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Season 6 of The Deep End contains 22 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"101" 1 101

The gang return to the office after a summer break to find that not much has changed. Having spent the summer trying to escape them, Susan receives a disturbing wake-up call when she walks in on Yvette and Robert getting frisky in the kitchen. Todd struggles to interpret confusing new feelings for Patrick, who questions whether or not to bring up their kiss, and the several kisses which followed. Chloe and Floyd have spent the summer in marriage counselling, but Chloe refuses to open up about why she is unhappy, and their money is rapidly dwindling.

  • Robert Noble becomes a main character.
"Behind Closed Doors" 2 102

Chloe’s refusal to open up in marriage counselling continues to drive a wedge between her and Floyd. Their counsellor, Dr. Bauer, decides to separate them but the two quickly become consumed with fear about what is getting said behind closed doors. Determined to find out, Chloe enlists the help of Robert's daughter Violet to pose as a patient, promising $50. Floyd approaches Todd with the same deal. Meanwhile, Patrick is left under the impression that Todd has gone to Dr. Bauer for a “cure” and marches to the office to confront her, only to expose their turbulent romance in front of Chloe, Floyd and Violet.

"The Sister" 3 103

As Susan gets to know Violet, she starts to see her as the sister she never had and becomes more accepting of her less-than-ideal living situation. However, their new friendship is threatened when Susan overhears Violet cracking jokes about her to her fellow low-ranking employees. Feeling guilty, Violet attempts to make amends with the help of Todd, who finds himself more concerned with damage control after Patrick’s inadvertent revelation. Meanwhile, with marriage counselling proving to be a bust, Chloe and Floyd seek advice from Yvette and Robert. Unfortunately, they end up making matters worse when they provide conflicting suggestions.

"Mexican Wedding" (Part 1) 4 104

The gang head to Mexico for Yvette and Robert’s wedding on the Glazer family farm. While Chloe and Susan enjoy catching up with Bebe; Floyd and Patrick are pre-occupied trying to put together a last-minute bachelor party for Robert. Bebe accidentally puts her foot in it when she observes how much Yvette cares for Robert, making her realise she doesn'’t want their wedding to be held solely for practical reasons. Susan, desperately hoping for Yvette and Robert to move out when they marry, encourages Chloe to discourage her from calling the whole thing off. The next morning, the guys’ drunken escapades land them in a world of trouble when they realise they have somehow ended up back across the border, and Robert’s passports are nowhere to be found: and back at the ranch, neither is Yvette.

"Mexican Wedding" (Part 2) 5 105

As the girls search for Yvette, the guys try to smuggle Robert back across the border. However, the four of them are caught and land themselves in a dingy jail. Chloe manages to get them out on bail but has to think of a lie when Robert asks how Yvette is feeling. Back at the ranch, Susan continues to fret about her mother’s absence and realises she is not ready to let her leave as she feels they are finally developing a bond. Eventually, they locate Yvette after setting off on horses to look for her. To everyone’s surprise, she decides to go through with the ceremony. Despite her earlier concerns, Susan has mixed reactions when she learns they intend on staying with her, but the wedding reception delivers fresh problems when the guys are served with court subpoenas.

"Man Oh Man" 6 106

Todd ends up as Patrick’s assistant when he has a day of auditions which require him to get from one end of the city to another. The time together forces Todd to confront his feelings for Patrick, but any chances of a relationship are quickly dashed when Todd spontaneously kisses him at his first audition – for a straight role. Patrick’s chances are subsequently ruined, and he blames Todd. Todd enlists Chloe’s help to make amends, but Patrick has an emergency plan and complicates matters further when he tells the producers that the man who kissed him was a psychotic stalker. Meanwhile, Susan's efforts to enjoy the peace and quiet after Robert and Yvette jet off on their honeymoon are repeatedly thwarted by her friends.

"Community Disservice" 7 107

Floyd, Todd, Patrick and Robert return from court with 72-hour community service. The four of them are pleased when they realise they can pick whatever service they like from the book, but end up fighting for the same painting gig. Chloe decides to put together a competition to determine who gets the “cushy” community service. At the same time, they struggle to get rid of the guys’ less-than-competent attorney, who insists on being paid for his work despite his “no win, no fee” claim. Meanwhile, Susan engages in a battle of the wits with Yvette when she keeps putting off unpacking her boxes. Eventually, she throws her clothes off the balcony in frustration and ends up getting her own court subpoena – for a Judge Judy-esque TV series.

"The Boyfriend Dinner" 8 108

Todd persuades Patrick into throwing Thanksgiving for their friends to formally announce their relationship. The gang accept their invitations, but Susan worries about bringing Yvette when she cracks several inappropriate jokes. In the meantime, Patrick admits to Chloe that he fears Todd is “domesticating” him, as he would never have dreamed of throwing a civilised dinner party to show off his new boyfriend. Uncomfortable with the situation, Patrick winds up cracking several jokes of his own along with Yvette as the party unfurls, making Todd doubt his commitment. Meanwhile, Robert tries to lighten the mood by telling an anecdote from Violet's childhood, but Floyd is convinced that it was lifted straight from a feel-good B-movie.

"Summer Days" 9 109

Dr. Bauer asks Chloe what made her decide to seek marriage counselling, triggering several flashbacks. Chloe decides to give everyone the summer off after the events of the housewarming party. This causes strain between her and Floyd at home as she failed to consult him about the decision, despite her telling him the communication in their marriage is weak. Todd takes a job at a summer resort in an attempt to escape his crisis. However, the presence of the intrusive Bebe Glazer and another gay resort across the beach hinders his efforts. At the same time, Yvette and Robert inadvertently damage a valuable heirloom while helping Jason and Kathy move out; and Susan convinces a depressed Patrick to resume their old couple act when they go to a high-school reunion.

"Three Christmases" 10 110

Three disastrous Christmases are presented. In homage to the classic Frasier scene, Todd desperately tries to get his apartment ready for a visit from Patrick’s parents, but a series of home disasters including a burnt down Christmas tree hinder his efforts to impress. Chloe and Floyd get some perspective on their marriage when Dr. Bauer invites them to a very miserable dinner she throws at Christmastime for all the couples she counsels. Unfortunately, any progress made is quickly forgotten when they realise that they both neglected to get Evan a babysitter back home. Susan and Robert are sent out to get a Christmas tree together but are unable to get it back through the parking garage. Nature-loving Robert refuses to cut the tree any further, preventing the other drivers from getting back to their various holiday obligations.

"Extra, Extra" 11 111

Chloe agrees to rent the office out to the crew of a crime drama for the day, and the gang are excited when they realise they have the opportunity to become background extras. Patrick and Yvette fight to get their moment in the spotlight, but feel betrayed when Todd is picked to play “background coffee drinker #2.” Chloe is excited about the revenue being brought into the company until she realises the clause she signed allows the crew to do whatever they want with the building. Worried about potential damage, she follows the director around all day determined to put the kibosh in his plans to stage an exciting explosion. Meanwhile, closet fan of the series Floyd sets out to get autographs from every member of the cast.

"Crèched" 12 112

Susan’s home nightmare takes a turn for the worse when she discovers several objects around the apartment which indicate Yvette and Robert are trying for a baby. Determined to put them off the idea, Susan signs Yvette up for a shift in the crèche when the regular employee goes on maternity leave. Susan is mortified when Yvette tells her she loved the experience, causing her to ask her mother for the truth. Yvette denies everything, and they deduce that Violet must be trying with her boyfriend. Convinced she is too young, they do their best to knock some sense into her, unaware that the objects were props for a small stage production she has a part in. Meanwhile, Chloe and Floyd have some explaining to do when several employees show up to complain about the inappropriate stories their children were told in crèche.

"An Uncomfortable Affair" 13 113

Chloe becomes convinced Floyd is having an affair with Dr. Bauer when he keeps scheduling independent sessions with her. Determined to find out the truth, Chloe asks her to meet her at Fabio’s under the pretence of a “thank you” meal. Dr. Bauer ends up getting the wrong idea when Chloe makes several suggestive remarks, leading her to think the real reason they came to therapy was that Chloe is a lesbian who feels trapped in her marriage. When the subject comes up during their next session together, Floyd ends up thinking the same thing. Meanwhile, Patrick debates when to make the “next step” with Todd and seeks advice from Susan.

"Up in Smoke" 14 114

With the staff lounge undergoing remodelling, the employees of Kinsella are forced to spend their breaks outside in the middle of winter. At the same time, Chloe and Floyd field suggestions of what the new lounge could incorporate. Several employees request that the smoking area is reinstated, igniting a passionate debate. Patrick joins forces with freedom supporter Todd and long-time chain smoker Susan to campaign for the smoking area, but when they realise none of them can hold a candle to Floyd’s debate skills, they decide to bring in an outside negotiator. To their surprise, Bebe Glazer shows up to fill the role, having left Mexico to represent a cigarette company. Floyd realises he’ll have to play dirty to live up to Bebe, whose legendary cutthroat tactics put him to shame. Meanwhile, Yvette and Robert take to selling things to the employees when they step outside for their breaks.

"Alien Invasion" 15 115

Patrick is shocked when Ramirez, one of his cellmates from the Mexican jail, shows up at his apartment looking for a place to stay after sneaking across the border. Patrick agrees to set him up in the office basement but regrets it the next day when he realises it has become a shelter for other Mexican immigrants. Patrick eventually decides to let Todd in on the mess he’s gotten into, and the two of them get to work on escorting the immigrants out of the office. However, their efforts are hindered by the presence of an immigration inspector who arrived after a tip-off from one of the employees. Meanwhile, Yvette and Robert stumble upon the immigrants while looking for a place to make out and end up Americanising them; and Chloe has a startling revelation concerning a pretty immigrant.

"Plenty of Fish" 16 116

Following his visit to Bloomer, filmmaker Barry Woods stops by the office in an attempt to market his sci-fi movie. When he is turned down by Susan, he hits it off with Violet, and they become an item. Robert fears Barry is only using Violet to up his standing with Kinsella; while the others are shocked by her transformation into an insufferable WAG as a result of Barry’s influence. Patrick pulls out all the stops to get a role in the movie, much to the dismay of Todd, who feels he always puts his career above everything else. Meanwhile, Chloe struggles with the revelation that Floyd kissed another woman in Mexico. Floyd claims it was due to his unhappiness about being in counselling, and encourages Chloe to get even by kissing another man. Chloe sets out determined to do just this but soon finds there aren’t as many fish in the sea as she expected.

"The Fixer Upper" 17 117

Chloe and Floyd decide to abandon marriage counselling when they realise it is getting them nowhere, but Chloe refuses to “dump” Dr. Bauer over the phone and invites her to dinner instead. Chloe has trouble going through with it when she realises Dr. Bauer doubts herself as a psychiatrist. Unwilling to kick her when she’s down, Chloe turns to her friends to come up with phoney problems that need resolving so Dr. Bauer’s confidence can be restored. Patrick, Todd, Susan and Yvette soon show up to indulge in a little role-playing, but their made-up problems quickly become a reality when Todd voices his problem with Patrick focusing only on his career; while Susan gets into an argument with Yvette about the volume level of certain late-night activities. In the meantime, Chloe and Floyd begin to lose faith in their marriage entirely when it becomes apparent that Dr. Bauer can fix everyone’s problems but theirs.

"Unwanted Houseguests" 18 118

After Chloe and Floyd agree to undergo a trial separation period, Floyd crashes on Patrick’s couch and quickly becomes a burden for him and Todd. In a hyper-emotional state due to his problems with Chloe, Floyd turns to his one other love – exercise – and makes radical alterations to Patrick’s apartment. Before he knows it, Patrick’s fridge has been replaced by one that requires 15 minutes on the attached bike for it to open. Desperate, Patrick turns to Susan for help, and they end up attending a seminar on how to deal with unwanted houseguests. While there, Susan is stunned when she discovers Yvette and Robert are also in attendance – and that she’s become their unwanted houseguest; while Patrick makes a monumental decision concerning his living arrangement with Todd.

"Gutter Mouth Madness" 19 119

Yvette and Robert agree to take care of Evan for the day while Chloe and Floyd divide up their possessions. Yvette is determined to prove she is capable of being a loving caregiver when Susan expresses her doubts. However, her efforts are hindered by the presence of Violet’s new gutter mouth boyfriend, who winds up indirectly teaching Evan a curse word. While Robert resorts to bribing Evan so he doesn’t repeat the word, Yvette becomes concerned about Violet’s apparent taste in abrasive men, and her efforts to talk to her about it expose some step-mother/daughter issues. Susan feels guilty when she realises what Yvette is going through, and attempts to show her that she is, in a lot of ways, an excellent mother. Meanwhile, as they start packing, Chloe and Floyd question whether their separation period entitles them to see other people.

"Happy Mediums" 20 120

Chloe asks her friends to find her eligible bachelors after she and Floyd agree to start seeing other people. Todd decides to set her up with one of his friends from business school. When Chloe worries she will do something stupid, she asks Patrick and Todd to tag along, turning it into a double-date. The evening turns out to be a bigger disaster than Chloe expected when Floyd is given the table next to theirs, along with a woman he met at the gym. Floyd is determined to one-up Chloe, despite the obvious fact that he has no interest in his very burly date whatsoever. In the meantime, Patrick is surprised to find that Todd acts “straighter” around his business school friend. When he calls Todd on this, he responds by camping it up and struggles to find a happy medium.

"Devil Needs a Lung" 21 121

Chloe and Susan discover Bebe has checked into a rehabilitation clinic in an attempt to kerb her smoking habit. They decide to stop by for her “one-month certificate” ceremony and are surprised to find the only reason she checked into the clinic was that she is in need of a lung transplant. Chloe has trouble dealing with the reality of her oldest friend’s mortality but begins to wonder if Bebe is up to something when she discovers her son Nathan is also at the clinic under a different pseudonym. In the meantime, Susan marks down the date as four years since she last had sex, and her self-control is tested when she is wrongly shepherded into a sexual compulsives’ class. Back at the office, Floyd worries that the employees don’t take him as seriously now that he and Chloe are separated.

"Country Club" 22 122

Chloe and Floyd have reached the conclusion that there is no hope for their marriage and begin the initial stages of divorce. However, when neither of them can agree who gets to keep the reservations for a weekend away at a country club, they agree to go together in one last tribute to the marriage. Predictably, their pact is complicated by the presence of the rest of the gang. Patrick and Todd are quick to snap up last-minute reservations but have trouble finding time together when Todd is forced to act as an insufferable client’s golf caddy. In the meantime, Susan becomes enamoured with a pretty female golf pro but soon finds her flirting skills are not what they once were; Robert gets himself and Yvette lost when they set off to find buried treasure in the nearby woods; and Chloe makes a surprising discovery.

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