they are unable to have children of their own. Jason enlists Chloe to solicit information from Susan, and they come to believe that it was all Amber’s idea and she was an unwilling accomplice. Bebe, meanwhile, professes the desire to turn Mei-Ling into a star.

"Rockefellas" 17 73

Jason is upset when nobody wishes him a happy birthday until the maid notices a card on his desk and does so. Overcome with joy, Jason offers to take her ice-skating at Rockefeller Centre, which he was planning on doing with his friends. She agrees, and they leave the office. Chloe notices the card on her way out and becomes overcome with guilt, encouraging the others to follow Jason to the rink. When they observe him skating with the maid, they are led to believe they’re romantically involved. The gang put on their skates and head onto the rink. Chloe tries to show Jason she supports the relationship despite mocking interjections from Bebe and Patrick; Kathy can’t stop crashing into people, and Susan is dismayed to learn Amber has problems with public displays of affection.

"Outsourced" (Part 1) 18 74

The gang are attending a company charity benefit, but no one knows what it is for. While trying to eavesdrop on the CEO, Jason overhears him talking about the office being outsourced to cheaper workers in Mexico. When Jason reveals what he heard, Susan’s silence arouses Bebe’s suspicions. Susan admits that it’s true, but a confidentiality clause prevented her from saying anything. Susan is mortified when she observes Floyd and the other pages making fun of the fact that she’s become a corporate lackey like them. Enraged, she resigns, and the charity is pretty much forgotten entirely as everyone scrambles to become her temporary replacement, so they’ll get the nifty severance package. Meanwhile, Susan’s problems get worse when she realises the outsourcing was an idea left by Amber shortly before she quit as CEO.

"Outbound" (Part 2) 19 75

Floyd and Kathy are tasked with organising a goodbye party. Kathy is annoyed that while everybody else is having fun, she is stuck working and decides to rebel, turning the party into an unapproved booze-fest. At the party, Susan tries to hide the fact that Amber was responsible for costing everybody their jobs, but drunkenly spills the beans during a game of truth or dare, creating massive arguments as everyone airs their grievances towards each other. Meanwhile, Bebe learns that her family have settled down in Mexico and makes the monumental decision to transfer there; realising there is nothing left for her in NY. Chloe is upset by the news and plants a kiss on Jason after getting appropriately liquored up, and Floyd and Kathy find themselves jealous for different reasons.

  • Bebe Glazer's last appearance as a main character.
"Yoko" 20 76

Now unemployed, the gang’s only meetings consist of brief hellos while they collect their benefits. Feeling lonely after Bebe’s departure, Chloe tries to reunite the group by reserving a table at Fabio’s, but the dinner is an awkward affair when it becomes apparent that neither herself, Jason, Floyd or Kathy are happy with the relationships they’re in. Susan and Amber act as mediators, but things soon degenerate into a food fight. Amber storms off when Susan comments that she is responsible for the mess, but the group come together again and confront their issues when she is unexpectedly hit by a car. Chloe apologises to Jason for using him and realises she must focus on her family; Floyd reaches the same conclusion and ends his relationship with Kathy. At Amber’s bedside, Susan discovers a phone number among her things and realises Amber had been trying to secure them all new jobs ever since the closure. Susan apologises, and Amber wakes up long enough to accept before dying suddenly. Susan passes the news onto her friends and then disappears into the night. Two years later, Chloe and Floyd are newlywed co-owners of Kinsella Talent, named for the friend who helped them achieve their success. Kathy’s newfound bureaucratic "hard-assery" has landed her in charge of the pages; while Jason and Patrick have swapped roles; with Jason working as an agent and Patrick acting once again. The season ends with Susan making her first appearance since the night she left the hospital; sitting down in Chloe's office and demanding a job.

  • Amber Kinsella's last appearance as a main character.

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