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Season 13 of Vintage Roz contains 22 episode ideas.


Episode list

Title Season # Series #
"Treading in Dangerous Waters" 1 265

Roz is adjusting to the single life again and has found several reasons to enjoy her newfound independence. However, when an oblivious Noel tells Angus how 'lonely' Roz looks; they are prompted to organise a bachelor auction to be held in the town square. To Angus and Noel's dismay, Roz is pre-occupied on the night, having been served with divorce papers earlier that day. Jennifer tries to convince Angus that Roz needs to move on first, but he doesn't listen. Frustrated with her input never being acknowledged, Jennifer tries an alternate method to get her husband's attention, by bidding on men in the auction. Noel enlists the help of Sam to undergo a complete makeover so he can take part in the auction and impress Lola, unaware that she has her eye on someone else. Becky, meanwhile, is over two weeks late in giving birth, and it is driving her crazy. Lola convinces her to keep her mind off it by bidding on the men for charity, but Denny is furious when he finds out. To make matters worse, Becky suddenly goes into labour after a particularly attractive man comes on stage, and Denny is overcome with jealousy because his own appearance couldn't make it happen.

"The A-Maze-ing Race" (Part 1) 2 266

Becky is discharged from the hospital after being told she experienced false labour. Annoyed, Becky refuses to acknowledge her pregnancy anymore until it stops acting immaturely. Meanwhile, Angus is excited for the re-opening of Gnomeland, a former tourist attraction that raked in a lot of business in Bloomer. The gang assemble at the park and spend the day enjoying the new and improved gnome-related activities. Becky, still determined to keep her mind off her pregnancy, shanghais Jennifer and Lola into spending the day in the park with her, but minutes into their visit, they manage to get themselves lost in a convoluted gnome-filled maze. Having surrendered their 'cheating' appliances (i.e. cell phones); they are unable to call anyone for help. To worsen matters, Becky's waters suddenly break, and it becomes apparent that she is in real labour this time. Hurriedly rushing their way through the maze with Becky struggling not to push, they encounter Barney, a man who works at Gnomeland at the request of his brother who owns the place, Norman. Barney is jealous over Norman's success and agrees to help them get out of the maze, but after a falling gnome unexpectedly knocks him on the head, he realises he has forgotten the way out. As the baby nears, Becky is faced with the bizarre reality that she'll be giving birth to her second child surrounded by grass walls and gnomes. As all this is going on, Sam is shocked to find Noel has gotten a job as a "gnome helper" following his dismissal from the sheriff's office.

"Hysterical Re-enactment" (Part 2) 3 267

Denny has purchased a state of the art high-definition camera and shows it off to his friends at Café Blossom. He is looking forward to filming the birth of his second child as he forgot to film Abby. However, he is unaware that Becky has gone into hospital following her labour crisis at Gnomeland. Jennifer and Lola are forced to break the news to him, and Denny rushes to the hospital, only to find that Becky has already given birth to a girl. Denny is delighted to have another daughter but is bummed because he didn't get to film it again. When Becky returns from the hospital, she fears Denny has not developed a paternal bond with baby Maggie. Determined not to raise her kids in the topsy-turvy environment she experienced, Becky shanghais an eager Angus into performing a 're-enactment' of the birth, with willing participants taking on various roles. In all the chaos, no one remembers to inform Denny of the plan and he winds up thinking Becky is genuinely in labour, and about to give birth to a twin. Adding to his confusion are Sam and Lola, who act as Becky's doctor and midwife respectively. Meanwhile, Roz and Noel must keep Gnomeland proprietors Barney and Norman at bay when they show up in Bloomer looking to apologise for the maze mishap.

"I Learned the Truth at Eighty-Three" 4 268

When Denny learns Roz's birthday is approaching, he shanghais the town into throwing a surprise party for her to keep her mind off of recent events. Elsewhere, bumbling new postman Laurence has a rough first day when he accidentally drops several letters into the lake. He steps up to the podium during a town meeting and apologises, but assures everyone that the letters are being dried out and he has laid them out on the table for people to claim. Noel notices a letter for Roz and insensitively reads it himself, only to find it is a Dear Jane'letter from Mark, explaining why he felt compelled to end their marriage so quickly. Denny snatches the letter, deciding they'll have to withhold until a few days after the party, as it's what Roz needs the least when she's turning eighty-three. When Laurence forbids anyone from taking the letter home due to regulations, Denny is forced to assign everyone shifts hiding the letter from Roz for the duration of the party. Roz has a good time at the party until a mistake from Noel results in the letter being placed under the projector Denny had been using to show slides of Roz's life. Roz is able to read every word, but she manages to stay calm about it, understanding Mark's reasons and wanting to move on. Meanwhile, Sam and Jennifer try to persuade Laurence to 'serenade' Roz to make her feel better about herself; and Angus struggles with not being in control for once.

  • Laurence Post becomes a main character.
"Diamonds Are a Girl's Eternal Friend" 5 269

Denny returns to Wichita, Kansas with Becky and the kids when he learns his mother recently died of a heart ailment. Orson and Joey are nowhere to be found, and Denny is left to take care of funeral arrangements. Denny is surprised when Joey resurfaces on the night before the funeral and reveals he and Orson have been working the last few months to swindle a famous diamond Sharon always admired at the museum where she worked. Denny is conflicted when he is asked to place the diamond in Sharon's coffin so she can be buried with it. After talking to Becky, he comes to the conclusion that he never did much for his mother and decides to grant her this final wish. Becky is surprised by Denny's disregard for the law, having always believed his ethics are one of his best qualities. Afraid of the impression Denny is leaving on the kids, Becky decides to go back to Bloomer without him. However, Becky begins to have second thoughts along the way. At the airport, Becky is surprised to see a news bulletin detailing the police's pursuit of the stolen diamond and realises that Orson and Joey have set Denny up to take the fall with a fake diamond; escaping with the real one. Becky realises it is up to her to rescue Denny; meanwhile, the service gets underway, and he is beginning to have second thoughts about granting the request as his mother was the one who inspired him to be the man he is today. He later figures out his father's plan when Sharon's physician tells him the ailment was discovered months ago and flushes the diamond in anticipation of the police.

"Keep Me Posted" 6 270

Noel has developed a grudge against Laurence, having lost the postman job to him. Roz attempts to mediate the situation by offering Noel an assistant manager position at Café Blossom. This provokes an unexpected reaction from Sam when he realises that, with Mark gone, Roz now owns a controlling portion of the café. Frustrated by the decisions being made without him, Sam unexpectedly resigns in search of achieving dreams elsewhere. This proves to be an ill-advised decision when Sam discovers that Bloomer has extremely low job availability, and eventually he has no choice but to become bag-boy at Kane Groceries. Roz, on the other hand, begins to regret hiring Noel when he starts turning Laurence away from the café. As a result, none of the post is delivered and eventually the café is devoid of electricity, heating and running water due to unpaid bills. Roz comes to appreciate Sam's input and tries to get him back by offering him 50% ownership of the café. Angus manages to throw a wrench in the works when he refuses to release Sam from his contract, believing him to be the best bag-boy his store has ever had. Meanwhile, with Denny in Kansas handling his mother's affairs, Becky struggles to single-handedly take care of two kids and appeals to Lola for help. She is later overcome with paranoia when gossip queen Jennifer informs her of certain rumours about Lola regarding childcare.

"Apocalypse Gnome" 7 271

Roz and Sam fear a loss of business when Gnomeland proprietors, Barney and Norman, start frequenting Café Blossom after blowing up their park and being refused an insurance settlement. Feeling sorry for the brothers, Roz reluctantly agrees to let them sell their remaining gnomes at a table in the corner, and a gnome craze unexpectedly grows. Café Blossom's business booms and it looks like the beginning of a beautiful business friendship when suddenly Barney decides he can make it on his own and abandons Norman. Norman is depressed, and the quality of the gnomes suffers as a result. Roz and Sam realise it is up to them to reunite the bickering brothers, but Roz begins to have second thoughts when she notices the effect the gnome craze has had on their once beautiful town. Noel goes gnome mad and commissions an extensive array of merchandising, but when they don't sell, he is forced to find creative ways of losing the stock when the local dump owner bans anything gnome-related. Meanwhile, Laurence regrets offering his help when he must lug several heavy gnomes around town to deliver them; and Becky, Jennifer and Lola take Angus' gnome hostage when he gets on their nerves boasting about how rare it is.

"The Worst Tour in the World" 8 272

Angus announces that business is dwindling in Bloomer, and if something isn't done soon, taxes are likely to increase. Denny and Sam get the idea of launching a Bloomer Tours business, after realising that many passers-by don't realise there is a lot more to the town than meets the eye. However, with Gnomeland gone and several attractions closed for the winter, Denny and Sam quickly discover that there isn't much to see after all. With several people having already made down payments in anticipation of the tour, Denny and Sam worry about the consequences when they realise their first guests were going to be a family of mobsters from Milwaukee. Desperate, they shanghai the residents of Bloomer into dressing up the town so it won't be so boring. As the tour gets underway, Noel and Laurence bicker over who gets to make announcements over the bus PA and a fist fight breaks out. Denny takes his hands off the wheel for a moment to separate the feuding pair, but his carelessness results in the bus teetering over the edge of a cliff. As Noel and Laurence lick their wounds, it's up to Denny and Sam to entertain the less than amused tourists while they await rescue. Meanwhile, Roz, Becky and Lola bicker over what to base a fake landmark on; and Jennifer begins to wonder if Angus' claim about taxes was valid, remembering that he's pulled this sort of stunt before.

"Simply Bloomer" 9 273

Dino Luther makes an unexpected return to Bloomer to promote his first cooking book. Roz and Denny are among the people hoping to catch up with him but are dismayed to find that he would rather spend time maintaining his image in front of the media than be with his old friends. Angus presides over a press conference and is shocked when Dino refers to Bloomer as a "simple town". He expresses this outrage at a town meeting, believing Dino to have used "simple" as an insult, and Denny, angry that semi-fame has gone to Dino's head, coerces Noel and Laurence into helping him teach the chef a lesson. In anticipation of Dino's big cooking demonstration, they ransack his supplies; loosening bottles and purposely making food go stale. As a result, Dino's chance to shine is an unmitigated disaster, making him seek solace at Café Blossom. Roz feels sorry for Dino when she realises his restaurant chain has been losing money fast and this was his last chance of salvaging the life in Europe his family loves so much. Learning of the guys' involvement in the disaster, Roz forces them to rescue what's left of Dino's career before it's too late. Meanwhile, Lola tries to convince Dino to give 1% of the profit from book sales in aid of researching molecular regeneration. Sam utilises the book at Café Blossom, and after a series of mistakes, Jennifer becomes convinced he is dyslexic and tries to get him to admit it so she can offer assistance.

"So You Think You Can France" 10 274

Roz, Angus, Jennifer, Denny, Becky and Noel accompany Dino back to Paris, France for the official release of his book; Cooking with Dino. While seeing the sights, Roz is reminded of her honeymoon with Mark, making her miserable. Jennifer and Becky elect to cheer Roz up by teaming together and finding a nice and wealthy eligible bachelor at the book's launch party. Noel, on the other hand, is convinced the romantic setting of Paris is the perfect place to finally make his move on Roz. Enlisting the help of Angus, he convinces Roz to meet him at the Eiffel Tower for something important and arranges a fireworks display. Roz and Noel wind up getting arrested for causing civil unrest when the fireworks make it look like the tower has been attacked by terrorists. At the launch party, Jennifer and Becky feud over which guy to set Roz up with, and Denny is worried when a member of the royal family and one of Dino's family friends seemingly takes an interest in Becky. Back in Bloomer, Lola nervously awaits the arrival of her parents, and she admits to Sam that she left home without prior warning. Now they are determined to see the life she left them for, but things become awkward when Laurence lets slip that Lola has an artificial arm, which she also neglected to tell them about.

"Resistance is Fertile" 11 275

Denny worries when Becky begins to act like she already wants another baby. Determined not to hurt Becky's feelings, Denny elects to lace her drinks with birth control pills instead of being honest. However, when her prescription runs out, he is forced to improvise and asks a local high-school girl at Café Blossom to fill the next prescription for him. Denny winds up getting approached by her infuriated father, who believes that Denny told her to go on the pill after finding the prescription in her bag. Rumours spread, and Becky comes to believe that Denny has entered a midlife crisis and is involved in a scandalous affair with a high-school student. As the police get involved, and trouble looms for his marriage, Denny realises he'll have to do what he should've done at the beginning: tell the truth. Meanwhile, the recent baby boom in Bloomer has Roz convinced she should spend more time with her granddaughter, Willa. Roz turns to Jennifer and Lola for help in setting up several fun activities for Willa but neglects to mention that her granddaughter is a full-grown adult and ends up embarrassing them both after they build an elaborate playpen. However, when Roz discovers she is about to become a great-grandmother, she regresses to an infantile state as a coping mechanism and manages to get some use out of the playpen.

"For One Night Only" (Part 1) 12 276

The semi-annual ballroom competition arrives in Bloomer, and everyone is determined to win the coveted gold trophy. Roz sinks into a slump when she realises she won't have a partner this year. Noel is also feeling miserable after several attempts at wooing Lola are shot down. Jennifer, who can't participate anyway as Angus is presiding over the event, elects to bring Roz and Noel together for the competition, convinced they will be perfect ballroom dancers as they are so in sync with their misery. Noel ends up believing this is a romantic set-up and goes overboard in making a good impression, practising on locals to get everything from banter to dance moves just right. Roz soon finds out about Jennifer's scheme after overhearing several gossipy dancers and decides to come clean with Noel. However, when she realises Lola plans on dancing with Sam, she notices how heartbroken he is and promises to give him the romantic date he's always desired, for one night only. Roz ends up having a good time during the competition and is overcome with mixed emotions; ducking out in-between dances and seeking advice wherever she can get it. To round off the competition is an intense tango; Roz and Noel wipe the floor with everybody and are awarded first place. In the heat of the moment, Noel gives Roz a passionate kiss in front of everyone, and she doesn't stop him. Meanwhile, Denny and Becky spend all evening fighting when Becky accuses Denny of lusting after a younger participant; and Laurence valiantly searches for the owner of an abandoned purse.

"The Kiss" (Part 2) 13 277

The morning after the ballroom competition, rumours are abounding in Bloomer following Roz and Noel's passionate kiss. Roz is shocked to find that everybody thinks she and Noel spent the night together and vainly spends the day trying to set them all straight. Noel, on the other hand, is more concerned with flaunting their trophy in everybody's faces and is oblivious to the men's praises and the women's concern for Roz. Laurence discovers the owner of the purse to be Hazel, Lola's sister. Hazel admits she came to the competition briefly but was overcome with nerves and promptly left. Laurence gets her to admit she can't dance and offers to teach her. Hazel accepts, and their lessons escalate into a full-fledged friendship. As a result, rumours of a tryst between Roz and Noel come to an abrupt halt, and Laurence and Hazel are the talk of the town. Roz is relieved because it means she can finally talk to Noel without interference. Convincing him to put down the trophy for a second, Roz confronts Noel at Café Blossom after closing time and tells him that the extraordinary length of their kiss meant nothing, except that she has been feeling lonely lately and was in the heat of the moment following their victory. Noel is calm; admitting he knew nothing would come of it anyway. This provokes an unexpected reaction from Roz, who comes to the conclusion that she doesn't want to be another lonely old woman thriving on other people's gossip, and initiates another kiss with Noel just as several residents arrive to get dance lessons from Laurence.

"Mostly Armless" 14 278

Sam panics when Lola seems adamant about beginning a full-fledged "relationship" with him, and he admits to Denny that it is something he's never experienced. Denny advises Sam to give it a test run for a while by taking Lola out on dates and spending time with her, but not committing to anything. However, while dining at a restaurant, Sam begins to worry that Lola's old obsessive qualities have made a comeback when she shoots several difficult questions at him, ending with 'would you cut off your arm if I asked you to?' Sam makes up an excuse and leaves, and the next day, he is convinced that Lola is out to get one of his arms when she shows up in several places over the course of the day. His paranoia can only get worse when Angus reveals he spotted her purchasing a large blade at the grocery store. Sam enlists Denny to investigate, and he takes a look around her apartment while Sam distracts her in the hall outside. Denny is horrified to encounter a prosthetic arm labelled "Sam". Relaying this information, Sam barricades himself in the staff room at Café Blossom, with Denny in support. Lola figures out what's happened and gains a supporter in Jennifer as she tries to explain that the arm was put aside for their next date; she purchased the blade because she planned on cooking for him, and her 'interrogation" was typical for women. Meanwhile, Roz continues to dance around her changing relationship with Noel.

"Tunnel of Loathe" 15 279

Valentine's Day arrives in Bloomer, and everyone is shocked when Angus sets up an elaborate tunnel of love, surrounding the town square. Denny, Roz and Laurence volunteer for the first test run. When Denny and Laurence elect to invite their respective girlfriends along for the ride, Roz considers offering an invitation to Noel. Just as she is about to ask him, Noel makes a comment which reminds Roz of who he is, so she decides to do it alone. As the test run gets underway, what should be a romantic, pleasant experience turns out to be anything but when Becky impulsively reveals she is pregnant again, prompting a big argument between her and a stunned Denny, Laurence unexpectedly proposes to Hazel despite it only being their second date and Noel goes overboard in trying to join Roz for the ride after finding out about it from Jennifer. When Angus learns of the unfolding chaos, he attempts to alter the settings of the ride, believing it will fix everything. Unfortunately, a circuit breaks and the feuding couples find themselves stuck in the tunnel of love indefinitely. Forced to confront their issues, Becky and Denny realise nothing they could have done would have prevented this, and Denny warms up to the idea of having a big family; Hazel convinces Laurence to start afresh, and Roz finally accepts her relationship with Noel, but tells him she isn't making any promises. Meanwhile, Sam and Lola have a disastrous Valentine's night of their own when they find themselves stalked across Bloomer by an army of Sam's scorned ex-girlfriends.

"What Happens in Bloomer, Stays in Bloomer" 16 280

Business is slow at Café Blossom, and after witnessing a morning without a single customer, Roz decides to act on Sam's suggestion of having theme nights due to their success in other local bistros. Eventually, they settle on a ‘50s theme. Unfortunately, Roz is overcome with embarrassment on the night when she shows up in a retro cheerleading outfit, only to discover Sam changed it to a casino theme at the last minute for financial reasons. Stressed, Roz tells the bartender to keep the drinks coming and gets light-headed. As a result, Roz loses all self-control and winds up falling back into her gambling habit. Angus is on the look-out for an ambitious land developer who approached him in the town hall earlier about the possibility of building waste facilities in Bloomer. However, the man slips in unnoticed when Angus accidentally knocks over a roulette table and sits down to play poker with Roz. Her inhibitions lowered, Roz makes the bold decision to bet Café Blossom, and the rest of the town watch biting their nails in fear of Bloomer becoming a waste dump. Meanwhile, Laurence reveals a talent for card counting and becomes Denny's go-to guy, but Becky fears Denny is spending too much and elects to hide his wallet for the duration of the evening. Noel and Lola realise Laurence may be the only one who can save Roz's game but struggle to pry him away from gold and glory.

"What's Eating Noel Shempsky" 17 281

Sam and Lola surprise everyone when they announce their engagement. Noel expresses some mixed emotions over the news, and Roz believes it is because he is still harbouring unresolved feelings for Lola. However, unbeknownst to Roz, Noel is actually miserable over the fact that everyone around him is getting married, and it's made him afraid of dying alone. Determined not to die without being remembered, Noel opts to donate his body to science when the time comes. Roz must once again face up to a future with Noel when she realises he'll only feel better if she makes him aware how she feels about him. Sam and Lola's engagement, on the other hand, may be over before it's begun when they get into an argument over what food to serve at the wedding reception. Eventually, they reach a compromise and agree to meet with each other's personal choices at Café Blossom. Noel is also there meeting with a cryogenics company. Angus, snooping around as usual, gets his signals crossed while eavesdropping and becomes convinced that Noel is dying, and Sam and Lola are planning on serving his remains at their wedding. While Jennifer tries to prevent Angus from accusing them of cannibalism at a town meeting, Roz ultimately caves in and admits to Noel that they are in a relationship. Meanwhile, Denny and Laurence agree to switch to decaf coffee in support of pregnant Becky, but immediately regret it when they realise neither of them can function in their usual duties without caffeine.

"Denny Does Dallas" 18 282

Denny is shocked to learn his father and brother have been indicted for attempted robbery and are awaiting trial in a Dallas jailhouse. Laurence reveals a brief career as a parole officer and offers to accompany Denny as he knows the system well. Denny reluctantly agrees, and they travel to Dallas together. Upon their arrival, Laurence proves to be entirely useless when he admits he was only a parole officer for five minutes before leaving in fear of dealing with convicts. Denny also realises Orson and Joey were only indicted for not paying at a roadside diner, and the arresting officer is a local sheriff who is determined to score big to impress the Dallas Police Department on his application for the force. Realising the sheriff will let Orson and Joey go if he gets promoted; Denny reluctantly agrees to help him get what he wants. With Laurence on tow, he heads to 'death row' in an attempt to convince the prisoners there to lie about the sheriff's involvement in their arrest, in exchange for various perks. While there, Laurence seeks to overcome his fear of convicts, which has plagued him for years. Denny begins to have second thoughts however when he speaks with a religious convict who makes him realise his late mother would be disappointed in him for his lack of morals.

"Tongue Tied" 19 283

As Roz and Noel struggle to overcome the awkward stage of their newfound relationship, Noel comes to the conclusion that they need to go on an official date. Sam and Denny agree to help him when they realise Noel's idea of a romantic evening is a Star Trek marathon. As this is going on, Roz helps Lola interview dove handlers for Lola's wedding ceremony. A young apprentice sent in place of his employer fails to handle a dove correctly, and it ends up going mad and biting Roz's tongue. Roz finds she is unable to talk until the swelling goes down, and is forced to cancel her date with Noel as a result, in fear of spoiling it. Noel is hurt and begins to wonder if Roz is embarrassed to be seen with him. Dejected, he invites Lola to accompany him on the date, as Lola wants to sample food for her wedding. Inevitably Sam gets the wrong idea, and he takes his findings to Roz. The two of them agree to join forces to make sure nothing out of the ordinary occurs on the date, with Roz communicating via chalkboard. Meanwhile, Angus is furious when the town founder statue is desecrated by the escaped doves and enlists an eagle handler to dispose of the annoying birds. The eagle subsequently damages people's cars and animal lover Jennifer begins to get annoyed when Angus insists on hiring one bird handler after the next to deal with the escalating problem.

"Gnome Way" 20 284

The day of Sam and Lola's wedding gets off to a chaotic start when they discover that the local church has allowed a funeral to be held in their place. Bridesmaids Roz and Becky struggle to keep an increasingly erratic Lola under control. After looking away for a moment, Lola slips from their sight, and they find her at the church, yelling at the priest for ruining her special day. While there, they are surprised to find that the service is being held for Gnomeland proprietors Barney and Norman, who died in the same car accident after several of their gnomes fell out of the van in front of them. Roz and Becky quickly pay their respects and usher Lola away from the church. Lola is overcome with guilt and becomes determined to make amends with Barney and Norman's family. Sam is less than thrilled when it results in the brothers' entire remaining gnome collection being a part of the wedding, as having it displayed to the town one last time was their final request. Sam and Lola get into a big argument, and Sam wonders if Lola has really put her control issues behind her. Eventually, the two of them come to the conclusion that Bloomer is the worst possible place they could've chosen to get married, and impulsively decide to elope elsewhere, leaving the rest of the town to deal with the gnomes. Roz, moved by Barney and Norman's love for Bloomer, convinces Angus to display the gnomes around the town square as a permanent fixture.

"Children of a Lesser Dad" 21 285

Roz is surprised when Alice ships her granddaughter Willa to Bloomer, hoping that she can dissuade her from giving up her baby for adoption. As a result, Roz is forced to confront the fact that she's about to become a great-grandmother. However, Willa seems more interested in learning about every aspect of Roz's life than discussing her baby. Willa manages to get on everyone's nerves over the course of a day in Bloomer by asking questions non-stop and then passing judgment. Eventually, Roz sits her down to talk about the baby and explains to her that having kids was one of the most joyful experiences of her life. Willa reconsiders, and admits she was only having doubts because she wasn't sure the father would be interested. Unfortunately, it later becomes apparent that the father is a self-involved jerk more interested in his own life than his child's, and Roz regrets pushing them together as she feels the baby shouldn't be raised by parents who don't love each other. When Roz confronts Willa about this, she is shocked when Willa suggests that she is in a similar situation; only being in a relationship with Noel simply because it is the easiest thing to do. Roz subsequently begins to re-evaluate her future with Noel, unaware that he has shanghaied Laurence into helping him search for the ultimate engagement ring. Meanwhile, Denny is lead to believe that Becky is considering putting their first two kids up for adoption after overhearing her talking to Willa and desperately tries to make her reconsider without seeming insensitive to her feelings.

"I Can't Stop Loving You" 22 286

When Laurence accidentally lets slip that Noel is planning on proposing to her, Roz desperately tries to find a way of preventing it from happening without hurting his feelings. After several unsuccessful attempts at talking to him alone, Roz eventually caves in and phones a local radio station for advice from an agony aunt, unaware that it is playing at Café Blossom. Noel hears everything and leaves feeling dejected. Roz is overcome with guilt, and worries she strung Noel along for the last few weeks because she couldn't handle her own loneliness. Meanwhile, eccentric Italian hypnotist Tony arrives in Bloomer looking to make a quick buck after getting fired back home. Angus is ready to act when he realises Tony is performing without a license but later realises a stipulation in the original town charter allows anyone to make money how they please, provided it doesn't break the law. Angus reluctantly allows Tony to continue his trade, but as a result, Bloomer becomes a circus show when various acts from neighbouring states hear word of the town's interest in the performing arts and arrive in the hundreds. Denny and Laurence team up and employ some pest control but face resistance in Becky and Jennifer, who side with the performers; while Roz chats with Tony at Café Blossom when he commiserates over the fact that his thunder's been stolen. Roz then gets the idea of having Tony hypnotise Noel into forgetting about his feelings for her. Noel is soon persuaded; however the process backfires on Roz, and she ends up developing feelings for him instead. After Tony makes a swift exit, the gang are left discussing the ethics of allowing Roz to continue believing she is in love with Noel.

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