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Season 8 of The Deep End contains 20 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"What You Leave Behind" 1 145

Four months later, Chloe has settled down in Poughkeepsie and is living with her brother Silas while working as an independent agent. Moving on proves to be a difficult feat for Chloe due to untalented clients; her belligerent mother’s constant phone intrusions, and Silas refusing to get out from under her feet. She has become friendly with the neighbouring businesses: Mark Flint, the visually impaired manager of a charity for the blind; as well as Rosa Dupree, who makes trinkets for gift shops. Rosa encourages Chloe to get the word out about her business by throwing a launch party, while Mark agrees to pay for some of it on the condition that Clearsight gets a cut of the profit made from clients. The party brings some unexpected guests; including her mother Adelaide, and Didi Glazer, who arrives in town looking to follow in her late sister’s footsteps.

  • Rosa Dupree, Mark Flint, Didi Glazer, Adelaide Nolan and Silas Nolan become main characters.
"The Work Arrangement" 2 146

Chloe has trouble coming to terms with her new working arrangement which includes Silas as a handyman and Didi as her junior agent. Meanwhile, Mark sympathises with Silas, who is having trouble escaping the grips of his very controlling mother, Adelaide. Taking him under his wing, he strives to help him gain the upper hand. Mark later gets into a disagreement with Rosa, who believes mothers are precious and should be cherished for as long as they live, leaving Silas even more clueless.

"Silas of the Lambs" 3 147

Silas develops a crush on Didi when he helps her put up a shelf next to her desk, and is encouraged by Mark to ask her out. Didi soon recognises his crush and admits to Rosa that she is reluctant to get into anything with him because of all the stories Chloe told her about their childhood together. Silas subsequently becomes furious with Chloe when he finds out, accusing her of trying to ruin his social life. Overcome with guilt, Chloe attempts to remember a few good stories to tell about Silas but soon realises that she has repressed all her good memories and has no choice but to go to Adelaide for answers.

"Mom on Wheels" 4 148

Mark decides to turn his focus to other needy causes and starts off by getting Adelaide a specially-made wheelchair. Chloe is less than pleased with this development, as it means her mother can stop by anytime she wants. Silas, on the other hand, couldn’t be more thrilled but encounters difficulty in constructing the wheelchair thanks to its unhelpful instructions. Chloe is relieved as it means Adelaide won’t be stopping by after all until she realises Rosa has taken Silas to a building workshop at the YMCA where she teaches an art class. Meanwhile, Didi gets her first client, but unfortunately, her negotiation skills prove to be less than stellar, making her question if she can live up to the Glazer name.

"Corporate Monsters" 5 149

Chloe reveals to Didi that since she hired too many clients out of pity, she will have to fire one as there isn’t enough money to pay everyone. Didi struggles to go through with it when she realises the least profitable client she hired is also the sweetest and subsequently worries she won’t live up to the expectations set by her sister. As a result, Didi drastically overcompensates and becomes a greater monster than both Bebe and the Devil combined. Chloe worries she is turning into a corporate beast herself. Meanwhile, Silas joins Rosa’s art class and annoys her when he develops a reputation as a class clown and doesn’t take her lessons seriously. Mark suggests Rosa takes a firmer hand with her students, but she struggles to follow his advice.

"Dog Eat Dog" 6 150

Adelaide stops by the office and develops a bond with Mark’s seeing-eye dog Buster. Mark is visibly hurt when Buster follows Adelaide home, and Chloe tries to convince her mother to return him. Adelaide is reluctant because Buster has inspired her to better herself physically, and insists that he chooses between her and Mark. However, Mark responds by purchasing a ferocious American Pitbull in an attempt to make Buster jealous, which has everyone too frightened for their limbs to go anywhere near him. Meanwhile, Rosa has to complete 500 small bracelets overnight, so she shanghais Silas into helping her. Silas manages to cause further problems between Mark and Adelaide when he manages to train Buster into bringing him materials, developing their own bond.

"Ear Goes Nothing" 7 151

Floyd is visiting from LA with his particularly air-headed girlfriend Crystal. Chloe struggles to accept that Crystal will have a role in her kids’ lives, but is forced to rely on her to take care of little Bebe when Evan sprains his wrist at school. Upon her return, Chloe is mortified to find that Crystal has taken it upon herself to give Bebe pierced ears and worries the civility with Floyd she maintains for their kids will be ruined if she says anything. Meanwhile, Mark is miserable after his divorce is made final and Silas tries to cheer him up. However, it soon becomes apparent that they both have very different ideas of fun.

"Surplus Surprise" 8 152

When Chloe receives a significant surplus from a client, she decides to use it to make the building more blind friendly. Didi is offended that Chloe didn’t ask for her input. Mark is moved by Chloe’s decision when she admits she is doing it out of gratitude for how he helped get her company off the ground. Rosa is also unhappy with where the surplus is going, as she feels she helped Chloe just as much as Mark did. Adelaide prompts her to stand up for herself and teaches her how to raise her voice. This lasts into the night, leading Silas to think his apartment is infested with ghosts. Chloe, meanwhile, has second thoughts about spending the money when she realises how few blind people actually visit Mark’s office.

"Tofurkey" 9 153

Chloe decides to throw Thanksgiving dinner for everyone to thank them for helping her through her first few months in Poughkeepsie. Adelaide insists that the turkey is made of tofu as part of her latest diet. Everyone is surprised when Silas brings his beautiful new girlfriend to the dinner, and are convinced that she is a prostitute. Passionate food-lover Mark becomes determined to leave and get some real turkey and forms an alliance with Rosa when Adelaide throws out the centrepiece she spent days working on. Didi fears she is being shunned by the Glazers when she doesn’t get an invitation to their traditional family gathering in Mexico until Chloe points out that she hasn’t given them her new phone number. Chloe’s old friend Susan and her fiancée Sonia also show up to join the festivities and immediately wish they hadn’t bothered.

"Oversight" 10 154

Silas begins fooling around on Didi’s desk while she is out of town when a demanding young actress named Bethany Reed walks in and insists that he finds her a job. Unable to rationalise while talking to a pretty woman, Silas promises to get her a role in a commercial for Clearsight. Didi is annoyed when she returns and finds out Silas has stolen a potential client. Mark is less than impressed with Bethany’s acting skills but has trouble firing her when he realises her daddy owns the entire complex where his, Chloe and Rosa’s businesses are based. Meanwhile, Adelaide gets an overly complicated belt that burns fat while she sleeps, and Chloe struggles to resist the urge to smash it to bits when it keeps her awake at night.

"Underground Christmas" 11 155

Chloe, Mark and Rosa are angry when Owen Reed bans all Christmas-themed decorations and celebrations from the complex in fear of its offending non-religious visitors. Chloe is relieved because she was dreading spending the holidays alone, but Rosa, who adores Christmas, surprises everyone by plotting an “underground” party for her friends and associates. The party is typically disastrous as Mark has a rough time with the kids when Rosa dresses him up as Santa; Adelaide has a little too much eggnog, and Silas impulsively unwraps every present and tries to rewrap them without anyone finding out. Meanwhile, Damien is visiting from the city and wants to spend Christmas with Chloe. Chloe promises to think about it but is taken aback when she finds him kissing Didi under the mistletoe.

  • Owen Reed becomes a main character.
"Phone for the Holidays" 12 156

Chloe struggles to hold it together on Christmas Day as she is forced into spending it with Silas and Adelaide. With Adelaide on her nap and Silas role-playing with his friends, Chloe becomes border than she’s ever been and decides to have some fun with the phonebook. She is surprised when Mark shows up as a male escort from a service she prank-called, who admits that he became one so he wouldn’t have to spend the holidays alone. Chloe reveals to Mark that she is bitter about Damien’s flirtation with Didi, so they add him to their prank-call fun. Unfortunately, Damien has caller ID and is able to work out who it is right away, and Chloe has some explaining to do when the lovebirds show up demanding an explanation.

"Reed Between the Lines" 13 157

Owen Reed returns to the business park, miserable because his daughter has decided to abandon acting to pursue a career in erotic dancing. Chloe, Mark and Rosa quickly begin to tire of passing him in the hallway when he keeps stopping them to tell stories of his woe. Desperate to avoid him, Chloe discovers a back entrance in a storage closet. Rosa feels guilty for avoiding Owen and tries to help him get back on his feet when she learns he has always wanted to be an artist. Realising it is in everyone’s best interest, Rosa asks him to become her workshop assistant. Meanwhile, Chloe and Mark spend the day hiding in the ditch behind the business park, unaware that Rosa has fixed the Owen problem.

"Jurassic Business Park" 14 158

Owen decides to throw a party for the business park so the various companies can get to know each other. Rosa is flabbergasted when she meets the directors of a porn company based across the park and doesn’t know what to think when they reveal her art often features in the background of their productions. Silas asks Owen to teach him how to fight when he overhears a pair of dim-witted high-school jocks who sell junk from their car making fun of Mark. Chloe, on the other hand, discovers she has a rival agent and becomes determined to one-up her when she realises several potential clients have also stopped by the party. Meanwhile, Adelaide declares herself back on the market when she loses those last few holiday pounds and shanghais Didi into acting as her wingman.

"Forced Retirement" 15 159

Adelaide fears Chloe and Silas are planning on having her sent to a retirement home when she overhears a conversation at the office. However, it is actually Didi’s 108-year old mother Mimi who is to go. With no room in her apartment, Didi begs Chloe and Silas to let Mimi use their spare room until the social workers arrive, and a war of words unfolds between her and Adelaide. The crotchety women spend the night trying to make the other seem senile in front of everyone. With an important meeting early in the morning, Chloe is desperate to resolve things swiftly and ends up becoming enamoured with the idea of a retirement home herself. Meanwhile, Owen sets up an office next to Mark’s and quickly annoys him by offering to escort him everywhere.

"Valentine's Dates" 16 160

Chloe, Rosa and Didi decide to have a girl’s night in when they realise none of them has a boyfriend to spend Valentine’s Day with. However, they each get conflicted when they manage to wrangle dates at the last minute – Chloe with a handsome client, Rosa with the curator of a museum interested in her paintings, and Didi with Damien, who is back in town for a conference. Worried about letting their friends down, all three of them come up with an excuse for not being able to do the girl’s night in, but further complications arise when they end up at the same restaurant. And when all three of their dates turn out to be either self-centred or only interested in certain attributes, they want nothing more than to ditch them and get back to the evening they had planned. Meanwhile, Mark and Owen reluctantly join Silas for a typical evening at home with his mother.

"A Ghostly Glazer" 17 161

With her mother at a retirement home, Didi decides to sell her old house but has trouble going through with it as it was where she grew up with Bebe. Chloe encourages her to spend one last night within its walls to say goodbye and agrees to join her. However, the two of them have trouble getting to sleep when a kid from across the street tells them there have been stories of “strange” things going on in the house at night. Didi becomes convinced that Bebe is trying to reach them from beyond the grave, and things take a turn for the worse when a lightning storm puts the power out. Eventually, she decides to organise a séance with some other neighbours, much to Chloe’s dismay. Meanwhile, Rosa, Mark and Owen find themselves locked in the business park due to its electric gate.

"Risky Business" 18 162

Owen is frustrated when his daughter Bethany shows up and reveals she is getting married to an older strip club owner. He becomes determined to stop the impending nuptials and enlists the help of Adelaide, who shows her skills as a professional relationship meddler. Owen admits this has happened many times before and he usually fixes it by buying out every fiancé’s business, so they’ll leave Bethany, but this time he is low on money, so he needs another solution. Adelaide suggests putting his other businesses up for bid but regrets it when she realises how seedy and undesirable most of them are. Meanwhile, Chloe and Silas are mortified with the revelation that their mother was the reason so many of their childhood romances fell apart.

"Your Loss" 19 163

Mark goes nuts when Owen shows off the new griddle he’s had installed in his office, leaving everyone wondering what his problem is. Mark eventually admits to Chloe that he had a son, Kyle, who died due to a defective griddle. Chloe encourages him to attend a child loss support group, as it helped an old friend of hers. Mark agrees but is surprised to find that the group would rather talk about food than the issue at hand. Chloe encourages him to run for group president to change it for the better but has trouble assisting him when she discovers he’ll be up against her old friend Kathy Singer, who is dealing with her loss in her own way. Meanwhile, Rosa must convince Owen to give up the griddle. When she realises he sees it as his own child, she agrees to help him find the griddle a “loving” new home.

"Independence" 20 164

Owen decides to throw an Independence Day barbeque for the business park. Chloe becomes suspicious of this act, driving him to admit that he is planning on selling the complex. Chloe calls Owen a traitor and the resulting argument causes them to sleep together. Chloe spends the rest of the party telling herself that she never does this sort of thing but struggles to hide her desire for more. At the same time, rumours of the sale spread throughout the party, and Mark reveals he has been hired by an overseas company to draft up a manifest of the businesses and their expenses. Unable to think straight with everyone crowding around him, Mark escapes to a bar and runs into Roz Doyle, who is in town on business. After clearing the air, Roz helps Mark realise he doesn’t want to be a corporate lackey, so he throws the manifest away. Back at the party, Rosa dominates the grill; Didi channels Bebe in her search for clients; and Silas is determined to escape Adelaide’s grip once and for all when she insists on presiding over every conversation he has with a woman.

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