First appearance "Pilot" (1.01)
Last appearance "Labor Day" (11.24)
Guest appearances Maris: 12.19

MCTV: 1.15, 3.20

Tommy Butler is a main character in the Frasier-based fan fiction spin-off Maris.


Tommy is introduced as Maris' loyal butler in the pilot episode. Tommy is a prankster by nature but has a good heart, and makes several long lasting friendships, particularly Gabriel Newman. Tommy is a compulsive womaniser and is somewhat of a legend around the mansion. He manages to take control of his urges as the years pass, and departs the mansion after Season 11 to become a counsellor for sex addicts.

For the first seven seasons of the show, Tommy remains a bachelor for the most part, until he embarks on a romance with Sara Fielding towards the end of Season 7. Their relationship eventually becomes stale and they amicably part ways. However, they later pick up where they left off, and impulsively marry prior to the start of Season 9. Their marriage lasts until early in Season 10, when they divorce after reaching the conclusion that they don't have enough in common to sustain a life together. After they both depart the mansion at the end of Season 11, it is mentioned that Tommy and Sara finally overcame their difficulties and got together. Tommy makes a final guest appearance in Season 12 when Maris enlists him to council Eve Summers and Jeremy Cook for sex addiction.

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