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Season 5 of The Deep End contains 24 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"The Amber Memorial" 1 77

Shortly after Susan joins Kinsella Talent in a managerial position, Chloe and Floyd announce their intentions to dedicate a bench in Central Park to honor the two-year anniversary of Amber’s death. The gang gather at the park for the dedication ceremony but it goes awry when it transpires that Amber’s accidental killer is also in attendance. Kathy enlists the newly hired page Todd Barnes to distract Susan, but she is feeling uncomfortable in her new position of power. Meanwhile, Chloe and Floyd find themselves having lots of tiny arguments in the third week of their marriage and question whether it’s a good or bad sign; Jason stalks an up-and-coming star through Central Park hoping to sign them with Kinsella.

  • Todd Barnes and Yvette Harper become main characters.
"Independent Woman" 2 78

Susan has trouble finding a way of telling her outspoken mother Yvette that she is ready to be independent again and live on her own. At the same time, new page Todd is in search of a place to crash after getting kicked out of a storage facility. Susan notices his advertisement in the staff room and invites him to move in, hoping his presence will give Yvette a hint. However, Yvette fails to get the message, leaving conditions cramped and Todd feeling unwelcome when he is forced to sleep in Susan’s unsettling Amber shrine. Meanwhile, Chloe struggles with the reality that she can’t be friends with her employees when Jason makes several costly promises to a client.

"The Feud" 3 79

When Chloe and Floyd find themselves caught up at work, they are forced to depend on Kathy to pick Evan up from school. Kathy enjoys her time spent with Evan and realises that she has missed him ever since her relationship with Floyd ended. Chloe accepts her request to spend more time with him but has second thoughts when Evan starts to call Kathy “mom” after a few weeknights together. Floyd attempts to reach a compromise between the two feuding women which leads Kathy to make a surprising decision. Meanwhile, Todd is beginning to get sick of living on a battlefield between Susan and Yvette, so he brings in the cheapest mediator he can find: a dog psychologist.

"The Deposit" (Part 1) 4 80

Kathy shanghais Chloe into visiting a sperm bank with her so she can look over candidates. Kathy is surprised to find Todd’s name on one of the records, who admits that he became a donor at 18. After reviewing the files, Kathy realises that Todd’s is the most promising and debates the ethics of using the “deposit” of someone she knows personally. When Kathy seeks advice from her friends, Todd winds up walking in during a heated discussion in the staff lounge and hears everything. He allows Kathy to use his donation, on the condition that he gets to be involved in the baby’s life when he chooses. Meanwhile, Yvette learns Jason thinks she is “foxy” and spends the day trying to court him.

"Guess Who's Coming" (Part 2) 5 81

Kathy and Todd head to the sperm bank to procure some of Todd’s “specimen”, but must act as they are married to convince the old-fashioned manager to hand it over. The manager agrees to a home visit to make sure the baby will be raised in a suitable environment, but their efforts to prove they are a healthy, loving couple are hindered by the presence of their friends. Floyd begins to feel guilty for pushing Kathy’s life in this direction, revealing to Chloe that they were talking about kids shortly before their relationship fell apart. Chloe subsequently becomes annoyed, feeling that Floyd is trying to unload some of the blame on her. Meanwhile, Patrick helps Jason get the "acting bug" out of his system when he runs into an old colleague and has a crisis over the direction his life has taken.

"Kinsella on Sea" 6 82

Hoping to drum up some more business, Chloe convinces Floyd to organise a boat party, but a series of mix-ups involving the time of arrival result in the boat taking off with only the employees, and none of the honoured guests. Jason and Todd consume everything in sight when they realise it is being paid for by Kinsella; Kathy can’t stop throwing up over the side and tries to locate a pregnancy test, and Chloe begins to wonder if she and Floyd are incompatible as business partners after they have another argument. Meanwhile, Yvette and Patrick will stop at nothing to set Susan up with a female coast guard, whom Yvette met through her yacht club.

"Thanksgiving Epiphanies" 7 83

Chloe and Floyd decide to throw a Thanksgiving dinner for the employees as thanks for making their first business year run so smoothly. The day is typically disastrous when they forget to order the most important part of the meal: the turkey. Floyd heads to the supermarket, but his efforts to locate a turkey are hindered by Yvette, resulting in some hard bargaining being done. Meanwhile, Kathy discovers the implantation was a success and reveals her pregnancy to Todd, but begins to wonder if he is mature enough to be the father of her baby when he brings home his three buffoonish brothers for Thanksgiving. After a boozing session with Patrick, Susan has an epiphany and decides to be thankful for the time she shared with Amber and move on with her life.

"Three Couples" 8 84

Kathy launches an Apprentice-like program to find a replacement while she’s on maternity leave. Todd takes part and stands out as the most qualified candidate, but Kathy worries she will be accused of bias if she picks him. This creates tension between them at home, and at the same time makes them question whether they are compatible as cohabiting parents. Chloe and Floyd go out for a meal to celebrate their six-month anniversary, but soon find they are surrounded by couples who are far more loving than they are. Floyd suggests they go into marriage counselling and solicits the help of their fellow diners to convince Chloe of the wonders of therapy. Meanwhile, on a nearby table, Susan’s first date in two years is an unmitigated disaster.

"Star Makers" 9 85

Denny Reynolds and his wife Becky arrive in Manhattan for a romantic getaway. Chloe realises she has been shanghaied by Roz Doyle into acting as their tour guide. While seeing the sights, Becky’s purse is stolen, and Chloe observes Denny entering “detective” mode. Impressed, she suggests that Denny could find fame as a TV detective, forcing him into an in-depth analysis of his life. Upon learning that Becky has recently become pregnant, Jason desperately tries to get her to sign with Kinsella so they can organise a reality series that will follow her throughout the process. Chloe is overcome with guilt upon realising their meddling has created a rift between the formerly cheerful couple. Meanwhile, Patrick and Yvette argue over whom to set Susan up with when they discover she’s back on the market.

"Ice Queen" 10 86

As Christmas approaches, the reflecting pool outside Kinsella freezes over, and the gang take to spending the day skating when they should be getting work done. Chloe becomes depressed when she realises that none of her employees respect her as their boss and downloads hints off the internet. Unfortunately, she reads them in the wrong order, and ends up forcing everyone to work Christmas Eve in what was supposed to be the “final stage.” Floyd encourages Chloe to admit the truth, but when she observes the newfound respect her employees now have for her, she is reluctant to send them home in case she loses it permanently. Meanwhile, Todd finds fame in discreetly getting people out of the office.

"The Z List" 11 87

Patrick is dismayed to find that his career is being handled by one of the lowest ranking employees and demands that he be taken more seriously. Jason agrees to take on his contract but quickly comes to regret it. Turning to the others for help, he realises Patrick’s career has plummeted and learns from Floyd that the company has a policy on how “washed up” Z-listers must be handled. Unwilling to act so cold to a friend, Jason seeks out a nicer way of telling Patrick the truth and ends up shanghaiing Todd and Yvette into helping him out. Meanwhile, with Kathy’s baby bump becoming more noticeable, she encounters difficulty in finding professional-looking maternity clothes.

"The Pregnant Trap" 12 88

With Todd unavailable due to work, Floyd offers to accompany Kathy to Lamaze class. This arouses the suspicion of Chloe, who fears that the emotional situation will bring Floyd and Kathy closer together. Unable to get her mind off it, Chloe shanghais Patrick into going undercover with her in the class, fashioning themselves a less-than-convincing disguise. However, complications arise when Todd manages to get off work and finds a fake bump hidden in the office, leading him to believe that Kathy lied about her pregnancy to “trap” him. Meanwhile, Susan is dismayed to learn Amber’s memorial bench in Central Park is a hot-spot for young teens to make out, and her anger intensifies upon realising that Yvette started the trend.

"Green with Envy" 13 89

Susan is alarmed when Amber’s absentee step-father Robert Noble shows up at the office. Floyd reveals he has been hired as the new environmental advisor for Kinsella. Everyone soon becomes enamoured with Robert’s free-spirited approach to life, but Susan has trouble accepting him because of the way he walked out on Amber. Jason comes around to Susan’s way of thinking when Robert steps up his green campaign and announces his plans to overhaul the cafeteria menu with healthier options. Meanwhile, Patrick is having difficulty leaving his spending habits behind, so he tasks Todd and Kathy with “babysitting” his credit cards. The two of them view it as a trial run for when the baby is born but end up getting a little too into the experience.

"Two Years" 14 90

Chloe is inspired to look back at key events of the past two years while cleaning her office. Flashbacks include the day after Amber’s death and the events surrounding Chloe and Floyd’s decision to both get together and start their own business. A brief fling between Jason and Kathy is explored when the gang holiday at Bebe Glazer’s family ranch in Mexico. In her quest for solitude, Susan ends up in Bloomer, Wisconsin where she impulsively decides to run against Angus Kane in the race for town selectman, which gains her several followers. The opening of Kinsella Talent is also shown, but it’s a sombre affair as everyone hesitates to make the first step in reconciling their differences.

"Pretty Baby" (Part 1) 15 91

When Patrick mulls over his lack of a love life, Todd offers to take him out and act as his wingman for the evening. He gets a surprise when Patrick leads him to a gay bar and spends the night awkwardly explaining why he is there. To his chagrin, his friends start to show up for their own reasons: Floyd and Jason are at the bar hoping to sign a popular drag act with Kinsella, Yvette is working as a waitress and pretending to be a pre-op transsexual, and Kathy wants to know the whereabouts of Todd as she feels the baby is about to come. Kathy’s concerns become a reality when she unexpectedly goes into labour, and she has trouble accepting the fact that her baby will be born in such a flamboyant setting.

"Pretty Baby" (Part 2) 16 92

Kathy is taken to the hospital and learns her baby is breech. Todd – along with several of his adoring fans from the gay bar – supports her through the tough delivery. In the meantime, Susan is mortified when Yvette shows up in her drag queen outfit and tries to find her a change of clothes; while Patrick continues his search for a man. Chloe is annoyed with Floyd for signing a particularly irritating singer from the gay bar and insists that he drops him, but getting the message through proves impossible due to his puppy dog eyes. As her labour continues, Kathy realises there is a slim chance of her baby surviving and insist that she and Todd think of a name. At the end of the episode, the gang put aside their petty problems and gather as Kathy and Todd mourn their son.

"The Temps" 17 93

With Kathy and Todd on personal leave, Chloe realises the office is short two pages and decides to hire replacements through a temping agency. The first arrival is a mild-mannered young man named Steven who Chloe is shocked to recognise as Amber’s accidental killer. Chloe has trouble turning him away when she realises he wants to make amends. She agrees to hire him and shanghais Floyd into convincing a very suspicious Susan to take a three-week vacation. Meanwhile, Patrick is mortified when the second temp turns out to be a one-night stand. He turns to Jason for help in keeping him out of the way, who finds himself out of his comfort zone when the temp thinks he has a romantic interest.

"Parental Guidance" 18 94

Amber’s step-dad Robert Noble returns to Kinsella after losing his job with the government and strikes up a friendship with Yvette when they both arrive at the office to meet Susan. Susan is mortified when she notices the spark between them and attempts to throw a spanner in the works by convincing her friends to set one of their parents up with either Robert or Yvette. However, she gets more than she bargained for when Floyd’s volatile father ends up challenging Robert to a duel for Yvette. Meanwhile, Patrick feels guilty when his emotionally fragile mother arrives expecting to be set up with a man. Chloe suggests hiring a male escort after hearing about them from Yvette, but they soon realise her definition of “escort” differs to theirs.

"The One at Sundance" 19 95

Chloe and Jason head off to the Sundance Film Festival to sign new clientele. Chloe is surprised to run into Roz Doyle in attendance with her boyfriend, Mark Flint, for the premiere of a short film based on the history of Bloomer, their hometown. Chloe ends up being so impressed with the film that she tries to sign its director Mark with Kinsella. Roz grows frustrated by Chloe’s attempts to “pillage” her boyfriend and a cat-fight unfurls between them. Jason, on the other hand, decries the history presented within the film and faces off to another one of Roz’s guests, Angus Kane. Back at the office, Kathy and Todd’s return to work presents the others with a conflict as they debate the best way of approaching recent events.

"Moving on In" 20 96

When Todd complains about his uncomfortable living situation with Kathy, Patrick offers to let him crash in his apartment. Kathy subsequently feels hurt, realising that her relationship with Todd never amounted to more than the baby they were having together. As Todd settles down at Patrick’s, Jason attempts to cheer Kathy up and starts spending more time at her place. Todd and Kathy are able to forget about their troubles, but both become crippled with jealousy at the thought that the other person is moving on. Patrick and Jason collaborate to bring the feuding friends back together over dinner at Fabio’s, but complications arise when Kathy plants a kiss on Jason just before they leave. Meanwhile, Yvette laments the cancellation of her favourite soap opera.

"Dreading Bells" 21 97

Susan is mortified when Yvette announces her intentions to marry Robert and becomes determined to put a stop to the impending nuptials by calling his 20-year old daughter Violet. However, she gets more than she bargained for when Violet turns out to be highly enthusiastic about the wedding. Meanwhile, Kathy struggles to interpret her recent kiss with Jason but finds herself distracted as Susan orders her and the other pages to dig up some dirt on Robert. It eventually transpires that Robert is Canadian and needs a green card to remain in America. Susan plans on revealing this nugget of information at the engagement party but begins to have second thoughts when she realises how happy her mother has become. At the party, Jason flirts with Violet when he thinks Kathy is deliberately avoiding him.

"What Women Weave" 22 98

Kathy becomes determined to tell Jason how she feels but finds herself distracted when Susan shanghais her into organising a bridal shower for Yvette. Kathy subsequently blames Susan for missing her chance when she discovers Jason’s ex-wife Tina Carlton is back in town. In the meantime, Violet has been hired by Chloe as the office’s new secretary. Kathy turns to her for help in finding out why Tina is back, which results in Violet telling her about Jason’s flirting at the engagement party. Enraged, Kathy and Violet decide to join forces and get revenge on Jason, whom they now see as a serial “user” of women. Meanwhile, the bridal shower's organisation falls on Todd and Floyd, who struggle to figure out the age-old question of what women want.

"Aisle Be There" 23 99

Yvette and Robert continue to organise their wedding and clash with Susan when she realises they have copied every little detail from her own. The resulting arguments inspire Chloe and Floyd to reminisce over the day of their own wedding. In flashback, the bride and groom face numerous trials as they attempt to get down the aisle. While Chloe worries Susan won't be attending, Bebe Glazer arrives from Mexico to act as her bridesmaid but has started smoking again and accidentally ignites the wedding dress. Meanwhile; Jason has to retrace his steps from the bachelor party after losing the ring, Floyd has trouble hiding the fact that they won’t have enough money left to live on once the day is done, and Kathy becomes an emotional wreck like she always does at weddings.

"100" 24 100

Susan is mortified when Yvette invites Robert and Violet to move in, so she enlists Todd’s help to put them off living there by any means possible. However, Yvette insists on throwing a housewarming party, hindering their efforts. When Kathy discovers Jason is attending the party with his ex-wife Tina, she drinks the apartment dry. Todd desperately tries to escape the hold Susan has on him and manages to duck out with Patrick, resulting in an unexpected kiss. Floyd tries to make amends with Chloe for forgetting their wedding anniversary. As a result of her disappointment, Chloe develops an unhealthy obsession with getting Kathy and Jason together, believing they are truly right for each other. Eventually, everyone comes together for a game of charades, where Jason sees his choice of team-mate as his final decision between Kathy and Tina. At the same time, Todd and Patrick act like nothing happened; Chloe surprises Floyd by requesting they look into marriage counselling; while Susan admits defeat and resolves to get to know her new roommates.

  • Jason Mason and Kathy Singer's last appearance as main characters.

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