First appearance "The Amber Memorial" (5.01)
Last appearance "Poughkeepsie" (7.22)
Guest appearances 9.19

Todd Barnes is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off The Deep End.

The Deep End

Todd becomes Kinsella's latest page at the start of Season 6, working under Kathy Singer. He and Kathy become close friends. When Kathy decides to have a baby through sperm donation, Todd's 'specimen' is found to be amongst the archives at a sperm bank. Todd allows Kathy to go through with the procedure, and expresses an interest in helping to raise the baby. The insemination is a success; however tragedy strikes mid-way through the season when the baby is born prematurely and dies. Following a brief period of mourning, Todd returns to Kinsella hoping to put his troubles behind him. He moves in with Patrick Godfrey in order to give Kathy some space. Todd's friendship with Patrick takes a surprising turn in the Season 5 finale when they share a kiss at a party. Todd spends the following summer trying to come to terms with his identity, before re-joining Whirlpool at the start of Season 6. After a few weeks of awkwardness, Todd finally comes to terms with his sexuality, and he and Patrick get together. Season 7 sees their relationship suffer its first hurdle when it is revealed that Todd had a drunken one night stand with Chloe Nolan, potentially impregnating her. Todd and Patrick separate, until a few months later Todd's GP admits he accidentally gave him a vasectomy during a check-up, meaning he couldn't possibly be the father. Patrick is able to forgive Todd for his mistake with Chloe and they get back together. Towards the end of the season, Patrick proposes to Todd, who accepts. They marry in the Season 7 finale, though the ceremony is somewhat marred by Bebe Glazer's sudden death. Todd is last seen departing for his honeymoon and discussing the possibility of adoption.

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