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Season 12 of Vintage Roz contains 22 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"All Work and No Screenplay" 1 243

As the town picks up the pieces following the fire, Mark has trouble adjusting to his son's death. Telling Roz he feels he never really bonded with Kyle, he enters into a depression and Roz becomes determined to find a way of boosting his spirits. After learning from Noel that the police are holding what's left of Café Blossom as evidence against the griddle company, Roz realises there's a chance that Kyle's final screenplay may be among the collection. Enlisting the help of Denny and Noel, Roz tries to find a way of getting the screenplay back for Mark to have. Denny is in a state of panic after Becky told him that the fire made her see clearly and she wants to become a full-time stay-at-home mother. Worried his investigations won't bring in enough bacon for Abby and their future child, Denny also takes the opportunity to try and gain an insurance settlement from the griddle company. Unaware of Denny's situation, Mark completely misinterprets this and believes him to be disrespecting Kyle. A fight almost breaks out, until Roz interjects with the screenplay. Mark is visibly moved and makes the decision to take it to Kyle's family in Seattle. Roz accompanies him to the airport where they share their goodbyes. Meanwhile, newly reunited with Angus, Jennifer starts playing a more active role in the way the town is run but quickly begins to crumble under the political pressure.

"It's the Lack of Thought That Counts" 2 244

Roz finally receives an insurance settlement from the griddle company, allowing her to start re-building Café Blossom. Despite Roz's initial intention of replicating the original, Becky soon convinces her that it was 'old fashioned' and that the new café should have a modern touch. Unable to come up with a design, Roz pleads for help at a town meeting, and Angus decides to turn it into a competition; with Roz promising to use the design that gets the most votes. However, Roz quickly comes to regret this decision when she realises that there is a higher population of men in Bloomer, and they've all gone crazy over Noel's idea of a Hooters-style bistro. Worried about alienating business if she turns the idea down, Roz enlists Becky and Jennifer's help to convince Noel to drop out of the competition, but they face resistance in Noel's supporters. Arguments break out in the town hall; but salvation comes at the last minute with the arrival of Sam Hunter; a young business executive hired by Mark to take his place at Café Blossom during his absence. Roz is unhappy that Mark failed to consult her but comes to appreciate the decision when Sam proposes his own design which seems to please everyone. Meanwhile, Becky aspires to look more like a typical mother when she is told that she would be the perfect waitress for Noel's Hooters-style place.

  • Sam Hunter becomes a main character.
"The Hunter Becomes the Hunted" 3 245

With the reconstruction of Café Blossom underway, Roz finds herself beginning to get irritated by Sam Hunter when he starts making various decisions without consulting her first. When Sam commissions a rather odd looking statue to be placed in front of the café, Roz goes nuts and decides to give Sam a piece of her mind. Sam surprises Roz by revealing that Mark sold a percentage of the company to him, meaning he has as much right to control the business as she does. Unwilling to go down without a fight, Roz turns to Becky and Jennifer, who are also offended by the statue, to help her hide it in the middle of the night. The next day, the lie spins out of control when Angus starts a manhunt for the 'Bloomer cat burglar', and Becky is faced with admitting the truth to Denny when he is hired by Sam to head the investigation. Meanwhile, Noel is frustrated that once again he has been left out, and becomes determined to prove his competence as a sheriff by investigating the disappearance of a local cat. Sadly for Noel, the cat is actually hiding out in his own apartment, concealing itself every time he returns home.

"Follow That Griddle!" 4 246

The griddle company responsible for the faulty stock that caused the fire is due to release another range of griddles, premiering them at kitchen appliance expos across the country. Determined to spread the word about the damage the griddles did to their lives, Roz gets her old Winnebago out of storage and decides to take a cross-country trip with Denny, Noel and Jennifer to crash the expos. However, upon arrival at a highway motel, Roz ends up falling in love with several kitchen appliances and making a large down payment. When Roz's credit card is declined, the expo takes her Winnebago as collateral, and she and her friends find themselves stuck in the middle of nowhere. Roz admits to Jennifer that she still hasn't mourned Kyle and the trip was her way of dealing with unresolved feelings. Before Jennifer can help, Denny makes the mistake of pointing out a large truck with the griddle company logo on it, after overhearing the driver talking about dropping off a shipment at the next expo. The gang subsequently find themselves hitching a ride in the back of the truck, and their journey continues overnight. Noel is overcome with paranoia after waking up early and hearing the driver discussing dealing with a "problem". Waking the others, Noel tells them he believes the company are trying to dispatch of them because they know too much, and the trip takes a strange turn.

"We're Not in Wisconsin Anymore" 5 247

Becky is surprised when Denny receives a birthday card from his parents, as he told her when they first met that they died a long time ago. Denny admits he and his parents drifted apart after he left his hometown of Wichita, Kansas, due to his refusal to join the family business. Becky insists that they visit Denny's parents so they can meet their grandchild and develop a family bond. Denny reluctantly complies, realising it's in his own best interest as well. In Wichita, Becky soon comes to realise just why Denny migrated from his family life when she learns they belong to a 'serial killer club', a decades-old organisation that follows the lives and actions of serial killers, beginning in 1974 with Dennis Rader (whom Denny was named after.) Becky's initial thought is that the Reynolds are crazy, but after learning more about the organisation she starts to develop an interest and decides to join their weekly meeting. Denny is horrified and insists that Becky goes home with him, but she responds by telling him that his parents pushed him into becoming the successful detective he is today; by exposing him to the sadness in the world, they made him want to do something about it. Unfortunately, Denny's newfound appreciation for his parents may be short-lived when they take it upon themselves to introduce young Abby to the world of serial killers.

"Gone Lake" 6 248

Annoyed with Sam for repeatedly interfering with the decision-making progress at Café Blossom, Roz seeks sanctuary at Bloomer's lake, where she and Bulldog used to spend time together. Roz almost has a heart attack when she sees a light in the lake and hears a voice from 'beyond the grave', but soon realises it was simply Sam playing a prank on her with a flashlight. Deeply annoyed, Roz pushes him into the lake and retires to her bed. The next day, the renovation of Café Blossom is almost over, and Roz announces it will re-open on Halloween night. Angus is not pleased with this development because he traditionally throws the main Halloween event at town hall. When Roz refuses to budge, Angus sulks at his grocery store. There, he overhears Jennifer gossiping about how Sam hasn't been around today as he usually sticks to the same schedule. Butting his way into the conversation, Angus also learns about the argument Roz and Sam had at the café the night before, and that Sam was last seen running after her. Angus puts two and two together and becomes convinced that Roz murdered Sam out of frustration. With sheriff Noel on the case, Roz finds herself being investigated in a very unprofessional way. Rumours spread, and subsequently get more far-fetched when Becky realises Denny has also been absent all morning. As the madness continues, it is shown that Sam and Denny are simply out of town stocking up on Halloween supplies.

"The Dad Who Came to Dinner" 7 249

Denny is surprised to learn his parents are separating when his father, Orson Reynolds, arrives in Bloomer looking for a place to stay. Charitable Becky immediately offers him the spare bedroom, much to Denny's dismay. Becky assumes Denny is unhappy with the arrangement as he and his father have never been close. However, Denny reveals to Noel that, despite his parents' eccentricities, he has always viewed them as having the most perfect marriage in the world, and tried to live up to their example with Becky. Now Denny worries that he and Becky are doomed to separation as well. Becky enlists the help of Roz to arrange father/son activities for Denny and Orson to engage in, hoping that they will develop a bond. This seems to work, but as a result, Denny starts spending a lot more time away from home, which creates a rift between him and Becky. Denny completely misinterprets Becky's efforts, believing she simply doesn't want him around anymore. Roz and Noel, while chatting at Café Blossom, realise the extent of the misunderstanding and take it upon themselves to set everybody straight before it gets even further out of hand. Meanwhile, Sam and Jennifer organise a postcard to send to Mark in Seattle but struggle to get the citizens of Bloomer enthusiastic about it.

"One Armed and Dangerous" 8 250

While Roz has trouble adjusting to the modernised Café Blossom, Sam is pre-occupied after learning his ex-girlfriend from Milwaukee; control freak Lola, is in Bloomer looking for him. Sam asks Roz to cover for him at the café but just as he is about to leave, Lola arrives, forcing him to hide in the kitchen. Lola demands to know where Sam is, and Roz comes to believe she is armed with a gun after noticing something black and metallic in her bag. Roz reluctantly tells Lola that Sam is out of the town, but Lola sees through her lie and storms into the kitchen to confront him. Sam is visibly scared of Lola, and she ends up backing him into the corner. Roz is surprised when she smells smoke and investigates in the kitchen, only to find Lola's left arm has caught fire over one of the griddles. The fire is put out, and Lola reveals she wears a prosthetic arm due to an incident in Milwaukee. Fortunately, she has a back-up; the metallic object Roz noticed in her bag. As the misunderstanding has been cleared up, Roz begins to side with Lola instead, and the rest of Bloomer comes to believe that Sam is an arrogant jerk who dumped Lola for not being "whole". When Roz offers Lola a job as a waitress at Café Blossom, Sam becomes determined to prove his innocence in the downfall of their relationship with the help of Noel, who claims he has had many controlling girlfriends of his own in the past. Meanwhile, Orson gets a job at Angus' supermarket and immediately clashes with Angus over the correct way to bag groceries.

  • Lola Gouldenstein becomes a main character.
"High Maintenance" (Part 1) 9 251

When Angus and Jennifer leave town for a vacation, Orson is left in charge of Kane Groceries for the duration of their absence. Roz, on the other hand, decides to take more shifts at Café Blossom when Sam accuses her of not getting involved. Bored out of her mind, Roz starts to 'people-watch', and quickly develops a habit of spying on her neighbours. Roz soon fears she has become a typical nosey old woman and enlists the help of Becky to stop her from doing it. However, when Becky steps out for a moment, Roz can't help but notice several people emerging from Kane Groceries, looking somewhat dazed. Roz marches to the back room of the grocery store and is surprised to find Orson clearing up several ounces of weed. Orson reluctantly admits he deals in the drug, and has done for the last several months after being made redundant at his company in Wichita. Roz is ashamed of Orson for taking advantage of Angus' trust and decides to tell Denny about his father's activity. Denny responds by calling his younger brother, Joey, to take Orson back home, but is shocked by what he finds. Meanwhile, Noel takes his role of temporary town selectman far too seriously.

"Peeping Roz" (Part 2) 10 252

Roz is shocked to find that the drug deals are still happening at Kane Groceries and decides it is time she took her concerns to a town meeting, where Noel is temporarily acting as selectman. Noel, unable to handle the complaint, has a panic attack and steps down from the podium. Sam offers to act in his place, and instantly makes his hard-ass attitude known when he shoots down Roz's claims, saying they are nothing more than the imaginations of a bored OAP. Roz is furious and confronts Denny about why he hasn't done anything about his father. Denny reveals he found out his brother Joey is also involved in the weed, and their drug dealing actually harkens back to several generations of Reynolds. Denny is uncomfortable with ratting out his family, leaving Roz to gain the evidence on her own. Unfortunately, her efforts are hindered by Becky, who still believes it is her duty to keep Roz from people-watching and won't accept any excuses. Salvation comes at the last minute when Angus and Jennifer return from vacation and stumble upon the stash of weed in the back-room of Kane Groceries. Orson and Joey agree to leave Bloomer and offer Denny the chance to go with them; but Denny declines, saying that he is already home. Meanwhile, after the town selectman incident, Noel attempts to avoid embarrassment by crashing a prosthetics support group with Lola.

"How the Pinch Stole Christmas" 11 253

It's Christmas time in Bloomer once again and Angus warns everybody to spend wisely as he has found out that property taxes are likely to rise in Wisconsin next year. This encourages Roz and Jennifer to start up Bloomer's first town-wide Secret Santa program. Everyone gets in the gift-giving spirit, but on December 23rd, after gathering in the town square, the residents are surprised to learn that Angus went wild with being Secret Santa after a wrapped, car-shaped gift emerges from a delivery truck. This encourages everyone to try and outdo Angus, and an emergency shopping spree ensues. Noel, after developing a crush on Lola, tries to get her a rare prosthetic arm made out of gold, but in exchange, he must be the owner's 'hands' for a day in the kitchen preparing Christmas dinner. Sam vainly tries to find out if anyone's getting him a gift in the hopes that he doesn't have to get one in return. Denny and Becky receive a phone call from Mark asking them to pick him up from the airport as his car has broken down. After much deliberation, they agree to make this their gift to Roz, as they will have two kids to take care of in the midst of the rising taxes. Jennifer is annoyed with Angus for once again creating another disastrous Christmas but later realises it is all his plan to boost the local economy, so property taxes won't have to rise after all. With this revelation, Jennifer resolves to give Angus the gift of communication lessons, to avoid similar catastrophes in the future.

"Movin' on Nowhere" 12 254

Mark is back in Bloomer but appears to be in an endless foul mood as Kyle's screenplay was turned down by several companies. Roz, hoping to cheer Mark up, coerces Angus into commissioning a play at Bloomer High based on the script. However, Roz's good intentions take a turn for the worse when Mark's over-directing resurfaces, in his desperate desire to make everything perfect. When more and more of the students start quitting, Roz is forced to enlist the help of her friends to take roles in the production, but this proves to be the wrong decision when personal issues come into question. Roz eventually decides to sit Mark down and be honest, telling him she is certain Kyle knew he loved him and was proud of him. Mark gratefully accepts and makes an oath to move on, and is able to laugh at Angus with Roz when he complains about the amount of teenagers that now have free time. Meanwhile, Sam worries about his future at Café Blossom now that Mark has returned, and Noel tries to score front-seat tickets at the play in an attempt to impress Lola.

"Hurricane Poppy" 13 255

Roz is surprised to learn from Poppy Delafield's annual newsletter that she is planning a visit to Bloomer in the next few weeks. Angus, who has never been fond of the chatty woman, warns the residents during a town meeting to be on the look out for "Poppy". Before he can explain further, he is called to the grocery store for an emergency. In result of the communications breakdown, several residents mistakenly believe Poppy is the name of an approaching hurricane, and hurriedly try to prepare the town for the coming disaster. Upon learning of the error, Roz and Denny take it upon themselves to set everything straight, but their conflicting stories manage to worsen the situation. Roz and Denny eventually decide to surrender to the madness, believing people will realise their mistake soon enough. However, a few days pass and a storm arrives along with Poppy in a cab. Mark rushes out and grabs Poppy, taking her to Café Blossom, where she reacts accordingly and pepper-sprays him in the eyes. Mark explains the situation and apologises but is temporarily blinded as a result of Poppy's reaction. Roz decides it is time she came clean and tells everyone the truth about Poppy, but secretly wishes a real hurricane would come to spare her the embarrassment. Meanwhile, Noel comforts Lola, who reveals that she lost her arm in a weather-related emergency, and the tension prompts a kiss between them.

"No Man, a Woman and a Bank" 14 256

Denny finds himself delving into uncomfortable ground in his work once again when he is asked to investigate a series of vial disappearances at a sperm bank in Milwaukee. After several unsuccessful leads, Denny enlists the help of Sam and Noel for a stake-out. They watch the building all night and are surprised when Poppy emerges at 4:30 in the morning and uses an ID card to gain entry. The guys confront her, and she reveals the real reason she came to Bloomer: she is still desperate for her own biological kid, but after getting turned down by multiple sperm banks, she has had to take drastic measures. Denny manages to talk Poppy out of it, and she relents, admitting that the only time she's successfully been impregnated was when she slept with someone. Noel, doing his duty as the town sheriff, offers to escort Poppy home, and she agrees. Noel admits to Poppy that he doesn't see his kids, Kirk and Uhura, as much as he'd like to, and the only woman he saw a future with, Lola, has turned him down again. One thing leads to another, and Noel and Poppy engage in an unexpected tryst. The next morning, Noel is shocked to learn Poppy has left town, having acquired what she wanted. Downtrodden, Noel retires to Café Blossom and gorges on unhealthy food. Denny and Sam, feeling sorry for Noel, live out their dream of becoming bounty hunters and embark in Roz's Winnebago to find Poppy and convince her to let Noel be involved in their baby's life. Meanwhile, Mark is still temporarily blinded following the pepper-spray incident, and his talks of a near-death experience are beginning to get on Roz's nerves.

"Eye'll Be There for You" 15 257

When Mark's temporary blindness continues to affect him, Roz decides it is time they spoke to an optometrist. Mark is reluctant, admitting he's always had a phobia of anything eye-related and hasn't had his eyes tested for decades. When Mark refuses to walk out the door, Roz turns to Jennifer for help in gaining tranquillizers from Angus' pharmacy at the grocery store. They manage to knock Mark out, allowing them to take him for an eye test. The optometrist has good news and bad news: the former being that he can clear up the temporary blindness with an injection; the latter being that Mark is at the early stages of cataracts. Roz and Jennifer get Mark home, where he eventually awakens, oblivious to where he's been. Roz is now faced with the task of breaking the bad news to Mark herself, but not wanting to hurt him, she starts to procrastinate. To make matters worse, Angus is on the warpath after discovering the missing tranquillizers, and it won't be long before Mark figures out what happened. Meanwhile, Poppy reluctantly agrees to stay in Bloomer for the time being, and Noel is excited to be involved in their child's life. Poppy admits to Denny that she doesn't see a future with Noel and has ambitions for her child far greater than staying in a one-horse town. Denny agrees to help, sympathising as his parents stayed together despite their obvious hatred for each other, but this provokes an unexpected reaction from Becky, whose parents had a very messy separation that plagued her childhood.

"Feelin' Hate Hate Hate" 16 258

Love is in the air in Bloomer as Valentine's Day arrives. Noel vainly and unconvincingly tries to win the heart of Poppy, despite his lingering attachment to Lola. Roz, on the other hand, is determined to have a perfect romantic evening with Mark, who is still reeling after learning he may go permanently blind. With the Town of the Year contest approaching once again, Angus is desperate to make Bloomer the most love-filled place on the map. Donning an unsightly Cupid costume, Angus makes it his goal to give everyone the greatest Valentine's Day ever. After several unsuccessful attempts at match-making, Angus takes Jennifer's advice and decides to re-open an old abandoned restaurant for the night, as it was considered the best place for couples in its day. Denny and Becky are still arguing about how to handle Poppy's reluctance to settle down with Noel, and their constant bickering mimics the relationship of the former restaurant owners, prompting Angus to put them in charge of the event. As the evening unfolds, Poppy, for once in her life, struggles to get the words out to Noel. Just as he is about to get down on one knee, Noel is surprised when his adult kids, Kirk and Uhura, arrive at the restaurant. Denny and Becky make amends, much to Angus' chagrin, when they realise it was Lola who took it upon herself to invite Noel's children. Lola tells Noel it was an act of friendship and not affection and Noel thanks her, realising he has been hasty in giving up on building foundations with his kids so soon. Noel and Poppy come to an understanding about their baby, and Poppy leaves Bloomer without saying a word.

"All's Fair in Stubble War" 17 259

Sam and Noel decide to invite Mark for a guy's night in to cheer him up following his recent diagnosis. While browsing for supplies at Kane Groceries, they run into Denny, who is purchasing a razor. An extensive discussion breaks out between the guys and the other men of Bloomer, and they come to the realisation that they only shave because their significant others or prospective dates demand it. Sam, Noel, Denny and Angus all agree to partake in an experiment and not shave for the next few days as a sign of protest. Becky and Jennifer wind up getting a kind of 'carpet burn' on their faces (and other parts they'd rather not mention) due to stubbles rubbing against them during kisses. Their suspicions aroused, they decide to investigate and eventually Mark, jealous because he was left out of the experiment and only found out from an oblivious Noel, spills the beans. Becky and Jennifer decide to get their own back by coercing the women of Bloomer into not shaving either, and the guys quickly realise they may have made an error of judgment. Meanwhile, Noel refuses to believe he isn't capable of growing anything more than nasal hair until Lola puts him in his place. Noel feels emasculated as a result, so Lola attempts to make amends by giving him the perfect moustache overnight.

"Mechanic Moments" 18 260

A "mechanics on wheels" business rolls up in Bloomer, and everyone is prompted to get their cars either fixed or needlessly upgraded at low, low prices. However, the next day, it becomes apparent that they have done a disappearing act, and when things start to go horribly wrong in the cars they worked on, the citizens rant in a town meeting. Angus struggles to keep everything under control until Lola steps up to the podium and tells everyone she has called her younger mechanic sister, Hazel, who will be arriving in Bloomer shortly. Hazel immediately develops camaraderie with the locals when she successfully fixes their problems, and Noel finds himself developing a crush on her because of her resemblance to his ex-wife. Lola, on the other hand, begins to feel unappreciated by her friends, saying that she was the one who thought of inviting Hazel and that she has always been second best as far as her sister is concerned. Jennifer misinterprets Lola's woes as jealousy over the escalating relationship between Noel and Hazel, and rumours of Lola's love for Noel begin to spread through the town. Noel even starts to believe it himself, making him incorrectly think that for the first time in his life, two women are after him. Meanwhile, Roz is concerned about Mark's seemingly self-destructive behaviour after he purposely totals his car following its failures; and Becky considers another image change when she notices Denny's attraction to Hazel.

"Wichita Hunt" 19 261

Denny is back in his hometown of Wichita, Kansas after hearing word that his father, Orson, has been indicted. Denny immediately assumes it is because of Orson's weed business, but gets a shock when his brother Joey tells him he is a murder investigation suspect. Denny's mother Sharon is beside herself; revealing to Denny that the murder which took place a week ago was identical to a grizzly scenario described by Orson during a roleplaying session at the serial killer club. Denny is convinced that his father is innocent and decides to pose as a serial killer enthusiast to infiltrate the club from the inside. To Denny's surprise, the club's members turn out to be ordinary, everyday people, none of whom could possibly be capable of taking a life. Denny also hits it off with Ashley, another enthusiast, who reveals she developed a curiosity for serial killers after losing her brother at a young age. Denny has trouble telling Naomi he is committed to someone back home, but when he discovers she may be involved with a former member, he is forced to keep up the "chase" to gain more information. It soon becomes apparent that Naomi's partner has psychotic tendencies which resulted in his banishment from the club, and Denny reluctantly realises he'll have to turn to Joey, who he's never been very close to, to act as the "brawn" in his investigation.

"Dirty Rock" 20 262

With Mark continuing to act out of character following his diagnosis, Roz starts obsessively cleaning everything in her path to keep her mind off it. Denny notices her strange behaviour and becomes convinced that she has fallen back into her former painkiller addiction. Denny raises this issue at a town meeting, and the townspeople decide to stage an intervention. Angus notices Roz outside in the town square and realises her obsessive cleaning has extended to outside her house. However, Roz's apparent relapse is seemingly forgotten when Angus realises that she has cleaned the legendary 'Dirty Rock', a small boulder George Washington is said to have used to tie his shoelaces upon centuries ago. Angus is furious because it was the only tourist attraction Bloomer had and was responsible for increased business during summertime. Desperate not to lose his yearly vacation, Angus shanghais several citizens, including Sam, Lola and Noel, into coming up with brand new tourist attractions. Denny, on the other hand, is still convinced something is not right with Roz and sets on confronting her until Becky puts him in his place and reminds him of Mark's recent misery. Mark confesses to Denny that he has felt out of place in Bloomer ever since Kyle's death and his diagnosis, but still loves Roz and doesn't want to hurt her. Denny encourages Mark to talk to Roz, but he senses the problems he is causing her and elects to give her some space by sleeping in a motel. Meanwhile, Sam is convinced Noel's extensive collection of Star Trek memorabilia will draw in the crowds, but Noel is reluctant as he doesn't want Lola to see him in this light.

"Motel Can't-Afford-Ya" 21 263

Roz refuses to speak to Mark following his exodus to a motel but soon realises she'll have to do something when she realises he is running up an expensive bar tab there. Unprepared to take the first step, Roz enlists Sam in her stead one evening but is dismayed to find that he has instead joined Mark in abusing the mini-bar. When their credit cards max out, Roz is forced to take drastic measures. She shanghais Becky into visiting the motel after her aerobics class. Becky's somewhat revealing outfit combined with the raucous activity in Mark's room arouse the suspicions of the motel owner. The owner calls Denny, an old friend, for investigative help. Denny accidentally worsens the situation when he claims a prostitution ring has been set up in the motel room. When the police and sheriff Noel surround the building, Roz learns of the hubbub on the local news and comes to the conclusion that to set everything straight, she'll have to swallow her pride and talk to Mark. Acting as a phoney negotiator, Roz is able to come to an understanding with Mark about their recent problems over the megaphone and promises to help him with what he's going through. Mark emerges from the hotel room and apologises for running away, but the chaos is far from over when the police refuse to release him from custody until their investigation is conducted, and Noel's continued interference doesn't help matters. Meanwhile, Lola and Jennifer pester Angus for more well-known brands at the grocery store.

"Blind Ambition" 22 264

Mark is back in Bloomer and has started making more mistakes with his depth perception. Roz comes to the conclusion that his cataracts have worsened and sadly realises he doesn't have long left. Determined to give Mark's vision a perfect send-off, Roz rallies the citizens of Bloomer to throw a 'bon voyage' party for that purpose, encouraging them to bring anything they consider a beautiful feast for the eyes – in other words; eye candy. Noel inadvertently exposes the seedy underbelly of Bloomer when he tries to acquire a young stripper for Mark, and accidentally recruits a group of unpleasant prostitutes instead. As this is going on, everybody slowly begins to forget Roz's request. Angus' avoidance of the prostitutes arouses Jennifer's suspicion; Lola tries to determine if she has feelings for Noel; Becky is having trouble finding anything beautiful when baby Abby hits the terrible twos, and Abby's screaming triggers bad memories of the dentist for Denny. Roz is annoyed at her friends for not pulling through for Mark and accidentally reveals the surprise to him when he walks in on her during a phone call. Mark reacts badly, telling Roz it is a personal crisis which he is handling on his own. Roz is visibly hurt but understands, and agrees to cancel the party. Downtrodden, Mark retreats to Café Blossom, where he opens up to Sam. Sam comments on Mark's history of not thinking about how other people are feeling and Mark realises Roz is having as much difficulty as he is; having seen a husband go through a deficiency once before. Mark elects to make amends with Roz by seeing her party plan through, and she is moved when he sees what he has done the next day. While making a speech thanking everyone for their support, Mark unexpectedly makes the monumental decision to leave his life in Bloomer behind; saying there are a lot of people like him; those who have lost their children and those who have lost their sight, and he feels like he can help them both. Roz and Mark come to an understanding about their relationship and spend one last night together. Waking up the following day, Roz discovers a tape recorder on the kitchen table. Playing the message, Roz learns that Mark lost his sight that morning, and left for the airport while she was sleeping. Roz reflects on another chapter of her life coming to a close but realises she still has a lot to appreciate when she heads to Café Blossom and finds her friends welcoming her with open arms.

  • Mark Flint's last appearance as a main character.

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