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Season 9 of The Deep End contains 20 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Underwear in the Office" 1 165

The day after the barbeque, Chloe and Owen decide to keep their relationship casual and not tell any of their friends. However, their relationship may be exposed anyway when Rosa discovers some underwear in her office and demands to know who they belong to. To keep things under wraps, Chloe and Owen realise they’ll have to let a few individuals in on the secret, but it ends up spreading through the business park like wildfire. Meanwhile, Mark has a new lease on life following his lunch meeting with Roz and decides to take over the business park. Unbeknownst to him, Adelaide is pressuring Silas to make more of himself, who has responded by putting in an offer himself. Mark and Silas’s bidding war gets so out of control that Didi must step in and flip a coin, but it lands on its side. Convinced it’s a sign, they agree to go into business together.

"Maid of the Miffed" 2 166

Mark and Silas learn from Owen that one of his associates has a share in the business park, forcing them to get his signature so the sale can go ahead. However, complications arise when they discover he is a highly eccentric, borderline senile old man living alone in a mansion. Getting their proposition across to proves to be a difficult task, so Didi agrees to go undercover as a maid; the only thing that gets his attention. Silas is miffed when he learns his senility began shortly after a whirlwind romance with Adelaide. Back at the office, Chloe is reluctant to tell a client she is letting him go so she turns to Rosa to “cushion” the blow. Chloe soon realises Rosa has a knack for delivering bad news and asks her to assist in other endeavours, but Rosa soon begins to tire of being used for such a role.

"Home Away from Home" 3 167

Didi shanghais Adelaide into visiting her mother Mimi at the retirement home, as she is the only one who can put her in her place. Didi is surprised when Adelaide winds up falling in loving with the home and puts herself on the waiting list. Chloe exhibits mixed emotions over this development as she felt she and her mother were finally clearing the bad air between them. However, it soon becomes apparent that Adelaide is actually fighting with Mimi for the affections of Eduardo, a handsome sponge nurse, and Chloe is faced with admitting her feelings about the move when a room becomes available. Meanwhile, Mark and Silas are close to gaining ownership of the business park, but Owen is determined to give his tenure the send-off it deserves.

"The Celibates" 4 168

Chloe and Owen are forced to hide their relationship when Owen’s daughter Bethany visits. Chloe quickly begins to tire of Bethany’s spoilt attitude and inadvertently spills the beans during a heated argument. Owen subsequently becomes furious with Chloe, revealing that he promised his wife on her deathbed that he would remain celibate. Overcome with guilt, Chloe promises Bethany that she won’t sleep with Owen again, but soon finds she is having more trouble keeping the promise than he is. Meanwhile, Mark’s seeing eye dog Buster has taken to digging things up from neighbouring houses, which causes problems for his and Silas’s first meeting with a potential client for the business park.

"Still Sexless in Seattle" 5 169

When several companies pack up in protest over the sale, Mark and Silas are advised by Owen to crash an expo to lure new businesses. They head to Seattle and find that the expo is being held at the same hotel where Mark’s ex-wife Roz is staying. Coincidentally, Mark and Silas end up getting a room adjoined to Roz’s, which Mark has no problem with until he realises she is there with her new boyfriend Noel Shempsky – who has hopes of consummating their relationship for the first time. Much to Silas’s chagrin, no business deals are made the whole weekend while Mark does everything in his power to stop Noel in his tracks. Back in New York, Chloe and Rosa consider staging a protest themselves when they realise Mark and Silas have already increased their rent.

"Miss New York Secretary" 6 170

Didi is surprised when Silas signs her up for “Miss New York Secretary”, a beauty contest involving secretaries from across the state. Silas convinces her to go through with the preliminary rounds, and to her surprise, she gets through. However, as a result of this boost in ego, she becomes vapid and annoying. Chloe is surprised to learn Damien Black will be acting as a judge in the final. She hopes he will see what Didi has become, but finds that he is more interested in hiring her as a secretary for his company in Los Angeles. Although she’s miffed that she’s losing a competent employee, Chloe wishes Didi luck in the competition and becomes determined to make Damien stay true to his word when his eyes fall on a pretty rival. Meanwhile, Rosa has a crisis of conscience when she is asked to create fake gold medals by the budget paranoid organisers.

  • Didi Glazer's last appearance as a main character.
"Power to the Pom Poms" 7 171

Chloe starts to feel lonely following Didi’s departure and becomes determined to make a new friend her own age. She quickly discovers this is far more difficult as an adult, so Rosa encourages her to sign up for a “friend workshop” at the YMCA where she teaches her art classes. It soon becomes apparent that the workshop consists of several cliques and isn’t much different to high-school, and Chloe is forced to revert to her bitchy cheerleader persona to make the fee she paid worth it. Meanwhile, Adelaide worries Chloe is regressing when she finds pom poms in the laundry and begins to wonder where she went wrong with her kids when Silas offers his usual eccentric advice. As a result, she ends up next door to Chloe in a parenting class.

"Resistance is Subtle" 8 172

Owen struggles to hide his jealousy as Mark and Silas begin implementing their changes to the business park. As a result, he unknowingly stirs up resistance within Chloe, Rosa and several other by passing judgment on the changes. Owen feels guilty when some businesses refuse to pay rent in protest over the changes, threatening to bring Mark and Silas’s enterprising partnership to an end. Chloe tries to talk the others into paying up but begins to wonder if she’s on the right team when she learns of the increase in parking fees. Eventually, Owen admits he misses being a “bigwig”, so Mark and Silas agree to hire him as their consultant as he has a knack for knowing what people want. Meanwhile, Adelaide discovers a flair for acting when she performs a one-woman show at Mimi’s retirement home.

"Fat-Fightin' Follies" 9 173

Chloe and Adelaide reluctantly agree to spend Christmas Eve together when they realise their friends have prior engagements. Chloe is miserable that Owen didn’t ask her to spend any time with him, and she subsequently takes her mood out on Adelaide. Annoyed, Adelaide puts together a last minute Christmas party for her friends from weight watchers. Chloe consequently finds herself lost in a sea of large women and struggles to fill her role as their sponsor for the day. Meanwhile, Silas attempts to find a nice Christmas tree for Mark’s office but manages to get lumbered with a nearly-dead one that leaves a mess all over the place. Afraid he’ll be put off the idea of being in business with him, Silas shanghais Rosa and Owen into helping him tidy up, and the three of them soon realise that it isn’t as easy as they thought to deceive a blind man.

"School Board" 10 174

Chloe is outraged when she discovers Evan is being moved to a remedial math class to fulfil a quota and decides to attend her first PTA meeting in protest of the decision. She soon realises the meetings are chaired by Biddy Strong, an ultra-right wing zealot who condemns Chloe for being a single mother and has the other parents too frightened to say anything. Infuriated, Chloe turns to Owen and Silas for help in gaining Biddy’s seat on the board. However, they soon prove to be more of a hindrance when it becomes apparent that Owen has lost his confidence as a cutthroat businessman, and Silas inadvertently gets caught in a scandal when he casually mentions he doesn’t have any kids. Meanwhile, Adelaide is left to take care of Evan and Bebe, and her attempts to be a typical grandmother have Rosa in hysterics.

"Do the Hustle" 11 175

Chloe and Silas are surprised when their distant father Bernard shows up. Chloe becomes suspicious of Bernard’s intentions when Rosa shows her Nolan Talent has been featured in a New York Times article on small businesses. Silas and Bernard immediately bond over father/son activities. However, both Chloe and Silas begin to suspect Bernard may be another one of their mother’s lies when he doesn’t seem to know anything about their childhoods. Rosa gets Adelaide to admit that Bernard is actually someone she met at her knitting club, who gave her the idea after finding out their pensions have been cut. Chloe is furious and begins to wonder if she will ever know her real father, leaving a guilty Adelaide to try and make amends. Meanwhile, Mark is forced to hire a temporary assistant while Buster recovers from a leg operation, and is frustrated when she seems more interested in flirting with Owen than helping him.

"Blind Sighted" 12 176

With the business park raking in profits, Mark decides to use some of the money to expand his charity. Silas feels like he has no respect when Mark fails to consult him on the matter. Owen struggles in his new role as their consultant when an argument breaks out, and they demand to know whose side he is on. Eventually, he takes to hiding in Rosa’s office during working hours, leaving their business partnership in tatters. Meanwhile, Chloe and Silas have to guide several blind people through the building to reach Mark’s office when the handrail installers postpone their appointment by several days. Silas quickly discovers a knack for it and realises his ambitions to help people. However, his confidence is knocked back by the surliness of one of the visitors, leaving Chloe to pick up the pieces.

"Shop 'til You Drop" (Part 1) 13 177

Chloe is called to the grocery store, to discover her mother is making a scene over its lack of healthy food. When Adelaide refuses to go with her, Chloe becomes frustrated and leaves, only to find out moments later that she has dropped dead of a heart attack. Chloe struggles to cope as she has never dealt with a sudden tragedy before, and is consumed with guilt that the last conversation they had together was a heated argument. At the same time, Silas refuses to look at her, so Owen tries to help alleviate her guilt. Meanwhile, Mark and Rosa learn that Adelaide was a much-loved customer by the employees of the grocery store and head there to inform them of a memorial. They end up fighting an over-zealous manager’s attempts to posthumously ban Adelaide from the store due to the embarrassment she caused him in front of his superiors.

  • Adelaide Nolan's last appearance as a main character.
"Adelaide Park" (Part 2) 14 178

On the day of Adelaide’s funeral, Chloe feels worse after waking up next to Owen, believing it to be an insult to her mother’s memory. In result, she struggles to keep on top of several last-minute organisational disasters. Mark and Rosa volunteer to take over but end up making things worse: Mark encounters difficulty in choosing replacement flowers, and Rosa has to sort out a booking error which means condensing the ceremony into ten minutes. Owen attempts to keep Chloe from finding out about the chaotic goings-on behind the scenes while convincing her to put aside her guilt and say goodbye. Meanwhile, no one seems to have noticed Silas’s disappearance when he heads to city hall in Manhattan on a quest to get the business park renamed after Adelaide, feeling it is the only thing he can do. He winds up fighting against Morris West, a lawyer acting on behalf of the city to preserve its historic original title.

"Ashes to Ashes" (Part 3) 15 179

Chloe and Silas receive Adelaide’s ashes in a letter, but as Silas forgot to pay for an urn, they have been placed in a plastic bag. Chloe is furious, so Silas tries to find something worthy of holding the ashes; while Chloe searches for a place to spread them. She eventually picks the river next to the retirement home, which Adelaide always admired when she visited Mimi. The next day; Chloe, Silas, Mark, Rosa, Owen and Mimi set out on a boat to spread the ashes. Silas has purchased an extravagant trinket to contain them and refuses to hand it over as a result. Chloe is maddened until she realises he is reluctant to get rid of the last remnant of their mother. The two of them make amends, and finally say their goodbyes to Adelaide. Meanwhile, Owen and Mark have a little too much fun behind the wheel; and Rosa must keep an attention-seeking Mimi from literally going overboard.

"Captain Hooked" 16 180

The gang are surprised to find that Rosa has recently started dating ship captain George Hudson when she invites him to a dinner party being thrown by Chloe and Silas to celebrate Adelaide’s life. Mark is visibly jealous and admits to Owen that he felt there may have been something between him and Rosa, which he hasn’t felt since his divorce. Owen encourages Mark to “duel” George for Rosa and Chloe is annoyed with him for turning the dinner party into a joke, until Silas points out that Adelaide loved calamity and this is exactly the sort of thing she would’ve wanted. Due to the limitations of Mark’s sight, he is unable to fulfil the western fantasy Owen desired but convinces George to partake in a wine-sniffing challenge instead. Rosa is surprised when she realises she is the prize for the victor, and subsequently has trouble deciding who she wants to win.

"Sibling Revivalry" 17 181

Chloe and Silas are invited to the reading of Adelaide’s will. Chloe is dismayed to learn that Adelaide failed to update her will after she came back into her life, meaning Silas has inherited everything. Silas promises to share anything Chloe wants until their childhood rivalry rears its ugly head and he realises how much he enjoys being treated like the “favourite.” As a result, he starts hoarding everything he can, and when Owen notices how much not being included in the will has hurt Chloe, he takes it upon himself to settle the sibling rivalry by moving in with them. Meanwhile, Mark and Rosa continue to dance around the possibility of a relationship. Unable to think straight at the office, they head to Central Park, but a chance encounter with Roz Doyle and her boyfriend Noel Shempsky only complicates matters.

"Love is a Battlefield" 18 182

Chloe and Owen find themselves accelerating through the traditional stages of a relationship during their first week of cohabitation when the subject of marriage and kids come up, and domestic bliss quickly becomes a constant battleground. Chloe wonders if she made the right decision in allowing Owen to live with her, believing it wasn't done for the right reasons. Owen has the reverse idea and revels in having what he considers a healthy relationship. This drives Mark crazy, as he is having trouble finding the right words with Rosa. Silas, meanwhile, is busy dealing with the official business park re-naming ceremony, and he is furious when none of his friends show up as they are preoccupied with their own dramas. Everyone is forced to put aside their differences and come together when Silas climbs to the top of the building and threatens to jump in an ill-conceived publicity stunt.

"Moving Day" (Part 1) 19 183

Chloe’s despondency over her breakup with Owen makes her question why she moved to Poughkeepsie in the first place. In flashback; Patrick Godfrey, Todd Barnes and Susan Harper react with shock following her decision to leave Manhattan. However, after mulling over it for a few hours, they quickly see the advantages: Patrick and Todd, having always admired her place, attempt to take over its lease; while Susan conceals her emotions by parading her new country club friends in front of Chloe. Later, Silas shows up to help Chloe pack, bringing with him the news that their mother will be joining them. Chloe is convinced that her friends don’t care about her at all and finalises plans to leave without telling them until Silas makes them see how foolishly they’re acting and persuades them to throw her a bon voyage party. Moved, Chloe bids farewell to her friends before heading to the airport with Silas.

"Moving Day" (Part 2) 20 184

Chloe’s trip down memory lane continues. 18 months earlier; Chloe arrives in Poughkeepsie with Silas in tow. She is missing her friends already and becomes hysterical at the slightest reminders. Adelaide makes her feel as unwelcome as possible, causing her to have second thoughts about leaving Manhattan. Desperate for some time alone, Chloe buys out the cheapest office she can find and uses it to sleep in. She nearly has a run-in with Mark when he plays loud music, but holds off from shouting at him when she discovers he is blind and going through a divorce. Over the next few days, he introduces her to Rosa, and the two of them help her realise that family comes first no matter how trying they are. Chloe returns to the house and promises Adelaide she won’t leave again, earning her a brief moment of affection. With a fresh outlook on her new life, Chloe is inspired to re-establish her talent agency in the office next to Mark and Rosa. In the present; Chloe reflects on her past mistakes and asks Owen to move back in with her.

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