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"Roz You Like a Hurricane" 1 199

After the mayhem in Italy, the gang return to Bloomer and are shocked to find that a hurricane ransacked parts of the town during their absence. Roz and Mark decide to keep their engagement quiet until the appropriate time but are horrified when Denny and Becky "steal their thunder" by announcing they are getting married themselves. Roz is worried that any announcement she and Mark make will be seen as imitation and tells him to keep it to himself for a while longer. Mark agrees, but their plan may be hindered when Mark's feisty 101-year old mother Enid Flint arrives in town looking to take charge of the wedding. Roz, on the other hand, is dismayed to learn that the residents have nicknamed the disaster "Hurricane Roz", which she grossly misinterprets, unaware that it was named as such because the heavy wind was first spotted on her front lawn. Meanwhile, Dino and Caroline try to help Denny get over his fear of churches when he realises Becky wants a classic wedding, as he has felt sinful being in them ever since he got a priest incarcerated.

"Lean on Me" 2 200

While leaning on the wall waiting to take Roz home from the station, Mark is shocked when the entire building suddenly starts to sink. A chaotic evacuation later, the building inspector arrives and reveals that the foundations are highly volatile due to the recent hurricane, and the building will have to be abandoned. Mark consequently finds himself getting blamed for the loss of over 200 jobs, so he desperately tries to make amends. Roz, on the other hand, is determined to get to know her future mother-in-law Enid and is shocked when she realises Mark grew up on a farm in Kansas before leaving to make something more of himself. Roz and Enid then get the idea of inviting the entire Flint clan to Bloomer to help re-build the station on more solid foundations, but Mark is less than pleased with the development as he wanted to leave this part of his life behind. As Roz gets to know the Flints, she soon begins to realise why. Meanwhile, Denny discovers a weakness for haggling when Caroline and Jennifer enlist his help to shop for bargain materials.

"Another Wedding Bites the Dust" 3 201

Becky is annoyed when Denny manages to get her dream church shut down and another priest indicted before the wedding after he was hired to investigate possible drug trafficking going on behind the scenes. Becky winds up seeking refuge with Roz and Mark, who are still keeping their engagement secret. Meanwhile, Dino and Angus decide to throw a bachelor party to cheer Denny up but disaster strikes when they read the documents from the stripping agency, and realise that the woman in the cake is the daughter of the local mob boss who organised the trafficking. Afraid of the consequences if she sees Denny; Dino and Angus elect to keep her in the cake a while longer and wheel it back to the agency, but after a couple of hours she emerges and accuses them of imprisonment, landing the three of them in jail. While Dino and Angus desperately try to salvage the party, Denny is given time to reflect on his argument with Becky and after appealing to her for bail, he asks the priest that he got incarcerated to marry them right there. However, their honeymoon in paradise is a long way away when they realise they still have a disgruntled mob boss to handle.

"The Stench Connection" 4 202

With Denny and Becky on their honeymoon, Roz and Mark take the opportunity to finally announce their engagement. However, much to their chagrin, their friends are caught up in other dealings. Angus and Dino have teamed up to deal with the wedding presents in Denny and Becky's house, but end up repeatedly getting into scrapes over where the items should go. Jennifer and Caroline are determined to find out what the disgusting smell protruding from the detective agency is. Annoyed by her friends' lack of enthusiasm, Roz suggests to Mark that they elope in Las Vegas instead, and he agrees. After they leave, Angus and Dino's fight escalates to the point where they accidentally knock over Becky's aquarium, while Jennifer and Caroline trace the smell to Denny's locked safe with his lunch inside. Jennifer realises that Denny gave the key to Roz for safe keeping, and Angus comes to the conclusion that Mark is the only one who can get them an aquarium in time for Becky's return. Thus, the four of them hightail it to Vegas in an attempt to catch up with the couple and acquire what they need, but things can only get worse when Roz is left under the impression that they came all this way purely out of the kindness of their hearts.

"Friends in High Places" 5 203

The residents of Bloomer prepare for the bi-annual Tri-Town Marathon, a 26-mile race spread across three towns. Roz worries she is expected to represent Café Blossom and run but is relieved when Angus tells her that she is over the age limit and will have to sit it out. However, a light-hearted remark from Caroline makes her determined to prove that old people can be just as capable as the young runners. Caroline agrees to be Roz's trainer, but Mark is worried about Roz's safety and tries to convince Angus to force her out of the race. Angus, it transpires, is one of Roz's biggest supporters, after Jennifer reminded him that this year he is also over the age limit. Meanwhile, Denny and Dino set up the runner's starting position in Camelot, the new-age healing store. Unfortunately, disaster strikes when Becky inadvertently hands out fresh water to the runners, unaware that it is from a faulty stock that came loaded with steroids. Now the three of them must beat the runners to the next town and warn them before they are expelled from the race and possibly indicted for drug use.

"By the Book" 6 204

Roz is horrified when she receives a bill for $15,000 from a librarian in Seattle, who has traced an overdue book Bulldog borrowed over twenty years ago to her. When the librarian threatens to take her to court unless the matter is settled, Mark suggests they fly him to Wisconsin and butter him up with gifts. However, the irritatingly professional librarian, Kyle, refuses to accept bribes and insists on doing everything by the book. Caroline, a former psychiatric nurse, notices that Kyle has low self-esteem and enlists Angus to question him under the pretence of a town manifest. Kyle reveals he was abandoned by both his parents at a very young age and has felt like a disappointment ever since. Mark seeks to solve everyone's problems by doing fatherly things with Kyle, but there are shocks when Angus notices Kyle's name written in an earlier copy of the manifest. Caroline puts two and two together and deduces that Kyle must actually be Mark's son. While Roz is stunned with this revelation, she, Caroline and Angus argue over telling Mark the truth after he expresses his intense dislike for Kyle. Meanwhile, when a customer chips his tooth on one of Dino's delicacies, Denny feels guilty when he inadvertently directs him to the dentist that could put Becky out of business.

"Sneaks and Ladders" 7 205

Inspired by her recent success in mediating Mark and Kyle's dysfunctional relationship, Caroline considers returning to psychiatric nursing. Dino has doubts about this and admits to Denny that he enjoys having an "old-fashioned" housewife who is always there at the end of the day to make him feel loved. When Dino realises Caroline has an interview with a local eccentric millionaire who is rumoured to have murdered several teenagers in his youth, he becomes determined to rescue her from a terrible fate. Enlisting the help of Denny, they go undercover as janitors at his mansion and find themselves forced to endure a painful promotional process to be granted access to the top floor, where the interview is being conducted. Meanwhile, Roz vows to pay more attention to her customers at Café Blossom when she realises that Martha, a sweet-natured old woman who usually makes visits from the retirement home in her bathrobe, is actually Kyle's dementia-stricken mother. Mark, on the other hand, turns to Jennifer for help in bonding with Kyle but worries when she appears to develop a maternal affection for him, longing for her own estranged son.

"Clique Flick" 8 206

Roz is disgruntled when Mark invites Kyle's mother Martha to move into the house, neglecting to ask her permission first. Roz is also overcome with paranoia when she realises Martha was Mark's high-school sweetheart, and his first love. Opening up her yearbook, Roz notices Mark in a group photo for the first time and is surprised to find he is standing with the jocks. Because he was moved down a year, this was the only time he interacted with Roz, who at this point was a timid and geeky young teen. The photo stirs repressed memories in Roz, and she is stunned when she remembers that Mark and Martha were the ring-leaders of the jock group, and quite often made fun of her social awkwardness. This makes living with them both in the house even more trying, eventually driving her to seek sanctuary at Café Blossom. Jennifer and Becky encourage Roz to achieve closure by talking things out with Mark and Martha, and they agree to assist in the confrontation. However, it soon becomes apparent that they may have ulterior motives related to their own high-school trials. Meanwhile, with Caroline working more often, Dino enlists the help of Angus to create the ultimate TV dinner.

"Holes" 9 207

Denny is approached by a Milwaukee condom company representative to investigate the employees at his factory, after rumours that a phantom "hole-poker" is purposely rendering the products ineffective. Denny is sworn to secrecy but has trouble hiding it from his friends when he realises that the company supplies Bloomer with its only condoms. To make things worse, he must turn down sex with Becky on a regular basis in fear of getting her pregnant. This causes Becky to think he's having an affair, while other couples in Bloomer become convinced that Denny is a peeping tom after he starts interfering in their sex lives. Things spiral even further out of control when Denny discovers a positive pregnancy test concealed in the bathroom. Unable to hide it any longer, Denny dramatically reveals the truth about the condoms during a town meeting, but soon realises his mistake when Angus points out that a company with an incredibly similar name supplies the town's condoms and not the people he was hired by. Overcome with embarrassment, Denny finds solace in the fact that he's going to be a father.

"Angus, Songs and Public Flogging" 10 208

Sick of being made to stand up and sing the traditional Bloomer song at the end of town meetings, Roz proposes that a new song is made so they can do away with the depressing original. Angus is immediately against this idea because he feels it would erase significant history, but support for Roz forces him to consider it. It is eventually decided that a competition will be held, but it soon becomes apparent that none of the people involved has any songwriting ability. Roz begins to regret the idea, and after hearing everyone's contributions, she realises it'll take a lot of hard work to get everything up to scratch before the songs are performed in front of the entire town, in what the participants frightfully refer to as a public flogging. Meanwhile, Denny prepares to meet Becky's parents so they can reveal her pregnancy but fears he will have to undergo extensive dental work when Becky explains they only welcome people with perfect teeth into the family.

"Smothered by an Angel" 11 209

Roz and Mark come to the conclusion that they can't take care of Martha themselves and decide to pool their savings together to get her a place at Shady Glades, Bloomer's top retirement community. In the meantime, Caroline is in the market for another job when her employer suddenly goes bankrupt. Caroline eventually manages to land a position at Shady Glades, taking care of some of the most difficult residents. Caroline's new employment happens to coincide with a series of deaths in the community, and people begin to wonder if she is an angel of mercy. Dino tries to shoot down the rumours but ends up suspecting the same thing when Caroline comes home with red stains on her shirt (caused by a feisty resident and his ketchup bottle). Desperate for answers, Dino turns to Denny, who decides to pose as an old man so he can investigate the situation at Shady Glades from the inside. When Mark learns of the investigation, it's up to Roz and Dino to prevent the situation from spinning out of control. Meanwhile, Angus and Jennifer field the media's questions, and Jennifer embarrasses him by only talking about vegetables.

"Chinese Whispers" 12 210

Seth is forced to declare bankruptcy when rebuilding WKZT proves to be an unfeasible task. While waiting in line at the bank, Seth runs into Kyle, who is there to collect his unemployment benefits. After some chat, they realise their skills will bounce well off each other and decide to form a business partnership, with their first act to purchase the local library. Rumours of a new power soon spread throughout Bloomer, with increasing alterations until it finally reaches Angus and Mark, and as a result of the Chinese whispers, they mistakenly think their sons have become the "other" kind of partners. Angus and Mark debate how to handle their sons' apparent sexuality, and wind up dealing with it in their own way. Angus launches a "gay and lesbian awareness week" in Bloomer in an attempt to show Seth he has no problem with his choices; while Mark, of an older generation, shanghais Denny into conducting an investigation. Meanwhile, Dino has trouble being "diversity director" for the week when Caroline questions how he'd react if their twins turned out to be gay; and Roz and Jennifer must pose as a lesbian couple when a reporter from the Milwaukee Times shows up to write an article on the event and questions Bloomer's gay population.

"The Bus Stops Here" 13 211

Roz is annoyed when the local bus station overhauls its entire schedule, resulting in one of the buses making its first stop right outside her house every morning at 6 AM. On top of things, her bladder is keeping her awake at night due to a minor urinary tract infection. After losing a few too many winks, Roz winds up marching out to the bus in her pyjamas and beating it repeatedly with an umbrella. The bus driver reports this and Roz finds herself forced to attend anger management. Unfortunately, Roz experiences a series of escalating disasters on the day of her first class, in Milwaukee. There is a severe rainstorm in Wisconsin; her umbrella's been confiscated by the police, and the bus company refuse to provide her their service. Roz is forced to depend on her friends and neighbours to get to her destination but finds herself forced to complete various tasks in exchange for their assistance. To make things worse, she still can't stop peeing. Meanwhile, Mark admits he used to have an anger management problem back in his agent days, which ended when he was prescribed medication. Denny becomes determined to gain the mood stabilisers after Becky's irritating mother comes to town.

"Previously on Vintage Roz" 14 212

As Roz and Caroline plan a baby shower for Becky, Dino recalls events leading up to the birth of his twins while clearing out their second-hand infant clothes. In a flashback to the two-year period following Bulldog's death, Caroline is determined to prolong her pregnancy as long as possible, as her employer insists on only having pregnant women as his psychiatric nurse. This worries Dino, and he becomes determined to kick-start the delivery by enlisting the residents of Bloomer to perform several labour-inducing superstitions. However, Dino's concerns soon turn to greed when it transpires that Poppy Delafield seemingly possesses the ability to "talk" babies out of their mother after she successfully induces labour in Caroline. Angus and second wife Hilda Bridge are forced to attend to a hysterical Caroline in the delivery room; while Denny is shanghaied into assisting Dino in starting a "labour-inducing" business, making expectant mothers pay for the privilege of having Poppy talk to their uterus. Ultimately, it's Roz calling from Dallas who manages to calm Caroline down and convince Dino to gain some perspective.

"The Dark Night" 15 213

When Angus gets sick of the mess left in the town hall after meetings, he dramatically bans food and drinks from being consumed within the building. As a result, many residents find themselves rushing home for their sugar fix following meetings, which later causes a town-wide blackout due to a power surge from all the coffees being made. Because Bloomer is just outside of the power company's "hot" zone, the residents are forced to make it through the weekend without electricity. Becky, at the pregnancy cravings stage, happily eats the supply of ice-cream to stop it from melting. Roz, on the other hand, makes a surprising discovery about Mark after catching him fumbling with a needle in the dark. Mark admits he has been using botox injections for the last few months to keep his face looking young, but due to the lack of light, he has accidentally injected the wrong part of his face. Worried about people's reactions, Mark pretends he has been mugged, explaining his slightly disfigured cheek. While most people accept this explanation, Angus goes overboard trying to expose the culprit, feeling guilty that his ban on food and drink has lead to so much trouble. Meanwhile, Dino and Caroline find themselves locked in at Denny's house after dinner thanks to paranoid Denny's over-the-top security system.

"Knot in the Mood" 16 214

Roz is shocked when Mark's feisty 101-year old mother, Enid Flint, returns to Bloomer and is still unaware that she and Mark got hitched in Vegas months earlier. Roz encourages Mark to break the news to Enid, but he is so overcome with guilt that he pretends the wedding is being held in a week, in the town square. Roz is annoyed that she'll have to go through yet another wedding ceremony and eventually decides to tell Enid the truth herself. Roz is devastated when Enid dies suddenly of a heart attack right in front of her, and worries when Mark doesn't look at her the rest of the day. Determined to make amends, Roz decides to rally the rest of Bloomer into organising the wedding Enid always wanted for Mark. Naturally, things don't go according to plan when several of Enid's specifications involve non-living people, impossibly outlandish designs and even extinct animals. Meanwhile, Dino and Denny take charge of the catering and have an argument when Dino snaps at Denny for not taking things seriously enough. Denny winds up storming out and assisting with the invitations instead, but Dino later realises he'll have to make amends with Denny to acquire a recipe from an old chef said to be hidden somewhere within Shady Glades. Jennifer, Caroline and Becky on the other hand fight over who gets to be Roz's bridesmaid; bribery and backstabbing ensues.

"Treks and the City" 17 215

While Roz and Mark are away on a second honeymoon, Denny and Becky have volunteered to take on their duties at Café Blossom. However, they find themselves forced to deal with a pre-booked Star Trek convention, which Roz promised to Noel Shempsky after his divorce, and promptly forgot about. Meanwhile, Dino and Caroline must balance between bizarre food orders and keeping an extra-randy Becky under control after she reveals her attraction to geeky men. It looks like the beginning of a beautiful business friendship when Noel, desperate to get back into Hollywood, is impressed by wannabe writer Kyle's screenplay for a new Star Trek film. Avid chick-flick fan Jennifer offers her input and tells Noel that the modern audience isn't interested in standard sci-fi anymore, and adds some footnotes to the screenplay, making it a Star Trek/Sex and the City hybrid. Kyle is less than pleased with this development, especially when Noel heaps praise on Jennifer and not him. Determined to get some recognition, Kyle turns to Angus and inadvertently makes him believe Noel is making a play for Jennifer's heart.

"Noël" 18 216

Denny regrets offering a homeless Noel his couch after it becomes apparent he doesn't plan on leaving anytime soon. However, Becky quickly finds insomniac Noel makes good conversation as she battles sleepless nights from peeing all the time, and their budding friendship provokes jealousy within Denny. After learning of Becky's affinity for geeky men, Denny's paranoia increases, so he turns to Dino for help in curing Noel's insomnia. Their plan backfires when Noel nods off for one second and bangs his head on the coffee table. Becky is annoyed with Denny for depriving her of her night-buddy but soon realises that's the least of her worries when Noel wakes up with an apparent concussion, believing it to be Christmas and Becky to be his wife, Bonnie. Concerned about the possibility of getting sued by Noel, Denny encourages Becky to play along, but when Angus, Jennifer and Caroline all show up for the dinner party they organised earlier in the day, Denny faces up to the difficult task of convincing everyone to act like it's Christmas until Noel recovers.

"Sundance Bloody Sundance" 19 217

Angus is approached by filmmaker Barry Woods, who wants to make a documentary based on the unique history of Bloomer. Angus eagerly grants him permission and filming gets underway. Members of the community are excited at the prospect of re-enacting events past but are frustrated when Barry instead decides to hire amateur but good-looking people to play the parts. What results is a Hollywood-style re-telling, with a focus on romance and action rather than history. Annoyed, Angus is persuaded by Denny and Dino into filming his own documentary. Angus and Barry butt heads as a result and Angus ends up inadvertently promising everyone that the film will be so good it will get a place at the Sundance Film Festival. Jennifer encourages Angus to retract his statement, so he doesn't get everyone's hopes up, but he is convinced he can succeed and goes ahead with the filming. However, as it becomes increasingly apparent that they don't have a snowball's chance in hell to produce something professional looking, Angus begins to regret his promise. Meanwhile, Becky is offered advice by a customer at Café Blossom on how to use her pregnancy to get anything she wants, stirring jealousy within Caroline.

"Our Town" 20 218

It's time for the annual Wisconsin Town of the Year contest, and as usual, Angus is determined to lead Bloomer to victory. However, it soon becomes apparent that Noel's moping has a dramatic effect on whatever part of the town he's in. Dissuaded from his initial thought to banish Noel from Bloomer, Angus instead delegates Dino and Denny to find Noel a new girlfriend. When Becky reveals she saw a woman in Ferengi make-up looking at Noel all night during the Star Trek convention, Dino and Denny pull out all the stops to track her down when their search proves hopeless. When Dino eventually snaps and tells Noel why he's so unsuccessful with women, he is overcome with guilt; and subsequently, panics about Angus' reaction upon realising that the woman who was eyeing him up is actually one of the judges. As this is going on, Caroline is surprised to find that her latest employer is the brother of another judge and unsuccessfully tries to butter him up with kindness. Worried that her "bribery" attempts will go on the record, Angus tasks Caroline with getting him declared temporarily insane for the duration of the contest. Jennifer, on the other hand, begins to worry over the lengths Angus will go to ensure victory and ponders why it's always so important to him.

"From Dad to Worse" 21 219

As the birth of Becky and Denny's baby approaches, Denny is determined to live life to the fullest before he's tied down. Dino decides to take him on a guy's night out to experience everything that would be frowned upon in fatherhood. Angus is upset that he didn't get an invitation and becomes determined to prove to Jennifer and Caroline that he can be laid-back. As a result, all the important things that get done on a regular basis are left alone, and when Denny and Dino's drunken antics cause a series of minor disasters, Jennifer and Caroline come to the conclusion that what Bloomer needs most is a bug up Angus' butt. Unfortunately, the new, laid-back Angus simply doesn't care; while Becky begins to have second thoughts about raising a baby with Denny after finding out the extent of his antics. Meanwhile, Noel becomes acting town sheriff when the regular goes on vacation and spends most of his first day cleaning up after the guys and acting like he has more power than he actually does.

"In the Mouth of Madness" 22 220

Determined to keep her mind off her week-late baby, Becky decides to return to work, much to Denny's chagrin. However, she ends up experiencing an entirely different medical emergency when a man's severe mouth sores turn out to be a highly contagious strain of bacteria. Infection specialists temporarily seal the dental surgery off, and Becky is stuck there indefinitely as a result. Denny, overcome with worry, makes the mistake of telling Angus about the situation, who puts Bloomer on red alert and wakes everybody in the middle of the night with a loud siren. Angus is frustrated when nobody takes his precautions seriously, and seemingly enjoys the gathering. Venting at Jennifer, Angus makes the mistake of saying "maybe they'd take me seriously if I said they're all going to die"; the last five words being picked up by the microphone. As a result, the residents of Bloomer believe they have been infected, and Angus, wanting to teach them a lesson about being a community, doesn't correct the mistake. Dino and Caroline become determined to make the most of their final days but begin to question Angus' revelation after speaking to Jennifer. Meanwhile, Roz and Mark return from their vacation and find themselves stuck on the outskirts of Bloomer as Angus has had it put on lockdown. When Mark is caught trying to leap over a fence, acting town sheriff Noel arrests him and Roz for the "greater good" and puts them in the jail cell next to the dental surgery. As this is gong on, Becky is shocked when she realises she wrongly identified the sores over the phone, and it is actually just gum damage. Unfortunately, before she can call the infection specialists, her waters break. With the town under quarantine and her inability to move, Becky has no choice but to yell for help. Roz and Mark hear this clearly in their jail cell and are surprised to come across a tunnel linking the two rooms, which bandits have been using since the ‘1800s. They are able to assist in the delivery and eventually Becky gives birth to a healthy baby girl. Emerging from the surgery, they clear up the mistake and Angus makes a swift exit. Denny embraces his daughter, whom he and Becky call Abby; while the town breathes a sigh of relief.

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