The Deep End
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Season 7 of The Deep End contains 22 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Empty Nest Syndrome" 1 123

With her divorce final and Evan at school, Chloe begins to feel lonely around the house and worries that she is developing Empty Nest Syndrome. Additionally, she must deal with the news that she is pregnant again. Meanwhile, Floyd has sold his shares in Kinsella and become a gentleman of leisure; a more impressive term for being unemployed. Faced with having him as a permanent roommate, Patrick is determined to get Floyd out of the house for good when Todd drops hints about a proposal. In the meantime, Susan continues to date female golf pro Sonia, but is having to find excuses not to invite her back to her apartment due to the embarrassment Yvette and Robert cause her.

"The Night in Question" 2 124

Chloe reveals her pregnancy to Susan and worries that Floyd will think she wants to get back together. However, Susan points out that as Chloe is only two-months pregnant, the baby might not be his since they separated before the inception. In flashback, Chloe recalls a brief tryst with Todd months earlier. Mad at Patrick for not being able to show his affections, Todd hit the bottle with an equally miserable Chloe, leading to a night of drunken passion. Susan encourages Chloe to tell the truth, but she has trouble accepting the fact that she will become a home-wrecker in the process. Meanwhile, Yvette has trouble sleeping when Robert goes on a remodelling binge and ends up becoming insomnia buddies with Floyd.

"Dread Letter Office" 3 125

Unable to bring herself to say anything, Chloe leaves a letter for Todd at the office. However, she begins to have second thoughts when distractions leave Todd away from his office for the entire day. She quickly becomes determined to get it back and winds up getting accused of being the elusive mail bandit everyone’s been talking about. When Todd finds out about the confusion, Chloe is forced to admit the truth, and he is stunned, having completely forgotten the night in question. Meanwhile, Floyd wrangles his way back into Kinsella as the new mailman. He has a rough first day when he accidentally drops the mailbag in a coffee spill in the break room and desperately tries to recreate the letters. In the process he manages to discover the situation between Chloe and Todd, leaving gossip-craving Yvette desperate to find out what’s gotten him so frazzled.

"In the Know" 4 126

When Floyd admits to Chloe what he’s recently discovered, she decides to throw a dinner to get everything out in the open. Todd begins to have second thoughts when he finds an engagement ring in Patrick’s coat pocket. In the meantime, Susan questions why she wasn’t invited to the dinner and becomes convinced that she is being “phased out” of the group. Frustrated, she turns to her busybody mother for help in finding out what exactly is going on. What results is bugged jello, allowing them to listen to everything being said inside. At the dinner, Todd desperately tries to make sure Chloe doesn’t say anything. However, Floyd, unable to deal with the constant poking and kicking occurring under the table, reveals the truth in one breathless burst, leaving the dinner in tatters.

"The Improvisers" 5 127

With most of the gang refusing to speak to each other and Yvette on vacation with Robert, Susan is left with only her new girlfriend, Sonia, to talk to. However, Sonia reveals she is about to enter a golf tournament and won’t be around much over the next few weeks. Despondent and lonely, Susan heads to the YMCA and signs up for the first class she sees: improv. Susan quickly discovers a talent for it and attempts to harness it to bring her friends back together. Floyd and Todd wind up dealing with their issues in the form of lightsaber fighting; while Chloe makes amends with Patrick by acting out a similar storyline from a soap opera they liked to watch together. Eventually, the gang agree to remain civil with one another but have trouble sticking to their guns when plans for the future start coming into effect.

"Beyond Repair" 6 128

Todd has decided he wants to be involved in the baby’s life and consequently moves in with Chloe when he realises his relationship with Patrick is beyond repair. Floyd remains at Patrick’s but worries he has become the object of his affections when he starts acting more affectionate around him due to his loneliness. Determined not to give him the wrong message, Todd invites the first woman he meets back to the apartment and pretends she is his girlfriend. However, the woman proves to be more trouble than she’s worth when she cons them into letting her steal everything from the apartment. Meanwhile, Susan sees a dull side of her girlfriend Sonia when she brings her home for the first time and won’t stop talking about golf with enthusiastic fan Robert.

"Imitation of Life" 7 129

Chloe realises she can’t afford to run Kinsella independently and decides to start interviewing for potential investors. She is surprised when Todd comes forward, revealing he has been squirrelling away savings ever since he joined the company and has more than enough to make a proper investment. Chloe is eager to sign him up, but a comment from Yvette makes her wonder if she is just trying to recreate her life with Floyd. Meanwhile, Patrick and Floyd scour the city for second-hand objects in a desperate attempt to furnish their empty apartment. They are delighted when Patrick donates a comfy leather sofa he keeps in a storage facility, but have trouble sitting on it when he tells them that he considered it his “lucky sofa” throughout his teen years.

"Gentlemen of Leisure" 8 130

When Floyd bemoans his unemployment, fellow gentleman of leisure Robert decides to show him how to have fun. As a result, Floyd transforms into an unbearable, chauvinistic roommate, much to Patrick’s annoyance. Patrick goes to Yvette with his problem, who is surprised as she never thought of Robert as a bad influence. Yvette responds by purchasing a “female empowerment” book-on-tape and irritates everyone with her new attitude towards men. Meanwhile, Chloe decides it is time she told Evan he will be getting a baby brother or sister and plans on breaking the news to him after his school’s first parents’ evening. However, her efforts are complicated when she realises Evan has taken it upon himself to inform his schoolmates of his controversial home life.

"Reluctant Thanksgiving" 9 131

It’s Yvette and Robert’s turn to throw Thanksgiving dinner, but with all the recent goings-on they are left wondering if their friends really want to dine together. Susan takes it upon herself to sort the invitations and finds herself embroiled in a complex series of “maybes” as everyone only agrees to go if certain conditions are met. Patrick refuses to attend unless Chloe and Todd sit on opposite ends of the table; while the others have similar requests. Susan struggles to keep on top of the seating demands and ends up having a mini nervous breakdown; using Robert’s power saw on the table and deciding that everyone can sit where they wish on cushions. The gang soon loosen up when they realise the lengths Susan went to for everyone to be happy and are finally able to work through their issues before sitting down to dinner.

"Snippy New Year" 10 132

The gang are at a New Year’s party being thrown by Susan’s girlfriend, Sonia. Todd realises he misses Patrick and wants to kiss him at midnight. Floyd is determined not to see in the New Year without a job and scours the party in search of employers. Yvette and Robert smuggle booze after getting barred from their local, and Chloe regrets teaching Evan how to use the phone when she discovers many of the guests have been prank-called by him. As midnight nears, Todd is surprised to receive a visit from his GP, who has made a new year’s resolution to be more truthful with his patients and admits that a vasectomy was wrongly performed on Todd when he came for his check-up months earlier. Realising this means he can't be the father of Chloe’s baby, Todd jumps at the opportunity to get back with Patrick, which will take a lot of convincing.

"Miracle Child" 11 133

As Todd and Patrick get back together on a “trial” basis, Chloe is left reeling by the news that Todd isn’t the father of her baby. Floyd denies all knowledge but later admits to Patrick that he swapped Chloe’s birth control pills with tic-tacs in a desperate bid to save their marriage. Patrick encourages Floyd to tell the truth, but he is stopped in his tracks by the arrival of religious nut June Archer, who has come to Kinsella to peddle her beliefs. June manages to convince Chloe that she has been blessed with a “miracle child” just like the Virgin Mary. Floyd soon realises that June won’t be giving up the first miracle she’s witnessed without a fight. Meanwhile, Yvette and Robert attempt to befriend Sonia so they can play at her golf club, which impresses Susan for all the wrong reasons.

"Playing Along" 12 134

Chloe tails her ex-boyfriend Damien Black into a restaurant in a desperate attempt to get financial aid for Kinsella. Damien mistakes her for the blind date he arranged online, and she plays along. Chloe enjoys her date with Damien, but worries any chances of a relationship will be dashed when her belly seems to triple in size overnight. Floyd becomes jealous of Chloe moving on with her life and hopelessly tries to flirt with every woman he encounters. However, when he learns that Damien is looking for someone to manage his trading company in LA, he suddenly becomes supportive of the relationship in a bid to impress, arousing Chloe’s suspicions. Meanwhile, Robert discovers an affinity for DIY when he fixes a shelf for Patrick, and Susan delights in finding him more unnecessary work to give herself some space.

"No Country for Old Friends" 13 135

Susan acquires two free passes to the country club from Sonia, allowing its users access anytime they want. Patrick, Todd, Yvette and Robert all become determined to get their hands on one and desperately try to get on Susan’s good side by buttering her up with gifts and favours. Susan revels in the game but fears the consequences when she realises she left the passes on a bus. At the same time, she begins to have second thoughts about committing to a relationship with Sonia when she expresses her concerns about Susan’s “lout” friends becoming full-time members. Meanwhile, Chloe tells Damien she has gained weight from the office snack machine in an effort to cover up her pregnancy but has trouble convincing Floyd not to say anything.

"Tourist Trap" 14 136

Floyd inadvertently reveals Chloe’s pregnancy to Damien during an argument, causing him to do a runner. Realising Chloe is the happiest she’s been in months, Floyd devises several ridiculous explanations for his whereabouts, while Patrick, Todd and Robert search for him. However, they get sidetracked when Robert reveals that despite living in New York for two years, he’s never seen any of the tourist attractions and wants to visit the Statue of Liberty. They arrive just as it closes and end up stuck in the building until morning. By a stroke of luck, Damien happens to emerge from the bathroom, and the three of them spend the night trying to convince him not to abandon ship with Chloe. As thanks, Damien agrees to let Floyd manage his company in Los Angeles.

"No Place Like Home" 15 137

With Floyd getting ready to leave, Chloe struggles with the reality of being a single mother and decides to visit her own mother, Adelaide Nolan, in Poughkeepsie, to ask how she coped. To her surprise, she is morbidly obese and bedridden; taken care of by Chloe's younger brother, Silas. Adelaide is surly and belligerent and fails to provide the answers Chloe desires, leaving social introvert Silas to take her place. Chloe sets out to improve their lives and prove she can make it on her own.

"Cocktail Sausages" 16 138

Susan and Patrick team up to organise a bon voyage party for Floyd. Chloe is preoccupied with the falling business and tries to keep it a secret from Floyd, fearing he will stay for the wrong reasons. Susan fears the party will be a dud when Patrick shows her Floyd’s choice of healthy food, so she takes it upon herself to stock up on stuff people really like and ends up blowing Kinsella’s entire remaining budget on cocktail sausages. Chloe is mortified when she finds out and worries about having to tell the employees they won’t have jobs by the time the party’s over. Drink-mixer Yvette manages to keep Chloe appropriately hammered throughout the evening, driving her to disrupt a game of Spin the Bottle and spill everything from the downfall of Kinsella to her unresolved feelings for Floyd, leaving party planners Susan and Patrick to pick up the pieces.

"Grand Theft Golf Cart" 17 139

Following Kinsella’s seizing by the IRS, Sonia manages to get the gang temporary jobs at the country club. Susan becomes a waitress and decides to lead a protest against the unflattering uniforms by dressing like a biker chick. Todd becomes a golf caddy while Robert works inventory. Bored, he sneaks off with a group of retirement home patrons and proves to be a bad influence when they cart-jack Todd. Yvette and Patrick become cleaners and end up stuck in the boiler room. Meanwhile, Chloe stays at home and is trying to decide the best way of telling Evan his dad won’t be around as often. However, she is less than impressed when she realises Damien has taken it upon himself to explain, leaving the youngster even more confused.

"Business Rescue" 18 140

Chloe and Susan decide to crash a charity benefit when they realise its host, Donald Sugar, is renowned for saving businesses and lending money to other causes. They are surprised to run into Bebe Glazer, who is also there looking for a kick-start. Chloe becomes convinced that her devious old friend is up to no good again and desperately tries to make sure Sugar doesn’t play into her hands. However, when she learns that Bebe is suffering from inoperable lung cancer, she begins to have doubts since she knows even she wouldn’t lie about something like that. Meanwhile, Yvette and Robert decide it is time they found their own place, but after realising they don’t have a penny between them, they pose as charity workers back from Africa and make a grab for Sugar’s money themselves.

"Horde of the Ring" 19 141

Patrick and Todd realise the advantages of Floyd living with them was that the apartment was always kept clean and tidy. Unwilling to take on the chore himself, Patrick decides to hire a maid. The maid does an excellent job, but Patrick is shocked when he discovers she is wearing the ring he had planned on buying later in the week when he gets his final paycheque from Kinsella. He turns to Chloe for help in convincing the maid to trade the ring, who insists on bringing Bebe in on the action, so she feels useful. This move turns out to be a masterstroke when Bebe convinces the maid to abandon the ring by whispering something in her ear, and Chloe tries to get her to “pass on” the secret to her success. Patrick, on the other hand, is finally able to do what he was planning all along: propose to Todd, who happily accepts.

"The Glazer Devils" 20 142

Chloe invites Bebe to live out her remaining days with her when she realises she has been shunned by her family for pulling one too many cons. Todd and Patrick find themselves shanghaied into acting as Bebe’s servants and begin to get frustrated when she seems to enjoy it a little too much. In the meantime, Chloe becomes determined to fulfil Bebe’s final wish of seeing her family reunited again. Realising the Glazers all share a similar interest – greed – she makes several phone calls and gets them to gather at the country club, offering cash incentives. Bebe’s son Nathan and her sister Didi are the first pair to show up. Susan is tasked with distracting the arriving Glazers when they seem set on taking the money and leaving. Meanwhile, Yvette feuds with Bebe’s crotchety 107-year old wheel bound mother, Mimi.

"The Last Laugh" (Part 1) 21 143

As Patrick and Todd prepare to marry, Chloe has doubts about Bebe being able to attend and insists that she uses a wheelchair. Bebe relents and delights in making everything more difficult. Yvette and Robert try to convince Todd’s old fashioned parents to put aside their beliefs for the sake of their son. Floyd arrives from LA, constantly juggling between cell phones. Damien tries to help him lighten up – or rather, light up – resulting in a very different side of Floyd coming out just as the ceremony is due to start. Chloe, meanwhile, snaps at Bebe for deliberately being a nuisance. In typical Bebe fashion, she spitefully responds by dying on the spot – and the wedding is truly cemented in history when Chloe suddenly goes into labour, just as Patrick and Todd walk down the aisle.

"Poughkeepsie" (Part 2) 22 144

Floyd and Susan accompany Chloe to the hospital after she goes into labour. Floyd, still feeling the effects of Damien’s “treatment”, tries to sober himself up. Todd and Patrick become determined to lighten the mood at their wedding reception. Yvette and Robert suggest turning it into a memorial in Bebe’s honour, but they find that none of them has very much to say about her. At the hospital, Susan updates Yvette over the phone and finds out about the memorial. Chloe overhears and decides to say something about Bebe, praising her unique character before giving birth to a healthy girl. Floyd – at this point restrained to a chair – asks Chloe what her name is, and she responds: "Bebe". At the end of the episode, the characters reflect on the life Bebe lead, and follow her impulsive example: Patrick and Todd talk about kids before embarking on their honeymoon; Yvette and Robert take over Susan’s lease when she moves in with Sonia, and Chloe realises the importance of family and makes plans to join hers in Poughkeepsie.

  • Todd Barnes, Floyd Christian, Patrick Godfrey, Susan Harper, Yvette Harper and Robert Noble's last appearance as main characters.

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