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"For a Few Dollars More" 1 221

A week after the lockdown, Angus emerges from hiding determined to make amends with the town for letting them think they were all going to die. At a town meeting, Roz suggests that Angus gives $200 to every citizen of Bloomer as compensation. Angus agrees, but Roz soon finds herself in his position of "most hated citizen" when people start berating her for not demanding more. Meanwhile, Caroline attends a "mommy and me" class with Becky when Denny is tied up in an investigation. Becky initially struggles to hit it off with the other mothers, but when out-spoken Caroline keeps butting in with questions regarding baby care, the group begin to think that Becky is in a submissive relationship and start to support her more. Becky soon figures out the misunderstanding but fails to correct them as she feels like she has finally made some friends; however, complications arise when Dino turns out to be catering the class.

  • Noel Shempsky becomes a main character.
"Thank You for Toking" 2 222

When Mark and Dino have an argument regarding Dino's lacklustre creations in the kitchen, the offended chef impulsively decides to quit. After much consideration, Dino persuades Angus to let him open his own café in the abandoned new-age healing store, Camelot. Caroline is less than pleased with this development but decides to support Dino when she realises it is something he has wanted to do for a long time. A few weeks later, their café is up and running, and they are preparing for the grand opening. Roz urges Mark to make amends with Dino as he is the best chef they've ever had, and they can't afford to lose him. They have an argument, which culminates with Roz offering her services at Dino's place. However, both Dino and Roz begin to regret making such a bold decision when they realise that the café attracts a similar crowd to those at Camelot, and when people start lighting up recreational drugs, they worry about the impact it will have on Bloomer, and worst of all, Angus.

"I Shocked the Sheriff" 3 223

Denny and Noel find themselves developing a rivalry when interim town sheriff Noel starts intervening in Denny's investigations. Frustrated, Denny makes a complaint at a town meeting, and Angus tells Denny not to worry as the full-time sheriff will be returning from his vacation shortly. However, when it transpires that he has decided to take up permanent retirement in Hawaii, Denny decides to resign from being a detective when Noel takes is interference one step too far. Becky worries about the impact it will have on their financial situation now that they have a baby to provide for. She comes up with a plan to scare Noel into giving up his post by making him think a dangerous serial killer is on the loose, but problems occur when Noel gets the county sheriff involved, after finding so-called evidence which makes him believe Denny is responsible. Becky realises their only option is to tell the truth to Noel, but worries about the impact it will have on his self-esteem after Noel reveals the sheriff job has made him feel a sense of purpose for the first time in years. Meanwhile, unemployed Denny starts spending more time with Jennifer and her friends as a result of his resignation and begins to worry they are turning him into a woman.

"Fast Feud Nation" 4 224

Mark and Dino's feud continues to escalate when they start enlisting their friends to purchase food from each other's café and selling them for lower prices. Denny and Noel, realising they have become instruments in their friends' pissing contest, decide to join together and teach them a lesson. However, just as they appear close to repairing the rift between Mark and Dino, a new arrival in town unexpectedly throws a spanner in the works after offering Dino a once in a lifetime opportunity to open a series of bistros across Europe. Caroline is delighted with this development, as she has always wanted to see Europe. Mark, on the other hand, is overcome with jealousy, until Jennifer puts him in his place and reminds him he has a perfectly happy life with Roz. Mark relents and congratulates Dino. A bon voyage party is thrown in honour of Dino and Caroline's departure. Meanwhile, Becky begins to worry Denny is having a mid-life crisis when he puts off returning to work. Determined to find out the truth, Becky enlists the help of Angus after he reveals he has suffered several mid-life crises in the last year alone.

  • Dino Luther and Caroline Perry-Luther's last appearance as main characters.
"The Open Mic Night Massacre" 5 225

Roz is surprised to learn Denny has an affinity for poetry when he continues to put off going back to work, instead choosing to spend his days at Café Blossom writing. Impressed by one of his pieces, Roz decides to introduce an Open Mic Night to the café with the intention of getting Denny on stage. Unfortunately, Denny is overcome with jitters on the night, and when nobody else takes to the stage, Roz shanghais Mark and her friends into providing entertainment, so they don't lose the increased business. However, it soon becomes apparent that they are less entertaining than she expected. Mark irritates everyone by trying to direct them, secretly longing for his days as an agent; Jennifer bores the audience to tears with lectures on the environment, and Noel continues to irritate as the town sheriff when he tries to determine whether Café Blossom is too overcrowded. Luckily, salvation comes at the last minute when Becky persuades Denny to recite his poetry. Sadly for Denny, the poem Roz read happened to be a fluke, and the rest of his work doesn't live up to it. Denny recognises this and promptly decides to return to investigating. Meanwhile, Angus tries out a series of hobbies when he realises he can't do anything entertaining.

"The Insiders" (Part 1) 6 226

With profits at an all-time low, Roz and Mark make the bold decision to keep Café Blossom open late and serve alcohol. This increases the profit, but property damage and rowdiness increase in Bloomer as a result, to the point where Angus must do something. Roz and Mark are furious when Angus instates a curfew, having anyone out after 7 PM arrested by sheriff Noel. Jennifer begins to realise the downside of being married to power when people start taking their grievances against Angus out on her. Roz and Mark decide to rebel against the curfew and keep Café Blossom open in secret. Jennifer, sick of Angus' power trips, leaves their house and heads to the café to unwind. Kyle is also there, miserable and drinking because his latest screenplay was rejected. Jennifer and Kyle stay up late into the night drinking to their misery, and Roz and Mark leave them to lock up. The next morning when they return to open, they are shocked to find Jennifer and Kyle asleep on the floor together under a tablecloth; their clothes strewn across the room. When the hung-over pair wakes up, they wonder what exactly happened. Meanwhile, a diaper shortage and the curfew create problems for Denny and Becky.

"Nights Under the Round Table" (Part 2) 7 227

As Jennifer and Kyle retrace their steps from the previous night, Roz and Mark debate whether to tell Angus about what they saw. However, after Angus has Noel put them in jail for ten minutes for opening Café Blossom under the curfew, they agree to keep quiet. Jennifer and Kyle come to the conclusion that they did sleep together after a few too many vodka shots, and agree that it was a one-time thing and never to talk about it. Roz begins to feel guilty keeping it a secret when she realises Angus has prepared an elaborate dinner to celebrate his anniversary with Jennifer, and thank her for putting up with him during his power trips. Eventually, she decides to let fate unfold itself when Angus demands the surveillance tape from Café Blossom so he can punish the individuals who broke the curfew. As a result, Angus sees Kyle and Jennifer's tryst and is heartbroken. Roz, feeling sorry for Angus, offers him the apartment above Café Blossom until he can sort things out with Jennifer. As thanks, he agrees to drop the curfew. Meanwhile, Noel turns to Denny for help when people keep escaping from their "imprisonment", unaware that Mark has been telling everyone about the secret bandit tunnel.

"The Tablecloth" 8 228

Kyle is dismayed to find that the citizens of Bloomer now view him as a home-wrecker following his tryst with Jennifer. Determined to make amends with the town, Kyle persuades Mark to give him a job at Café Blossom, where he plans on performing random acts of kindness. However, it seems Angus is about to experience a delayed reaction to what happened between Kyle and Jennifer, when he starts running amok in his pyjamas, taking out his anger and despondency on the customers. This affects Kyle's quest for redemption as a result, to the point where Mark must step in and tell Angus to chill out. Angus melts down, yanks a tablecloth out from a family's dinner, hangs it on the wall, and then burns it, saying it is what ruined his marriage. Mark tries to calm Angus by taking him back up to the apartment but is interrupted when a stranger appears in the doorway claiming to be Angus' replacement, sent by the "town elders" after his marital problems became public knowledge. The replacement is escorted by two men in white coats, and reveals he is having Angus committed! Meanwhile, Roz sympathises with Jennifer, sharing the story of when she slept with another man during a rough patch in her marriage to Bulldog.

"Thou Shalt Not Commit Adults" 9 229

The replacement town selectman reveals himself as Raymond Drake and calls a meeting during which he announces several changes to the way Bloomer is run. In the meantime, secret gatherings are held at Roz's house as the gang attempt to get the recently committed Angus declared sane and released. Jennifer, who recognises Raymond from Angus' yearbook, realises he was Angus' mortal enemy during high-school, and Raymond never quite got over the fact that he wasn't elected as class president. Now it appears Raymond is exacting revenge, after learning of Angus' location from his son Lucas, the former town selectman. Roz, Denny and Jennifer head to the courthouse for Angus' hearing, where they give character witnesses. However, they are unprepared for Raymond's testimony, when he recites a transcript from seven years previously, in which Roz ranted against the "unstable" Angus and the way Bloomer was run in front of Lucas. Angus is detained indefinitely as a result, and Roz realises they'll have to play dirty to get Angus released, Raymond out of the picture, and peace restored in their town. Meanwhile, Noel unknowingly assists Raymond in investigating possible resistance.

"Generation Angus" 10 230

When Raymond starts using Café Blossom as his base of operation, Roz insists that she will be polite to him as she is to any other customer. To her surprise, Raymond has a nice enough personality outside of politics, and she soon comes to realise that Angus was as much to blame for their high-school feud due to his own cutthroat ambition. Roz is accused of "sleeping with the enemy" as a result of her friendliness with Raymond, and she becomes determined to prove her loyalty by buttering him up, so he will get Angus released. Jennifer is stunned when she walks into the café to find Roz emerging from underneath the table (having tied Raymond's shoes), which is gravely misinterpreted. Mark is horrified at the possibility that an affair may be unfolding between Roz and Raymond and enlists the investigative services of Denny to make sure. Meanwhile, Noel becomes an orderly at the insane asylum so he can support Angus but soon begins to wonder if Angus may actually be mentally unstable handle when he discovers several previous town selectmen have also been committed to the asylum over the generations.

"And Bingo is Their Game-O" 11 231

Raymond's reign of terror continues, and Roz decides the time is right to visit the town elders who summoned him. Using Angus' address book, Roz and Jennifer are able to track them down to a bingo hall in Milwaukee. They are surprised to find that the elders are nothing more than two incompetent retirees who were town selectmen several decades ago, and haven't been involved in the decision-making process since. Roz comes to the conclusion that Raymond conned his way into becoming the selectman, and decides to appeal Angus' commitment with the new evidence. Angus is finally released from the asylum, but shuts himself in the apartment above Café Blossom, away from the world. Jennifer becomes determined to make Angus cheerful again and shanghais the rest of the town into throwing a block party to show him how much they appreciate him. Roz is able to persuade Angus into emerging from the apartment, and he announces that he is going to retire for good, so he doesn't have to face the same insanity as his predecessors. A shame-filled Raymond leaves town escorted by Noel. Meanwhile, Becky reveals an affinity for bingo and Denny decides to join her for a game. After several losses, he becomes convinced that the game is rigged, which annoys Becky as she is beginning to feel he can't go anywhere without launching an investigation.

"If the Terminator Can Do It" 12 232

Following Angus' resignation as town selectman, Roz makes it her duty to launch a new system in Bloomer, allocating tasks to the citizens every week to keep everything under control. Mark is impressed by Roz's leadership but worries she is planning on abandoning Café Blossom for politics when a representative from the Wisconsin government offers her the chance to become a mayoral candidate in Milwaukee. Though Roz has no desire to leave her life in Bloomer behind, Mark is unwilling to take the chance. Enlisting the help of Angus (who denies his obvious jealousy over Roz's success), they start sabotaging the weekly tasks to make Roz look like a bad candidate. Roz is furious when she finds out and decides to mess with Mark's mind by pretending she has plans to run for governor of Wisconsin. With Becky in charge of beauty, and Jennifer working on public relations, Roz's team is assembled. However, when the media catches wind of one "simple" woman's desire to make things better, Roz's lie spins out of control, and she also can't help but feel she'd like to make something more of herself when the initial stages of her campaign prove to be a major success. Meanwhile, Noel and Denny reluctantly team up when Roz receives several letters warning her to drop out of the race. Denny investigates; while Noel does his best to be a bodyguard.

"Tooth or Dare" 13 233

When Denny is short on investigations, Becky decides to end her maternity leave and return to work. With Denny busy searching for clients and no babysitter available, Becky is forced to take Abby to her office. While trolling for work at Café Blossom, Denny is horrified when Angus informs him that Becky has taken their daughter to the dentist. Afraid Abby will suffer the same horrifying experience he did during his first visit to the dentist, Denny heads to Becky's office with the intention of taking her home, but is forced to shanghai his friends into helping out when he realises Becky is in the middle of removing several teeth; his worst fear. While assisting, Noel comes to believe Becky is a notorious thief after discovering a stash of gold teeth removed from patients. Meanwhile, with Roz busy working on her campaign, Angus fill in at Café Blossom and quickly finds he misses his sense of power; and Jennifer seeks to restore her friendship with him by providing an endless amount of groceries.

"The Shopkeeper's Fear of the Pollen Count" 14 234

Summer has arrived in Bloomer with a vengeance, and Mark's hay fever begins to act up. Meanwhile, Roz is due to officially announce her candidacy for state governor in a press conference to be held at Café Blossom. When Mark is overcome with sneezes and a runny nose a minute before the conference, he shanghais Noel into taking his place. Roz can't say anything during the conference but is furious with Mark for orchestrating it, as she'll now have to act like Noel is her husband throughout the entire campaign. Though Noel delights in sampling the "high life" again as Roz starts campaigning, his constant companionship soon begins to drive her crazy, to the point where she considers dropping out of the race. Mark, overcome with guilt for not thinking his decision through, attempts to come up with a plan that will relieve Noel of his duty and not destroy Roz's image. Unfortunately, his hay fever refuses to let up, and things can only get worse when he inadvertently interrupts Roz's televised meeting with the old mayor of Milwaukee, sneezing on him in front of thousands. As all this is going on, Denny begins to wonder if Jennifer has gone "a bit Misery" after she asks him to track Angus' every move, in her continuing quest to restore their fractured friendship.

"Fabulous Fakery Boys" 15 235

Denny deals with a conflict of interest when a police officer asks him to investigate the possibility that Café Blossom is a front for a drug-dealing business. When Denny realises that a favourable result could mean big rewards and a college tuition for Abby, he decides to think about it. Denny is shocked to learn from Angus that Café Blossom's supplier is the same that the owners of Camelot, the new-age healing store notorious for its recreational drug range, used. After finding Mark in kitchen desperately trying to hide a "special project" (in actuality a birthday cake for Becky), Denny becomes convinced that drugs are being sold after all and now is faced with the tough decision of whether to tell the police officer, betraying his friends. After talking to Becky, Denny eventually decides to come clean and admit to Mark and Angus what's going on. They are shocked but realise they'll have to put their differences aside when they realise a customer who overheard their conversation on the way to the bathroom is actually a reporter for the Milwaukee Times. Worried that what he heard will destroy Roz's campaign, Denny, Mark and Angus have no choice but to team up and experiment in a little bribery. Later, it becomes apparent that it was Noel who inadvertently gave the police a tip-off about Café Blossom, after hearing someone describe the "high" they got from one of its much-adored cupcakes.

"Stop the World, I Want to Get On" 16 236

Roz is dismayed to find that her team have hired the irritating filmmaker Barry Woods to direct her first campaign commercial. However, Roz is able to look past their conflicts when she realises his direction could lead her to victory. Kyle instantly clashes with Barry, explaining they went to art school together and were enemies, but they soon find common ground when Kyle reveals he has an interest in screenplays, and Barry admits he is looking to break into fiction. Roz is fine with the blossoming business partnership, until they start making dramatic changes to the commercial, turning it into a wannabe sci-fi blockbuster based on slow-moving aliens who desperately want to visit planet Earth, but can't because of its fast rotation. Afraid the public won't take her seriously, Roz turns to Angus and Mark to create a basic commercial. When Barry and Kyle's product is screened at a town meeting, Roz is surprised when it gets a positive reaction, and it is decided that a film festival will be held allowing people to vote between the two commercials. Mark begins to have second thoughts about helping Angus when he realises he may be getting in the way of his son's ambition. Meanwhile, Noel seeks to gain a cameo; and Jennifer butts heads with the caterers for Roz's campaign team when she tries to peddle her supplies.

"What's in a Namedrop?" 17 237

With Roz meeting many famous faces for her campaign, Noel begins to get annoyed when she starts name-dropping all the time, secretly longing for his former "Hollywood" lifestyle. The rest of the gang, however, just want her to stop because it's irritating. Mark is pestered by Becky into talking to Roz about it but feels guilty when she gets upset – especially when it becomes apparent that she had planned on inviting them all to a major film premiere attended by several high profile celebrities as thanks for supporting her throughout the campaign. Determined to get in, Noel shanghais Denny and Angus into posing as Roz's exclusive caterers with him using Mark's Café Blossom credentials, claiming Roz won't accept anyone else. Roz is annoyed with her friends for gate crashing, especially when it turns out none of them can cook to save their lives, and a confrontation leads to Noel making a scene. As a result, the other guests come to believe Roz is a complete "diva", and Roz, who wanted voters that respect her for her intelligence, is deeply annoyed. Meanwhile, Jennifer takes care of Café Blossom during a slow evening and contemplates the possibility of starting things up with Kyle again after he makes several suggestive remarks while working on a screenplay.

"Supply and Demand" 18 238

Jennifer finally comes to accept that her relationship with Angus is over when she is served with divorce papers at her grocery stand. This creates problems for Mark and temporary fill-in Becky, when Jennifer refuses to deliver supplies to Café Blossom, unable to face up to Angus. Mark and Becky are ultimately forced to utilise one of Jennifer's competitors; a friendly young high-school graduate, Cody. Cody turns out to be the "perfect" supplier, and Mark is impressed when he offers to take him to a fruit and vegetable seminar in Milwaukee so he can specifically choose what he wants for the café. While there, they run into Jennifer and her new client, and things become awkward between them as a result. To prevent further complications, Angus elects to move out of Café Blossom and into a newly available apartment in the building he owns. With Angus out of the picture, Becky realises it's up to her to repair the business relationship between Mark and Jennifer when they both play hard to get by favouring their new partners. Meanwhile, Kyle is feeling the guilt for ruining a marriage, when he hears Denny is investigating a husband's infidelity. Kyle offers to help out in the investigation but instead attempts to fix the couple's marital problems, much to Denny's annoyance.

"The Curious Case of Bob Briscoe" 19 239

Roz reluctantly complies with a background check by her campaign team so they can cover up any information that could be deemed a threat to her election. Roz is relieved when she finds out her record is "clean", until an eager young secretary notices a discrepancy in her medical history, which he investigates and subsequently comes to believe that her late husband, Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe, was a secret agent back in Seattle. Roz faces up to the possibility that her entire marriage to Bulldog was built on lies and becomes determined to find out more. With the help of Mark and Noel, Roz returns to Seattle but is shocked to find that the abrasive new manager of KACL, her former radio station, has recently deleted the archives. Noel, a professional conspiracy theorist, is convinced that the woman was hired by the FBI following Roz's nomination for Wisconsin governor so they could keep Bulldog's involvement in the bureau secret. Mark, on the other hand, is surprised to learn of how many people still recognise Roz and bums everyone out when he realises no one will remember him when he dies. Noel attempts to cheer Mark up by joining forces with a rebellious young janitor with an affinity for practical jokes, hoping to pull off an ultimate prank so that Mark will be remembered at least at KACL, if nowhere else. Meanwhile, Roz runs into Fiona Floyd, who now works as a liaison between radio stations in Seattle, and begins to question her whole investigation when she realises she has been taking advice from a college jock and Noel.

"American P.I." 20 240

When Becky injures her hand after an irate child bites down on it during dental work, Denny offers to take her on at the detective agency to lighten her work until she recovers. Denny quickly comes to regret it however when Becky starts taking a more personal interest in the investigations. Ultimately, he decides to let her down gently and tell her he prefers to work alone. Becky is upset and seeks solace at Café Blossom. Shortly after Becky's departure, Denny is approached by Angus, who reveals he saw Jennifer getting cosy on a bus with another man, and he wants to find out if they are in a relationship. Becky, on the other hand, finds herself dealing with a similar request from Jennifer after she notices several beautiful women going in and out of his apartment. After Denny launches his investigation, he is dismayed to find Becky is doing investigative work of her own and accuses her of trying to pilfer his business. Becky is offended, and the two of them end up in direct competition with each other, unaware that they're both withholding valuable information.

"Votes on a Scandal" (Part 1) 21 241

As Roz prepares for Election Day, Mark is excited for the arrival of a brand new, state of the art griddle pan at Café Blossom. He is hoping to debut them at Roz's results party but feels neglected when Roz reveals that she has an obligation to hold the party in Milwaukee with her campaign team. Mark ultimately decides to put the debut of his griddle on hold and support Roz when he realises how important the day is for her. Elsewhere, Denny investigates when several hundred dollars go missing from his bank account; with Noel's help they track it down to the bingo hall in Milwaukee, where it becomes apparent that Becky has fallen back into her bingo addiction. Denny promises to get Becky help but decides to confront the owner before he leaves and teach him a lesson about taking advantage of people. However, they are unprepared for what they find in the back room when they stumble upon Roz's opposing campaign team fixing the election votes. The trio rush to Roz's party but find they are too late; she has lost. When Roz admits she has been having second thoughts about being governor anyway due to her age, Denny decides to keep quiet about what he found but manages to get some good out of it when the bingo hall owner agrees to give Becky her money back. The gang return to Bloomer and make a toast to Roz, and Mark shows off his griddle for the first time. Meanwhile, Angus and Jennifer run into each other at a restaurant and try to come to an understanding about their relationship.

"Griddle Me This" (Part 2) 22 242

Angus and Jennifer return to Café Blossom after dinner and find the gang winding down a celebration of Roz's campaign loss. Angus, a nasal expert from years of wine tasting, notices a smell of gas. Mark rushes to the kitchen, sees that the griddle he bought is burning, and tells everyone to clear out; shortly afterwards, the café is engulfed in flames. Noel is as useless as ever in the emergency; despite his fire training, he ends up leaving Angus to take charge. Denny tells Becky to stay with Abby at her baby-sitter's house on the outskirts of town before he phones the police. Angus and Jennifer find themselves growing closer in the crisis. The entire town square is cautioned off by firefighters, when the flames start to spread to surrounding businesses and homes. Roz and Mark argue in the midst of the madness when Mark accidentally lets slip that the election was rigged. Roz is mad at Mark for not being straight with her and remarks that she knows where Kyle gets his dishonesty from. This prompts Mark to realise that he gave Kyle a spare griddle earlier in the day during its delivery, and they rush to his apartment only to find the building in flames as well. Roz gets over her grievance to support Mark, and they are relieved when Kyle is brought out of the building alive. One week later, the fire is out, and after living outside town for several days, the residents return to Bloomer and face up to the devastation. Angus takes the opportunity to make a rousing speech in a town meeting; announces that he is returning to his position of town selectman; and tells them that the griddle company have paid out a large settlement for re-construction. Jennifer holds his hand as he says this. Denny and Becky also announce that they are expecting another baby; after realising life is short and that they want a big family, and Mark apologises for bringing the defective griddles into Bloomer in the first place. Kyle; moved by the speeches, thanks his friends for making him feel so welcome over the past two years and giving him a second chance following his mistakes, but suddenly has a coughing fit and collapses from apparent smoke inhalation; tragically passing away in front of everyone.

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